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121 Throat Chakra Affirmations + How To Effectively Use Them

121 Throat Chakra Affirmations + How To Effectively Use Them

An open and healthy throat chakra can allow you the freedom and joy of clear, truthful self-expression and communication.

This is one of our seven chakras and is also known as Visshudha in ancient sacred Vedic texts.

The throat chakra is an energetic center that we can balance and maintain to enjoy a life of authentic expression and creation. 

There are many ways to balance and energize your throat chakra and one of the simplest and super effective practices that you can use is the practice of throat chakra affirmations.

In this article, we shall learn more about why throat chakra affirmations are so effective, the best ways to use these affirmations, and a compilation of powerful throat chakra affirmations that you can choose to work with. 

Why Use Throat Chakra Affirmations?

Everything is energy vibrating at a certain frequency.

Our throat chakra is energy, it vibrates at a specific frequency. Words are energy, each word vibrates at a specific frequency.

By choosing words that resonate with a healthy and open throat chakra we can energetically heal and activate our throat chakra energy center.

The intentional repetition of information works to program or entrain our subconscious minds to the content and energy of the affirmation.

A variety of throat chakra affirmations can be used to intentionally clear and open a blocked throat chakra and also to rebalance an overactive throat chakra.

You can identify if you have a blocked throat chakra if you are experiencing symptoms such as creative blocks, struggle with self-expression, anxiety and struggle with communicating your truth.

You can learn more about the detailed symptoms of a blocked throat chakra in the article 11 Symptoms Of A Blocked Throat Chakra.

You can identify if you have an overactive throat chakra if you find yourself embodying a version of yourself that is talking too much, talking unclearly, interrupting others, being over-critical of yourself and others, or if you have a dominating energy.  

You can also learn more about the throat chakra in the article 10 Signs Your Throat Chakra Is Opening. These signs of your throat chakra opening will become evident as you fully engage in your practice with throat chakra affirmations.

Best Ways To Use Affirmations When Healing The Throat Chakra

woman practising throat chakra affirmations

A powerful affirmation actually has three key basic ingredients: an intentional compilation of positive words, some form of visualization, and relevant feelings or emotions.

To use the throat chakra affirmations to the fullest potential we can consider these elements.

Affirming positive words

You can use positive words to form affirmations that transform and activate your throat chakra energy, these words can be spoken within, spoken out loud, and repeated as much as needed.

The energy and meanings that are communicated through each throat chakra affirmation codes these upgrades within the subconscious mind.

Affirming Visualisation 

A really powerful addition to utilize when working with affirmations is visualization, you can start simply by envisioning yourself embodying the affirmations that you have chosen.

You can also delve into deep meditation with the intention to visualize a particular activating or balancing throat chakra affirmation.

Visualization adds to your affirmation by animating the energy within your mind’s eye and etheric body.

Visualization can prepare our consciousness to experience an event. Effective visualization includes taking note of the 5 senses within an inner vision.

You can also use art and images paired with your chosen throat chakra affirmations.

Affirming emotions

A key element of a successful affirmation practice is learning to use and cultivate your emotional state.

Imagine how the affirmation makes you feel. How does it feel to affirm this?

You can conscientize and work through any lower density emotions that arise when using throat chakra affirmations. You can do so if you feel it is necessary for your emotional clarity.

Working with an affirmation for long enough will naturally clear any out of alignment emotions and raise your vibration to the frequency intended by the affirmed words.

The most important part of using affirming emotions in conjunction with throat chakra affirmations is to cultivate the feeling you desire to experience. You can do this by imagining how you would feel once your chosen throat chakra affirmations have been realized and embodied.

These are just some of the foundational considerations that you can include in your practice when working with any affirmations, you can also consider the way you want to practice your affirmation.

You can include throat chakra affirmations into your daily life, upon waking, throughout your day, or when going to bed.

Also, remember that you can use affirmations in the moments and situations that you need them, they will remind you and align you to the truth you wish to embody. 

You can repeat affirmations out aloud, silently, within yourself, in writing, or even within artworks.

You can include affirmations into your meditation, breathwork, healing, mindfulness, and self-care practices.

You will also find more details on interesting ways to work with throat chakra affirmations within the next sections of this article.

Affirmations For The Throat Chakra

throat chakra Affirmations helping a woman communicate

And now that we have gained some foundational knowledge on affirmations and the throat chakra we can get into the actual affirmations.

This section of the article contains a compilation of intentional and energized affirmations that each is specifically designed to resonate with aligned, higher vibrational, and healthy throat chakra energy.

The affirmations are categorized so that you can easily find relevant affirmations depending on the type of throat chakra imbalance that you are seeking to heal.

Balancing and Activating Affirmations For The Throat Chakra

  • My voice is sacred.
  • I speak with love.
  • I honour my truth.
  • I speak fearlessly.
  • My internal and external communication is balanced.
  • I express myself articulately.
  • I express myself clearly.
  • My inner voice is clear.
  • I fearlessly speak the truth.
  • I accept my truth and the truth of others.
  • I speak with confidence.
  • I express myself with ease and grace.
  • I am naturally charismatic.
  • I am confident and comfortable with who I am.
  • I enjoy sharing my perspectives and ideas.
  • I give genuine compliments.
  • I feel a strong sense of belonging.
  • I express my true self.
  • I embrace the sound of my voice.
  • I embrace the power of my voice.
  • I embrace my musical appreciation and abilities.
  • I welcome the highest frequency and most aligned version of my throat chakra energy.
  • I am an embodiment of balanced throat chakra energy.

