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What To Do When Your Soulmate Dies: A Heart Healing Guide

What To Do When Your Soulmate Dies: A Heart Healing Guide

Losing a soulmate is incredibly difficult, as your souls have been connected throughout many lifetimes.

One could even say you chose to journey together in this life. This is especially true for close friendship, kindred spirits, and platonic, family, and romantic soulmate bonds.

So how do you get over losing a soulmate… What do you do when your soulmate dies?!

This article aims to cover these significant questions. 

How To Get Over Losing Your Soulmate

Woman wanted to know how to get over losing a Soulmate

Firstly, you never really get over losing a soulmate. The memory always stays with you, but there are certain things you can do to help the process.

1. Work with essential oils and flower essences

Aromatherapy, flower essences, aromatherapy massages, and steam inhalations are some incredibly soul-soothing methods for peace when your soulmate dies.

Healing takes place in the emotional, psychological, physical, and spiritual realms, so you are bound to benefit from these techniques in some way.

Nature is a powerful healer. Soothe and bring serenity to your nerves and emotions through the beautiful healing powers of nature.

You can even call on elemental and fairy or plant spirits to assist you. Stay connected to your higher self and source of power.

This is where true magic, synchronicity, and self-alignment occur… 

As we´re all interconnected- and soul is eternal and infinite- anything you do to keep your vibration high and grounded will help your deceased soulmate.

Project loving and positive mantras and affirmations of “oneness” as you work on your own healing.

2. Receive sound therapy

Sound healing is an amazing way to achieve wholeness and inner harmony. 

As you will be wanting to assist your passed-over soulmate, it is essential that you engage in ways to heal yourself.

Sound raises your vibrations, increases inner strength, brings clarity and insight to the mental and emotional planes, and allows you to heal spiritually.

Sound is so powerful it can make objects levitate. You can find more about acoustic levitation here.

So, using sound to heal yourself can recharge your cells in a way that allows you to feel your pain and sadness, and also let it flow in order to be released.

3. Visit a Reiki or Shamanic healer/practitioner

Seeing a powerful and qualified and/or experienced Reiki master, shamanic healer, or energy worker is highly recommended.

Actually, one might say it's what Spirit ordered.

There is a Divine Essence to everything, and not everything can be seen with the physical eyes.

Receiving healing and divine insight & wisdom from a healer will expand your senses.

It can open your Third Eye to the world of subtle and invisible energy.

This then allows you to be receptive to the wonders of Spirit, which is where deeper connection can be found.

Obviously, it's what heals you too.

Reiki and shamanic healing or energy cleanse can instill calmness inside you.

They allow you to release sadness and tears in a healthy, soul-nourishing, and blissful way. For example, you could see pearls of wisdom within your own tears!

Or you can become self-aware of the infinite and expansive nature of the human soul, and the universe.

4. Send Light & Healing To Their Soul

Knowing what to do when a soulmate dies

One of the most powerful things you should do is send light and healing to their soul.

Upon hearing the news of your soulmate's death, immediately (or at the next best possible chance) sit down in prayer.

Meditation, prayer, and intentionally sending love to their soul is very important. 

This not only helps them transition to their next life, or return to Source if this is part of their unique soul print (Soul´s blueprint). But it also allows you to bond and maintains the connection with them.

There is no set-in-stone guide or answer to how long a soul remains connected to its body or the earth plane after death.

This is because the nature of the universe- and therefore the soul- is infinite, limitless, and eternal.

There are also different avenues to reincarnation, all depending on the specific soul´s unique journey. For example:-

  • An ascended master or highly evolved soul might leave their body and earth plane instantly, returning straight back to the Source. Alternatively, it may be part of their soul contract to remain on earth for a few days to help or visit a few significant souls.
  • A less evolved soul may struggle to leave the material and physical world behind. They have not yet reached a higher spiritual level, and therefore they are afraid of leaving.
  • Someone who has been on a very dualistic journey of light and dark, connected to both their inner angel and the inner devil might need to hold back for a little while…they may still have some karma and wrongdoings to clear up on the physical plane, before returning to Spirit/Source.
  • Actual earth angels, star seeds, and similar evolved beings may be asked by Spirit to leave their bodies slowly. It could be an elongated transition, whereby they leave this world and lifetime peacefully with no negative karma intact. They attain Ascended Master level in the next life (also completing soul contracts and cycles with friends and family on the earth plane, through actually saying goodbye, securing the soulmate connection, etc.)

The truth is, no one knows how long a soulmate will stay behind or why.

There are multiple factors and subtle and spiritual energies involved in this decision.

The key thing to do, however, is to actively, consciously, and directly send healing and light to their soul. Secure the soulmate bond- let them know you love them, eternally.

Unconditional love and good wishes for their soul journey are the best way to let them know you will forever be their soulmate, Also, that they are protected and guided. 

5. Sit In Prayer and Ceremony

Sitting in prayer and ceremony is crucial when a Soulmate dies

To sit in prayer and ceremony effectively, create a sacred space.

Use candles, sacred and spiritual or religious images, and objects relating to the elements.

