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When Soulmates Break Up (A Guide To Mending The Heart)

When Soulmates Break Up (A Guide To Mending The Heart)

When soulmates break up, it can be one of the most painful experiences in life. 

It's like losing a piece of yourself and having to watch as it fades further away from you.

There are many reasons why soulmates break up. 

Sometimes it's just because they're not meant to be together, and sometimes it's because one or both parties had unresolved issues that kept them from being happy together.

If you have been through the pain of losing your soulmate, this article will provide you with a guide on how to deal with a soulmate breakup.

What Happens When Soulmates Break Up?

If you've ever been with someone who was your soulmate, then you know what it feels like to be with them. 

They make you feel complete, they make you feel like you're home. 

Unfortunately, there are times when a soulmate is not meant to be. 

This can happen if they don't want to commit or if they have other things going on in their life that prevent them from being with you long term.

When this happens, it's crucial that you don't let yourself fall into a depression because of this breakup. 

It's important to remember that even though the relationship ended, there will always be people out there who are meant for each other and who will love each other forever.

What to Do When Your Soulmate Breaks Up With You?

When your soulmate breaks up with you

When your soulmate breaks up with you, it can feel like the end of the world. 

But here's the good news – you aren't going to die. 

And even though you'll be sad for a while, it's possible to survive this breakup. 

In fact, if you're willing to put in some effort and go through these steps—and especially if you don't do anything stupid like contact your soulmate—you may even come out stronger than before!

1. Allow yourself to feel pain and loss

It's important to allow yourself to feel the pain and loss. You can't stop the pain, but you can feel it. 

And although there are no magic words that will make the pain go away, there are things you can do to help yourself through it.

You deserve to mourn the loss of your relationship and grieve in whatever way feels right for you. 

It's okay if this means crying over ice cream with a friend or watching a tearjerker movie all by yourself on Netflix until midnight every night for two weeks straight. 

Just let yourself do what feels right at this point (even if it seems excessive). 

You deserve that much!

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2. Don't try to fix it

This can be a tough one, but it is crucial to your healing process. 

You don't want to waste your time trying to “fix” something that is unfixable and you'll only end up doing more damage in the process. 

Don't try to change how they feel or what they think or how they see things, etc. 

Let them go on with their life without having any contact with you (except for the occasional message if needed) so that they can figure out what works for them as an individual and not for some misguided attempt at bringing back a relationship that has already ended.

Letting go of someone who has broken up with you can be extremely difficult. 

But it's essential if you want to move forward in life without being weighed down by negative emotions and thoughts about someone who doesn't want anything from you anymore except space! 

If your soulmate wants nothing else from this breakup but peace of mind, then all you need to do is give them space while also focusing on making yourself happy again!

3. Take care of yourself

When you're going through a breakup, it's important to take care of yourself

This means getting enough sleep, eating well, spending time doing things that make you happy, and being kind to yourself in general. 

You may want to be gentle with yourself as well. 

Avoid focusing on how horrible the breakup makes you feel because that can lead to obsessive thinking about your ex or how much you miss them (which will only make things worse). 

It might sound counterintuitive, but letting go of these negative thoughts and focusing on positive ones will help speed up the healing process.

4. Don't wallow in self-pity

You may find yourself feeling like a victim, and that’s okay. 

But you need to remember that what happened was not your fault ― and it’s important not to let the actions of someone else define who you are as a person.

You also don't want to blame yourself for things that have nothing to do with this breakup. 

This can include situations from earlier in your relationship, or even from before you were together at all (such as if one or both of your parents divorced when you were young). 

Letting old baggage affect how you feel about yourself now will only hurt more in the long run.

Don't allow this person's actions define yours; don't let them decide what your future looks like either! 

If they think they're better off without you, then why should that mean anything about who YOU are?

5. Learn from the lesson of the relationship

Lesson of the relationship breakup

You might be tempted to blame yourself, or the other person, or a combination of the two. 

You might feel like your whole world has been turned upside down and you have no idea how things got so out of control. 

But if you’re smart, you will take this time as an opportunity for self-reflection. 

Don’t worry about why it happened—it could be anything from timing issues to incompatibility issues to serious red flags that both parties overlooked during the initial stages of dating.

The point is that relationships are messy and complicated, and there are many factors at play when two people decide to pursue one another romantically (or not). 

What matters most is learning from your mistakes so that next time around you can make better decisions about who gets into your heart and who doesn't get in there at all!

6. Don't contact your ex until you are ready.

If your soulmate has broken up with you, you may be feeling a combination of sadness, anger, and confusion. 

You might even feel like the world is ending or that this breakup is the worst thing that could ever happen to a person. 

But there is some good news: It's not! 

If you are still grieving over this break up and want to talk about how much it hurts you, ask a close friend or family member for help instead of contacting your soulmate. 

You may also want to consider seeing a therapist if you need extra support through this tough time in your life.

7. Figure out why it didn't work so you aren't repeating history

If you're in a relationship that's failing, it's important to figure out why. 

Did your partner have some unrealistic expectations? Did they secretly think they could change you? 

Was there an issue with the chemistry between the two of you?

Or maybe it was something else entirely that went wrong, like one person not being ready for a serious commitment yet or another person feeling trapped by monogamy because they aren't open to dating anyone else.

It's also possible that there wasn't anything inherently wrong with the relationship; maybe it just wasn't right for both partners at that time in their lives. 

Maybe one person needed more space than their partner was willing or able to give them (or vice versa). 

