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The Yellow Aura: 6 Amazing Meanings For the Yellow Aura Types

The Yellow Aura: 6 Amazing Meanings For the Yellow Aura Types

You’re at a party when someone new walks into the room. 

Without prompting, everybody stops and turns to this person, whose smile and good nature seem to brighten everything around them.

You feel drawn to them and their positivity but you have no idea why.

That person likely has a yellow aura.

We all have auras that surround us, and they subconsciously signal to others what kind of person we are and whether those people would be welcome or should steer clear.

Those with yellow auras tend to draw most people in; although, just like the sun, they can sometimes burn too bright and turn people away.

If you think you might have a yellow aura, read on to discover what this means for your personality and how the different shades of yellow you emit might hint at what’s troubling you, as well as how to fix it.

Personality Traits of Someone with a Yellow Aura 

personality traits of someone with a yellow aura

Those with yellow auras are generally thought of as like the sun: energetic, bright, and cheerful.

They bring happiness and light into others' lives purely because of their positive disposition.

But, much like the sun, they are more than just a bright spot in the world: they also nurture those around them through their creativity and intellectualism. 

They are confident, inspiring, and often walk their own paths through life without concern for what others might think or feel about them. 

They often have good observation skills and make for good artists or even researchers because they can think outside the box and use their observation skills to come to new or different conclusions.

Those with yellow auras are also more connected to the spiritual realm and their angelic guides, which will draw others to them who are in need of that spiritual connection.

While these are all positive qualities of a person with a yellow aura, they also lend themselves to some potential struggles.

Because of their intensity and intellectual depth, those with yellow auras are prone to becoming workaholics.

This often leads to them feeling overly stressed because they have too much on their plate and not enough time to themselves.

Because they burn so bright when ‘turned on,’ those with yellow auras need time on their own to recharge.

They aren’t introverts, just easily drained. 

Those with yellow auras can also be a bit overwhelming to those with other aura colors, such as green-tinted auras. 

This can make those with more introverted and pessimistic auras feel threatened by those with yellow auras, simply because they are more outspoken and positive than they are.

Yellow Aura Meanings 

Yellow Aura Meanings

Just like in nature, there are different shades to a person’s aura that can change and fluctuate depending on how they’re feeling. 

There are at least 6 different shades of yellow: light, dark, bright, golden, white, and orange.

Knowing the meaning behind each shade will help you understand what is happening and how to heal or overcome whatever issues are holding them back.

1. Light Yellow Aura

If a person’s aura is a light yellow, then that person is likely starting, or about to start, a new endeavor or phase in their life.

Their creativity and intellectual juices are just starting to flow, so the yellow is dimmed at this point, but it will grow as this phase of their life grows.

People with a light yellow aura are often some of the most optimistic as they have the entirety of this new phase before them.

Anything can happen, and they are excited by the prospect of it all.

Light yellow auras can also signal a spiritual awakening, an opening to the spiritual realm and its messages.

The only thing a person with a light yellow aura needs is the space to make their own path and choose their own methods of progressing on this new path. 

Only then will they feel the freedom they need to grow.

2. Dark Yellow Aura

If you see someone with a dark yellow aura, you might want to suggest they take a break from their studying or work.

Dark yellow auras signify someone who is overly fatigued or stressed by the amount of learning they have been doing.

These are often students or entry-level professionals who are trying desperately to take in as much as they can in order to do the best job they can.

They are trying too hard to be too perfect and need to take a break.

This dark yellow aura can also occur if the person has been experiencing an unhealthy or toxic relationship.

This relationship doesn’t have to necessarily be a love relationship but any relationship where the person feels unheard or unappreciated.

The only way to brighten up a dark yellow aura in this instance is to remedy whatever is causing the rift or to separate from them entirely, as the conflict is draining them of all their optimism and positivity.

3. Bright Yellow Aura

Bright Yellow Aura

Those with bright, sun-like yellow auras seem to exude a strong sense of self-confidence and joy. 

They are the epitome of happiness and joy.

At least on the outside.

On the inside, they are likely struggling with a fear of losing control of a project at work or even a romantic relationship.

Since those people are often quite social people, they especially fear losing the respect of others and, if they have a bright yellow aura, then this is likely the case.

The brightness of their yellow aura comes from them trying to project a false sense of confidence while quietly suffering on the inside.

If you see someone with this shade of yellow in their aura, you could help them by reassuring them of their place and their position.

If you are the person with this shade of yellow in your aura, then remember that things are cyclical and not everybody can be in charge all of the time.

