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Zebra Stone Meaning, Healing Properties & Uses (Full Guide)

Zebra Stone Meaning, Healing Properties & Uses (Full Guide)

Around 600 million years ago, Zebra Stone was formed. This is known as a sedimentary stone. 

As clay deposits compacted, they formed the red-and-beige or red-and-brown bandings, forming what we know today as the Zebra Stone. 

Different patterns emerged from these bandings, including straight lines, waves, and dots.

Zebra Stone is usually a white stone with black stripes, but it also comes in brown, red, and green colors.

The term Zebra Stone came from the black stripes on the stone, which matched the animal's name.

When you look closely at the stone, you tend to think of a zebra’s gorgeous coat.

In this article, we will be discussing the Zebra Stone meaning, healing properties, as well as answer a few questions that you might be wondering about this precious stone. 

What Is The Meaning Of Zebra Stone?

The main Zebra Stone meaning, according to natural healers and spiritual practitioners, is to provide a feeling of balance and harmony to the turmoil of daily life.

Zebra Stone, also known as “The Stone of Balance,” will keep you grounded in the physical world while you reach for the stars.

If you're the type to put things off till later, tgis stone should be in your possession.

This stone is also known as “The Anti-Apathy Stone,” and it is said to have the ability to help you overcome procrastination and enhance your motivation to complete projects and achieve your objectives.

This stone can assist you in believing that all of your aspirations are possible.

Zebra Stone has several additional names, such as: 

  • Zebra Marble
  • Zebra Jasper
  • Zebra Rock
  • Zebra Agate 

Kununurra, Western Australia, was the first place where Zebra Stone was discovered.

What Are The Zebra Stone Healing Properties & Benefits?

Zebra Stone Healing Properties

You might want to take advantage of the Zebra Stone healing energies and characteristics that this stone has to offer.

Its benefits can assist you in reaching your wishes and goals, particularly your financial objectives.

Let’s now take a look at five Zebra Stone healing properties and benefits. 

Wealth And Luck

Our first Zebra Stone benefit is the facilitation it has on your financial goals and wellbeing. 

As we all know, the road to prosperity and success is not simple, but this stone will provide you with the perseverance, motivation, and determination you need.

This stone will inspire you to achieve your financial objectives.

Furthermore, it will encourage you to dream big and make your dreams a reality.

Zebra Stone, on the other hand, will provide you with the concentration and clear mind you need to attain your goals and work more effectively.

This beneficial crystal will also offer you the courage to follow your heart's desires.

You will do what seems right to you, regardless of what others say, and you will do it your way!

Furthermore, even when you are going through a difficult period, this stone will inspire you to stay positive.

It will instill confidence in you to pursue your dreams.

Also, it will urge you to take the initiative in dealing with your financial and financial problems.

Benefits Your Relationships

Our next Zebra Stone healing property is the ability the stone has to help guide you in through your relationships and love life. 

This amazing stone will demonstrate that you cannot give away all of your love or life power.

It's the only thing you can give away that never runs out because the more you give, the more you get.

This gemstone will also show your deep empathy for those you care about.

You will rejoice with them and shed tears of despair with them.

You'll be generous with your feelings, which will bring you closer together.

Zebra Stone will also assist you in discovering power and stability in life's polarities.

You will exhibit your courage and strength in your difficulties.

You will not back down from your difficulties since you are confident in your abilities to overcome them.

This stone will help you recognize the good in others.

You will choose to view their best and most positive features regardless of how bad they are to you.

Your relationship will be filled with laughter, vitality, and resolve if you wear Zebra Stone on your body.

You should make light and pleasant times a part of your relationship because these are the times and memories you will want to remember in the future!

Emotional Healing

Zebra Stone healing properties have an amazing effect on your emotional wellbeing and healing journey.

Healing can be hard sometimes but with this stone by your side, you can conquer anything! 

It also has a tremendous ability to heal the mind, which often leads to physical healing.

It's easy to overlook how much our emotional well-being influences our physical well-being and vice versa.

Many of us spend our entire lives attempting to resolve emotional issues.

