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How To Make Someone Call You With Law Of Attraction

How To Make Someone Call You With Law Of Attraction

Why Won't They Call Me?

Do you have that one person who just NEVER calls? Not even a text? No matter what?

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. You ready to hear it? Here goes:

They’ll NEVER call, because they can sense that NEEDY, DESPERATE energy you’re putting out!

The energy you put out, is what you get back.

If your energy is all, “I need him/her/them,” the universe simply creates more of the same need!

They have no choice but to play the part you have given them.

They never call, so you can continue to need them!

Obviously it’s not deliberate.

YOU’RE the one creating it.

They’re a part of the universe – which is WITHIN you!

So if you want to change what you’re receiving, you HAVE to change what you’re putting out.


First, understand your imaginal acts are what create your physical reality.

If you’re going to be the architect of your life, you need to understand the REALNESS of IMAGINATION.

It’s the way you make things happen. Before I typed this, I imagined typing it.

Then my fingers had no choice but to ACT based on my imagining!

Second, ask yourself, why do you want them to call?

Does it really matter that they do?

Is there some deeper need you need to address within yourself?

You just might find it doesn’t matter all that much.

It’s not about what’s on the outside. It’s all about you.

How To Make Someone Call You Using The Law Of Attraction. 

How To Make Someone Call You With Law Of Attraction

1. Identify your desire – a phone call from them.

Choose a short scene that implies the phone call ALREADY happened.

This is very important.

Don’t waste time imagining the middle. Go to the very end of what you want!

Instead of imagining hearing their voice on the phone, why not imagine the two of you, years later, hanging out on a weekend?

What if you’ve always hung out every weekend?

That would SURELY imply there have been more than a few phone calls between you two!

Or you can imagine telling your family you spoke with this person a few days ago, and they sounded great!

Get the point? Just make it a short, convincing scene to you.

2. Get into a drowsy state.

The state shortly before you wake up, or fall asleep.

It would be best to do this in a semi-upright position, so you don’t sleep off.

You can hold up a hand, or hold a quarter or a key lightly between your thumb and forefinger.

If it falls, the sound should wake you.

You can sit in a comfy position, and inhale slowly and deeply through your nose, exhale slowly through your mouth.

After some minutes you should find yourself relaxed.

3. Act out the scene in your mind.

Act out your short scene, whatever it is, in your imagination.

Really engage in it.

If you’re driving a car with them in it, you don’t see your whole body in a car.

You see your hands on the wheel, your feet at the pedal, the road out in front of you.

Act it out in a first-person perspective! Immerse yourself.

Imagine the smells, the sights, the sounds of the person in the car, and your voice too as you speak in your scene.


Repeat the scene. If you lose track, restart it. Till it begins to feel as real as the physical!

4. Add positive emotion

FEEL the emotions you would feel, having been in touch with this person.

Feel thankful.

Repeat a word or phrase that implies your imagination is DONE.

You can just say, “Yes!” or “Thank you!” or “That was awesome!” truly feeling it, because you know it is done.

Fall asleep, or wake up, knowing “it is finished.”

You can repeat this if you like, but it’s not about quantity.

The key here, is to know your desire is real.

Don’t fret about it.

Don’t go checking your phone.

Don’t go calling – unless you have a hunch that you should.

Even when you act on your intuition, if they don’t answer, don’t let it make you think it didn’t work!

It is Absolutely Important Not to Look For Signs That What You Have Done is Working.

That implies doubt!

Signs never come before your imaginative act.

They come as a result of your imagining. Always. Remember that.

Sometimes you’ll get bummed out if you're not seeing the desired outcome yet.

When this happens, don’t waste time beating yourself up.

Simply go back into that “it is finished” state of mind.

Do another imagination session, if it helps. Then simply drop it.

I’m going to end this with my favorite phrase: Relax! It’s a done deal!