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27 Spiritual Documentaries for Personal Growth (+ Trailers)

27 Spiritual Documentaries for Personal Growth (+ Trailers)

Looking for some great spiritual documentaries?

Then look no further!

Whether you're searching for a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you, or seeking knowledge and insights that can help bring peace and transformation to your life there's something here for you.

I've compiled 27 must-see spiritual documentaries and films that explore spirituality in all its forms.

From mindfulness, yoga, the power of the mind, mantras, ayahuasca, spiritual masters, and more.

Each film offers valuable perspectives on these topics – allowing you to better understand yourself and gain insight on your spiritual journey.

Uncovering ancient mysteries to finding inner peace, these thought-provoking films will empower you with the wisdom needed to awaken your spirit.

So buckle up – it's time to embark on an incredible journey of self-discovery!

Let's get started.

27 Best Spiritual Documentaries

1. What the Bleep Do We Know!?

What the Bleep Do We Know? presents the existence of a spiritual connection between the realms of quantum physics and consciousness, demonstrating this through inspiring visual effects, story-telling, and interviews with experts.

The narrative follows a fictional photographer, Amanda, through her emotional and existential journey of life.

Her perceptions of reality are challenged, and she begins to realize how the material world is impacted by the consciousness of individuals and groups.

What the Bleep Do We Know was directed and produced by Betsy Chasse, Mark Vicente and William Arntz, all of whom were students of Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment.

Featuring interviews with scientists and theologians, this compelling film will thrust you into a world where science and spirituality intersect.

2. The Shift

The Shift featuring Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, follows three individuals on their spiritual journey toward finding meaning in their lives.

An overachieving businessman consumed with ambition and the desire for more, a mother struggling to find her own expression, and a director focused on making a name for himself.

As they each confront their own issues with the desire for status and self-fulfillment, they begin to realize the importance of giving back and living a life with purpose.

Through the interconnected stories of these characters, the film not only inspires but also teaches us how to create a meaningful and fulfilling life.

3. Samsara (2012)

SAMSARA is a nonverbal, guided meditation film that explores the interconnectedness of humanity and the natural world.

It was directed by Ron Fricke and produced by Mark Magidson, who have previously worked on award-winning films BARAKA and CHRONOS.

SAMSARA was filmed over a period of five years in 25 countries and takes you on a journey through sacred grounds, disaster zones, industrial sites, and natural wonders.

It encourages you to interpret the film's images and music for yourself without the use of dialogue or descriptive text.

SAMSARA was photographed entirely in 70mm film and transferred to the 4K digital projection format, allowing for stunningly clear images.

4. E-Motion 2.0

Emotion 2.0 explores the idea that our trapped emotions and unprocessed life experiences can have a negative impact on our well-being.

However, the film introduces a new perspective where everyone has the power to manifest their inner desires and create a life filled with abundance, inner peace, and loving relationships.

The film features emotion experts from around the world sharing their wisdom and techniques for clearing negative emotions, helping you find a new path toward spiritual growth and a higher purpose.

This updated version of the film includes hands-on practices that you can use daily to increase the positive energy in your life.

Whether you've watched the previous version of “E-Motion” or not, there is value to be found in these new techniques.

5. The Healing Field

The Healing Field is an eye-opening documentary that delves into the breakthroughs of energy medicine, quantum physics, genetics, and the biochemistry of emotions. 

Exploring how conventional healthcare models are being challenged by non-invasive mind-body healing techniques, this film takes us on a journey with world-renowned experts such as Bruce Lipton, Lynne McTaggart, and others. 

It features inspiring stories of personal transformation and lessons you can use to improve your well-being. 

Follow the filmmaker's exploration into how this quantum shift in understanding is affecting health, society, and the future. 

6. Peaceful Warrior

Peaceful Warrior is an inspiring transformation journey based on Dan Millman's best-selling novel.

Dan, a gifted young athlete with ambitions of Olympic greatness, faces a life-changing event.

With the help of Socrates (Nick Nolte), a mysterious stranger, and Joy (Amy Smart), an elusive young woman, who provides guidance and support, he discovers new sources of strength and understanding – eventually overcoming the seemingly impossible obstacles in his path.

Met with critical acclaim and hailed as a moving testament to personal growth and resilience, Peaceful Warrior stands out as an inspiring and transformative work.

Highly recommended.

7. Awake: The Life of Yogananda

If you've read the book “An Autobiography of a Yogi,” you'll love this.

Drawing upon Oscar-nominated filmmaker Paola di Florio and Sundance winner Lisa Leemans' remarkable vision, Awake: The Life of Yogananda is a captivating documentary that tells the story of Paramahansa Yogananda's journey from his humble beginnings in rural India to becoming a widely influential spiritual teacher.

With unparalleled interviews, archival footage, and stunning reenactments, this unconventional biography offers an insightful look at Yogananda's life and teachings — most notably his spiritual classic ‘Autobiography of a Yogi', which has inspired George Harrison, Steve Jobs and countless other seekers on their spiritual paths.

