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Soul Contract: Discover What Yours Is + 3 Ways They’re Broken

Soul Contract: Discover What Yours Is + 3 Ways They’re Broken

Soul contracts are a topic that is becoming increasingly popular amongst the spiritual community.

That is understandable since people have discovered that soul contracts exist, and they are one of the foremost spiritual aspects that influence our lives.

Understanding the central soul contracts in your life is crucial to your spiritual evolution and happiness.

Because once you understand how they work, you will know why you had to meet certain people and go through specific experiences.

Thus, in this article, I will explain what a soul contract is, how it affects your life, and when and how they can be broken.

What Is A Soul Contract?

A soul contract is an agreement made between two souls before incarnation, regarding the type of experience they will live together once they meet in a certain lifetime.

Thus, the soul contracts determine who we will meet throughout our lifetime and what will happen in the relationship.

How Is A Soul Contract Made? 

how a soul contract is made

When a soul contract is made, the two souls who know that they are about to incarnate and meet on Earth, meet to discuss what the contract will contain and what will enfold in their lifetime. 

According to the lessons they need to learn together, they determine their roles, how they will behave with one another, how long the interaction will be, and so on. 

Thus, they are meant to help us grow and evolve spiritually, as they are written, so we learn whatever spiritual lesson we were meant to learn next. 

After the two souls agree on the conditions of their contract, they write it in the Book of Life with the help of their spirit guides and angels.

They can even choose which angels, archangels, or spirit guides will help them fulfil the mission, as soul contracts can sometimes be quite difficult.

Once on Earth, a soul could be tempted to renounce an important soul contract. 

Soul Contracts and Personal Divine Mission

I have mentioned Personal Divine Mission in a few past articles, and now I will explain a bit more about what it is, as it is directly linked to soul contracts. 

Personal Divine Mission is the mission God assigns us towards a particular person or situation.

These include relationships, jobs, and the professional path we take in life.

To fulfil our mission, we must meet certain people, play specific roles in their lives, and follow certain professions and fulfil our position there. 

This Personal Divine Mission is directly determined by our soul contracts because, according to the contracts that we have made, we will receive specific missions toward people. 

Fulfilling all our Divine Missions is very important when fulfilling our primary mission in this lifetime, paying all our karma, and becoming who we must be spiritually.

Are Soul Contracts Positive, Negative or Neutral?

soul contracts that are positive or negative

Soul contracts can be positive, negative, and neutral, depending on the lesson that needs to be learned with the help of that contract. 

Every person has made some positive, negative, or neutral soul contracts.

The amount of negative or positive also depends on the karma you have acquired in other lives. 

If you have a lot of heavy karma, as you have mistreated others a lot during past lives.

Of course, you will have many negative soul contracts in this lifetime to help you pay your karmic debt and learn the lesson that comes with it. 

When you mistreat someone in a previous lifetime, if karma doesn't get you in that particular lifetime, it will get you in the next.

This happens so that you can see how it feels to be in the shoes of the victim of that situation and heal the aggressor in yourself, becoming a better, more evolved version of yourself. 

Types of negative contracts could include difficult or abusive parents, difficult or abusive bosses or life partners, siblings you don't seem to get along with, the person that breaks your heart, or the teacher that scared you to death.

I know this can be hard to believe, but they've all come into your life to make you deal with a challenging situation and thus evolve spiritually.

If your karma is not so heavy, most of your soul contracts will manifest as relationships full of love, joy, and harmony.

This is because you have learned how to create that love, joy, and harmony in a previous lifetime, allowing you to manifest it now.

This means that you mainly have positive contracts.

The positive soul contracts were made between you and the people there to support you during difficult times, who make you enjoy life to its fullest, and who you can call “your tribe.” 

Such examples of positive soul contracts include the parent, grandparent, or any relative with whom you get along really well, teachers and people who help and inspire you, and your best friends.

Neutral soul contracts are manifested as relationships that are not necessarily negative or positive for you, yet they somehow nudge you in the direction you need to go in life. 

A good example of a neutral contract would be a classmate you never shared a solid connection with, nor did you hate each other.

Yet somehow, he helped you understand why studying and working hard is essential, shaping who you are as a person.

Can You Know Your Soul Contracts?

knowing your soul contract

Many people are asking themselves if they can know their soul contracts and if so, how. 

A strong yes is the answer to whether you can know your soul contracts.

But how do you get to know which relationships are soul contracts? Very easy.

Consider that everyone in your life which is teaching you some sort of life lesson plays an essential part in your life, or is challenging you in any way, is someone you have a soul contract with. 

Even people who make you suffer the most or do bad things to you are people you've previously made a soul contract with, as you've probably come in this lifetime to pay that particular karmic debt. 

Also, parents, grandparents, siblings, spouses, and children are all soul contracts.

They play central roles in our lives and majorly influence our lives.

Thus, we've agreed to incarnate together to learn a certain lesson from them and/or to teach them a few major spiritual lessons!

If all this seems a bit hard to take on right now (and If you have quite a few karmic relationships, then it is), bear with me.

