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Moldavite Warning! 7 Dangers Of Using Moldavite

Moldavite Warning! 7 Dangers Of Using Moldavite

You may have seen our recent article about Moldavite and its incredible powers.

It is an amazing crystal that allows you to develop your spiritual side and awaken psychic abilities.

It is a stone of change, allowing for transformation in all aspects of your life. 

I think that it is a fascinating stone, but Moldavite dangers are very real!

Because of this, I wanted to write an article explaining why you need to really think before buying Moldavite.

Let’s look at Moldavite dangers and what you need to be aware of before incorporating this stone in your spiritual practices. 

Why Does Moldavite Need a Warning?

It is pretty unusual for healing crystals to come with a warning, but Moldavite is a pretty unusual crystal!

It came to earth on an asteroid more than 15 million years ago and shattered across Europe.

Because of this, Moldavite holds cosmic energy and contains powers from the solar system. 

The powers that this stone contains mean that it has a big impact on those that use it in crystal healing. It is a stone of transformation and allows us to connect with higher realms of consciousness. 

Because of the intensity of this stone and its powers, it can be pretty overwhelming for those that use it!

The stone manifests change, but when it is not used properly, the change can be disruptive. 

If you are a beginner at crystal healing, I do not recommend you working with Moldavite.

The intensity of the stone can be overwhelming and pretty disastrous! 

Before purchasing a Moldavite stone, you must learn about how to use it correctly and discover what you should expect from the stone.

Moldavite dangers appear when you do not know how to properly handle to stone and use it to your advantage.

When Will I Be Ready To Use Moldavite? 

holding Moldavite

As long as you do not rush into working with Moldavite and are aware of how to cleanse it, charge it, and activate it, this stone can do amazing things in your life!

If you are knowledgeable about crystal healing and have done your research, Moldavite dangers will not outway its benefits.

It’s an incredible stone and you should use it when you are ready. 

You will probably, deep down, know when you are ready to use Moldavite. 

Some signs that you are ready to use Moldavite include:

  • Understanding Moldavite dangers 
  • Have deep knowledge about crystal healing and have worked with crystals before
  • Researched into Moldavite usages and benefits
  • Know how to cleanse and charge Moldavite stones
  • Are mentally and emotionally stable
  • Are wishing to open your mind to psychic powers

7 Dangers Of Using Moldavite

Moldavite and it's dangers

In order to be ready to use Moldavite, we need to understand the dangers of using this stone.

If you are not stable emotionally and spiritually, you are at risk of harm when using Moldavite. This is because of its intense powers and vibrations. 

Here are some possible Moldavite dangers that can happen when not used correctly. 

1. Physical Reaction

The physical reaction of Moldavite can be pretty scary! It is known as the Moldavite flush and occurs when we first get hold of one of the stones. 

Because of the energy of Moldavite stones, they will let off a warm sensation.

This means that you can feel a warm wave of energy when holding the crystal for the first time.

You will often feel a tingly sensation, with a warm flush overwhelming your body. This is the vibrations of the stone cleansing and purifying your soul. It is releasing negativity and promoting change in your life.

You might feel lightheaded when this occurs, so it is important to start slowly when using the stone.

After a while, your body will begin to get used to the stone and you can wear it more and more. 

This is not really a Moldavite danger, as Moldavite flushes are pretty common and expected from the stone, even when you have cleansed and charged it correctly.

However, I wanted to put this in the article to raise awareness of this effect of Moldavite and how it might feel pretty disorientating when using the crystal at first!

2. Activate Repressed Emotion

The powerful vibrations of the stone will activate repressed emotions deep within.

If you are mentally or emotionally unstable and have repressed trauma or emotions, this Moldavite danger can be really traumatic!

When these repressed emotions come to the surface, they can be really intense and overwhelming.

They may trigger thoughts that you have not experienced for a while, and this means that you have to face things that you have tried to repress. 

Activating these repressed emotions can be good for you, as Moldavite allows you to release the negative energy that you have been holding onto.

However, it can be really harmful if you are already feeling stressed and anxious. 

This is because Moldavite is known to amplify your emotions, causing intense feelings.

When bringing forth repressed emotions and further amplifying your current emotional state, Moldavite can be pretty dangerous to those that are feeling unstable or anxious in their personal lives. 

3. Intense Spiritual Awakening

Woman having a spiritual awakening

The Moldavite crystal brings forth an intense spiritual awakening as it connects your soul to external spiritual forces.

This, however, can be pretty overwhelming if you are just beginning your spiritual journey. 

Moldavite activates and opens up the third eye.

Whilst this is a life-changing event and an important part of our spiritual development, opening the third eye has real dangers. It can cause headaches, nightmares, and visions.

Because of this, it is important to develop spiritually before opening up the third eye. Being stable and grounded is important when opening the third eye. 

Because Moldavite activates the third eye, it causes an intense spiritual awakening.