Our emotional troubles often impede us from being the people we want to be, whether it's childhood trauma, a broken heart, or unhealthy habits.

Using the healing powers of Zebra Stone for emotional healing and strengthening can mean the difference between having well-balanced emotions and having a slew of painful baggage.

This grounding crystal can assist with a variety of addictions.

If you or someone you love is battling an addiction of any kind such as substance abuse, alcoholism, or any other addiction, it can help you get the answers you need to start recovering.

Spiritual Healing

Our next healing property of Zebra Stone is it helps you through your spiritual healing and journey.

Once you have learned how to collect on a spiritual level, the sky is your limit!

The symbolism and properties of Zebra Stone are all about balance, harmony, and deep spiritual healing, making it one of our favorites.

It is said to have the potential to generate harmony and unification between your male and female energy, just like the perfect equilibrium of its zebra-like black and white stripes.

Once you start to use this crystal during meditation, it will help you achieve remarkable yin-yang balance.

It's easy to take things and people for granted in our fast-paced, technology-driven life. 

Zebra Stone can help you build a greater appreciation for the people in your life as part of your spiritual practice.

You may also sense a greater appreciation for the natural world and your surroundings.

Allow it to assist you in developing a mindfulness habit that will allow you to discover delight in the little things in life.

Aids Concentration

Our final Zebra Stone benefit is one that will help you with concentration.

Our lives are busy these days that it is sometimes hard to sit down and focus on just one project or thought at a time.

Zebra Stone can help you better your concentration and in the end, help bring balance to your life. 

As a Jasper family member, is thought to promote communication and creativity.

It was also employed by the Greeks and Romans to improve their attention abilities.

This stone is excellent for all types of phobias and illogical anxieties because it is such a balancing stone.

It's a stone with a high vibrational energy that helps you focus on your soul's purpose.

This stone aids us in being truthful to ourselves.

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How To Use Zebra Stone For The Best Results?

Using Zebra Stone

The Zebra Stone is a very versatile gemstone that can be used in a variety of ways.

The best technique to use this powerful stone is very depending on the individual and the scenario.

It's possible that what works one day won't work the next.

Experiment with several ways in which to use Zebra Stone and choose a couple that you find works the best for you. 

Let’s take a look at a few ways in which you can use Zebra Stone for the best results. 

Feng Shui

Many people utilize Zebra Stone for the first time in their Feng Shui practice.

Because the symbolism and characteristics of this gorgeous stone are known to promote balance and anchoring, placing one in the middle of your room may help to achieve the much-desired yin-yang balance.

The earth stone Zebra Stone is also known to be particularly efficient in any Bagua directed by metal or earth.

Your Bagua is the energy map which is made up of eight life areas around a center point. 


This lovely stone will look great in any piece of jewelry.

Wearing your Zebra Stone as a pendant, bracelet, or a show-stopping pair of earrings can bring a slew of advantages.

By keeping this stone close to you, you can get the best benefits from it. 


Meditation is a highly powerful and intimate approach to using your Zebra Stone.

This stone can assist you in establishing a link between the physical and astral planes, allowing you to have a more meaningful and effective meditation session.

It is important for you to connect to your Zebra Stone before you start using it to meditate. 

How To Cleanse Zebra Stones

If you're new to utilizing healing crystals, you might not understand that they require regular cleansing and charging.

All the dirt and oils from your hands, as well as the negative energies that these stones acquire, can be thought of as gunk that clogs their energy and healing properties.

You should clean your stone at least once every one to two weeks, depending on how much you've been using it and what kind of job it's been doing.

Burying Zebra Stone in the earth is one approach to cleansing it.

This approach might seem a bit strange at first, but it makes perfect sense.

Because Zebra Stone is an earth stone, burying it will allow the soil to absorb any negative energy or dirt that has accumulated on it.

How To Charge Zebra Stone

You'll want to charge up your crystal after it's been energetically cleansed.

The energies of the crystals will be reduced with time, just like a battery.

Placing it on a charging crystal is one of the most common ways to charge it.

You can use one of the following crystals to charge your Zebra Stone:

Any cleansed, charged, and programmed crystal with enough stable surface space for the crystal you're charging now.

