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Amazing Secrets Of The Vulture Spirit Animal Revealed – Symbolic Meanings

Amazing Secrets Of The Vulture Spirit Animal Revealed – Symbolic Meanings

The idea of a spirit animal is one that comes from Native American belief.

A spirit animal guides you through your life and different ones will appear and disappear at different points of your journey.

However, there will be one that you connect with the most. This is your main guardian spirit. 

What is the meaning of vulture symbolism?

Vulture symbolism is linked to rebirth and renewal, suggesting a new beginning to your life. It also can strongly reflect the idea of purity and protection from illness. 

Vultures often get a bad rep, with literature, films, and mythology often linking them to death and decay.

However when it comes to totem spirit animals, having a vulture as yours is actually a really good sign! 

Signs The Vulture Is Your Spirit Animal

vulture spirit animal signs

Before we begin looking at what it means to have the vulture as your spirit animal, let’s look at the signs that suggest that the vulture is your guiding animal. 

Are you drawn to vultures?

Do you dream about them or see them often?

Are you drawn to images, stories, and pictures of vultures? 

You might feel a strong connection to vultures and might not even know why. Perhaps you live in a country where vultures don’t actually live, but you see them often in your dreams or in TV and film. 

This might mean that the vulture is your spirit animal. You must open up and allow the vulture to guide you in your life!

Traits And Characteristics of the Vulture Spirit Animal

vulture spirit animal traits

According to Native American tradition, there are so many animals that are totem spirit guides and each one of these has specific characteristics and traits.

These traits are almost always reflected in you when that particular animal is your spirit guide. So, if you relate to the traits of the vulture, this suggests that it is your spirit animal. 

Vultures are powerful and awesome animals, there is no denying that.

They have incredible senses, being able to find meals when no other animals can, and they have the ability to survive in the face of adversity. 

If you are perceptive, smart, and resourceful, the vulture may be your spirit animal. 

If the vulture is your spirit animal you are wise and old beyond your years. You have great insight and understanding of others, having a great ability to see things from other people's perspectives. 

Vultures do not make noise often and when they do it is for a real reason.

You also value words and choose them carefully. This is an amazing part of you as so often people will talk in unhelpful ways. Because of this, people value your opinion and trust in your beliefs and conviction. 

There are also negative traits that are associated with the vulture spirit guide.

Everybody has bad parts of their personality, it is a part of being human, so don’t worry too much if you find yourself relating to these traits!

The main thing is to accept your negative characteristics and work on changing them, creating the best possible you. 

Vultures tend to be opportunistic.

This can be an advantage and does help them when they are facing hardship. However, if the vulture is your spirit animal, this suggests that you run the risk of taking advantage of people. 

You must remember to be patient and understanding with the people around you. They might not be as quick and as smart as you!

Show them empathy and be kind to them. 

Vulture Spirit Animal Totem And Symbolism

symbolism of vulture spirit animal

The vulture symbolises purity and healing.

There has been a link between vultures and death in books and films, but with death comes rebirth. If the vulture is your spirit animal it will show up at significant points of your life where there is a renewal of your ideas, beliefs, and passions. 

Over the course of our lives, we are so many different people and go through so many different stages. This is one of the beauties of existence. As humans, we change, grow, and develop. 

The vulture spirit animal is there to guide you during these pivotal moments of your life.

You will feel its support and it will help you make the right choices. Now is the time to undo the mistakes you have made in your life, purifying your ego and existence. 

The vulture totem also reflects how actions speak louder than words.

You know the weight that many words have, but also know that sometimes words can be empty. When you speak, you mean what you say.

However, you must also be aware that you need to follow your words with your actions. Honor and truth are important to vulture totems. 

Your vulture spirit animal will come into your life to remind you that you have so many different opportunities available and positive change is coming.

You are resourceful and good at turning negative situations into positive ones.

However, sometimes you do get stuck on the wrong path. You have keen senses and high power of perception, but even you can get it wrong occasionally!

Vulture Totem - Taking the path to higher consciousness

Your vulture totem wants to remind you to take the path towards higher consciousness.

You sometimes doubt your abilities and get confused about your true meaning in life. But remember, life is a journey and you will not get everything right the first go! 

You have so much to give the world and the people around you.

Your insight and deep understanding of things mean that you have the ability to help others. With the help of your spirit guide, you can develop your perceptiveness more.

Now is the time to learn more about yourself and the spiritual world. 

