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White Aura: 10 Meanings, Traits & More (Complete Guide)

White Aura: 10 Meanings, Traits & More (Complete Guide)

I have been talking about aura colors for a while now, explaining the meaning and impact of different colors, including how they shape our lives and why it’s important to be aware of your aura color. 

In this article, I am going to focus on what it means if you have a white aura or a mix of white with other colors in your auric field. 

In general, having a white color is a positive thing, as white is the color that symbolizes spiritual purity, harmony, and peace. 

If white is the main color in your aura, you are probably doing quite well from a spiritual point of view, or in life in general. 

A white aura shows that you have reached a high spiritual level – a level of compassion and love, as well as a high vibrational level. 

A white aura shows that most negative energies have been cleansed off you and that you paid your karma and understood most of your life lessons. 

White Aura Meanings

White Aura Meaning

White Aura and Personality

When someone reaches such a high vibrational and spiritual level to have a white aura, there will be a positive shift in their personality. 

A white aura shows that a spiritual purification has taken place.

This means that most negative energies have fallen off the person, therefore they will be less prone to feeling negative emotions or to developing negative personality traits. 

A white aura usually is a sign of a harmonious personality, dominated by calmness, compassion, empathy, inner peace, and kindness. 

Also, a person with a white auric field will be quite connected to the Divine. This means that they will be on the right path and will be well-aligned with their life purpose.

A person with a white aura is usually the type of person that can be a support for others, spreading peace and light everywhere they go. 

White Aura and Love

Love is the most powerful energy in the Universe. When a person’s aura has become white, it usually means that the person lives in love and harmony. 

They find it easy to spread love and peace around them, and I’m talking about all kinds of love, not just romantic love. 

A person with a white aura will feel love towards all living beings, including plants and animals, and also a strong love for the Universe and the Divine. 

They will also have friendships, partnerships, and family relationships based on pure love and harmony. 

Not to mention, a person with a white aura will have a love for everything around them, and mostly, for themselves. 

From this space of pure love and harmony, it is also easy to find healthy, romantic relationships that last and that end up being a source of joy and happiness. 

Thus, you can call a white aura “a magnet for love”, but also, love is what can cause someone’s aura to become white. 

White Aura’s relation to the Crown Chakra

White aura and the crown chakra

A white aura is a clear sign of an open and well-balanced Crown Chakra. The Crown Chakra is usually represented by the color purple, but in some systems, it is represented by the color white. 

The Crown Chakra is our main connection to the Divine, our main source of spiritual input and guidance. 

As the white aura is a symbol of spiritual purity and peace, a person who has a white aura is usually someone well connected to the Divine. 

A person with a white aura is a person who is on the right spiritual path for them, spreading love, light, and guidance everywhere they go. 

Thus, the White Aura and the Crown Chakra are well interconnected, and a white aura is a good indicator that your crown chakra is well-balanced and functioning effectively, keeping you well connected to the Divine. 

White Aura with other colors meaning

The color white can also be mixed with other colors, depending on the main energies that are in a person’s field at some point. 

Depending on what other colors are in a person’s field at one point, you can tell what they are focused on, or what are the main energies around them at a given point. 

In the following section, I am going to explain what is the meaning of white mixed with other colors, in a person’s aura.

White Aura With Black

As I’ve shown in my previous article about the meaning of black auras, a white and black aura can symbolize that the person is filled with both dark and light energies. 

This could be the case of someone who is a very old soul and during their lifetimes they’ve experienced both light and darkness, therefore both types of energies are in their fields right now. 

Sometimes, a white and back aura is an indication that the person is passing through a period of transition. 

They could be transitioning from light to dark, or vice versa. 

Sometimes, it could mean that they are faced with a spiritual challenge and they are not sure which one to choose- their dark side or their light side. 

Whatever way you put it, a black and white aura is an indication that the person is at a turning point in their life.

White Aura With Yellow 

White aura mixed with yellow

A white and yellow aura is usually a positive thing, as both white and yellow are positive colors to have in your aura. 

Yellow is a color that symbolizes playfulness, rebirth, and love for life.

A Yellow aura usually shows that the person is happy to be alive, enjoying life, and creating magical things.

The color yellow could also indicate that the person has the soul of a child, meaning they have all the amazing qualities that children possess – the ability to love freely and without constraints, the ability to trust in people, and a playful approach to life. 