Relax and let whatever is coming to take its course.

As long as you remain truly positive and optimistic, you’ll come out better on the other side of this bump in the road.

4. Golden Yellow Aura

On the flip side, those with a golden yellow aura are pinnacles of leadership, naturally drawing people to them and their mission.

They are natural teachers and influencers, guiding others to do as they say with as little effort as possible.

This is likely because they have reached some level of spiritual enlightenment and can use that knowledge to impress upon others how they can transform their own lives.

Golden yellow auras signify those with strong senses of control and wisdom. 

They are strong, both in character and conviction.

If you or someone you know has a golden yellow aura, it would be best not to rest on your laurels too much for fear of pushing away those who conflict with you.

Remember that everyone is on their own journey, so while you can teach and enlighten those who have not yet reached your level of knowledge or spiritual awakening, you should do so gently and with care.

5. White Yellow Aura

Those with a white yellow aura are shy, sensitive souls suffering from a crisis of faith, both in themselves and their environments.

They are feeling highly in tune with the energies of the world around them, particularly those which are negative and pessimistic.

Those with white yellow auras often recognize this about themselves and seek to withdraw from everyone to avoid feeling tormented and fatigued by the weight of the world.

If you or someone you know has a white yellow aura, then meditation will help to alleviate those feelings of persecution and unhappiness. 

Take some time to recharge and refill your energy so you aren’t so drained by the negative energies abounding in the world. 

6. Orange Yellow Aura

Orange yellow auras are a mixing of the two individual colors, which signifies a melding of creativity and positivity so intense that they can create anything they put their mind to.

Because they are so intense in their thoughts, those with orange yellow auras often forget about the needs of others because they are barreling towards their final goal.

They are perfectionists to a fault; hyper-focusing on the finer details rather than the big picture.

Those with orange yellow auras need to meditate or practice mindfulness techniques regularly; otherwise, they will lose focus amidst the intensity of their ideas and will not create what they set out to create.

If they do learn to control their rambling thoughts and creativity, those with orange yellow auras can create great things.

The Yellow Aura in Relation to the Chakras 

chakras and yellow aura

The yellow aura is connected to the 3rd chakra, the Manipura, located in the solar plexus between the belly button and the breastplate.

This chakra governs one’s personal power or sense of self-confidence and intellect. 

Honing this chakra moves a person closer to recognizing and achieving their life’s purpose through acquiring the right knowledge.

When in balance, the 3rd chakra leads to a person feeling a sense of confidence and high self-esteem.

They can accomplish near enough anything they set their mind to.

However, like any other chakra, the 3rd chakra can become underactive or blocked, which leads to a person feeling down on themselves and requiring them to make some moves to clear and realign this chakra in order to feel at peace. 

Have you noticed a person with a yellow aura acting aggressive or trying to dominate others for no reason?

Check their aura carefully. 

If it has turned bright yellow with brown spots, then their 3rd chakra is blocked.

This means that their self-confidence has dipped quite low and because they are so used to being at the top of their game and the beacon for others to aspire to, they feel a need to put down everyone else until they can build themselves back up.

To clear the 3rd chakra, one should work towards self-acceptance and understanding through either meditation or journaling

Spiritual Significance of a Yellow Aura

spiritual significance of yellow aura

Because of its connection to one’s intellect and the solar plexus chakra, it often signifies a spiritual awakening or enlightenment of some sort.

People with brighter yellow auras are known for being able to manifest whatever they can imagine and bring onboard anybody who has the slightest interest in their ideas.

Yellow auras also amplify the energy around them, regardless of whether those energies are positive or negative.

This is why yellow is also associated with selfishness or cowardice; those with this colored aura will mimic or connect with whatever energies are nearby.

For that reason, people with this aura type should avoid those who are not spiritually sound or willing to be more open to spiritual connections. 

Otherwise, they will be drawn down to their level, drained of any happiness or goodness they had to begin with.

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Relating to Someone with a Yellow Aura

a connection with someone of yellow aura

Those with a yellow aura are some of the greatest people to have in your life.

They add so much to your relationship through their positivity and imagination.

They can truly be a bright spot for you when things are dark.

However, like anybody, they can also suffer from low self-esteem and low drive, which can become deeper and darker than most due to their introspective nature.

If you or someone you know has a yellow aura, be sure to check its shade on occasion to make sure things are getting to be a bit too much.

With the right support and the mindfulness to step back and focus on the good in the world, a person with a yellow aura can do amazing things. 

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