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When Soulmates Can’t Be Together: 13 Tips That Will Help You

When Soulmates Can’t Be Together: 13 Tips That Will Help You

We all have a very romantic idea of what will happen when we meet our Soulmate – the breathtaking first glance, that moment when our heart skips a bit, and the first magical conversations that will make us fall in love instantly. 

Many romanticized myths in our society revolve around the idea of Soulmates – such as the idea that Soulmates always end up in beautiful, long-term relationships. 

However, I am here to be the bad guy again and to tell you that in reality, that is unfortunately not always the case – and I am also here to discuss what no one wants to discuss – what happens when Soulmates can’t be together? 

Many people embarking on their spiritual journey will go through the challenging experience of meeting their Soulmate without being able to be together. 

Thus,  I will talk about why soulmates can’t be together all the time and tips that will help you if you can’t be together with your Soulmate.

Can you be soulmates and not be together?

When soulmates cant be together

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is yes. 

Far from the romanticized idea that society, books, poetry, and songs are perpetuating about Soulmates, Soulmate relationships are not always easy. 

Sometimes, they can come into our lives to make us go through difficult times, help us pay relationship karma, and challenge us to grow in many ways. 

And as growth is not always easy, neither will Solmate relationships be. 

Soulmate relationships can go through all the hurdles of a relationship, such as fighting, cheating, death, and separation. 

Some Soulmate relationships can even be karmic Soulmate relationships – Soulmate relationships that have the specific purpose of challenging us and helping us pay some past life karma. 

If you were wondering why Soulmate relationships are so difficult, this is why.

Thus, you can definitely be Soulmates with someone and still not meant to be together at least in this lifetime – or at least until you do some inner healing, pay some karma, and learn critical karmic lessons.

If this is the case for you, I understand that you do not have it easy, so let’s look at some tips to help you deal better with the situation.

Can’t Be Together With Your Soulmate? 13 Tips That Help

#1. Understand the situation 

The first step towards healing and feeling better is to understand the situation. 

What does understanding the situation mean?

Understanding the situation, in this case, would mean understanding why you cannot be together, as in what current life circumstances prevent you two from living happily ever after. 

Could it be some main circumstances from your life or your Soulmate’s life?

What are the spiritual implications of those circumstances, and can they be solved, or do they just have to be accepted?

Remember the Buddhist proverb, “ The key to happiness lies in changing what you can change, accepting what you cannot change, and the ability to differentiate between the two.” 

Also, it can be particularly useful to try and understand the karma behind the current circumstances that prevent you from being with your Soulmate.

#2. Cut the energy cords 

Why don't soulmates end up together

Connections between Soulmates tend to be very energetically powerful, especially if you’ve spent a lot of time together or if you’ve been intimate. 

When the connection between you and your Soulmate is powerful, you may feel as if an invisible cord ties you together. 

You may intuitively know what they do and feel, communicate telepathically, and probably think about them a lot. 

If this is the case, a cord-cutting ritual could help you, but only if a professional healer or mystic does it and if the Universe allows it. 

To check if this ritual is allowed by the Universe, look for someone who is very good at radiesthesia or tarot cards, who can use their gift of communicating to Divinity to give you the correct answer.

#3. Forgive them 

When you can’t be with your Soulmate, one thing that really helps is to try and forgive them. 

When I say forgive them, I mean to try and forgive them for their mistakes in this life or maybe in other past lives towards you. 

Some very powerful forgiveness meditations, prayers, and other rituals can help heal any sort of relationship. 

The relationship with your Soulmate can be healed quite powerfully because the energetic bond is usually very strong between two Soulmates. 

By forgiving your Soulmate, you will make it way easier for you to interact with them from now on.

#4. Understand your karmic lesson 

Understanding the karmic lesson behind the relationship usually goes hand in hand with forgiving them and cutting the unnecessary energy cords. 

It’s important to understand the karmic relationship behind the fact that you can’t be together with your Soulmate – because your Soulmate has come into your life with the purpose of helping you with spiritual evolution.

It is almost certain that you’ve met your Soulmate in another life, but even if by any chance you haven’t, you are still interconnected since you’ve been together in the celestial realms. 

Thus, there are very high chances that you’ve met your Soulmate before and that you met them now to trigger or aid each other’s awakening process – and in this respect, you must understand your karma regarding relationships. 

To understand your karma regarding relationships, I encourage you to do a meditation focused on your relationship with your Soulmate and with the intention of understanding the lesson. 

Sometimes, in order to understand the lesson, a past life regression is necessary.

There are very high chances that once you’ve understood the karmic lesson behind the relationship, things will find some sort of resolution. 

The resolution can be that either you will move on and feel better, or your Soulmate could even return… or maybe you will just meet another Soulmate! 

When healing is done, miracles are possible!

#5. Pay your karma ASAP 

When you cant be with your soulmate

In my Reiki courses, I learned one useful technique of choosing to pay your karma faster, release yourself from it and move on. 

I have decided to share it with you today, as anyone can do it as long as they believe in it. 

You don’t need to have a Reiki attunement (even though it would probably be an advantage) – being spiritual is enough! 

The technique consists of doing a meditation in which you ask for help from your spirit guides and angels to help you understand how can you pay your karma faster in this situation. 

There is always something you can do or say to better the situation, and if there isn’t, you will see that the spirit guides are quite generous with suggestions, and they come with an idea of a gift or present that you can buy for the person. 

Sometimes the gift can be a bit expensive, or the thing you have to do can be quite difficult, as we are talking about you paying karma, but once you’ve done it, you will see it’s worth the effort. 

