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It’s A Matter Of Priorities: 75+ No One Is Too Busy Quotes

It’s A Matter Of Priorities: 75+ No One Is Too Busy Quotes

Spending time with people and the things you love is essential for your growth in life, and there’s really no excuse not to prioritize them every once in a while because you are “busy.”

At the same time, you may also be having problems with some of your friends, some members of your family, or your significant other perhaps, who may seem like they haven’t been giving you enough time and attention lately because they are too caught up with their own lives.

And while they don’t necessarily owe us anything, most of the time, it’s just a matter of making us feel like we are still their priority.

Because let’s face it, no one is really busy—they’re just not making enough time.

Now, if you’re looking for some relatable “no one is too busy” quotes to wallow into, then look no further.

Scroll on and enjoy!

Memorable No One Is Too Busy Quotes

Memorable No One Is Too Busy Quote

1. “A bee is never as busy as it seems; it’s just that it can’t buzz any slower.” – Kin Hubbard

2. “A person being ‘too busy’ is a myth. People make time for the things that are really important to them!” – Mandy Hale

3. “We are not that busy; we are just distracted.” – Shawn Wells

4. “To me, ‘busy' implies that the person is out of control of their life.” – Derek Sivers

5. “Haven’t you learned by now that it’s always one thing after another? Being busy is no excuse. Everyone’s busy.”  – Patricia C. Wrede

6. “We’re all very busy with somethings, mostly with the most trivial things!” – Mehmet Murat Ildan

7. “Sometimes, ‘busy’ is shorthand for something else, in the same way that ‘tired’ can mean anything from physically exhausted to extremely depressed.” – Adam J. Kurtz

8. “Some people are too busy to find ways to save time.” – Frank Sonnenberg

9. “Have you noticed that even the busiest people are never too busy to take time to tell you how busy they are?” – Bob Talbert

10. “Being busy is not an excuse for being rude. Circumstances don’t change you, it just reflects your inner self.” – Sarvesh Jain

11. “Some of us are busy doing things; some of us are busy complaining.” – Debasish Mridha

12. “Busy is a choice. Stress is a choice. Joy is a choice. Choose well.” – Ann Voskamp

13. “Those who are wise won’t be busy, and those who are too busy can’t be wise.” – Lin Yutang

14. “It’s a luxury to have so much time, especially with someone so important and busy. You have to get a feel for the person.” – Igor Babailov

15. “If you are too busy to develop your talents, you are too busy.” – Julia Cameron

16. “Life is about doing things that matter first, not last.” – Richie Norton

17. “Most of us spend too much time on what is urgent and not enough time on what is important.”

Stephen R. Covey

18. “When someone tells you they are too “busy”… It’s not a reflection of their schedule; it’s a reflection of YOUR spot on their schedule.” – Steve Maraboli

19. “It is not enough to be busy; so are the ants. The question is: What are we busy about?” – Henry David Thoreau

20. “I’m too busy to be nostalgic, which is one of the reasons to keep busy. I’m not a very sentimental person.” – Frederick Wiseman

21. “Someone who says ‘I am busy’ is either declaring incompetence (and lack of control of his life) or trying to get rid of you.” – Nassim Nicholas Taleb

22. I'm very busy, aunt, Henry replied, although he was clearly watching video game walk-throughs in his underwear. – Maggie Stiefvater

23. “No matter how busy a man is, he is never too busy to stop and talk about how busy he is.” – Kahlil Gibran

24. “I wanted to figure out why I was so busy, but I couldn’t find the time to do it.” – Todd Stocker

25. “I recommend you take care of the minutes and the hours will take care of themselves.” – Earl of Chesterfield

26. “We are so busy that the truth about our lives can’t catch up.” – Brena Brown

No One Is Too Busy Quotes For When You Need To Choose Your Priorities In Life

Dolly Parton no one is too to busy quote

27. “Don’t get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.” – Dolly Parton  

28. “You don’t get time. You create time.” – Sanhita Baruah

29. “If it’s a priority you’ll find a way. If it isn’t, you’ll find an excuse.” – Jim Rohn        

30. “You will never find time for anything. If you want time you must make it.” – Charles Buxton

31. “Schedule your priorities.” – Stephen Covey

32. “When we tend to the areas of life that are important to us, when we make those things a priority, that’s when we will flourish in those areas.” – Victoria Osteen

33. “Your decisions reveal your priorities.” – Jeff Van Gundy

34. “Time management is an oxymoron. Time is beyond our control, and the clock keeps ticking regardless of how we lead our lives. Priority management is the answer to maximizing the time we have.” – John C. Maxwell

35. “When someone tells you they’re too busy, it’s not that they mismanage their time, it’s that you’re not a priority.” – Rob Liano

36. “I’m not ignoring you. I’m busy building my empire.” – Moosa Rahat

37. “Instead of saying ‘I don’t have time’ try saying ‘it’s not a priority,’ and see how that feels. Often, that’s a perfectly adequate explanation. I have time to iron my sheets, I just don’t want to. But other things are harder. Try it: ‘I’m not going to edit your résumé, sweetie, because it’s not a priority.’ ‘I don’t go to the doctor because my health is not a priority.’ If these phrases don’t sit well, that’s the point. Changing our language reminds us that time is a choice. If we don’t like how we’re spending an hour, we can choose differently.” – Wall Street Journal

38. “Good things happen not by managing time but by prioritizing attention.” – Richie Norton

39. “Action expresses priorities.” – Mahatma Gandhi

40. “The mark of a great man is one who knows when to set aside the important things in order to accomplish the vital ones.” – Brandon Sanderson

41. “You have to decide what your highest priorities are and have the courage – pleasantly, smilingly, non-apologetically–to say ‘no’ to other things. And the way you do that is by having a bigger ‘yes’ burning inside. The enemy of the ‘best’ is often the ‘good’.” – Stephen Covey

