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Mushrooms: Their Strange & Surprising Symbolic Meanings

Mushrooms: Their Strange & Surprising Symbolic Meanings

The white button mushroom, the one we tend to eat the most, has been used for food and medicine by many Asian tribes for centuries.

In fact, people have been cultivating this type of mushroom since as far back as 1750 BC.

You might be surprised to learn about mushroom symbolism.

For instance, in some cultures, the mushroom is a sign of good luck, as well as a symbol of fertility.

Then, there are the people who view mushrooms as being symbolic of death and decay because of how they grow. It also doesn't help that many varieties of mushrooms are poisonous.

When you see a mushroom, whether in the wild or even in a dream, there could be many spiritual reasons for this.

Today we are going to talk about the symbolic meanings of mushrooms.

Let's get started.

Mushroom Symbolism – More than Just Fungus

Did you know that the mushroom can be symbolic of the connection you have to loved ones who have passed on?

When you see a mushroom in a dream or while hiking, it could be a symbol of your connection to the dead.

After all, mushrooms are born from death, seeing as how they grow on compost that is decaying or dead.

Let's take a look at some more mushroom symbolism to learn more about this truly interesting fungus.

1. Mushrooms are a Sign of Good Health

Mushroom Symbolism

Many people believe that when they see a mushroom, it is a sign that they will enjoy good health. This stands to reason, as mushrooms are loaded with health benefits.

If you see a mushroom in the wild or in a dream, it could be that you are seeing it because you either are healthy.

Or, it could be a sign that you need to take better care of your health.

The mushroom is an ideal part of a healthy, well-balanced diet. It wouldn't hurt to add more mushrooms to your own diet.

2. Mushrooms Symbolize Fertility

Did you know that mushrooms have long been a symbol of fertility, particularly for men? This could be because mushrooms grow where the grounds are very fertile.

The mushroom is a very powerful symbol. Seeing mushrooms growing may be a sign that you are very fertile, especially if you are a man.

3. Mushrooms are a Symbol of Transformation

Mushrooms can pop up in some pretty unexpected places. They will grow very quickly, seemingly just out of the blue.

Think about it this way. You have likely seen mushrooms growing on a surface that is dead, such as a fallen log.

A scene that was once boring now has a vibrant appearance, all because of the mushrooms. The mushroom symbolism here is that we can grow, transform, and be vibrant even when there is darkness surrounding us.

4. Nirvana and Happiness

Mushroom and nirvana and happiness

In many cultures, mushrooms are thought to help bring people closer to nirvana (not the band). They are used as psychedelics in ceremonies all over the world.

When most of us think of psychedelic mushrooms, we tend to think of the hippie culture. But, contrary to popular belief, the use of psychedelics goes back much further than the 1960's.

Now, while many people think that using these psychedelics is just an excuse to get high.

Actually, even psychedelic mushrooms have many other health benefits. In fact, many people are micro-dosing with mushrooms these days because of these benefits.

Mushroom Symbolism in Dreams

It is often thought that seeing mushrooms in your dreams means that there are some pretty big changes coming your way in the very near future.

Many feel that these changes are going to be positive in nature. But, even if the changes are not positive, they are still important.

We all have to change at many times throughout our lives. This is how we grow, both spiritually and mentally.

We grow and change just as mushrooms grow and change. Embrace whatever changes come your way, and make the most out of all that is offered to you in life.

Here are some more things to know about mushroom symbolism in dreams.

Dreaming about Mushrooms Growing in the Ground

If you are dreaming about mushrooms growing in the ground, it could that your dreams are symbolizing fertility. But, it doesn't always necessarily mean human fertility.

For instance, if you are dreaming about mushrooms, it could mean that it is time to start planting your vegetable garden.

Maybe the dream is telling you that the soil is fertile and now is the time for planting.

In most cases, the dream will likely be a symbol of male fertility. Depending on the nature of the dream, the meaning could be positive or negative.

Dreaming about Collecting Mushrooms

Dreaming about mushrooms

Have you dreamed about collecting mushrooms, and wondered what the dream meant?

Dreaming about collecting mushrooms is often seen as a sign of good fortune.

It may mean that something very good is going to happen to you soon. Maybe you will even experience some financial gains.

It is important that you keep your eyes open and pay attention to any and all opportunities in your life at this time. It may be that something really special is in store for you, as long as you work hard and keep your eyes on the prize.

Dreaming about Making Mushroom Stew

Have you had a dream that you were making mushroom stew?

If so, it is likely that you are a hard-worker and you are about to be rewarded for all of your hard work.

This doesn't necessarily mean that rewards are simply going to fall into your hands. You need to continue working hard in order to turn your dreams into reality.

You may have to make a few sacrifices in order to reach your goals. The rewards you will receive will be well worth those sacrifices.

Dreaming about Mushrooms Growing on Walls

Mushrooms can symbolize wisdom and experience. So, if you are dreaming about mushrooms growing on walls, it may mean that you are gaining wisdom.

It is important that you learn something from every experience you have in life.

Remember, we can grow from all experiences, even those that cause us to suffer.

Dreaming about mushrooms growing on your walls could be a sign that you need to use your past experiences to make better decisions about your future.

Dreaming about Foul-Tasting Mushrooms

Dreaming about foul-tasting mushrooms

It is so true that actions speak louder than words. Throughout our lives, there are times when our actions hurt others, even if we don't mean for this to happen.

Dreaming about eating foul-tasting mushrooms may be a sign that you are hurting someone you care about, and you don't even realize you are doing it, at least not on a conscious level.

It is important that you always think before you act.

Be sure to be true to yourself as well as to others, and show compassion to those you care about.

