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10 (Not So Obvious) Signs An Introvert Likes You

10 (Not So Obvious) Signs An Introvert Likes You

If you have your eye, mind, or even better, your heart intrigued by someone that you know is an introvert you may be wondering what the signs are that an introvert likes you.

What you are about to find out, in classic introvert style, many of the signs are not so obvious.

Introverts are often assumed to be antisocial or shy.

While this is not necessarily always an accurate assumption, introverts are just humans who have learned that they thrive in quieter environments or prefer being silent and selective with their time and energy.

We live in a world that pays more attention to extroverted behavior, and so the subtle and intricate nature of introverts is often misunderstood or overlooked. 

With a little bit of perceptiveness, observation, and intuition, we can become better acquainted with our beloved introverts.

Within this article, we will explore ten signs an introvert likes you, but first we will need to gain an understanding of what being introverted actually means so that you can gain a more nuanced understanding of the introvert that has taken your fancy.

Understanding An Introvert

Introvert woman reading a book

An introvert is a term that is generally used to describe someone who prefers to spend their time alone or in environments that they are comfortable in.

Introversion is not a label, but it can rather be seen as a spectrum- some people may be slightly introverted while others may be extremely introverted.

An introvert may have some of the following traits: they will prefer to socialize in smaller groups or one on one, they are thoughtful and self-reflective, they may experience social anxiety or self-consciousness, introverts are often more reserved and usually prefer to think before they act or speak. 

Introverts usually require quiet time or alone time to recharge, reflect and rest.

They are usually quite content with their own company.

Introverts enjoy creating sanctuary, and their personal space is sacred.

Now that you have a little more understanding surrounding the kind of lifestyle that an introvert values you can have a better chance of understanding how the mind of an introvert works.

Of course, every single person is unique, but there are some common values and personality traits of introverts, understanding what introvert values will assist you in reading the subtler signs that can indicate that an introvert likes you.

10 Not So Obvious Signs An Introvert Likes You

Introvert smiling at friend

Here are the signs that can indicate an introvert likes you:

Welcomes You Into His/Her Private Space 

If an introvert invites you into their private space, it is very likely that this introvert has taken a liking to you.

Private space is sacred to an introvert; it is the sanctuary where an introvert can feel fully comfortable doing as they please.

An introvert’s private space is usually a thoughtfully curated environment specifically to their liking, and so if an introvert welcomes you into his/her private space it is an intentional decision.

If you are welcomed into the private space of an introvert it can mean that your energy and presence feel safe and desirable to this person.

Communicates To You That He/She Is An Introvert

Very introverted people are often quite aware of this part of their personality, as mentioned before, the current dominant culture favors or values extroverted behavior, and so it is not uncommon that introverts feel as if they are different or strange in their natural behavior.

Some introverts go about their days pretending to be extroverted, some introverts simply shy away from communication; in general, introverts don’t enjoy explaining themselves, but they often feel the need to.

If an introvert genuinely takes the time to explain to you that they are an introvert – they may be giving you this explanation so that you can understand them better.

Seeking to be understood by you can be a sign that this introvert is interested in forming a deeper connection with you.

And here is a tip: if an introvert communicates to you that they are introverted – you can show them appreciation and also let them know that you understand and accept this as a natural way of being for them.

Makes An Effort To Communicate Digitally

a sign a introvert likes you is that communicate digitally

Although some introverts may find it easier to communicate online, many introverts also require space and quiet from technology; being constantly available to respond to calls and texts can take away from an introvert's alone time.

If your messages get a fairly quick and substantial response or your phone calls get answered, it is likely that the introvert of your interest likes you.

If he/she initiates the communication, messaging you and even calling you then you can be quite sure that this introvert is intrigued. 

Accepts Your Offer To Spend Time Together

When an introvert responds with genuine interest to your suggestions to spend time together and follows through it can be a sign that this introvert likes you.

Introverts are usually quite selective with their time and prefer carefully consider the social situations they choose to experience.

When an introvert accepts your offer and spends time with you, especially if it is a public place or a place they are unfamiliar with, it shows that they are willing to leave their comfort zone for you, and this can be a sign that he/she wants to get to know you better.

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Allows You Into His/Her Introvert World

Beyond just private space, introverts often have special or secret spots that enjoy spending time alone (for example, special spots in nature, quiet spaces within a city, bookshops, galleries, and museums).

When an introvert introduces you to the spaces that he/she enjoys spending time within, this can be a clear sign that this introvert is open to sharing a deeper connection.

They Reveal That They Remember Intricate Details About You

Introvert friends remember intricate details about you

Due to their quieter nature, introverts are usually great at observing and listening.

They notice and take in the tiny details and can get to know your likes and dislikes quite easily.

When an introvert reveals to you that they have remembered tiny details about you, they likely like you.

An introvert may use their observations to display affection in ways that they know you will enjoy.

Opens Up To You About Personal Topics

Introverts choose their friend and partners very carefully and so when an introvert feels and decides that you are part of their inner circle, he/she will start to share opinions and speak more about personal topics; sharing dreams, fears, desires, secrets or hurts can be a sign that an introvert trusts you deeply.

An introvert may also enquire about your inner world, and seeking out deeper conversation can be considered a sign of interest.

Become More Open And Affectionate Over Time

The good news is that if an introvert really likes you it will become more and more evident over time.

As mentioned in one of the points above, introverts are generally very perceptive and observant, and so this can actually allow an introvert to know just how to express affection and romance that is suited to you.

It is likely that the more time you spend together, the more affectionate your beloved will get.

They Display Loyalty To You

a sign a introvert likes you is they are loyal to you

When an introvert really likes someone by allowing them into his/her personal space they are usually intending to explore and experience a deep and special connection.

The nature of an introvert usually prefers quality over quantity, and so the few people that an introvert takes the time to become close to are regarded with loyalty.

An introvert displaying loyalty is a sign that this introvert values your connection.

They Encourage You Or Share Advice

If an introvert likes you and opens up to you, another sign to observe is if he/she offers advice to you and encourages you wherever you need encouragement.

Introverts are sometimes quite reserved with expressing their opinions or telling others what they think is best for them, but if an introvert cares for you deeply they may share advice with you, and through observation and listening, they may know just where you need a little encouragement in life.

Are There Signs An Introvert Doesn't Like You?

Signs an introvert doesn't like you

The signs that an introvert doesn’t like you are pretty much the opposite of the signs mentioned above:

  • Shows no indication of allowing you into his/her personal spaces and does not communicate their need and value of alone time.
  • Does not respond to your texts or answer your calls.
  • Consistently declines your offers to spend time together.
  • Never have deeper personal conversations with you.
  • Expresses no affection or encouragement even after knowing each other for a while.

If you are looking for confirmation or a clue that your feelings are mutual looking out for the 10 signs an introvert likes you can give you some clarity.

Besides the signs mentioned above a very important source of guidance to consult is your inner guidance; tune into your intuition, feel and meditate upon your connection with this person.

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