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How to Attract More Money Using Law of Attraction

How to Attract More Money Using Law of Attraction

Money. It seems like you could always use some more of it. It would seem like the more we get, the more we need, right?

If you just agreed with the last statement, you might want to sit yourself down and ask if this is a belief worth having.

If you truly believe that “the more money we come about the more problems we see,” guess what's going to happen? Exactly.

In this article, you're going to learn how to attract more money using the law of attraction.

Where Are You Coming From?

What made you click on this? Are you feeling lackful? Does it seem to you like there's never enough? Did you come here because you're feeling the squeeze?

Or did you click on this because you just enjoy the thought of having more money?

Are you feeling some positive expectations about having more money? Are you feeling relaxed and at ease about it?

In other words, what is your vibrational set point when it comes to money? Just take a moment to really check in with yourself on this.

Let's Talk About The Law Of Attraction

The law of attraction states that like attracts like. Thoughts and emotions of a high vibration,  pull situations and people of a high vibration into your experience.

The things and people of a low vibration vibrate away and out, or they rise to meet your high vibration – as long as you stay high.

Of course, the same thing can be said for low vibrations as well.

The Law Of Attraction In Regards To Money

If you're feeling full of lack and are unsure about money, you can only create more lack and more uncertainty.

I wish I could tell you it gets better, but it doesn't. It doesn't get better till YOU get better!

The Law Of Attraction Has No Off Days

It's like gravity. it's always in effect, even if we don't think about it much. This is why the better it gets, the better it gets, and the worse it gets, the worse it gets.

Knowing this, you just have to get with the program. You have to begin working with the law.

Technically, you always are, whether you think so or not. The law of attraction makes sure you get your thoughts –  powered by emotions – whether you want to or not.

Expecting the law to work different for you, to change things before you change yourself, is like jumping off a building and expecting gravity to work different for you. Sorry buddy, but it doesn't work like that.

Your Subconscious Mind And Attracting More Money

Your subconscious beliefs play a huge part in what it is you manifest.

They are beliefs that you have held on to all through the years. Beliefs you've had ingrained in you when you were growing up, from television, the papers, and people around you.

To allow yourself to manifest more money, you have to take a look at what you truly believe about money.

Examine Your Subconscious Beliefs

If you want To know how to attract more money using the law of attraction, you need to know what your subconscious beliefs are around the subject of money.

There was a time in my life where no matter what happened, I could not attract over a hundred dollars.

No matter what gig I did. it seemed almost as if every client had a meeting, and they said, “Whatever you do, don't give this guy anything above $100!”

Even when I'd get a lot more money than that, things would pop up, and somehow I'd find myself back at that $100 cap!

Maybe you can relate. Why was this happening? My subconscious beliefs were running a hundred dollar program.

How To Check And Change Your Subconscious Beliefs

I'll tell you one thing that I bet is different than what you've read out there: It's easier than you've been led to believe.

Also, once you discover your subconscious beliefs, they are NO LONGER SUBCONSCIOUS! You're now CONSCIOUS of them, and can simply change them.

You can check in with what you believe, by looking at your actions, emotions, and thoughts.  

It's a matter of pausing to ask yourself, why do I think this way, or act this way, or feel this way – when you notice you're not being abundant.

Choose to believe that you're always abundant. You're loved, and life always looks for ways to shower you with more. That includes more money.

The Most Under Appreciated Manifesting Tool

Let's get to why you're here. To know how to attract more money using the law of attraction. Here's something that works every time.


Appreciation is a powerful tool. Think about it, you do something nice for someone and they thank you sincerely for it.

You want to do more don't you? But if you do something for someone, and they don’t appreciate it, then you don't really feel inclined to do more for them.

It’s exactly the same thing! Practice feeling great about what you do have, and then more will come! Appreciation is key, if you’re going to attract more money into your life.

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How To Attract More More Money Using The Law Of Attraction

1. Get Clear What You Want.

More money. Done.

2. Think Double.

You might think you want an extra $150,000 thousand a year. But are you really comfortable with that?

In my experience with most people I mentor, they start out talking about wanting so much, but in the end, they find it’s easier to manifest twice the income they’re already used to.

Say you make a couple of thousand dollars a month. You can manifest twice that. Then twice the new figure. Etc.

3. Get Relaxed And Centered.  

Use deep breathing to relax your body, and center your mind.

4. Imagine A Scene That Implies Your Desire Is Done.

You can imagine seeing a bank statement with the balance you prefer. Or even imagine paying off higher taxes. Whatever would mean your desire is already done.

5. Feel Appreciation.

Know that it’s done, and feel thankful for it. If what you desire is already done, then it’s only natural to feel thankful, isn’t it? So feel thankful. Don’t wait till you have it to feel that way.

6. Take Action.

Now, this is not about taking random action, no. There is a difference between plain motivation and inspired action. You’re going to get a hunch or two.

Action is a part of creation. You need to take action, no matter how small, something that implies you absolutely believe that your desire is done.

If you wanted a new car, and you’ve never had one, you could look into creating space for you to park it.

You could search online for things you need to know to be able to take care of your car. The point is, whatever hunch you get, follow it.

7. Let go.  

It’s done.

That’s it!

Good luck and happy manifesting!

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Atehawunng Vasintine

Sunday 9th of August 2020

Your teaching was so encouraging to me sir, at list I'm now motivated to work more harder in other to make life a success, thank you

Shirley Kight

Wednesday 4th of September 2019

This is fascinating, I'm looking forward to reading more of this and putting some of this in practice and as I do I'll leave you comments on what is happening. Thank you so much!