Yellow is also the color of the sun, which explains why people with a yellow aura radiate magnetic, solar energy that makes everyone drawn to them. 

They radiate vitality and good disposition, they can also have healing abilities. 

All in all, a white and yellow aura is a wonderful combination that indicates that the person has achieved a high spiritual level, and they are spiritually cleansed and purified, possessing both positive energy and healing abilities.

White Aura With Blue 

A white and blue aura is also a very good sign when it comes to the person’s spiritual level. 

Blue is the color of the throat chakra, also known as the communication chakra. If someone has blue in their aura, is a good sign that their communication chakra is open and well-functioning. 

This means that the person should have very good communication skills and also the ability to heal with their words. 

Someone with blue in their aura is usually someone who uses any sort of verbal communication, even song or story writing, public speaking, or counseling to heal others. 

Blue is also a color that symbolizes calmness, peace, and serenity. Therefore, if someone has blue in their aura it shows that the person currently has all these energies in their field. 

A blue and white aura shows that the person has reached a level of inner peace, wisdom, and serenity as well a high vibrational level. It is possibly one of the best color combinations that there are. 

White Aura With Purple

A white and purple aura is the trademark for a person who is very well connected to the Divine and has reached a very high spiritual level. 

Purple is the color of the crown chakra, and it symbolizes wisdom, divine guidance, and spiritual awakening

A white aura also symbolizes a good connection to the Divine and high spiritual awareness, so I would say that a white and purple aura is one of the best aura combinations that someone can have. 

If someone has a white and purple aura, it shows that they have a high level of spiritual awareness, a high vibrational level, and a very good connection to the Divine. 

A person with these colors in their aura is what I call a spiritually evolved person, who is well advanced on their spiritual path. 

White Aura With Green

White and green aura

Green is the color of the heart chakra, and it’s also a positive color for your aura. 

It usually shows that the person has their heart chakra open and functioning quite well and that they are emotionally balanced. 

Also, a person with green in their aura is someone who can give and receive love freely. 

If they have a white and green aura, they probably have a high spiritual level and live in love and harmony. 

Their life is probably dominated by inner peace, spiritual purity, and harmony. 

White Aura With Pink

Pink is also a color that shows an aura filled with the energy of love.

It is a bit different than the green aura because pink signifies a more romantic love, the kind of love you would feel when you’re in love for the first time. 

A pink aura shows a pure heart and soul, with a huge ability to love and with a lot of kindness and compassion. 

Someone who has a pink and white aura is usually a very spiritually pure person, surrounded by high and pure energies.

They could be someone who has reached the spiritual vibration of an angel, and most definitely someone with a lot of empathy, compassion, and unconditional love in their heart. 

If someone has a pink and white aura, the person could be suitable to become a therapist or a spiritual healer, as they are naturally empathetic and they can create a safe space for someone’s healing. 

White Aura With Gold

White and gold aura

As shown in my previous article on the rarest aura color, the gold aura is the most uncommon and yet positive type of aura someone can have. 

The golden aura shows someone whose vibrational level has reached high angelic dimensions, such as the dimensions of the archangels, and if they are not an incarnated angel, they are likely to become one after they pass away from this life. 

In terms of aura, gold symbolizes amazing spiritual gifts, such as psychic abilities, rare talents, or huge divine rights in money and wealth.

Combined with white, which also shows spiritual elevation, inner peace, and harmony, gold is an amazing color for your aura. 

I would say that out of all the possible aura color combinations that exist, white and gold is the best combination. 

To conclude, white is a great color for your aura. It shows spiritual purity and elevation, as well as a high level of healing and spiritual vibration. 

A white aura shows that you doing very well spiritually. Almost all the other colors listed above, are good aura colors and they symbolize a high spiritual level. 

The color that is present in your aura besides the white shows the most prominent energies in your field. 

In reality, there are no better colors than others, as all of them are meant to show the person’s current spiritual level, and there is no right or wrong spiritual level. 

Every person is how and where they should be at a given time, and they can notice what needs to be improved in them and how they can work on themselves to grow spiritually. 

Even if your aura color happens to be black, this does not mean that you are a bad person, but it’s just an indication that you are at a point in your life where there is still some healing necessary. 

If you enjoyed this article about the white aura meaning, let us know in the comments below!

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