Dreaming about Eating Mushrooms that Smell Bad

Have you been dreaming about eating mushrooms that smell bad? If so, it could mean that there is someone in your life who is not what they seem to be.

This is a person who may be sneaky or not trustworthy. This is a person who will take advantage of you at the first opportunity.

It is important that you pay attention to the people in your life at this moment.

Keep your circle small, and don't take anything people tell you at face-value unless you trust them implicitly.

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Mushroom Symbolism in Christianity

Is there any symbolism surrounding mushrooms in Christianity? Well, it all depends on how you look at it.

There is much debate over “The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross”, written by John M. Allegro in 1970.

He stated that Christ was not a god, but only a mushroom.

In his study, Allegro claims that early Christians never actually saw Jesus, and that they were simply hallucinating.

Science does show us that certain mushrooms (Psilocybin mushrooms aka magic mushrooms) bring about hallucinatory experiences upon being eaten.

Seeing as how the mushroom was a main food source for many centuries, it only makes sense that at least a few people had such hallucinations.

Then there are those who think that mushrooms are actually sacred, but there is no real connection between mushrooms and Christianity.

Native Americans and Mushrooms

Native americans and mushrooms

Mushrooms have been a staple food for Native Americans for many centuries. They have been around practically forever, and the non-poisonous types can be quite nutritious.

In addition to being nutritious, mushrooms are also known to have much spiritual significance to many tribes.

This food is often considered to be a blessing.

Many native ancestors feel that the mushroom is a meditative tool that allows the user to achieve total concentration. This concentration can bring people closer to God.

The Mushroom Totem

Anyone who connects with the mushroom as a spirit guide or totem will quite often see mushrooms.

These fungi are symbols, and it is through symbolism that they speak to us.

If your spirit “animal” or totem is the mushroom, chances are you share similar traits. For instance, maybe the mushroom forces you to be more decisive when it comes to your commitments.

The mushroom will appear when you are down and out. It does so because it is a sign that you just have to be persistent and things will work out as they are supposed to, when they are supposed to.

You may also be seeing mushrooms because you have self-control, or because you need to gain more self-control.

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Are Mushrooms Symbols of Good Luck?

Depending on who you ask, mushrooms may be a sign of good luck or bad luck.

For instance, in Germany, mushrooms that are red and white in color are often seen as a symbol of good luck or good fortune.

Mushroom ornaments are often given as gifts to loved ones. This is so they will always receive the blessings of God.

You might even see a mushroom at the top of a Christmas tree instead of a star or an angel.

Not only does this look really cool, but it will also help to set the tone for a lucky year ahead.

On the other hand, there are those who see the mushroom as a symbol of bad luck.

For instance, if you see a broken mushroom, it is a sign that bad luck may be coming your way.

Mushroom Lore from Around the World

Mushroom superstitions

Much lore surrounds the mushroom, and there are tales from all over the world about this tasty fungi.

In Europe, it is said if a ring of mushrooms appears on the ground, it can be a good or a bad thing.

For instance, in Great Britain, these are referred to as fairy rings, where the Fae come to frolic following rain.

Humans who enter this ring are thought to fall asleep for 100 years, or be taken to the land of the Fae forever.

In Holland, it is thought that Satan leaves these rings when he puts down his milk churn. When he picks it back up, the circle remains.

In France and Austria, the rings are symbolic of evil magic and sorcery. Superstitious people will often advise others to avoid these rings.

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The Lore of the Red and White Fly Agaric Mushroom

The Fly Agaric, which is red and white in color, is a well-known mushroom throughout Europe. There is much lore surrounding this mushroom.

You will often see this type of mushroom in fairy tale illustrations, with fairies or gnomes sitting on top.

In Central Europe, this mushroom is associated with the season of Yule. In fact, it is thought that Santa's red suit came about due to the colors of this mushroom.

Because it is said to be a hallucinogenic mushroom, is thought that it was ingested by warriors before going into battle.

This is because the hallucinogenic effects may have lowered their fears.

Mushrooms and the Ancient Egyptians

In ancient Egypt, mushrooms were a symbol of immortality, and considered to be a great delicacy.

Only royalty was allowed to eat mushrooms, as royalty was considered descended from the gods.

There are even hieroglyphs that show people eating mushrooms. These markings date back over 4,500 years.

Chinese and Japanese Mushroom Lore

Mushroom tattoo symbolism

In Japan and China, mushrooms symbolize strength and longevity.

This is likely because, at least in part, many mushrooms have the ability to promote and stimulate the immune system.

Herbal remedies made with maitake and shiitake mushrooms have been in use for several centuries in these countries.

Mushroom Tattoo Symbolism

Because mushrooms play such a large role in mythology, lore, and more all over the world, it is no wonder why many people choose to have mushrooms tattooed on their bodies.

There are actually many reasons why someone would want to have a tattoo of a mushroom.

Many people do it to honor family tattoos or to honor their heritage.

Many Asians choose mushroom tattoo designs in tribute to the features that mushrooms share with the elements.

They also choose these designs to symbolize the characteristics mushrooms share with landscapes and cultures.

People from some Native American tribes, including tribes from Central and South America, use mushrooms in their rituals.

Mushrooms are often worn as ornaments, burned as incense, or eaten to connect with the ancestors.


We hope you have found this article about mushroom symbolism interesting and informative. There is actually a lot we can learn from the mushroom.

Whether you enjoy eating them or not, mushrooms can be very symbolic, and have much meaning for people all over the world.

You don't have to enjoy them in order to understand just how important they are to many different cultures.

The mushroom is more than just a form of food. For many, it is a spiritual thing, and something to be revered.

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