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Twin Flame Telepathic Love Making: What Is It, And How To Do It?

Twin Flame Telepathic Love Making: What Is It, And How To Do It?

A twin flame union is the most powerful thing that exists. It’s why most people venture into this world searching for their twin flame, who shares the other half of your soul. 

The moment you meet them, there’s instant chemistry and recognition.

It’s as if your soul recognizes theirs right off the bat. 

One of the most critical aspects twin flames naturally have is telepathy. This is how you can feel one another’s presence through thoughts, emotions, dreams, and senses. 

So it’s not surprising that there’s also such a thing as twin flame telepathic love making.

Even when they aren’t beside you, that doesn’t mean you can’t make love with your twin flame. 

With this being said, we’ll be discussing everything about twin flame telepathic love making in this article. 

What Is Twin Flame Telepathic Love Making?

Twin Flames doing telepathic love making

From the term itself, it’s a solid sensual and sexual way of feeling the presence of your twin flame through the telepathic connection you both share.

You could be doing something completely random, and you feel sudden arousal and pleasure. 

Or, you might even achieve climax even as you weren’t doing anything physical prior. These are all signs of twin flame telepathic love making. 

Given that you’re both twin flames, you will always have telepathic communication between you.

So if you’re feeling arousal or pleasure, your twin flame is most likely to feel it as well. 

In fact, you can feel this twin flame telepathic love making even before getting to know them.

This might sound unusual but remember that a twin flame connection is a divine one and has existed for a prolonged period. 

This is why you should expect sensual feelings in your telepathic connection with your twin flame.

On the other hand, if you’re already a couple, this means every time you’re engaging in telepathic love making, it feels real for the both of you. 

It’s as if you’re making love like you’re physically together.

The entire twin flame telepathic love making experience feels just as surreal and uniting as the actual experience. 

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How Twin Flame Telepathic Love Making Happens?

twin flames and love making telepathically

As mentioned above, twin flame telepathic love making happens through a more sensual and physical connection.

Some twin flames actually make the time to engage in this, especially if they’re far away from one another. 

How this happens is that one twin flame visualizes what they want the other to feel through the sense of touch.

In telepathy, this is why twin flames can also feel sensual touches like the warmth of an embrace or kiss. 

Twin flame telepathic love making works similarly, where both twin flames can feel what the other is feeling and more.

It would work if one simply visualizes what they want their twin flame to feel or think about. 

So even if your twin flame isn’t beside you, you may feel their touches all over your body, as if they were.

That’s the power of the telepathic connection that twin flames share. 

In order to have the best love making experience through telepathy, both twin flames should have a pretty strong and firm connection.

This telepathic experience can also happen through dreams, where both of you are dreaming of making love with one another. 

It’s as if you’re dreaming of the actual experience with them, and you can feel it with every fiber of your being.

The intensity of your sensual dreams is what you’ll also be feeling. 

How To Perform Twin Flame Telepathic Love Making

twin flames and telepathic love

The simplest way to perfect telepathic love making with your twin flame is by focusing your energy on making them feel what you want them to.

If you’re going to seduce them with your touch, visualize that you’re doing so. 

If your telepathic bond is already firm enough, your twin flame will feel your touch with the same intensity you want them to feel.

If you visualize pleasuring them, they should be able to feel this as well. 

Focus on your twin flame and the energy you share as you envision making love with your twin flame.

Focus on where you want them to feel your touch and how you want it to feel for them. 

The experience of a twin flame telepathic love making is a divine one, and you’d still feel your souls and bodies uniting as one being.

The more you focus on your twin flame energy, the more likely you’ll be sharing the same dream of your bodies having that sensual experience. 

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Twin Flame Telepathic Kiss

performing a twin flame telepathic kiss

The kiss between twin flames is so powerful compared to any other kiss you’ve had in your life.

Just like love making, a telepathic twin flame kiss will reveal just how much your twin flame shares your soul.

Physical intimacy isn’t just that for twin flames, but it’s also a spiritual and divine experience. 

The world literally stops when your bodies collide, and a telepathic kiss acts the same way.

Kissing your twin flame telepathically influences your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels, which makes it an experience out of this world. 

Kissing your twin flame makes you feel like you can’t get enough of them and like your lips don’t belong anywhere else than on theirs.

This might sound exaggerated, but this is precisely how physical intimacy between twin flames feels like. 

When you kiss your twin flame telepathically, you’ll feel whole as it feels like your souls are combining into one being.

Twin flames kissing is such a powerful divine act that highly influences the energetic, mental and physical plane. 

Any experience you do with your twin flame feels like a divine and powerful experience, but this intensifies for any physical and sensual act you do with them.

Also, a twin flame kiss can bring healing, unlike anything you’ve felt before. 

It provides you both with emotional and mental healing that makes you feel at peace and fulfilled.

The moment after you both share a telepathic kiss, you vibrate at an elevated frequency. 


Twin flame telepathic love making is the most divine experience you’ll ever share with your twin flame.

Even when you’re far away from one another, you can still feel pleasure and aroused by your twin flame. 

This is because you naturally have an open telepathic channel, and this doesn’t just stop in the emotional and mental sense, but in a physical sense as well.

So if you randomly get sexual urges or feel something sensual out of the ordinary, this is your twin flame telepathic love making taking place. 

You can even dream of yourself making love with your twin flame, and it will feel just as intense as the actual experience.

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