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How Long Does It Take For The Law Of Attraction To Work?

How Long Does It Take For The Law Of Attraction To Work?

One of the most common manifesting questions people ask is “how long does it take for the law of attraction to work?”. Let me answer that based on my personal experience.

There are a few factors that affect how long it takes for the law of attraction to work. They are your belief in your ability to attract what you want, your vibrational alignment with what you want to manifest, and your detachment from the outcome. Now let's look into each of these factors in more detail.

One thing I better say first is, the law of attraction is always working no matter what. Like gravity always works, so does the law of attraction. 

I understand most probably mean how long does it take to manifest your desires with the law of attraction so I'll answer that.

You ready? Good let's go!


manifesting time frame

1. Your Belief In Your Ability To Attract What You Want.

If you don't truly believe that you can have what it is you want to attract then you'll be waiting a long time to manifest that desire.

In fact, you will probably never be able to manifest it. The stronger your belief the quicker the law of attraction will work.

Also, something to note is, sometimes we have counterproductive subconscious beliefs that we are not even consciously aware of.

For example, our good-meaning parents could have told us things they believed to be true when we were kids, and those beliefs may be in the back of our minds dictating how we think and feel about certain things. 

For example, if your parents said when you were young,

“Money is the root of all evil”

Then unconsciously you're not going to want money as it's evil.

You may consciously want money but if your unconscious beliefs around money are negative then you're going to have a hard time manifesting it.

How to uncover negative counterproductive beliefs:

A good way to discover an unconscious thought is simply to decide to pay attention to any area in your life where you don't have what you want.

Then try to think back to a kid and think of things that were said to you around that topic.

Did your parents tell you money was bad? Or rich people were con artists?

Once you identify some things you were told when you were young, you need to commit to paying attention to your thoughts and when you catch yourself saying something that is not in alignment with your desire, stop and acknowledge that that thought is a limiting belief and that is not true.

Then tell yourself a new belief you want.

For example, if you see someone with a nice car and you catch yourself saying,

“I bet he's had to be ruthless to get to where he is today, he's probably not a nice guy.”


“I recognize that me thinking this is probably an old belief that is not actually true. He's probably offered tremendous value to people in his line of business and that's why he does so well. I bet he's a really great guy with great moral principles.”

Can you see how just saying that makes you feel better?

Next factor when wanting to know how long it takes for the law of attraction to work is…

#2. Your Vibrational Alignment With What You Want To Manifest.

If you are not in vibrational alignment with what it is you want to achieve then you will not be able to attract what you want.

For the law attraction to work you must FEEL how it is you would feel if you'd already manifested your desire.

For example, if you want to manifest money you need to feel how you would feel if you had lots of money.

If you feel broke then are not in alignment with having lots of money.

If you are visualizing being wealthy daily, but keep saying how you can't afford anything then you are going stop the law of attraction working. You can only manifest what it is you are in vibrational alignment with.

Let's stay on the example of manifesting money. This simple exercise will help you to get into alignment with it.

Quick alignment exercise to speed up the law of attraction.  

Close your eyes and relax for 5 mins. just simply relax and let go of any thoughts you have. Then play a game in your mind where you say,

“If I had all the money I wanted, what would I spend the money on?”.

Then go have fun in your mind with what you would do “if” you had all the money you wanted.

This game works great because you're not saying “I have all the money I want”, you're saying “if”.

This is better because when you say “I have” your mind will probably say don't be so silly, you don't have any money which then makes you feel broke.

When you say “if I had all the money I want” then your mind will be less resistant because you are only saying what you would do “if” you had the money.

The great thing is though, you will start to FEEL like you would if you were spending money on those things.

Doing this technique is bringing you into the vibrational alignment of how you would feel if what you wanted to manifest had already happened.

You may also find this post helpful that I wrote on how to become a vibrational match with your desire.

#3. Your Detachment From The Outcome

The last thing you need to do is completely detach yourself from the outcome. What this means is, you must not constantly worry if your manifestation will come.

If you keep looking and saying my manifestation is not here yet, then you are going to feel the absence of it, which will slow down or most likely stop you attracting what you want.

It's like when you order something from Amazon, you know it's coming so you don't worry about it. You trust it's coming and then you let it go.

Your job is to stay in that vibration alignment with your desires so you don't actually NEED what it is you are manifesting.

If every day you already FEEL what it's like in your mind then you won't be desperate to have it now. After all, the only reason we want something is because of how we'll feel once we have it.

If you play games like the “what if” game each day then you'll stay in the vibrational feeling of your desire and you won't worry as much about if or how it will come.

The crazy thing is, once you stop caring if your desire will come, it usually turns up pretty quick and in a way which you least expect it.

I wrote this post you may find helpful on how to detach yourself from the outcome when using the law of attraction.

How To Make The Law Of Attraction Work Faster. 

To make the law of attraction work fast you can do a few different things. I've listed 4 below. Some people like using a certain technique more than others so just work out what feels right for you and do that more.

There's plenty of other ways but these are what I do.

  1. Use mind movies. Mind Movies are a fantastic tool I use in which you create simple slideshow movies that flash images and subliminal affirmations on the screen whilst playing uplifting music at the same time. I did an article on mind movies here.
  2. Read, watch, listen to other people's success stories. When you see other people who were once in your situation and manifested what they wanted, it will help you believe that it's possible, which will help speed up the attraction process.
  3. Play the “what if” game. I know we touched briefly on it before, but make sure you try this technique. It's a good way to feel the emotions of being, doing or achieving your desire without the negative counter beliefs getting in the way.
  4. Read “The astonishing power of emotions. Let your feelings be your guide” by Jerry and Ester Hicks. You can get a copy on Amazon for pretty cheap It's hands down one of the best books on getting into vibrational alignment. I read it only 4 months ago and I can not stop recommending it anyone who's want to manifest something in their life.


There is no exact time on how long it will take for the law of attraction to manifest your desires.

It depends on 3 main factors.

Your belief that you can have what you want to manifest, your alignment with your desire and your ability to let go and trust in the outcome.

If you have those 3 factors in check then the law of attraction will work fast and in a way you usually least expect!


Wednesday 5th of February 2020

Great explanation! Thanks for sharing!

Rtn. Calwyn

Friday 2nd of October 2020

i hve read many notes on LOA but your comments on what’s is required to extract the core principles is very interesting.


Tuesday 11th of June 2019

Wow!!!Loved the way you explained it. Makes it so simple to understand.

Subconscious Servant

Sunday 16th of June 2019

Thanks Sangeeta!