Awake: The Life of Yogananda is a must-see for anyone interested in yoga, meditation or personal transformation.

8. The Secret

This is the all-time cult classic in the manifestation space.

The Secret is a thought-provoking documentary that delves into the power of the Law of Attraction – which states that what we think influences what we manifest in our lives.

It features valuable insights from leading law of attraction experts, as well as inspiring examples from real people who have seen their lives transformed through applying this spiritual law.

The film encourages you to take responsibility for your own life by being mindful of your thoughts and emotions to attract better life experiences.

While this film provides a good introduction to the Law of Attraction, it's important to understand there is more depth to it than what is presented in the documentary.

The Secret still serves as a great starting point for anyone looking to start tapping into their highest potential and create the life they want.

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9. Breath Of The Gods

Breathe in the wisdom of centuries with Breath of the Gods (pun intended) — a captivating documentary that dives deep into the fascinating history and legacy of modern Yoga.

Through interviews with Krishnamacharya's students, relatives, and rare archival footage, viewers gain an intimate understanding of his life and teachings, which have been paramount in establishing Yoga as a worldwide phenomenon.

Follow Krishnamacharya's journey back to its ancient origins and witness how far his influence has reached millions of practitioners around the world.

This film offers a compelling perspective on the power and impact of Yoga.

10. Dalai Lama Renaissance

Discover personal transformation and true power of inner peace with Dalai Lama Renaissance, a thought-provoking documentary that follows a group of forty Western thinkers as they journey to meet the Dalai Lama.

Through candid conversations and personal introspection, the “Synthesis” group is encouraged to reconsider their outlook on how to make real changes in the world.

Follow their journey as they come to understand that their own inner strength holds the answer for creating positive change in our world — something that will captivate and challenge viewers everywhere.

11. The Celestine Prophecy

Embark on a journey of discovery and self-reflection with The Celestine Prophecy.

Follow the main character as he searches for ancient scrolls deep in the rainforest of Peru, unlocking nine key insights along the way.

With each step forward, viewers come to understand the power of this prophecy of a worldwide awakening and its ability to unify people towards their higher self.

The film not only explores the journey of personal transformation through spirituality but also encourages us to open our eyes and hearts to deeper meaning within our lives.

Personal note: I loved the book version, so you might want to read it first, as it makes watching the film even better.

12. The Power of the Heart

Unlock your true potential with The Power of the Heart.

Directed by the creator of The Secret, this life-changing documentary delves deep into the power and intelligence of the human heart.

Stunning scientific research and real-life stories from some of the most inspiring figures of our time take viewers on a journey to unearth and rediscover their innermost gifts.

Let this powerful film guide you towards tapping into the limitless potential held within your heart, inspiring you to live a life filled with fulfillment.

13. I Am (2010)

Discover the power of positive change with Tom Shadyac's “I Am”. 

Following his cycling accident that left him incapacitated and questioning the purpose of his life, the renowned comedy director engages in meaningful conversations with esteemed minds such as Noam Chomsky and Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

They aim to discover how we can create a kinder, more sustainable world. 

Through this thought-provoking documentary, viewers are encouraged to reflect on their own lives and take action that will bring about meaningful change for themselves and those around them.

14. The Work (2017)

This is a really cool documentary.

In The Work, three civilians embark on a four-day journey at Folsom State Prison to participate in a powerful therapeutic experiment.

They learn to confront their past traumas and form strong bonds with the inmates as they come to understand each other's struggles.

Through intense therapy sessions, a new perspective on life emerges for all involved, showing the true power of connection and healing despite each other different circumstances.

This touching and inspirational documentary serve as a reminder of our capacity for empathy and growth.

15. Enlighten Up

Enlighten Up! is a documentary film that follows the journey of filmmaker Kate Churchill as she attempts to prove that yoga can transform anyone.

She enlists the help of skeptic Nick Rosen, who agrees to be her guinea pig as she immerses him in the practice of yoga.

The two travel around the world, meeting celebrity yogis, true believers, and world-renowned gurus as Nick tries to find his own enlightenment through the practice.

Along the way, tensions rise as Nick struggles to find the transformative effects of yoga that Kate is convinced exist, and Kate's plan begins to crumble.

In the end, the two find something unexpected in their journey.

16. DMT: The Spirit Molecule

Dive into the enigmatic world of DMT and uncover the secrets of consciousness.

In this captivating documentary, explore the mysteries of dimethyltryptamine (DMT), one of humanity's most powerful psychedelics, and gain insight into its potential implications for our perceptions of reality.

Featuring interviews with researchers, psychonauts, shamans, and more, this thought-provoking film delves into the power of psychedelics for personal growth and transformation.

By unearthing this molecule's mysteries and implications, you are reminded that within each one of us lies the capacity to unlock profound understandings and open up to a greater sense of self.

17. Mantra: Sounds into Silence

Mantra: Sounds into Silence is a documentary about the transformative power of chanting mantras.