For fire, perhaps use a candle. For water, use a bowl of water. For air, a feather, or an angel object/image… 

For earth, I would suggest a leaf, flower, tree bark or root, or gemstone. 

Include a picture of your deceased soulmate too, an image of them being at their most joyous and peaceful or spirited self.

Prayer is a powerful way to let them know you're by their side, that you have them in your hearts and soul. And that you are here to assist them subtly, even just through your thoughts, into the next life.

You may choose to use visualization to increase their inner light.

Such as by projecting images and visuals into the ether and spiritual realm, of them being happy, loved, and radiating warmth and comfort.

You should also consider setting an intention for their angels, spirit animals, and any other light and benevolent guide or spiritual helper to accompany them. This includes ancestors.

Your thoughts and emotions are powerful. They ripple out into the ether and astral body. 

The astral body is directly connected to the soul body, which is where souls who are highly evolved can meet and connect, communicate telepathically, and share in spiritual energy.

In addition to visualizing positive and heart-warming memories, try the light healing exercise at the end of this article. It can be very effective.

6. Ask For Higher Self Guidance 

Asking for Higher Self guidance

Being intentional and directing your energy in a healing way is not the only thing you can do. You can also ask for guidance from your Higher Self.

Asking your Higher Self for guidance can bring through powerful spiritual guides, animals, ancestors, angel and archangel help, and even wisdom and insight from the ascended masters.

It will allow you to receive knowledge so that you can feel at peace with the knowledge that your soulmate is safe and protected.

Being aware of the blessings and protection in store for your soulmate organically increases their light. Because the more at peace you are, the more you are able to amplify the vibrations of love and healing sent out.

Worry, fear, stress, or elongated sadness benefits no one.

Chances are your soulmate reached an ascended or evolved state of consciousness; therefore, they want you to be happy. 

Death is celebrated in many cultures.

Many people recognize that death is a transition to the next life, a life where the lessons of this life have been taken and integrated. 

So, in their next soul chapter, they will actually be more enlightened, prosperous, and blessed, as they have had this human life to integrate key stages in self-evolution. 

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7. See What Lessons You Can Learn

Life involves cycles of growth…  Are there certain themes or life areas your soulmate failed to master or learn, that you can learn from? 

Did they play out certain destructive cycles that can be used as teaching for their loved ones?

Society has conditioned us to believe that death is an ultimate ending, or solely negative. Yet this is not the case.

You can really connect to your inner alchemist by using your soulmate´s death (transition) as a healing opportunity.

You know you would want the same for your soulmates! It's all love.

If your soulmate has died in an unexpected, premature, or tragic way, it might be a higher lesson.

Perhaps you were part of the same friendship group or social circle…

There is always a deeper message in the background.

So, with the best of intentions, use your deceased soulmate´s departure as a root to self-evolution.

Destructive cycles are not here to be repeated! 

Members of the same soul family usually share similar life stories, events, challenges, and experiences. 

There is a very strong possibility that (from a timeless perspective) you agreed to learn something from each other, as preparation for your soul's next chapter.

8. Call On the Archangels

Person calling the Archangels

Calling on the Archangels is one of the best ways to get over losing a soulmate. There are 7 archangels who can assist you with this.

Raphael: “One who heals,” the archangel of healing and compassion.

Michael: “One who is like God,” the archangel of protection and strength.

Gabriel: “Strength of God,” the archangel of visions and messages.

Uriel: “God is my light,” the archangel of wisdom, illumination, and truth. 

Saraqael: “Command of God,” the archangel of eternity and the soul.

Raguel: “Friend of God,” the archangel of divine justice, harmony, and balance. 

Remiel: “Mercy of God,” the archangel of forgiveness and hope.

Michael is very effective to call on, as he brings protection. He can help protect your sweet and sensitive heart and the passing over of your soulmate.

Saraqael is equally willing to help in this situation. As a symbol of eternity and the soul, Saraqael specifically helps with deaths and transitions.

As the archangel of healing, Raphael is another one to work with. You can use the “Green light invocation” to assist you, which is invoked by doing the following: 

Archangel Raphael´s ´Green Light´

Sit in prayer and ceremony and connect to your heart center.

Picture an emerald green light spiraling within and around your heart, emanating directly from your heart chakra.

Remember that the heart is the bridge between higher and lower consciousness.

Breathe in deeply, and get to an inner space of peace and calm. Then, call on Archangel Raphael for assistance.

He is a masculine angel whilst simultaneously embodying strong feminine qualities. Like empathy, compassion, unconditional love, sensitivity, nurturance, and caring.

Allow Raphael´s green light to surround you….

As you open up to receive his healing warmth and compassion, let the feeling of comfort and love fill your entire being. Sit with this sensation for a while.

Once you feel full of love and angelic higher light, send this healing love out to your passed-over soulmate.

Visualize the emerald green light rippling through the ether, through time and space, and reaching your soulmate.

See this beautiful loving healing energy encompass your soulmate, and spill into their own heart chakra.

This is a powerful technique for finding peace and aligning with universal love and compassion.