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21 Simple Pleasures To Make You Stop And Appreciate Life

21 Simple Pleasures To Make You Stop And Appreciate Life

You know that saying, sometimes we need to stop and smell the roses. It basically means sometimes we need to stop and experience the simple pleasures in life. 

So many things in life give you little enjoyments, and if you take the time to fully embrace them you'd feel even happier and would probably spend more time paying attention to those simple things that bring the most happiness.

I was inspired to write this post after reading this book called small pleasures to save your life.

I've picked a handful from the book that I really do get small pleasures from plus I've added a bunch of my own.

Have a look and see if you can relate to these little things that can bring happiness and fulfillment.

Oh and feel free to comment a few of your own and I'll probably add them to this list.

Let's go.

21 Simple Pleasures To Make You Stop And Appreciate Life

simple pleasures

1. Clean Sheets.

The feeling of getting into a freshly made bed with clean sheets is amazing. The feeling is even better after a long hard day!

2. Doing Something You've Been Putting Off.

You know how it feels when you're supposed to be doing something but you keep putting it off. It doesn't feel good.

The feeling though when you actually just get on and do it is such a relief.  Next time you do something that you've been putting off, take a minute to appreciate how good it feels having done that thing.

3. Looking For Sea Glass At The Beach.

Some people look for shells down the beach. My fiance loves looking for sea glass. We've got a nice glass jar filled with lots of colorful bits of sea glass that we've found from lots of different beaches.

It really does feel good to be looking for a while then coming across a nice beautiful bit of sea glass. My fiance actually uses them sometimes to make Jewelry.

4. Feeling Nostalgic Listening To An Old Song. 

I love it when I'm driving my car and then an old song from the past comes on the radio and hits me with a great feeling of nostalgia.

I bet there are a few songs that if you listened to now would make you feel good thinking of a happy time when that song used to play.

5. The Sound Of Opening A Can When Thirsty.

can opening is a simple pleasure

That feeling of being really thirsty then getting a can of soda and hearing the crack of the can opening and the hiss of the bubbles as you have that thirst quenching drink. 

It's these little things that we sometimes take for granted.

6. Walking Barefoot On The Grass (Or Down The Beach).

I need to do this more, but when I do, I really do feel happier inside. I think in today's day and age we don't experience nature as much as we should.

The simple pleasure of walking barefoot on the grass or on the beach is something to be done as often as possible.

7. Decluttering.  

My fiance and I just had the mother of all clear ups. It felt soooo good after we had that full house declutter.

Just throwing out all that old junk that just sits there cluttering up the house is such a simple pleasure that will make you feel at peace for a long time after. 

Here's a great list of 101 things to throw away to declutter your mind and soul. 

8. Having A Meaningful Conversation.

This can be a really wonderful pleasure. Just sitting down and truly listening to someone and connecting on a deep level.

Just being fully present and listening to what someone has to say whilst truly caring is such a beautiful pleasure.

Simple Pleasures Quote

9. Finding Out You Haven't Put On Weight.

That feeling when you haven't weighed yourself in a while but find out you haven't put on any weight when you do check. Especially after eating all those things you know you shouldn't be eating so much 🙂

10. Something Turning Out Better Than You Expected.

You ever worry about something, for instance, your boss wants to see you in their office at the end of the day.

So you sit all day worrying about it. Then when you finally see your boss they tell you what a fantastic job you've been doing and give you a pay rise.

When that happens you need to bask in that simple pleasure!

11. Getting Something For Nothing.

Who doesn't like getting something for nothing? Getting BOGOF is great especially when you were going to buy one anyway.

Going to buy a chocolate bar and then you see it's BOGOF, say yes please and feel that pleasure of getting something for nothing.

Then feel even better and give that extra one to a friend. Then they are the one who's getting something for nothing! 

12. Listening To Sad Songs.

Funny isn't it. Listening to sad songs when you feel down can actually make you feel better. If I'm wallowing in self-pity which I try to not do often, I put on some sad music and for some reason it makes me feel better.

Next time you feel down, listen to some sad music then be grateful for the small pleasure it gives you listening to it. 

13. New Socks.

Come on, who doesn't like the feeling of wearing new socks? Or just new anything!

I love that feeling you get when you wear some new socks. I know it's only socks and most people won't see them, but the feeling of wearing them does feel good!

14. The Smell Of Freshly Baked Bread.

Walking past a bakery and smelling fresh bread is sooo nice.

It's even better if you get some and eat it while it's still warm! Thinking about it, I might give it a go and bake my own. 

15. Ticking Things Off Your To-Do List.

That feeling of writing a bunch of things that need to get done then ticking things off the list one by one is so satisfying. Even if it was a small task that took only 5 minutes I do get pleasure from ticking it off the list.

Why don't you write a mini to do list and try it for yourself?

16. Watching A Great Movie.

people watching movie

I love sitting on my couch at home in the evening, feet up, some snacks and then watching a great film.

I especially love watching good old 80's and 90's films. 2 old films I still love is Weird Science and Groundhog Day. I can watch them still now after watching them so many times before and still enjoy them.

17. Eating Chocolate. 

Is there anyone on this planet who does not like a piece of chocolate? I'm sure there is someone who doesn't like chocolate, but I can promise you it's not me!

Having some chocolate is a simple pleasure I never want to go without 🍫😀.

18. When Your Takeaway Arrives (Especially If It's Early)!

That feeling when you are starving, sitting impatiently for some tasty food to be on your plate.

Then the doorbell goes, you run to the door to get it and then you bring it in the house and you can smell how good it is.

The feeling is even better when it's earlier than expected!

19. Being Right About Something.

Just being right sometimes does feel good.

For example, someone asks when was the film Groundhog Day was released 😀, and then you say you think it's 1993 and when your friend checks it's 1993. So simple yet so satisfying! 

20. Going To The Shopping Mall At Christmas Time. 

I love the feeling of Christmas. Especially when you go out to your local shopping mall and all the decorations are up, and every shop has Christmas songs playing in the background.

Obviously, it's only pleasurable if you're not rushing around last minute trying to get presents still! 

21. Giving Someone A Gift.

It does feel good to know you've got someone the perfect gift.

You have a gift idea for someone that you know they will love, then when you give it to them and you see how happy it makes them, it's an amazing feeling!

Giving someone anything can feel great.

Buying a friend a coffee, or giving them that old coat of yours that they really love but you've fallen out of love with so you give it to them and they love it.

Whatever it is, giving someone a gift really is a simple pleasure. 

Thakns I hope you enjoyed this article on simple pleasures!

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