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11 Signs Your Spirit Guides Are Communicating With You

11 Signs Your Spirit Guides Are Communicating With You

Have you ever wondered about the signs your spirit guides are trying to communicate with you?

We all have spirit guides, from guardian angels to spirit animals. And if you've ever pondered, “how do I know if I have a spirit guide?”, you're not alone.

They are there for us throughout our lives, watching over us, even if we are not in direct communication with them.

There are quite a few spirit guides signs of communication, and we may not notice them at first.

This can make us feel really alone and confused about our path in life. 

However, once we know the signs, we are able to look out for our spirit guides and open up to them. 

In this article, I will look at the most common signs your spirit guides are communicating with you, and what to do when you see these signs!

What is a Spirit Guide? 

Firstly, let’s remind ourselves of what spirit guides actually are.

If you are active in new-age spiritual groups, you have probably heard the phrase time and time again.

But, you may have not really understood what spirit guides are.

Truthfully, there is no easy way to define spirit guides.

This is because there is a huge range of guides that we will meet during our lives.

Some spirit guides transcend the physical realm we experience, whereas others, such as spirit animals, will appear to us in a tangible form. 

Some spirit guides are specific to us, such as our guardian angels.

However, other spirit guides, such as ascended masters and archangels, are there for everyone and will only come to us in our time of need. 

However, all spirit guides are there to help us on our spiritual path.

They want to guide and enlighten us, protecting us from evil and negativity. 

11 Signs Your Spirit Guides Are Trying to Communicate With You

signs your spirit guides are trying to communicate

Now we know what spirit guides are, we can look at the “signs from spirit guides” and their methods of communication with you.

Our spirit guides will want to communicate with us when we are in need or want a bit of advice and encouragement. 

1. Finding a White Feather 

Feathers have long been associated with spirituality, and this is because our spirit guides will communicate with us in this way.

Feathers symbolize nature and freedom, and our spirit guides know that we will notice them in the world around us. 

If you find a white feather in an unexpected place, you know that your spirit guides are near and want to communicate with you. 

A white feather is usually a sign of encouragement from your spirit guides.

They know that you are on the right path in life and making the correct choices to progress.

Your spirit guides are wanting you to know not to give up.

You have the strength to get through the worst times in order to get to the good. 

Sometimes, we find white feathers when our deceased loved ones want us to know that they are okay.

When people pass to the other side, they can turn into spirit guides.

They will send out white feathers to us so we know that they are safe and still with us. 

2. Ringing In Your Ear

Another common sign your spirit guides are communicating with you is if you are experiencing ringing in your ears

Ringing in your ears will occur if you are connecting with a higher realm of consciousness, and this may be because your spirit guides are pushing through from this side in order to communicate with you. 

The ringing in your ears may be short and high-pitched, and this is because your spirit guides are wanting to get your attention. 

This ringing will often be in your right ear, as this side is typically associated with higher powers. 

3. Seeing Sequences of Numbers

Spirit Guides Signs Of Communication

Are you seeing the same sequence of numbers over and over again?

You may be tempted to brush it off as a coincidence, but this is not the case! 

Our spirit guides love to communicate with us by scattering sequences of numbers in the world around us that we will notice. 

According to numerology, every number has a specific vibration and spiritual meaning.

Because of this, our spirit guides will send us messages in the form of number sequences. 

If you are seeing the same sequence of numbers repeatedly, read up on the numerological and spiritual meanings of the numbers to work out what your spirit guides are trying to tell you. 

4. Seeing Sparks of Light and Colors 

An amazing spirit guide's sign of communication is seeing sparks of light or colors.

You may experience unusual sparks of light in the corner of your eye, or sparkles and flashes every so often. 

This is because our spirit guides are an energetic presence, even if we cannot see them in their true form. 

They also have the power to change the energy around us, and chose to do so in order to communicate with us. 

Some spirit guides are linked with certain colors, and therefore will fill the universe with flashes of their specific colors. 

5. Physical Sensations 

Because our spirit guides are magical powers, they have the ability to send us physical sensations in order to get our attention. 

If you keep suddenly getting goosebumps, sensations of hot or cold, or tinging in your head and chest, this may be because your spirit guides are wanting to communicate with you!

Your spirit guides are connecting with your energy and altering it slightly so you know that they are around and wish to send you messages. 

You may also get the sensation of being touched or held.

This may be as simple as the feeling of someone touching your shoulder!

6. Synchronicities 

Synchronicities as a spirit guides sign of communication

According to the psychologist Carl Jung, synchronicities are ‘meaningful coincidences’.

When your spirit guides are wanting to communicate with you, they will dot synchronicities in the world around you in order to get your attention.

Remember how I said that we normally want to brush coincidences off, but we shouldn’t? This is because, really, there is no such thing as coincidences. 