If you do this, it will most likely contribute immensely to the improvement of the situation. 

#6. Accept the situation 

Acceptance is a key component to healing – I would even dare say that acceptance is magical. 

Accepting what you cannot change is crucial for your overall well-being, as it helps you forgive, release and learn the karmic lesson faster. 

In order to change an unpleasant situation, the first thing to do is to accept and acknowledge it! 

#7. Let go of expectations 

Human beings have expectations since the day they are born – it’s just the way in which we function. 

Our mothers feed us and hold us in their arms from the moment we are born, and even as infants, we expect them to continue to do so until we don’t need their help anymore. 

We learn that food and comfort come from our mother, and we expect her to continue to give it to us, learning that she is the source of food and comfort even if we’re too young to utter a word. 

Rightfully so, I would add, because an infant cannot survive without his/her’s mother’s help, but the point I’m trying to make is that we continue with this habit of having expectations in all areas of life. 

The problem arises when our expectations do not match the possible reality, and they start sabotaging our happiness – because we cannot let them go and accept reality as it is. 

It is crucial that, as spiritual beings, we learn to let go of some expectations we may have and embrace the reality and the Universe surprise us! 

The Universe has its own way of offering us wonderful surprises if we allow it to! 

But if we spend our time upset about what we expect to happen and it does not happen, there is no actual room for magic in our life. 

#8. Open  your Crown Chakra 

A useful tip that will help you feel better when you can’t be together with your Soulmate is to open your Crown Chakra

The Crown Chakra is responsible for your connection to Divinity. If your Crown Chakra is balanced and open, you will be able to process the loss faster and understand the higher purpose of what is happening.

This will help you get over a Soulmate you can’t be with faster. 

There are a lot of ways to balance and open your Crown Chakra – you can do it using visualization, Reiki & other energy healing forms, affirmations, crystals, healing music, etc. 

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#9. Release the situation

A crucial aspect of getting over a Soulmate you can’t be together with is being able to release the situation and let go of the outcome you think “should happen.” 

Releasing the situation means accepting that Higher Powers are out there who know what is best for the grand design of your life and who may choose a different outcome than the one you’re expecting. 

This goes hand in hand with the previous point of letting go of your expectations.  

When you entrust the Universe with a difficult situation, sooner or later, this situation will find a resolution – most likely one that is better than what you expect.

#10. Focus on your actual relationships 

Soulmate couple kissing in the Sunlight

Another thing that can help you feel better when you know you can’t be together with your Soulmate is to focus on the relationships in your life. 

I am referring to potential romantic or sexual relationships, as well as to friendships or work/family relationships – any relationship currently more prominent in your life. 

These relationships are in your life with a purpose – they are meant to teach you something. 

Focusing on them and trying to understand what they are teaching you will probably bring you closer to fulfilling your Divine Mission and take your attention off the pain of not being with your Soulmate. 

This will also help you advance on your path and bring you close to a happy relationship – whether with your Soulmate or not.

#11. Pray & meditate 

One of these days, I came across an amazing quote on the internet: “Prayer allows us to talk to the Universe, but meditation allows us to listen to what it is trying to say to us.” 

I think this is an amazing quote that sums it up perfectly. When we pray, we communicate to the Divinity / the Universe what are our wants, needs, and concerns. 

But when we meditate, we allow our mind to perceive the solution that is offered to us. 

The Universe always has a solution, we just have to be willing to listen to it. 

Prayer and meditation are two powerful and absolutely essential tools when it comes to getting over any disappointment – especially that of not being able to be with your Soulmate. 

#12. Send healing on the relationship 

Sending healing to the relationship is a very powerful and effective way of bringing a resolution to the problem. 

You can send Reiki healing or ask someone qualified to do it for you, or you can send energy healing with other methods of spiritual healing. 

It is important to send positive energy, healing, forgiveness, and unconditional love to the relationship with your Soulmate when it hits any difficult patch. 

This will heal current and past life problems and will leave room for healthy and karma-free interactions in the future – whether we’re talking about this life or the next one. 

#13. Manifest

Ultimately, if you have been doing all the abovementioned steps for a while and you feel that a certain degree of healing has reached your relationship, you are free to start manifesting a new soulmate. 

However, if you can’t be together with your Soulmate, I would say to not rush into manifesting them into your life without doing some healing, forgiveness & karma cleansing prior to that. 

Because you could manifest them into your life without a real possibility for you two to be happy together.

They could come back for a bit and then leave you again – and this is something you definitely don’t want. 

Why are Soulmate Relationships so Difficult?

Soulmate couple hugging

Many people who have met their Soulmates can end up asking themselves why are Soulmate relationships so difficult and why don’t soulmates don’t always end up together. 

After all, the whole idea of Soulmates seems to be to end up together, doesn’t it? 

The real answer is yes and no. You are meant to end up with your Soulmate eventually, but it isn’t mandatory that you end up together in this lifetime or reality. 

It all depends on what karma you have and how quickly you learn the karmic lessons.

It’s also a bit about Divine Timing, but let’s not blame the whole thing on Divine Timing and use it as an excuse not to do what is required for us to advance spiritually.

If this makes you feel better, think about the fact that in an alternate Universe, you probably are together – however, your focus has to be on spiritual evolution and karma cleansing, not a certain relationship. 

There are very high chances that when your focus changes, one of your Soulmates will come into your life (yes, we have more than one Soulmate), or you will find happiness and inner peace one way or another. 

Did you enjoy this article about situations when Soulmates can’t be together? 

If yes, we would love to read about your own Soulmate experience in the comments below – whether it’s positive or negative!

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