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85 Solar Plexus Chakra Affirmations

85 Solar Plexus Chakra Affirmations

The solar plexus chakra is a powerful energy center located in the middle of our abdomen around the diaphragm and upper belly. It is the third chakra within our chakra system.

The original Sanskrit name for this chakra is Manipura and it is a powerful energy center that governs our self-acceptance, confidence, identity, physical energy, and emotional balance. 

Why Use Solar Plexus Chakra Affirmations?

You can use intentional affirmations to unblock and re-energize your solar plexus chakra.

You can also use affirmations to bring your solar plexus chakra into balance if it becomes overactive.

A blockage or imbalance within your solar plexus chakra may show up as mental, physical, or emotional symptoms. 

The emotional symptoms can include feelings of unworthiness, low self-esteem, lack of confidence, emotional imbalance, dependence, confusion, feeling stagnant in personal growth, and an unhealthy ego.

The physical symptom of a blocked or imbalanced or overactive solar plexus chakra can include an unhealthy relationship to food, digestive issues, and nausea.

Once you identify that you have a block you can utilize affirmations to welcome in and align to powerful energy that can unblock and rebalance your solar plexus chakra.

Even if your solar plexus energy is good you can still enjoy using affirmations to clarify, maintain and align your solar plexus chakra.

How Do Solar Plexus Chakra Affirmations work?

woman doing Solar Plexus Chakra Affirmations

To understand how solar plexus chakra affirmations work we first need to understand how affirmations work.

There are countless spiritual gurus, teachers, communities, as well as everyday individuals that attest and share the powerful impact that working with affirmations has had on their life quality and experience.

If you are a person who enjoys knowing a more in-depth explanation of how the practice of using affirmations works I suggest looking into the work of renowned author Louise Hay.

For now, as a summary we’ll consider the following quote by the author of Creative Visualization, Shakti Gawain: 

“An affirmation is a strong, positive statement that something is already so”

Repeating these words transforms the subconscious mind through focus and high vibrational language.

Affirmations call into being the best-case scenario by reversing or repatterning the negative dialogue embedded in our subconscious mind.

We release the outdated“commentary” or beliefs that we have been thought or that we tell ourselves and replace them with positive affirmations.

Affirmations can be used in a way that intentionally clears and recodes our subconscious mind.

Our subconscious is responsible for the way we perceive reality it also has a huge impact on the experiences we manifest. 

Affirmations are such an easy, accessible, and effective method, with a little commitment you will experience tangible effective changes within your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual levels of experience.

How To Use Affirmations For Your Solar Plexus Chakra?

meditating with Solar Plexus Chakra Affirmations

Affirmations are an amazingly simple, powerful, and effective tool that you can use specifically to activate and balance the energy of your solar plexus chakra.

You can use these solar plexus affirmations in a variety of ways such as:

  • Writing down your chosen solar plexus chakra affirmations 

A great way to make use of affirmations is to write them down.

The action of writing contributes to allowing the affirmation to positively pattern your subconscious mind. You can write down affirmations and stick them in specific places to remind you to tune in.

You can dedicate a book to writing affirmations and repeatedly write and read over your written affirmations daily.

You can repeat affirmations when you need to align to a healthy solar plexus chakra energy and you will surely experience the benefits of this. 

  • Repeating solar plexus affirmations out aloud

Saying your affirmations out aloud is really powerful as it can have added effectiveness when you both speak and listen to yourself repeating the affirmations.

Saying affirmations out loud can assist you to manifest or bring the affirmation into reality.

Repeating solar plexus affirmations out loud also helps with building your confidence to embody the energetic upgrade and repatterning that the affirmations offer.

  • Repeating solar plexus chakra affirmations silently within your mind

Silently repeating affirmations within your mind is also an effective way to work with solar plexus affirmations.

Silently and intentionally repeating solar plexus affirmations takes focus. 

Focusing mindfully on the affirmation you are working with can help you to fully tune into the vibration and feeling of the words from deep within.

  • Meditating with solar plexus chakra affirmations

Working with affirmation within meditation allows for deeper focus and intention.