Or perhaps one person didn't see themselves growing old together—but neither did their partner! 

Maybe there were bad habits each individual brought into their relationship from previous relationships. 

If so, these habits may have caused problems down the road and led them both astray from what had originally attracted them in the first place: each other's personalities!

Why Do Soulmates Break Up?

Wondering why soulmates break up?

There are many reasons for soulmates breaking up, but the most common reason is that they have grown apart over time. 

The relationship may have started out as completely perfect, but over time, things begin to change. 

People change, their needs change and if this happens too quickly, then it's very possible that they will grow apart so much that they no longer see eye-to-eye on anything anymore.

Another reason why soulmates break up is that they get bored with each other. 

This can happen if one person becomes too clingy or if the other person begins to lose interest in the relationship altogether. 

Either way, if you find yourself getting bored more often than not when you're around your partner, then this could be an issue worth addressing sooner rather than later. 

Lastly, it could be because of wrong timing. 

Maybe you simply met the right person at the wrong time, and you need to trust the Universe to bring your paths back together again when you’re both ready.

7 Signs Your Soulmate is About to Break Up With You

Let's be honest, we all want to know when our soulmate is about to break up with us. 

It would save us a lot of time, energy and heartache. 

So we've compiled a list of signs to know for sure when your soulmate wants out. 

If you're worried that your soulmate is about to leave, then check out this list to see if there are any red flag.

1. Their eyes are cold and distant

If your soulmate is about to break up with you, they will look at you with a strange lack of interest in their eyes. 

They may not even be looking at you at all. 

If they do make eye contact, they will look through you, as if there's nothing but coldness on the other side of their gaze. 

This is the sign that something is most definitely wrong and that your relationship has taken an abrupt turn for the worse.

If your soulmate has lost interest in you and no longer finds value in being around you and interacting with you, then it's likely that they want out of your relationship entirely—and quickly too!

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2. They don't hold your hand anymore

A soulmate is supposed to be your other half, but if you notice that they are starting to distance themselves from you and are no longer holding your hand, this could be a sign. 

Holding hands is an act of affection and intimacy between two people who care about each other.

Holding hands can also serve as a way for one partner to make the other feel better when they’re upset or sad. 

If they are distancing themselves from you emotionally, it may be because they don’t want to hold your hand anymore, which would indicate that their feelings have changed for you.

3. They're not there for you in the way they used to be

Sad soulmates after a breakup

If they're not there for you in the way they used to be, it's a sign that your soulmate is about to break up with you. 

Your soulmate should make you feel like the most important person in their world. 

They should always want to know about your day and your future plans. 

The same goes for asking about any part of your life: family, friends—anything!

If this isn't happening anymore, it's time for an intervention before things get really bad between the two of you.

4. Your gut tells you something is wrong

Whether it’s a feeling of dread or unease, you just know that everything isn’t right. 

When they text you or call, you feel the urge to make an excuse and get off the phone as quickly as possible. 

You may even find yourself short with them when they speak to you — slamming doors and hastily hanging up before they can say their piece. 

You are afraid to ask them what is wrong because deep down inside, there’s a part of yourself that already knows the answer. 

But even though your heart knows this, your head refuses to accept it until it happens—and by then it might be too late for both parties involved!

5. They've stopped introducing you as their “soulmate”

This is the biggest sign that your relationship isn't going to last. It might seem obvious, but when it comes to soulmates, every little detail counts. 

When someone suddenly stops calling you their soulmate, or if they start using another word for you, that's a big red flag. 

The reason why this happens is they're no longer in love with you and are trying to let go of the idea of being with someone else in order to move on with their life without feeling guilty about it (or without having anything left over from your relationship).

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6. They avoid making plans with you

One of the most telling signs is if your soulmate suddenly stops making plans with you. 

Instead of enjoying time together, they are constantly busy with other things. 

Even if it's something as simple as going out to dinner and a movie together, they've got an excuse for why they can't do it.

Another tell-tale sign is when they stop wanting to see you or be around you at all.

When this happens, it often means that their feelings have changed—and it's not in a good way! 

If this starts happening regularly, then there's no doubt about what's going on. 

They're breaking up with you without saying so outright because there's no other way for them to get out of seeing you anymore without hurting your feelings too much (or theirs).

7. You feel like you're walking on eggshells around them

When you feel like you’re walking on eggshells around your soulmate, it’s a clear sign that something is amiss. 

They may be acting differently than normal or they could just be in a bad mood. 

In either case, if they don’t trust you enough to share what’s going on with them, it means that their relationship with you isn’t where it should be.

If your soulmate starts acting strangely when they talk about their exes or past relationships, this could also be an indication that something is wrong between the two of you as well.

Can Soulmates Get Back Together After Breaking Up?

Soulmates getting back together after breaking up

Soulmates can get back together after breaking up. 

Although this may sound like a strange idea, there are many cases where soulmates have reunited after a breakup.

The first thing that you need to understand about soulmates is that they are not perfect for each other. 

There are no perfect people in the world and if you believe that your partner is perfect, then you need to rethink your relationship.

Soulmates come together because they complement each other perfectly. 

They help each other to grow and become better individuals. 

However, this does not mean that they will always be happy together. If one person is not ready for a relationship, then it might not work out between them no matter how much they care about each other.

Most importantly, soulmates are a divine connection that's beyond this world. 

So if you meet your soulmate, it's likely that the Universe intentionally made your paths cross for a reason.