You can benefit from the sun's energetic, yang healing energy. Allow your crystal to sit in the sun for the entire day.

Keep in mind that some crystals will fade if exposed to direct sunlight; in that case, place them in indirect sunlight.

Check out these articles on cleansing and charging crystals if you want some more alternative methods.

These detailed articles will provide you with a deeper understanding of the different methods to ensure you get the best out of your stones.

Zebra Stone Chakra Connection

Zebra Stone's metaphysical characteristics are known to have a strong link to both the Root and Crown Chakras.

Given that this stone is all about bringing Yin and Yang, darkness and light, and other opposing forces together, it makes sense that it would be a powerful healer for these chakras.

You'll be able to luxuriate in sensations of safety, security, and inner stability if your Root Chakra is healthy and open.

The Zebra Stone works with your Root Chakra to keep this energy moving smoothly with the other, higher chakras. Kind of like a conveyor belt for your energy. 

This stone also resonates with the Crown Chakra, which is your portal to higher realms of consciousness.

Zebra Stone can operate as a bridge between the Head Chakra's higher, more ethereal influences and the Root Chakra's highly grounded, stabilizing effects. 

Zebra Stone FAQs

Now that we know more about Zebra Stone, let’s take a look at some of the most commonly asked questions about this beautiful healing crystal. 

How much is Zebra Stone worth?

Zebra Stone is not a hard crystal to find.

Even though it is mined in a few places, you are able to get your hands on this crystal easily. 

With that being said, you can pay as little as $2 for a piece of Zebra Stone.

Keep in mind that the bigger the piece of Zebra Stone, the more expensive it is going to be. 

What stones work well with Zebra Jasper stone?

If you want to boost the Zebra Stone healing properties, try combining it with another crystal.

Zebra Stone pairs nicely with Clear Quartz, a crystal that works well with a variety of different therapeutic stones.

Clear Quartz, often known as “The Master Healer,” is said to improve all of Zebra Stone's physical, spiritual, and emotional healing powers.

Another stone that pairs well with Zebra Stone is Sodalite.

The majority of people who use Sodalite and Zebra Stone in meditation use it for Chakra work.

Healers believe that this combination has the ability to increase energy flow between all of the Chakras.

Other Jaspers are the ideal stones to pair with Zebra Stone, also known as Zebra Jasper. We suggest you try:

  • Rainbow Jasper
  • Ocean Jasper
  • Red Jasper
  • Leopard-Skin Jasper
  • Rainforest Jasper

Each stone has its own symbolism, vibration, and healing properties.

Experiment with different combinations to determine which one suits you best.

Is Zebra Stone the same as Picasso Jasper?

Zebra Stone and Picasso Jasper are fairly similar and are frequently mixed up.

The distinction is that the Black Streaks on Picasso Jaspers are fairly unpredictable, whereas the Zebra Stripes on a Zebra Stone are thicker, have a grain appearance, and wrap around the stones in a more circular pattern, just like the pattern on a zebra’s coat. 

The healing properties of these two stones are very similar as well.

At the end of the day, if you are drawn to one of those stones instead of the other, it is because your soul is telling you that you need that specific crystal for a reason.

The reason you might not be aware of at the time but once you start working with the stone, you will understand why you needed it and how it can help you during your time of need. 

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Final Thoughts On Zebra Stone

When you stop to take a look at Zebra Stone, you'll find that it's a stone you didn't think you needed.

We have gone through the Zebra Stone meaning, healing properties as well as ways in which you can bring this outstanding crystal into your everyday life. 

It's a beautiful stone to use for meditation and centering.

Zebra Stone will boost your appreciation for the small pleasures in life and motivate you to be friendlier to others.

This stone will be beneficial to you since it will teach you how to be more sympathetic and empathetic to others.

This will help bring you closer to your loved ones and allow you to become more relatable to the people around you. 

You'll be able to look past their outward appearance and into their soul.

This will enhance and cement your relationships, as well as make you a much more appealing individual!

You won't have to seek far to find a stone that will nurture, protect, and stabilize you.

The right stone for you is Zebra Stone!