You can include affirmations for the solar plexus chakra within your meditation practice, you can also utilize guided solar plexus chakra healing meditations that include affirmations.

  • Breathwork with solar plexus chakra affirmations

Breathwork is another powerful energizing and aligning practice that can also be combined with solar plexus affirmations.

The breath harnesses energy which can be directed with the use of an affirmation.

The breath also helps to clear and focus the mind.

The state of calm and clarity while breathing intentionally will allow you to deeply focus upon your chosen solar plexus affirmations. 

  • Solar plexus chakra affirmations and visualization

Visualization is a practice where you imagine within your mind’s eye an intentional scenario that evokes emotions related to the vision.

It is a powerful way to energize manifestations and affirmations.

You can intentionally combine solar plexus chakra affirmations with relevant visualization.

A simple example would be the affirmation “I engage with radiant and charismatic confidence” when speaking, or meditating upon this affirmation you can also take some time to imagine yourself in a situation where you are responding and moving with confidence, speaking with charisma and being well received.

Take as much time as you need to create the mental image, immerse yourself in the vision. Feel into the emotions that arise.

Emotions are a powerful ingredient for successful manifestation and so this practice will assist you with manifesting your solar plexus affirmations into reality.

  • Solar plexus chakra affirmations while performing a mudra

A mudra is a specific hand posture or gesture that stimulates and directs your energy. Each mudra has different specific benefits.

The mudra that is ideally used while working with solar plexus chakra affirmations is known as the Hakini mudra.

You can perform this mudra by joining all of your fingertips and keep spreading your palms apart.

  • Solar plexus chakra Affirmations within your routine

Affirmation are a very versatile technique of healing that you can easily incorporate into your lifestyle. You can use affirmations at any time you choose.

Play around with different methods and timings and see what you enjoy and what works best for you.

For some, it can be helpful to work with affirmations at quiet times when you can really focus such as in bed at night or first thing in the morning.

Repeating affirmations at the start and close of each day is really powerful as it sets the tone for each new day and reaffirms the energetic alignment before you enter into sleep (a time where our mind processes and integrates concepts within the subconscious ).

You can also feel free to use affirmations whenever needed, you can decide on a daily practice time or you can use them whenever needed.

You can use affirmations as a grounding and guiding tool when you are feeling any of the symptoms of an imbalanced solar plexus chakra.

A healthy solar plexus chakra will bring remembrance and welcome confidence and alignment.

85 Solar Plexus Chakra Affirmations

affirmations for the solar plexus chakra

This is an extensive compilation of powerful affirmations that you can work with to heal and activate the solar plexus chakra.

You can use these affirmations to tune into your solar plexus chakra energy center.

You can also use affirmations to clear, heal and recalibrate this chakra so that your firey solar energy can flow freely and you can enjoy the experience of self-acceptance and self-love, confidence, and enjoyed-embodied purpose.

We start with a few solar plexus chakra affirmations that can help you align and tune into this energy centre, followed by subheadings that categorize the affirmations so you can easily choose to work with relevant affirmations for any solar imbalance that you may be experiencing.

  • I am open to healing my solar plexus chakra energy centre.
  • I am open to activating my solar plexus chakra energy centre.
  • I activate the personal power of my solar plexus chakra.
  • I give myself full permission to be myself.
  • I love myself unconditionally.
  • I accept myself unconditionally.
  • I am a powerful person.
  • I am in control of my life.
  • I feel comfortable in my full power.
  • I forgive myself completely for past mistakes.
  • I am inspired and motivated to pursue my life purpose.
  • I am worthy of the life I desire.
  • I have everything I need within me.
  • I find decision making easy.
  • I enjoy expanding and growing.
  • My mind is calm and clear.
  • I socialize with ease.
  • I trust my gut feelings.
  • My power radiates from within.
  • I return to my place of true power.
  • I remember my own perfection.
  • I know that joy is my birthright.
  • I am comfortable in my body.
  • I am at peace with who I am.
  • I feel at ease.
  • I live in a perfect state of heart-mind coherence.

