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Destiny Number 6 Numerology – Career, Love & Life Potentials

Destiny Number 6 Numerology – Career, Love & Life Potentials

Numerology is one of the oldest philosophies around, with evidence of it dating back to ancient Egypt. It is the idea that the universe is ruled by numbers and learning about these numbers can help us with our goals, love life, and destiny. 

Numbers are all around us and makeup so much of the system of the universe, from binary code in computers to philosophical arguments being set out in numerical logical code.

It is obvious that they are a part of us, so numerology is designed to harness the powers of the universe to help us in our lives. 

Calculating Your Destiny Number

Your destiny number refers to how you get to your goals and dreams. It is one of the most significant numbers when it comes to numerology and reflects who you are as a person, your skills and talents. 

It helps you understand mistakes you might be making and shows you how you can turn them around to help you. 

To calculate your destiny number, you must firstly write down your full birth name. Each letter corresponds to a number, which are as follows;

1 = A, J, S

2 = B, K, T

3 = C, L, U

4 = D, M, V

5 = E, N, W

6 = F, O, X

7 = G, P, Y

8 = H, Q, Z

9 = I, R

Now, to work out your destiny number you must add up the numbers in each of your names then reduce each name to a single digit.

Then you add the numbers of the names together, reducing them to a single digit if necessary. It might sound complicated, but once you have the hang of it you will be able to work out anyone's destiny number!

Take the name, Lara Davis. LARA would consist of 3+1+9+1=14. Then we put the 1 and 4 together, making 5. DAVIS would be 4+1+4+9+1=19. We now add the 1 and the 9 making 10 and finally the 1 and the zero, making 1. 

We then must add the 5 from Lara with the 1 from Davis, making this person's destiny number 6.

Numerological Meaning of Destiny Number 6

destiny number six

6 is a perfect number according to the Pythagoreans, who studied the mysticism associated with numbers. Perfect numbers are rare, with only four being known about. 

Because it is a perfect number, there is balance and harmony to those who have it as their destiny number. 

If this is your destiny number you are nurturing and responsible, eager to help where you can. You care a great deal about your home life, often seen as the glue that holds your family together. 

The number 6 is the number of Venus who governs love, gratitude, and balance. You have strong links to this planet, its attributes closely resembling your own. 

Career Path for Destiny Number 6

If 6 is your destiny number, ask yourself if you are being fulfilled in your career choices. 

You don’t like being competitive and because of this, you might not see work as important as family life. However, this might just mean that you aren’t on the right path! 

If you are finding your work-life becoming stagnant, look into a change of career. You are caring and thoughtful and so working in health or social care would be perfect for you. 

You also have hidden creative talents and involving these in your work life could really open up the doors you need to find your dream career! 

Love And Romance For People With Destiny Number 6

love for people with destiny number 6

Being responsible and caring means that you are able to forge strong and stable connections with others. You have great nurturing abilities and will create a loving family if you so wish. 

However, you must be cautious when caring for others in a romantic way. Unfortunately, people might take advantage of your kind spirit and leave you mentally and emotionally exhausted. 

Care for others, it is what you are good at, but do not let them use you as a crutch. In relationships, check-in on yourself often. Ask if you are being fulfilled in the partnership. 

Life Purpose of Destiny Number 6

There is a sense of responsibility that has followed you your whole life. As a child, perhaps people told you that you seem older than your age. 

When it comes to life purpose you most likely put family life above everything else. There is a strong urge inside you to create a loving and beautiful home for yourself and those closest to you. 

You are home to other people. People see you as their home, their security, and their rock. This is a beautiful and special part of your personality that you must cherish and take advantage of!

You have a lot to teach others and you have the ability to do so patiently. There is a lot of positive change that you can create in the people and places around you, so don’t be shy in making these moves! 

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Potential Challenges Of People With Destiny Number 6

overwhelmed with putting other people first

The greatest challenge you face is that of emotional burnout. Putting others constantly before yourself might seem the right thing to do, but this can cause major pain to your psyche and soul. 

Take time out when needed. There is nothing wrong with focusing on yourself and putting yourself first from time to time. Your family and friends need you, but you won’t be there for them if you are burnt out! 

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Make sure you have quality time alone to unwind.

We all know about that creative side to you, so why don’t you express yourself with a hobby? Get the craft box out and start making and creating!

It will be good for your soul. 

Other Potential Meanings As A Man

Love comes naturally to you.

You seemingly go from relationship to relationship, creating security with each one you are in. You are a reliable partner and do not let people take advantage of this. 

Friends might not understand your sensitive and nurturing side, but be open to them about who you are and what you care most about!

Let your friends open up to you, and show them you support and care for them. They will appreciate it. 

Other Potential Meanings As A Woman

meaning of destiny number 6 for woman

You might be at the risk of setting your standards too high when it comes to love, work, and family life. You expect a certain standard from people and can get upset and angry when people let you down. 

Remember that things don’t always go right the first time. Life is full of ups and downs, bad relationships, and rubbish jobs! It doesn’t mean that it will be like this forever! 

Final Thoughts

If your destiny number is six, your potential is incredible and you will achieve your goals.

You are caring, kind, and a rock for so many people. Just remember, put yourself first from time to time.

Give yourself the space you need to recuperate and be your fantastic self!  

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