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How To Convince Your Subconscious Mind – The 4 Key Steps

How To Convince Your Subconscious Mind – The 4 Key Steps

If you just Googled “How to Convince Your Subconscious Mind” and wound up here, boy do I have a treat for you today.

Let’s get into it.

First of all, I want to say this: it’s not difficult to convince your subconscious mind. If you’ve ever tried before, and it didn’t work out, you could have an underlying belief that it’s actually difficult to do.

The easy fix is to imagine different. Imagine it’s easy! If you just said, “Okay, I’ll try,” I hate to tell you this, but it just won’t work. Don’t try! In the words of Shia LeBeouf (or is it Nike?) Just Do It!

It’s easy. Tell yourself this. Allow your subconscious to show you just how easy it is. It pays attention to your every suggestion, imagined thought, and emotion. Once you have the 4 golden keys below, you’ll see your subconscious is very, very open to your suggestions.

How To Convince Your Subconscious Mind 


You already know that the subconscious is really important, if you want to manifest a life you prefer. It is the seat of power. It has all your beliefs. It’s where your life experiences spring from. It can either be a help, or a hindrance to you.

The subconscious is wonderfully neutral. Garbage in, garbage out. You give it crap, you get crap. You give it awesome stuff, you get awesome stuff. It’s indifferent.

With that said, how do you convince your subconscious to give you your desires? Simple. Feeling is the first key.

By feeling, I mean emotion, and sensation. You already know what emotions are. Happiness, sadness, exhilaration, hope, anger, indifference. Those are emotions. By sensations, I mean hot, cold, heavy, light. I mean the difference between how a fork feels in your hand, versus how a spoon feels. If you can throw in the senses of sight, smell, sound, and taste, even better.

The reason I keep suggesting imagination, and scenes, is because when you imagine, your subconscious cannot tell if it’s real or not! It treats your imaginings as REAL, and acts to reproduce them in your life. So to convince your subconscious, you must FEEL YOUR DESIRE AS REAL, DONE, AND DUSTED.


Since your subconscious cannot tell the difference between what is real and what isn’t – I’d suggest getting completely into the role of whatever you want. Lose yourself in it. Become like a method actor. A method actor doesn’t just act like the character she’s playing. She IS the character. She assumes the character.

You want to be a successful musician? Boom. You are it. Act like it. Feel like it. If it helps, find a role model you admire. Imagine what it must be like to be them. Then ASSUME that. It’s that simple. Assumption works so well. If you assume this is going to be hard – it’s going to be hard! So give yourself a head-start, by assuming that convincing your subconscious mind is as easy as breathing.

In the beginning, it might feel a bit awkward, but the more you assume that, the more you put on the new suit you prefer, the more it begins to feel natural, and easy. For it to get to this stage, you will need the third key.


Persist. Not in a forceful way. No. The subconscious does not react to force “strong will.” No. It reacts to the suggestions you give it, through emotion, and imagination.

Persistence does not mean “go at it so hard until the subconscious bends to my will.” It means, getting back into your desired state, when you notice you’ve forgotten who you are. It happens. Maybe a bill comes along, or some financial emergency. Things like that could kick you out of the state of wealth and riches, emotionally. It’s fine if this happens, but don’t wallow.

This is persistence – each time you realize you’ve forgotten you are now wealth, simply move back into the state of wealth. You’ll know when you’ve moved because you’ll feel it.

Or it could be, the state you desire is health. So you assume it. So far so good. Then you feel a little twinge in some part of your body. You think, aw crap, I’m still sick. Soon as you realize you’ve moved out of the state of wealth, you can take a moment. Realize nothing has meaning except the meaning you give it. So it was a twinge. Big deal. Move back into your state of health. The state where you feel vibrant, energetic, alive.

It’s effortless. Over time you’ll find yourself remaining in that state longer. Your subconscious will then have no choice but to give you what you’ve been in imagining, in 3D.


This is the final bit. You must KNOW it is done. This is complete and utter trust. You are always trusting in something. Even when you are doubtful, that implies you TRUST something might not work out. Trust is something we all have. So put your trust in this: if you’ve imagined it, then it is real, and it is done.

You’re relaxed, you’re at ease. In fact, at this point, I find that whatever I’ve been imagining, I grow bored of. It’s a sudden feeling of, yeah, this is done. I remember when I got my first house. Weeks before, I imagined sleeping in my new house every night, and imagined waking up there in the morning.

Days before it happened, it just clicked on the inside. I found myself wondering what other fun thing I could create. Don’t get me wrong, it was great to get the house, but by the time I moved, I felt like I’d been living there for a while.

That knowing will hit you, sooner or later. You can make it sooner by simply taking it for granted that your imagination works! Assume your subconscious is so easy or you to convince. Assume what you’re convincing it of, is real, and done.

When you get that knowing, automatically, you feel detached. Not detached in an “it’s not gonna happen, I quit” way, but in a way that says there’s nothing more to do, but move on to the next desire.

This is how to convince your subconscious mind.

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