The vulture spirit animal is also seen as a reminder to not exhaust yourself and your abilities.

Yes, you are strong and smart, perceptive, and wise beyond your years.

You are a great person to guide and mentor others both spiritually and intellectually. However, remember that you must keep a check on yourself and your feelings. 

There is a risk that you might turn to bad habits to ease the strain of your career or position in society. This is a tactic to avoid exhaustion but it is only putting off the inevitable and making it worse. 

Your strength and powers will start unravelling under the strain!

If you are known to rely too much on coffee or cigarettes or other bad habits to get you through the day, now is the time for renewal.

The vulture totem represents purity and it knows that your strengths will only get stronger when you have kicked the bad habits!

Getting rid of your vices will lead you to your best possible self and you will feel so much better. It will also make you even more perceptive and quick-witted! 

What Does It Mean To Dream Of A Vulture?

dreaming of a vulture

We often see our animal spirit guides in our dreams.

It is the best way of communicating with us as the modern world means that the majority of us are somewhat disconnected from nature. If we live in an urban area we might not see our spirit animals in the physical world that much.

Appearing in dreams also means that our spirit animals can communicate with us around the world, regardless of where we are and what country we are living in. 

It is important to pay attention to your dreams and notice the animals that appear in them. 

If you are going through a hard time in your life, it is pretty likely that the vulture will come to you in your dreams.

Your totem wants you to remember who you are and how your past mistakes or events might be holding you back. 

Do you feel stuck in your life?

Are you finding it hard to move forward from an event that has hurt you?

Your vulture totem wants you to know that everything that has happened in your past has happened for a reason and we have the ability to learn from them.

You are an extremely smart and savvy person, so apply your perceptive nature to your own life and discover insights into what you might learn from your past and how you might be able to move on. 

If you are seeing a vulture in your dream, this is the time for renewal and rebirth.

There is a new and exciting chapter in your life about to happen and you must embrace it!

But firstly, you must accept the things that have happened in your life and understand that they make you who you are now. 

We can’t change the past, but we can change the future. There is so much that you can offer the world, so be brave and good things will come. 

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The Meaning Of Vulture In Mythology, Folklore, And Native Cultures 

meaning of vulture mythology

When it comes to spirit animals, it is great to understand the background of the animal and what they mean for communities and cultures around the world.

This gives us an insight to their impact on humanity. 

Vultures have always been a prominent figure in mythology and folklore.

If you look at ancient gods from the middle east and Europe you will notice quite a few having vulture-like features. 

Vultures were common in ancient Egypt and were the symbol for the goddess Mut, Isis, and Hathor.

Even then, vultures were a symbol of purity and renewal.

They also were seen as having strong feminine energy with links to birth and fertility. It is incredible to think that the vulture spirit animals have been around for so long, always there to guide us and help us in our lives. 

It is not just Egypt that has a strong link to vultures.

Göbekli Tepe is an archaeological site in Turkey that is said to be a temple that predates Stonehenge by 6000 years. This place is incredibly interesting, not just because of how old it is, but the carvings that have been found.

The Neolithic carvings are of a range of animals, but many are of vultures. We do not know much about this ancient culture, but we do know that vultures guided them the same way as they do now. 

Being a totem animal, vultures are also very important to many Native American cultures.

Vultures symbolize life and death, rebirth and renewal. These are strong animals and bring with them a lot of power. 

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Linking to the idea of rebirth, a fascinating way vultures are used in tradition is the Tibetan ritual of the sky burial. Practiced in the Buddhist regions of Tibet and parts of China and Mongolia, this is the ritual of leaving a corpse in the wild for vultures to feast on

This may be shocking for most of us, but it reflects the Buddhist beliefs of renewal and the circle of life.

It is a stark reminder that we are a part of nature and we must live in harmony with it. Finding guidance from your spirit animal is one of the ways that we can live in peace with nature. 

Final Thoughts  

Having the vulture as your totem spirit guide means that the traits of the vulture are strongly reflected in you.

You are smart, perceptive, and strong.

You have the power to turn a situation around to best advantage you, however, you do run the risk of being stuck in the past.

Your totem animal will come to you when you need them.

When you are lost and in need of guidance, you will see a vulture, and things will become clearer.

Remember, life is a journey and we have so many different parts to play. 

Vultures are a reminder that life develops, changes, and progresses. Do not be afraid of the vultures and do not be afraid of their links to death.

With death comes life, and the vultures represent the ways we can renew ourselves every single day.