42. “Never be so busy as not to think of others.” – Mother Teresa

43. “Desires dictate our priorities, priorities shape our choices, and choices determine our actions.” – Dallin H. Oaks

44. “There's no such thing as being too busy. if you really want something, you'll make time for it.” – Nishan Panwar

45. “If you are too busy to love, you are too busy to live; if you are too busy to live, you are too busy to love.” – Matshona Dhliwayo

No One Is Too Busy Quotes For When You’re Having Problems With Relationships

John Dewey No One Is Too Busy Quote

46. “Always make the other person feel important.” – John Dewey

47. “It’s amazing how busy someone gets when they have no interest in connecting with you.” – Steve Maraboli

48. “My intention had not been to find her, for I had been busy being lonely with someone else.” – Ben Marcus

49. ”Relationships take time, but we don’t want to take the time. In reality, too busy is a myth. People make time for the things that are really important to them.” – Jonathan Hayashi

50. “No matter how busy you become in life, you’ll always find time for people who’re too busy avoiding you.” – Nitya Prakash

51. “No matter how busy you are, you must take time to make the other person feel important.” – Mary Kay Ash

52. “We hurt people by being too busy. Too busy to notice their needs. Too busy to drop that note of comfort or encouragement or assurance of love. Too busy to listen when someone needs to talk. Too busy to care.” – Billy Graham

53. “It is still painful for me to wait for your calls while you’re too busy celebrating your victory in which I have supported you so much.” – Srinivas Mishra

54. “Priorities over conveniences.” – Jatain Neha

55. “Friendship requires more time than poor busy men can usually command.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

56. “Wait for someone who bumps mouths clumsily with yours cos they’re too busy smiling to kiss you properly. Yeah. Wait for that.” – Azra Tabassum

57. “Spend less time staring into screens and more time staring into eyes.” – Karen Salmansohn

58. “How can she love a man who is busy loving someone he can never get his hands on again.” – Rupi Kaur

59. “Take a little time out of your busy day to give encouragement to someone who’s lost their way.” – Diana Ross

60. “I’m too busy trying not to be in love with someone who isn’t real.” – Becky Albertalli

61. “If someone is too busy with someone else, don’t disturb him because if someone doesn’t have time for you then he doesn’t love you. Because we make time for someone we love…” – Chandana Chakraborty

62. “You’re so busy taking care of everyone else, you can’t see that someone needs to take care of you. So tell me what you need, and I’ll be that for you.” – Rebecca Yarros

63. “Someone who is too busy for you, is too busy to be with you, so don’t be with them at all. Someone who gives you little bits of time here and there is not worth much of your time if any at all. The one who is worth your time will spend their lifetime with you.” – Dave Trotter

No One Is Too Busy Quotes To Help When Seeking Growth

No one is too busy quotes to help when seeking growth

64. “Being busy does not always mean real work.” – Thomas A. Edison

65. “When someone’s too busy to reflect upon their insensitivity towards your feelings, then know that you’re now redundant in their life, like all their other pursuits. Your time was limited too before they moved onto something/someone new. They did it intrinsically. You’re of no use to them. Accept.” – Sapna Dhandh Sharma

66. “Problem with an old friend who is too busy: he always perceives you as if never changed.” – Toba Beta

67. “Some people think that looking busy makes them more productive.” – Frank Sonnenberg

68. “Taking just an hour off from your busy schedule and working on your own health can do wonders for you.” – Pooja Agnihotri

69. “Being busy doesn’t mean being productive.” – Aniekee Tochukwu Ezekiel

70. “There’s no such thing as work-life balance. There are work-life choices, and you make them, and they have consequences.” – Jack Welch

71. “I'm not going to lay off or quit just because I'm busy. If I used being busy as an excuse not to run, I'd never run again. I have only a few reasons to keep on running, and a truckload of them to quit.” – Haruki Murakami

72. “Busyness chokes deep thinking.” – Todd Stocker

73. “Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

74. “Let us reflect on what is truly of value in life, what gives meaning to our lives, and set our priorities on the basis of that.” – Dalai Lama

75. “Are you too busy for improvement? Frequently, I am rebuffed by people who say they are too busy and have no time for such activities. I make it a point to respond by telling people, look, you’ll stop being busy either when you die or when the company goes bankrupt.” – Shigeo Shingo

No One Is Too Busy Quotes That Relate To The Family

No one is too busy quotes relating to the family

76. “Never be too busy for the people you love. Never allow pursuits or possessions to become bigger priorities than your relationships. Love is what gives meaning to life.” – Dave Willis

77. “Being with my family is my highest priority.” – Bethenny Frankel

78. “You need to make time for your family no matter what happens in your life” – Matthew Quick

79. “My first priority is trying to protect my family.” – Orlando Bloom

80. “There is no one busy in this world, it's always about priorities. You will always find time for the things you feel important.” – Nishan Panwar

81. “A person has got to balance work and life and family in order to be a balanced person.” – P. J. O’Rourke

82. “We’re parents first, and once you have kids, everybody knows that you have priority lists. Number one is your family and everything else just kind of finds its place.” – Tim McGraw

83. “Every dad, if he takes time out of his busy life to reflect upon his fatherhood, can learn ways to become an even better dad.” – Jack Baker

What’s Your Favorite “No One Is Too Busy” Quote?

In conclusion, if someone is too busy for you, it's okay.

You don't need to force them to make time for you.

Just remember that you are important and deserve to be respected. If someone can't see that, then they're not worth your time.

Thank you, I hope you found these no one is too busy quotes insightful. Please share the one that hits you hardest in the comments below as we'd love to know.