Healing Affirmations For An Overactive Throat Chakra

woman practicing healing throat chakra affirmations
  • I am an attentive listener.
  • I listen to understand.
  • I am great at holding space for myself and others.
  • I have clarity within myself.
  • I consume words that are beneficial to me.
  • I express words that are beneficial and true.
  • I speak with grace and eloquence.
  • Being honest is liberating.
  • I release the habit of dominating conversations.
  • I am a safe space for others to express themselves.
  • I am accountable for the words I express.
  • I speak in a way that uplifts others.
  • I release the habit of criticism of myself and others.
  • I release the conditioned voice of judgement as I communicate.
  • I release the need to prove myself to anyone but myself.
  • I respectfully express my beliefs.
  • I gratefully express my desires.
  • I enjoy expressing my creativity.
  • I know when it is time to listen and listen attentively.
  • I am a great listener.
  • I value the words and expressions of others.
  • I speak with love and respect.
  • I consistently express my gratitude.
  • I am comfortable with silence.
  • I speak when I have something authentic and valuable to share.
  • I speak kindly of myself and others.
  • I am calmly and clearly responsive rather than reactive.
  • I express my soul truth.
  • I communicate consciously.
  • My throat chakra energy is now in perfect balance.

Healing Affirmations For An Underactive Throat Chakra

woman showing Throat chakra
  • I express my truth regardless of the reaction of others.
  • I release the power of any judgemental opinions over me.
  • I embrace confidence.
  • I celebrate who I am.
  • I enjoy expressing myself.
  • I enjoy discovering new forms of self-expression.
  • What I have to express is very valid and valuable.
  • My voice is clear and attractive.
  • My words are easily understood.
  • My vocabulary is full of high vibrational, activating words.
  • My words are powerful.
  • I consume healthy high vibrational food and drinks.
  • I love the sound and power of my voice.
  • I love that I can express myself with words and energy.
  • I honour and accept my silence when silence is the truest expression for me.
  • I release any fear of expressing myself.
  • I release all conditioning surrounding how I am expected to express myself.
  • I admire and appreciate others who also express themselves freely and beautifully.
  • I enjoy the magnetism of being charismatic.
  • I trust myself to express my inner world.
  • I enjoy expressing myself.
  • I am received well.
  • I am great at engaging in conscious conversation.
  • I am loving exploring abundant creative ways to express myself.

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Throat Chakra Affirmations For Better Communication

woman shouting Throat chakra affirmations
  • I am a clear communicator.
  • I respond consciously.
  • I easily understand.
  • I am easily understood.
  • I know my right to be heard and I feel heard.
  • I honour the balance of both hearing and being heard.
  • I embody the value of good listening.
  • I am an effective communicator.
  • I speak clearly.
  • I respect the words of others.
  • I am patient with myself and others.
  • I am calm and clear in speech and energy.
  • I am a safe space for authentic communication.
  • I experience the amazing connection of conscious communication.
  • I speak with conscious words, aligned energy and presence.
  • Clear communication makes my life easier and more interesting.
  • Every person has a unique and valuable perspective to express.
  • I treat others as a reflection of myself, how I would like to be treated.
  • My great communication skills easily improve my life in the most amazing ways.

Throat Chakra Affirmations For Speaking Your Truth

Throat chakra helping woman speak her truth
  • I love and accept my truth.
  • It is safe for me to express my truth.
  • I accept the truth of each moment.
  • I accept that each being has a valid truth.
  • I express my truth with clarity.
  • I express my truth with ease.
  • I fully believe in myself.
  • I am well received.
  • My genuine expression is accepted and supported.
  • I confidently speak my highest truth into reality.
  • I release any non-beneficial conditioning from my speech.
  • I speak my truth openly and freely.
  • My honesty creates the life I deserve.
  • I am free to express myself.
  • I embody the truth I speak.
  • Speaking my truth freely permits everyone to do the same.
  • I value the power of honesty.
  • My perspectives are valuable and welcome.
  • I remain true to myself in all that I express.

Throat Chakra Elemental Affirmations 

Smiling woman doing affirmations

As mentioned earlier in this article, visualization is a powerful part of using affirmations.

The following affirmations are intentionally worded to invoke engaging inner visuals that activate your throat chakra.

These affirmations engage the senses by working with the natural element associated with the throat chakra which is the air element or pranic breath.

  • I breathe in infinite life force energy which clears and activates my throat chakra.
  • I feel and envision air flowing into my throat chakra, gently blowing through any resistance and creating space for clear self-expression.
  • As I breathe in I feel my throat chakra energy radiating and vibrating light-blue light within.
  • As they breathe out I feel the energy of my throat chakra vibrating and radiating out the most beautiful and harmonious fractals of light-blue light.
  • As I breathe I feel the energized, oxygenated life force rejuvenating and feeding the cells, tissues, fluids and organs in my throat, voice box and neck areas.

Affirmations are honestly such a powerful, empowering and effective self-healing tool.

When you dedicate your mind and time to healing your body, mind and spirit will experience tangible benefits.

Activating your throat chakra is such a valuable journey to commit to and affirmations are such a simple way to do this.

Communication within yourself and with everything outside of you is what shapes your reality. Self-expression is a daily happening that plays a huge role in the experience we manifest.

You can so easily change your entire experience of life with the throat chakra affirmations in this article.

Enjoy this liberation of self-expression and conscious relationship with everything that surrounds you.

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