This is normally a good thing, but it can be a danger of Moldavite when you are not emotionally and spiritually ready. 

4. Makes You See The Truth 

A Moldavite danger that is ultimately helpful, but can be intense and scary, is the way that the stone will open your mind and eyes to the truth.

Humans are often living blissfully unaware of certain truths, and this can be very comforting. Ignorance is bliss, right? 

If you are not ready for the truth, working with Moldavite can really harm your wellbeing. 

The truth that Moldavite shows you may be about your spirituality and the universe around you, and coming to a realization about these things can be earth-shattering. You may not be emotionally prepared for this discovery!

Moldavite also assists you in discovering the truth about certain interpersonal relationships, or your career.

These realizations can be really intense and you may be very overwhelmed by your emotions!

However, even though this is a Moldavite warning, I think that seeing the truth is really important in order to be truly happy and at peace.

We just need to be prepared to deal with what we learn. 

5. Can Cause Nightmares or Intense Dreams

Unfortunately, because Moldavite connects your spirit with higher psychic realms, it is not uncommon for the crystal to cause nightmares or intense dreams when sleeping with the crystal under your pillow or in your bedroom. 

A lot of people like to use healing crystals at night when we sleep because this is when our subconsciousness is more open and able to receive messages or images from higher realms of existence.

If you are used to using crystals this way, then you may not need to be concerned about this Moldavite danger.

However, if you are not prepared for this, it can be pretty traumatic. 

To avoid this, make sure the stone is in a different room from where you sleep and cleanse your bed before you go to sleep. 

6. Triggers Big Changes

Moldavite triggering change

If we look at Moldavite warnings online, we will find a lot of people telling their stories of how Moldavite has impacted their lives.

Because it is a stone of transformation, Moldavite triggers big changes in people’s lives. Unfortunately, these changes are not always good. 

For many users who have bought a Moldavite crystal and not prepared themselves and the stone properly, the crystal has caused dramatic changes in their lives. 

From breakups to death, Moldavite crystals have been said to have had triggered major life-changing events to happen.

Of course, this could just be a coincidence, but it must be noted that this crystal is said to have the energy to cause dramatic changes in people’s lives. 

It must be pointed out that not all these changes are negative. Many crystal healers have found that Moldavite has triggered amazing opportunities for them. 

I believe that the stone does have the power of transformation, and therefore should be used sparingly and with respect.

The spiritual forces behind this stone are truly amazing and incomprehensible to most humans. 

7. Causes Us To Recieve Psychic Messages

Because Moldavite is connected with the cosmos, it has the ability to open the mind and third eye to psychic messages.

It can cause our psychic abilities to intensify and develop, and this can cause distress. 

If you are not mentally and emotionally stable, using this crystal to receive psychic messages and to develop your psychic powers can be scary.

If you are new to this kind of thing, it is really important to take things very slowly. Opening up the third eye and your soul to higher states of consciousness can be very overwhelming and distressing. 

Hearing voices, having intense dreams, and receiving flows of energy that have physical effects in the world around you, can all occur when using Moldavite.

Because of this, it is really important to take things slow and be aware of Moldavite dangers before working with the stone. 

Is Moldavite Toxic?

Multi pieces of Moldavite

Even though the stone will cause a physical reaction, known as the Moldavite flush, it is not a toxic crystal.

It is completely safe to hold or wear a Moldavite crystal without getting poisoned or ill from its effects. 

The main Moldavite dangers are to do with the intense psychic and spiritual awakenings that the stone triggers. 

Another Moldavite Danger: Fake Moldavites

Moldavite stones are relatively rare. This is because they are only found in a specific part of Europe and will one day run out.

The natural source of this stone comes from an asteroid impact from space, and therefore it is extremely unlikely for this specific stone to form again.

Because of how rare the stone is and the amazing spiritual powers that it causes, there are a lot of fake Moldavites on the market today.

If you are wanting to buy a Moldavite crystal, you must know how to spot a real Moldavite. 

Characteristics of a real Moldavite crystal include:

  • Gas bubbles trapped in the stone
  • Opaque 
  • Small and uniquely shaped
  • Originates from the Czech Republic 

Characteristics of a fake Moldavite crystal include:

  • Shiny
  • Clear
  • Looks wet
  • If they all seem to be the same shape 
  • Looks clear and flawless

A Word Of Warning Before You Use Moldavite

Moldavite is an amazing stone that has really incredible powers.

From opening your third eye to causing big changes to occur, the power and energy in this crystal really make it an important stone in many crystal healers’ collections. 

However, if you are looking into working with a Moldavite stone, you really should know the dangers of the crystal.

It can be an extremely overwhelming stone and can cause traumatic and intense emotions and changes in your life. 

Only use the Moldavite crystal when you are ready, and when you know everything about looking after yourself, and the stone. 

❤️ Thank you, I hope you enjoyed learning about the possible dangers of Moldavite. If you want to know more about this powerful crystal check out the articles below: