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How To Activate, Charge & Cleanse Moldavite

How To Activate, Charge & Cleanse Moldavite

Moldavite is an amazing crystal with extremely powerful energy.

It comes from an asteroid impact over 1500 million years ago and therefore has the powers of space and earth combined.

It is a super popular stone for many crystal healers, but it does come with a fair few dangers. 

Because of its strong and potent energy, Moldavite can cause distress to wearers that have not activated, charged, and cleansed the stone correctly.

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Because of the dangers of this stone, I wanted to provide a how-to guide on how to activate Moldavite correctly, and how to charge and cleanse it so its energy works with you. 

What Is Moldavite? 

Moldavite is a healing crystal that is found in a certain region in Europe.

Most Moldavite comes from the Czech Republic and originates from a meteor that came from space. It has long been purported to have magical healing properties. 

Moldavite provides psychic protection and allows you to develop your spiritual powers.

It can connect you with higher levels of consciousness and allows you to receive messages from spiritual beings.

It connects with both the heart chakra and the third eye, aiding healing and cleanses the auric field. 

How To Activate Moldavite

Activating Moldavite

Because of its strong vibrations, it can be a bit overwhelming to work with Moldavite at first.

It is important to activate the stone properly before use. When you activate Moldavite, you are channeling its energy and connecting it with your own.

You are guiding the crystal to where you need healing in your life. 

When you are activating a crystal, you are replacing any energy that it may have picked up with your own energy. You are letting the stone know what you are needing out of the stone. 

Because Moldavite is known to sometimes cause havoc for people who do not active it properly, it is super important to activate Moldavite before using it!

Thankfully, activating Moldavite is pretty straightforward. 

Clear Your Mind

Before picking up and activating Moldavite, it is important to clear your mind. You may wish to meditate for a while and remove negative thoughts and distractions from your mind. 

Inhale and exhale, and whilst exhaling, imagine all the negativity being released from your body.

Set an intention for yourself and what you wish to get out of your Moldavite stone. 

Take as much time as you need at this point, as your spirit and mind must be ready to active Moldavite. 

Hold The Crystal 

a hand holding Moldavite

When you are ready, hold the crystal in your hand.

A lot of crystal healers will choose to hold their stones in their left hand as the left hand is said to be more connected with higher forms of consciousness and spirituality. 

At this point, it is not uncommon to feel heat and energy come from the stone. This is known as the Moldavite flush and is nothing to be scared about!

You may feel a warm tingly sensation coming off the stone, with heat spreading through your body.

Some people say that they get lightheaded at this point. If you need to, place the stone down for a moment to regain your composure. 

Connect With The Crystal 

When the Moldavite is in your hand and you have felt its energy, now is the time to connect with the stone. 

At this point, you must directly tell the stone what you wish it to help you with. Because Moldavite has so many different metaphysical and healing properties, it is important to know exactly what you wish to use it for before activating Moldavite. 

Be as specific and clear as you can be when connecting with the crystal. 

If you are wanting Moldavite to help you connect with ascended masters, simply say, ‘I wish for this Moldavite to assist me in connecting with ascended masters’.

Or, if you are wanting the stone to help you against psychic attack, say outloud, ‘I wish for this Moldavite to protect me against psychic attack’.

Place The Crystal Somewhere Safe

After you have finished activating the Moldavite, it is time to place it somewhere safe until you next wish to use it.

You can choose to wear it, but if you have just got the Moldavite stone I would recommend taking it slow at first, and only using it when you need to.

This is because the energy of the stone is very powerful. 

Find a good place for the crystal in a positive and clean environment. Some people choose to place their Moldavite in a sunny spot to further amplify its energy. 

How To Cleanse Moldavite 

Cleansing Moldavite

Of course, cleansing Moldavite is a really important part of working with this crystal. Because of its potent powers, it can amplify and spread negativity. 

You should cleanse your Moldavite as soon as you get it, as this gets rid of any energy that it has interacted with before getting to you. You should also cleanse Moldavite every so often during its time with you to protect its powers.

There are a lot of great ways to cleanse Moldavite, and a lot of these can be used for other crystals too! 

Here are some simple ways to cleanse Moldavite in order for its powers to be positive and potent. 


Water is a great way to cleanse Moldavite as it is easy and accessible. Water is one of the four main elements of the earth and therefore harnesses the powers of mother nature. 

If you live near the sea, collecting seawater to submerge Moldavite in is a great way to cleanse the stone.

You just need to submerge the stone for about a minute for the water to cleanse and purify the crystal. 

You can also hold Moldavite under a running stream in order to cleanse it.

However, if you don’t have any natural running water around you, you can also hold it under a running tap! 

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sage burning

Sage smoke is a really popular tool for many spiritualists. It has been used for centuries for cleansing and purifying, and works amazingly for crystals.

Simply waving sage smoke over the Moldavite stone will cleanse it. 

You can also use smoke from candles and incense. If you are using essential oils and herbs, make sure that they are for cleansing and not charging. 


The sun is an extremely powerful spiritual tool and is a great way to cleanse Moldavite.

Lay your Moldavite crystal under the sunshine for a few hours and this will cleanse the stone.

It will also charge it (but more on that later!).

Other Crystals

Even though Moldavite has incredible power, it still can connect with other crystals and be cleansed by their vibrations. 

If you have a Quartz or Selenite crystal, place the Moldavite next to it for a day in order for the stone to cleanse the Moldavite.

Remember that the stone you are using to cleanse the Moldavite must be cleansed itself in order to work!

You can place crystals around the Moldavite in a circle to harness their powers in cleansing Moldavite. 


I love this way of cleansing crystals as it is pretty uncommon but works really well!

Sound waves are a great way of cleansing Moldavite, and you can use sound in loads of different ways. 

A lot of crystal healers choose to chant or sing for a few minutes to their crystals in order to cleanse them. You can also use singing bowls or chimes, whatever you fancy!

How To Charge Moldavite 

Charged Moldavite

It is super important to charge your crystals.

Charging is different from activating as when you are activating a crystal, you are personally connecting with it.

When you charge a crystal, you are using the powers of the earth to charge the energy of the stone. 

There are loads of great ways to charge Moldavite, and here are some of my favorites.


As mentioned before, the sun is a very powerful tool that can be used to cleanse and charge crystals. 

Placing the Moldavite crystal under the sun will charge it in order for you to use it. 


If you can, burying the Moldavite in the ground is a great way of charging the stone.

When buried, it connects with the earth and is charged by its potent energy. 

You can place the stone in a small jar and then bury it. Leave it for a day or so in order for it to be fully charged. Oh, and don’t forget where you buried it!

The Full Moon

a full moon

The full moon has long been connected with spirituality, and it is obvious why!

The moon is so powerful, and its powers are at their peak when it is full. 

To charge Moldavite with lunar energy, leave the stone out overnight in a place where the moonlight will connect with the stone. 

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Burning Incense or Herbs

Herbs and incense are great ways to charge crystals with a specific energy.

All herbs have certain healing qualities and energy, so pick the right one when using them to charge Moldavite. 

Think about what you are wanting out of the Moldavite crystal and what herbs correspond with your wishes. Then, burn the herbs or incense and pass the stones through the smoke. 

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Use Your Spirit Guides

Because Moldavite is an incredibly spiritual stone, it can be charged by connecting to your spirit guides or ascended masters and asking them for assistance.

You can do this by meditating with the stone and calling out to your guides.

Ask them to charge the Moldavite and allow it to bring forth abundance into your life. 

Use Moldavite Correctly to Enhance Your Spiritual Life 

Moldavite is an incredible stone that can really change your life.

It is so spiritual and allows you to connect with new and exciting realms of existence. It is also great for protection and spiritual growth. 

However, before you begin your Moldavite journey you must know how to activate, cleanse, and charge the stone in order to get what you need out of it.

Without doing so, you are at risk of bad effects from the crystal. 

Following this guide for activating, charging & cleansing Moldavite will allow you to use the stone correctly and bring abundance and happiness into your life!

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