Overactive Solar Plexus Chakra Healing Affirmations

healing the solar plexus chakra
  • I let go of the need to control others.
  • I am at ease with the flow of life.
  • I fully trust myself.
  • I fully trust that everything is working out in the best-case scenario.
  • I release judgement.
  • I accept who I am.
  • I accept others for who they are.
  • I release the need to always be right.
  • I express my ego in a healthy balanced way. 
  • I use my power for good.
  • I joyfully offer the world my services.
  • I am beyond just my physical appearance.
  • I am aware that I am a soul in a human body.
  • I am not above nor below any other being.
  • I express my passion in healthy and balanced ways.
  • I release the need to be perfect and accept that perfectionism is subjective.
  • I resolve conflicts with peace and dignity.

Underactive Solar Plexus Chakra Healing Affirmations

woman with with solar plexus chakra symbol
  • I acknowledge the energy within my solar plexus chakra space.
  • I allow my energy to radiate from my solar plexus chakra space.
  • I cleanse and feed my solar plexus fire. 
  • My pain is transformed into passion and power.
  • I am courageous.
  • I am strong.
  • I love myself.
  • I am proud of who I am.
  • I easily set strong boundaries where I feel them necessary.
  • I know my value.
  • I prioritize my self-care.
  • I am worthy of all I desire.
  • I make my own decisions with ease and conviction.
  • I confidently pursue my purpose and passions.
  • I give myself permission to be myself.
  • I enjoy and celebrate myself.
  • I am fully capable of dealing with everything I experience.
  • I respond to life with understanding and confidence.
  • I am aware of my power.
  • I am in a perfect balance of inspired action and receptivity.

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Solar Plexus Chakra Affirmations For Self-acceptance And Forgiveness 

two people with Solar Plexus Chakra symbol
  • I love and accept myself.
  • I forgive myself for past mistakes.
  • I forgive myself for any incomplete projects.
  • As I forgive myself it becomes easier to forgive others.
  • I forgive myself for not being perfect.
  • I release any shame, guilt, doubt or embarrassment that I held within myself.
  • I gracefully move beyond my mistakes.
  • I commit to the journey of forgiving myself.
  • I gently and finally lay down the weight of anything I hold against myself.
  • I understand that I am always learning and growing.
  • I accept my past and my story.
  • I no longer judge myself.
  • I am at peace with who I am.
  • I fully embrace who I am.
  • I am committed to caring for myself.
  • I am enough.
  • I am whole.

Solar Plexus Chakra Affirmations For Extra Powerful Visualization

strong woman doing Affirmations

These visually invoking affirmations can be used as a powerful practice by focusing on imagining these affirmations within your mind’s eye.

You can also choose to engage your inner vision and senses by utilizing two of the solar plexus activating elements: sun and fire.

You can use these affirmations while sitting in front of a fire, candle, or with direct sunlight on your body.

This is truly such a powerful and pleasurable practice that you can choose to engage in for yourself. 

  • I envision the abundant rays of the sun filling and energising my solar plexus energy center.
  • I connect with the fire element that is resonant with vibrant solar plexus energy.
  • I allow the vision of fire within to fuel my solar plexus energy.
  • I envision fire element burning away, completely dissolving any blockages in my solar plexus chakra.
  • I envision intelligent light codes within sun rays activating and rebalancing my solar plexus energy centre. 

These affirmations are seriously so powerful.

Words are vibration and when you choose to intentionally tune your solar plexus energy with these affirmations you will feel and experience the expansion.

Work with the affirmations that call to you, the affirmations that evoke curiosity or feeling for you.

Emotion is the energy that further activates your words and practices.

If you are just starting out on your solar plexus healing you should also notice that if any negative or uncomfortable feeling arises towards these, or you feel silly saying some of the affirmations like “ I love myself”.

It’s likely this is a sign that your unconscious patterns are trying to keep you within the safety of what is known and already programmed within your mind.

When we can learn to notice and reprogram these beliefs that we have internalized then we will see real change.

Sometimes working with an affirmation may feel foreign at first as this higher vibration is new to you, if you stick with it for a little while you will experience the shift, first in subtle feelings with the potential to upgrade your entire reality.

The solar plexus is such a vital chakra that when in alignment allows us to enjoy being ourselves, to fulfill our unique purpose on this earth and f sly enjoy doing so!