I promise it will all make sense by the end of this article.

How Does A Soul Contract Affect Your Life?

soul contracts and its effect on your life

It is important to note that soul contracts affect your life and determine it.

They play a major role in how your life will play out and what type of events will unfold.

The soul contracts you have made before incarnating in this body determine what type of relationships you will have. 

The types of relationships you will have to determine how much of your karmic debt you will pay, which spiritual and life lessons you will learn at a soul level, and thus how much you will grow spiritually. 

Because we've made these contracts to help us learn whichever lessons we were meant to learn in this lifetime.

Soul contract will determine everything- from the family, we're born into, to the school we're going to attend, what we will like or dislike, which life path we choose to follow, what challenges and upsets we will face, and so on. 

When things get too heavy within a soul contract, remember that you've chosen this contract to help you grow and that spiritual evolution is not just meant to be easy. 

For us to grow spiritually, we do need to integrate the most difficult life lessons and pay the karma we have acquired before. 

However, when a spiritual contract is too much for you to bear or has simply fulfilled its entire purpose, you can look at how to break it. 

Can You Break A Soul Contract?

How to break a soul contract

The best answer to this question is that it depends.

You can break the soul contracts that are already fulfilled, but most often they break themselves when their purpose has been served. 

When you've fulfilled your mission towards a certain person, or they've fulfilled their mission towards you, your connection will gradually become weaker.

As both of you need space in your lives for the contracts that are yet to come. 

You can also break the soul contracts, which are almost over, but you've learned the main lesson they were trying to teach you.

Even if there would be a little bit of action left to happen if you've learned the main lesson and the contract is too difficult to bear, you ask for the removal of this contract. 

But how about the contracts that are not over, yet they are way too challenging for you to endure? 

This is a tricky question because you often cannot break a contract if you haven't learned the lesson.

Exceptions can be made, but to be offered an exception, I suggest you make a promise to God (or the Universe, whatever name you prefer).

That you will do your best to learn the lesson and offer an alternative way of paying your karma. 

For example, if your soul contract involves being the employee of a very difficult boss and you realize that you may have been just like that boss in another lifetime – difficult, authoritarian, dismissive, and so on.

Promise to never be like that again – in any other lifetime. 

Then, choose to have another authoritarian figure in your life to pay your karmic debt for behaving like that in a past lifetime.

Which is not so difficult for you to have around or choose to do some type of voluntary work which involves obeying authority. 

You can do this in the form of a prayer, as God sometimes does allow us to end the contracts that are too difficult to bear.

As long as we learn the spiritual lesson and of course, never repeat the mistake again. 

Ways To Break A Soul Contract

Steps to break your soul contract

If you want to break a soul contract that is not yet finished, there are a few ways that can help you achieve that: 

1. Prayer

Just like mentioned above, there are certain prayers you can perform to ask God to end a soul contract for you.

But you need to learn the main lesson, promise never to repeat the mistake, and then offer to pay your karma another way.

2. ThetaHealing meditations

In ThetaHealing, there are a few powerful meditations that are meant to break the energetic programs of certain soul contracts and then replace them with more positive programs and contracts.

This is most effective when it is done with the help of a certified ThetaHealing practitioner. 

3. Cord-cutting

A few types of candle rituals enable you to do a cord-cutting between you and the person with whom you share the troubling contract.

But I recommend only using cord-cutting when you are 100% sure this contract should be ended.

Cord-cutting is quite an aggressive procedure from an energetic point of view, and it will end your contract fast.

This is why it's important to be sure that it is okay to do so so that you don't end up with even more karma than before. 

Soul Contracts & Relationships

Soul contract and relationships

Often when I am doing spiritual counselling with someone, they will ask me if the person they share a relationship with is someone they've made a soul contract with. 

As I've already mentioned, everyone you have a significant relationship with or who makes you learn some sort of difficult life lesson is someone you have a soul contract with.

Thus, you have a soul contract with your parents, siblings, future wife/husband, and children.

These relationships are absolutely always soul contracts. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Since these people play such an important role in your life, their main traits and habits will directly influence your own life.

They cannot be randomly assigned to you.

They are souls you were meant to meet and have a strong bond with.

Knowing that these relationships are all based on soul contracts, you've previously written and agreed to, you can start relating to them differently. 

If these close relationships are difficult and full of tension, stop relating to them as a victim or as an aggressor, and try to see what lesson are they trying to teach you.

You may not want to break the soul contract with a significant person, but once you learn the main lesson of the contract, the contract can be re-written positively. 

Re-writing your soul contract with someone can transform a difficult relationship into a relationship full of love and support, and can definitely change your life for the better. 

In conclusion, soul contracts are an important aspect of our lives and have a major influence on how our lives unfold. 

The main thing about soul contracts is to remember that you were the one who chose them and wrote them.

So even when they are difficult to bear, you should be grateful for this opportunity to grow spiritually and focus on the lesson. 

This mindset will end any soul contract as a winner and feeling more complete and powerful rather than as a victim who doesn't understand why things happened a certain way. 

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