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What Happens When Soulmates Are Apart? + Do They Reunite?

What Happens When Soulmates Are Apart? + Do They Reunite?

Every soulmate relationship is unique and soulmates can be apart for a variety of reasons.

As we delve into this topic of soulmate separation, it is important to note that soulmates can manifest as romantic relationships, friendships, familial relations, and even just as memorable as brief encounters.

You may separate through choice or be separated through the natural life and death cycles of existence.

Despite the nuances of each soulmate relationship, one thing that is common among soulmate relationships is that they have a depth or intensity in feeling and emotional sensation.

This does not necessarily mean that these connections need to be tumultuous, but soulmate connections usually include a pervasive strength, attractive force, and dimension of spiritual awareness.

The deep connection of a soulmate relationship can be intense when you find yourselves apart, separated or if you become disconnected from the lesson of limitless love and energy that most soulmate connections direct us towards.

Within the content of this article, we shall explore this topic of soulmates being apart from a spiritually conscious and multidimensional perspective.

Including what happens when soulmates are apart, what happens when soulmates are separated, and also what happens with soulmates separated by distance.

We will finish off the article with some suggestions on how you can deal with soulmate separation and a discussion on whether it is possible for separated soulmates to reunite.

What Happens When Soulmates Are Apart?

Within this section, we will discuss what may happen when you are apart from a soulmate.

You may be apart temporarily, or you may be apart because of life events that are keeping you from interacting with each other.

Because each soulmate relationship is different, everyone will have a nuanced experience, but these are some of the experiences you may have or may consciously choose when you and your soulmate are apart:

You will miss each other and think of each other often

When soulmates are apart

The deep connection that you share with a soulmate is not intended to be forgotten.

It is normal that you will miss each other when you are apart and have moments of longing to be together.

You will think of your soulmate often when you are apart.

You can take this as an opportunity to appreciate the things that you love, enjoy, or have learned from your previous time together.

You can become spiritually aware of each other

Soulmates often share a bond that includes a deeply spiritual or energetic connection.

When soulmates are apart it can cause you to bring your focus onto non-physical means of communication and connection.

These types of communication are usually rooted in a spiritual understanding of life. 

You may begin to naturally explore and hone abilities like extra sensory perception, telepathy, empathy, lucid dreaming, astral projection, and more that allow you to maintain an energetic connection with your soulmate even when you are apart.

You can align with such multidimensional awareness and techniques through meditation which can allow you to become more spiritually aware of your soulmate.

You will reflect and integrate what you created together and learned from each other

Soulmates are often some of our greatest teachers in life.

The depth of connection results in highly energized experiences together.

When you are apart from your soulmate, you will naturally start to integrate all that you learned from your time together.

You may reflect on the amazing experiences that you cocreated and see how your time together has already offered so much.

The energy and times that you shared can never be erased and has served a purpose.

What Happens When Soulmates Are Separated?

This section is interlinked to the previous section as the points below can also apply to soulmates who are apart for other reasons besides one or both of you intentionally or unintentionally choosing to separate.

There may be a period of shock and heavy emotions

Upset that she apart from her soulmate

As humans, we can be easily forgetful of our higher nature and purpose, and so separation from a soulmate can have moments that are intense.

You may feel sadness or confusion following separation from a soulmate.

This can persist until you align with a higher perspective that includes trust in your life experiences.

Take the time you need to feel the emotions that arise but consistently return to meditation for clarity and truth that will remind you that no physical separation is final and that we are all infinitely connected beyond our physical and mental forms.

You learn that love transcends physicality

This is also related to the last point in the previous section, as we learn and embody a spiritual understanding of soulmate separation.

The experience of separating from our soulmates can lead to us learning that love truly transcends the physical dimension.

We may miss or desire to express love on a physical level, but we can choose to hold the awareness and feel into the reality of a much greater and all-encompassing love that we are infinitely a part of.

You may choose to focus on yourself

Although soulmate relations involve a very deep connection, a key component of these relationships often includes a lesson of non-attachment to allow yourself and your soulmate full freedom to be exactly who you choose to be.

Although the shock of separation may remain for a while, and you will not likely forget your soulmate, you may choose to focus on yourself post soulmate separation.

This can allow you to reevaluate, realign and strengthen your relationship with yourself. 

You enjoy other soulmate connections

Although you can experience more than one type of soulmate relationship at a time, sometimes the intensity of a particular soulmate relationship can consume your focus.

Soulmate separation can allow you to open space in your life to connect with and learn from other soulmates and other people in your life in general.

You may learn to value each soulmate's connection for the unique energy that they bring to your life experience.

Soulmates Separated By Distance

Soulmates separated by distance

Being fully aware and connected to your soulmate but separated by distance can be an interesting challenge to experience.

Once again every challenge has a learning and growth opportunity that is to be uncovered and integrated.

The very fact that you are soulmates separated by distance is for a reason that will reveal itself as life unfolds.

These are a few of the elements that you may experience when you and your soulmate are separated by distance:

  • You may learn how to be more patient and trust in the divine timing and divine plan of your life.
  • You may learn that you have the power of choice in life and courageously surmount the obstacles in order to close the distance gap between you and your soulmate.
  • You may take the time physically apart from your soulmate as an opportunity to focus to do some deep inner work on yourself.
  • You may take the time apart to reflect on your relationship and grow a deeper appreciation for the things you miss about being physically together with your soulmate.
  • You may find creative and spiritual ways to express your connection, share and spend time together even over a great distance. 

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How To Deal With Soulmate Separation?

As we have intentionally brought focus to a higher perspective view of what soulmate separation in its various forms can teach and alchemize within you.

We now move on to a few more specific tips on how you can deal with this experience. 

These suggestions are intended to bring you some ease, grace, and clarity as you navigate being apart, separated, or distanced from your soulmate. As always, choose to follow the suggestions that resonate as every experience is unique.

Appreciate time with yourself 

Take time to intentionally partake in activities that you love, and take good care of your body, mind, and spirit.

Delve into deeper self-inquiry and get to know and love who you are.

Appreciate the time that you have to know and care for yourself.

You spend time with other loved ones in your life

Soulmates enjoying time together

Apart from the soulmate that you are experiencing separation from you may have other special people in your life that enjoy your presence.

You may even have other soulmates that you are yet to meet. 

As much as you take great care of yourself, try to stay open to the flow of love and connection that exists in other relationships in your life.

Being grateful and appreciating the times that you had together

Taking the time to be grateful for all that you achieved together or all that you learned from your soulmate can help to bring understanding and uplift your emotions surrounding the experience of separation.

You can remind yourself that your gratitude and appreciation are energetically received by your soulmate even though you are physically separated.

Accepting the divine timing of your life 

Reflecting on the process of meeting your soulmates can remind you that spiritual connection and synchronicity are very real.

Even though it may not feel like it at times, you are having the exact experience that you are meant to be having. 

You may need to accept that your time or season together with this soulmate is complete.

You can also know that you may reunite completely or for a period of time.

You may reunite in this life or another but it is best to accept what is and work on being lovingly non-attached to what will happen in the future.

Trust in the divine timing of your life as you will have many new amazing experiences as each present moment unfolds.

You stay present to the blessings in your life 

This suggestion can help you to deal with being apart from your soulmate.

Stay fully present to the blessings that are in your life.

Practices such as meditation, gratitude journaling, and positive gratitude affirmations can help you to do so.

Be grateful for every big and small blessing in the present moment, and your worries about the past and future will wane.

Love free of limitation

Happy couple smiling

The experience of soulmate connection followed by separation or being apart even for a period of time offers a potent opportunity to expand our minds and energy to perceive the truth of the heart which is actually limitless love.

Remember that we do not need to be physically together or mentally connected to a specific person in order to love.

To love regardless of actions and circumstances, to acknowledge temporary painful and confusing human emotions and illusions, and to intentionally return to the truth that is our inextricable connection to all of life.

Do Soulmates Separate And Reunite?

Yes, it is very possible that you can separate and reunite with your soulmate or soulmates.

This becomes clear when we see life from a more expansive perspective.

We may connect with our soulmates multiple times in this life or even reunite in a spiritual energetic dimension.

You could separate from a soulmate in this life and reunite in another life or timeline.

You can actively choose to reunite with your soulmate by energetically sending love and appreciation.

You can read this article that can support you in the energetic alignment of manifesting your soulmate connections. 

Just the fact that we are fully aware of our soulmates or that our soulmates exist, even if we are apart or separated offers us an opportunity to love and deepen our spiritual awareness.

We hope that in your reading of this article you felt some moments of comfort and recognition as you are reminded that there is a higher perspective, a divinely purposed perspective to every experience.

We can intentionally choose how we view what we go through.

We also have energetic tools and practices that can keep us aligned to a state of healthy mind, body, and spirit, which allows us to easier gain the valuable growth that comes with intense experiences and life changes.