Everything that we experience happens for a reason, and it is up to us to work out that reason. 

Experiencing synchronicities in the world around us means that our spirit guides are wanting to communicate with us.

Perhaps we are listening to the radio and our friend's favorite song comes on.

Then, just as the song finishes, that friend calls us. 

This is a synchronicity, and it can be pretty spooky! However, synchronicities are wonderful experiences.

This is because our angels are being creative with the universe in order to get our attention. 

7. Noticing the Beauty that Surrounds You 

Have you ever been walking home after work, along the same street you always walk, but have suddenly stopped and really taken in your surroundings and the beauty that is all around you? 

This typically occurs when you are feeling down and out, with day-to-day anxieties and stressors getting on top of you. 

Your spirit guides are there causing you to notice the beauty that surrounds you.

This is because they want to remind you that they are there for you, and the universe is on your side.

They know that you need to take time to practice your spirituality and get closer to them and the higher realms of existence. 

8. Objects Moving or Falling off Shelves 

Okay, if you are a paranormal fan, you might be worried that a poltergeist is in your home if things begin to fall off shelves!

However, this is probably not the case. You aren’t being haunted!

Rather, your spirit guides really want to communicate with you. 

Our spirit guides have powers that are beyond our comprehension.

They exist on higher vibrational frequencies, and have abilities that we really just can’t get our head around!

If objects are moving or falling off shelves, your spirit guides are trying to get your attention.

They have probably tried other methods, such as numbers or feathers, but you seem to ignore them.

So, they are getting a little bit extreme in order to get your attention! 

9. Symbolism in Clouds

Symbolism in Clouds

I am sure you have all sat back in nature and watched the clouds once in your life.

Perhaps you and your friend or a family member have pointed out shapes and imagery in the clouds, saying things like, ‘doesn’t that cloud look a bit like a dog?’!

However, cloud watching isn’t just a fun childhood pass time.

In fact, our spirit guides will sometimes put symbolism and imagery in the clouds above us in order to communicate with us. 

Next time you notice something in the clouds, have a think about what your associations are with the symbolism and imagery, and what your spirit guides might be trying to tell you. 

10. Musical Messages

An interesting sign that your spirit guides are communicating with you is when you hear melody or music that evokes strong emotions within you. 

This may be as simple as your spirit guides putting on a certain song on the radio that makes you feel better if you are feeling upset. 

Or, perhaps, you will hear children or choirs singing when you are out walking one day. 

Music is so emotive, and our spirit guides know this.

They know that we have strong associations with certain melodies or tunes, and therefore will place them in the world around us in order to communicate with us.  

Next time a song comes on the radio that evokes a certain feeling within you, stop and think about your spirit guides and what they might be trying to tell you. 

11. Kindness From Strangers 

A beautiful spirit guide sign of communication is when they send strangers toward you in order to help you out.

This may be because your spirit guide has directly got that person to connect with you, or, they may have simply pushed them your way. 

Did the cashier put forward money recently when you were 20 cents short at the grocery store?

Did a stranger choose to pay for your dinner randomly at a restaurant the other day?

Perhaps someone came up to you to admire your outfit and compliment you on your vibe!

Kindness from strangers is a wonderful experience, and will always give you a lovely boost of happiness and hope.

This is caused by the positive vibrations of your spirit guides wanting to communicate with you. 

If you're intrigued by these encounters and wish to delve deeper into understanding the messages from your guides, learn how to communicate with spirit guides here.

Signs Your Spirit Guides Are Trying To Communicate Summary

There are loads of amazing ways that your spirit guides are communicating with you, and I hope this article has helped you learn how to look out for messages from your spirit guides. 

Spirit guides signs of communication with you include:

  • Physical sensations
  • Sparks of light and colors
  • Numbers 
  • Feathers
  • Ringing in your ears
  • Noticing beauty 
  • Musical messages
  • Messages in clouds 
  • Objects moving or falling
  • Kindness from strangers
  • Synchronicities

So, what is next?

If you are experiencing these spirit guide signs of communication, you may be wondering what the best way is to enhance your connection with your spirit guides. 

We can connect more with our spirit guides through meditation and prayer.

This allows us to open up to the higher realms of existence and receive direct messages from our spirit guides. 

You may also want to start a journal in order to note down the different ways your spirit guides are communicating with you.

Knowing where and when they are apparent to you can help you open up more levels of connection with them. 

Giving your spirit guides names can also boost your connection with them, allowing you to directly talk to your spirit guides. 

Whatever you choose to do in order to connect with your spirit guides, these amazing signs your spirit guides are trying to communicate signify the start of a wonderful spiritual awakening! 

Your spirit guides are always there for you, you just need to reach out!