The film follows the stories of individuals who have found healing and inner peace through the practice of chanting together with others.

Featuring interviews with musicians and spiritual leaders such as Deva Premal & Miten, Krishna Das, Snatam Kaur, and Jai Uttal, the film explores the ways in which chanting has become a new music and social phenomenon that transcends religion and promotes spiritual growth.

With beautiful footage of chanting sessions and intimate stories from practitioners, Mantra: Sounds into Silence is a poignant and uplifting tribute to the healing power of music and community.

18. Kumaré

This is a really interesting film.

Vikram Gandhi's documentary, Kumaré, delves into the power of belief and spirituality through a thought-provoking exploration of his own creation.

In this film, Gandhi creates a character (Kumaré), a wise Indian Guru, then goes out to Arizona and manages to build a following of people who believe he is a real guru.

As he gains dedicated disciples drawn to his teachings, Gandhi is faced with the dilemma of revealing his true identity. 

However, his decision to come clean leads to an awe-inspiring moment of realization and self-discovery for all involved.

Through this experience, Gandhi passes on the profound lesson that each individual holds within them the capacity for inner peace and enlightenment – no external guru or deity needed.

Kumaré serves as an insightful reminder that faith lies within us all.

19. Happy (2012)

Follow the inspiring documentary HAPPY on an immersive journey to uncover what brings true joy and happiness to our lives.

From Louisiana swamplands to the slums of Kolkata, meet individuals from diverse backgrounds and learn from leading experts in the field of happiness research.

Watch as they unravel the secrets behind our most treasured emotion, and discover how to attain long-lasting fulfillment.

20. Ram Dass, Going Home

Experience the profound and poetic journey of beloved spiritual teacher Ram Dass, as he reflects on life and his spiritual practice from his home on Maui at the end of his extraorginally life.

After suffering a stroke 20 years ago, Ram Dass has been deepening his understanding of love and learning to merge with the environment around him.

Follow along as he shares powerful insight and embodies his idea of unity with all living things.

21. Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds

Discover the profound connection between our inner and outer worlds in this amazing documentary.

Explore the vibratory field that bridges religions and sciences to gain insight into all true spiritual experiences.

Delve deep into this great mystery as you observe how saints, Buddhas, yogis, mystics, priests, shamans, and seers have accessed this energy within themselves.

Follow Pythagoras, Kepler, Leonardo DaVinci, Tesla, and Einstein's journey to the threshold of this powerful field as you are taken on a spiritual exploration.

22. Unity

Journey into the depths of human history in Unity to explore why, despite the many advancements and discoveries throughout the centuries, humans continue to struggle with conflict and strife.

Delve into this powerful documentary as it uncovers the reasons why we can't seem to get along after thousands of years in an attempt to make sense of our past and change our future.

23. Innsæi

InnSæi is a documentary that follows an Icelandic explorer on a journey to explore the science and art of looking inward.

Through conversations with experts from various fields, viewers are treated to stunning visuals and beautiful music as they gain insight into connecting with one's true self amidst society's distractions and stressors.

In the end, InnSæi shows how taking time to look inward can bring peace within ourselves.

24. I Origins

I Origins is a thought-provoking science fiction drama that follows the journey of a molecular biologist as he makes a startling discovery about the nature of human existence.

It’s an exploration into faith, science, and spirituality that will leave you questioning what it truly means to be human. 

Personal note, this film features Brit Marling, the creator of a series on Netflix that I love called the OA. It's one of my all-time favorite series.

Anyway, next on this list of spiritual documentaries is…

25. Ayahuasca: Vine of the Soul

Anyone looking into plant medicine will enjoy watching this.

It is a captivating documentary about South American shamanism and its use of ayahuasca – a traditional psychoactive brew with powerful healing properties.

Through interviews with shamans, healers, and those who have experienced ayahuasca ceremonies firsthand, this film offers an insightful look into this ancient practice and its potential for personal transformation and self-discovery. 

26. Conversations With God

This is an inspiring and life-changing story about Neale Donald Walsch's journey of spiritual awakening.

After a series of remarkable events in 1992, Walsch finds himself in conversation with what he believes to be the source of all creation, “God”.

Through his conversations with God, he gains insight into many of life's greatest mysteries and discovers profound truths about himself along the way.

This film offers a deep exploration into faith and spirituality that will leave you feeling both inspired and humbled by its power 

27. The Moses Code

Last on this list of spiritual documentaries and films is The Moses Code, an eye-opening documentary that explores how knowledge from ancient sacred texts can guide us in living our best lives today,

…by harnessing the hidden power within ourselves through meditation and prayer techniques based on teachings from Moses' time as told in The Bible.

This remarkable film shows how we can tap into this energy source to manifest positive change in our lives despite any challenges or obstacles we may face along the way. 

There you go, there's a lot of good options to choose from.

Let me know what ones you watch in the comments below.

And if there are any other spiritual documentaries that you think should be added to the list, let me know, as I might add them.