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Are They The One? 21 Weird Soulmate Signs That Confirm It

Are They The One? 21 Weird Soulmate Signs That Confirm It

Have you met someone, and you have a feeling that this person could indeed be your soulmate? Maybe you are looking for some signs to confirm this feeling.

Most often, we tend to look at the usual signs, such as the fact that we feel complete when we are with our soulmates.

But, there are also some unusual signs to look for as well.

It may be that this person is already in your life in some way, and you don't even realize that they are your soulmate.

Or, it could be that you have met someone recently in a strange way, and you think they could be the yin to your yang.

If you are wondering if they are the one, take a look at these 21 weird signs that will definitely confirm it.

What Are The Weird Soulmate Signs?

Image of weird soulmate signs

Many people think that a soulmate is someone who can make them happy all the time, and that life is always going to be blissful when they are around.

Actually, more often than not, this is definitely not the case.

A soulmate is a person who is going to be there for you through thick and thin.

Life is not always going to be easy, and your soulmate will be the one person who is always there, no matter how rough things get.

This doesn't mean that everything is always going to be peaches and cream.

As with any relationship, there are going to be ups and downs, and a lot of weirdness to boot. Let's take a look at 21 weird signs that this person is your soulmate.

1. You Get on Each Other's Nerves at Times

Many people expect that their soulmate relationship will be nothing but amazing times filled with love and laughter.

They couldn't be more wrong about this.

True soulmates will really get on each other's nerves at times. This is likely because since they know each other so well that they know exactly what buttons to push, and when.

But, keep in mind that while this is quite healthy, there does come a point when this can actually be quite toxic.

There is a huge difference between getting on someone's nerves and really upsetting them.

If you get on each other's nerves, but more often than not you make each other deliriously happy, chances are you are soulmates.

2. You Find Each Other's Quirks Adorable

Finding each other's quirks adorable is a weird soulmate sign

At the beginning of any relationship, both partners tend to find each other's quirks quite adorable. But, in most cases, this feeling can wear off after a while.

In the case of true soulmates, this feeling never goes away. Sure, there are going to be things that really annoy the other person, and this is okay.

There will be some things you really don't like in one another, but as long as they aren't terrible, the good will always override the bad.

On the other hand, if they are doing things that you just can't overlook, it may be that this is not your soulmate after all.

It is important that you know the difference between cute little quirks and dangerous behaviors.

3. You are Unique but Have SO Much in Common

Even though you both have some very unique traits, it never ceases to amaze you when you and this person do things the same way.

When you find someone who is as weird as you, take it as a sign that you could be soulmates.

For instance, maybe you have a certain way of doing things that most people find weird. Then, you meet someone who does these things the same way.

You begin comparing notes, and you discover that both of you have a tendency to mirror one another in your actions. You are so much alike it is uncanny.

4. A Gifted Psychic Confirms It

Sure, there are going to be plenty of signs that let you know if someone is your soulmate.

But, if you really want to know for sure, it may be a good idea to consult with a gifted psychic.

In addition to being able to tell you whether or not someone is your soulmate, a psychic will be able to see all of the romantic possibilities in your future.

But, don't be upset if they tell you something you don't want to hear.

A good psychic can tell you whether or not it is worth pursuing a relationship with someone.

In fact, even if someone is your soulmate, it may not always be in your best interest to get involved with them right now, and your psychic will let you know how things truly stand.

A trusted company with lots of great love psychics is Psychic Source.

They can answer questions like “Is he my soulmate?” or “will he be faithful”.

Your mind will be put to rest, and you can feel good about the decisions you make in your love life.

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5. A Psychic Artist Sketched Your Soulmate

Image of psychic artist drawing a Soulmate

A great way to know what your soulmate will look like is to have a psychic artist create a sketch of this person.

It may that you haven't met your soulmate at this time, but once you have this image, you will recognize them the moment you meet.

Not all psychics are artists, and not all artists are psychics.

But, you can search for psychic artists who have the uncanny ability to be able to see in their own minds the person you are meant to be with.

Once you have this psychic sketch of your soulmate, you will know exactly what they look like.

When you meet this person, there will be no question that you are definitely soulmates.

6. You don't Care if They aren't Physically Attractive

The term, “looks aren't everything” is so true! A person doesn't have to be beautiful on the outside in order to be a beautiful person.

It may be that you are attracted to someone who everyone else you know finds unattractive.

In fact, they may be trying to keep you from getting involved with your potential soulmate for this very reason.

But, what everyone else thinks should never have an impact on your own happiness.

Who cares if this person isn't supermodel material? You are attracted to them, and in the long run, that is all that matters.

If this person is your soulmate, it isn't going to matter to you whether or not they are gorgeous.

You love them for who they are, not what they look like.

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7. Your Generosity Towards This Person Knows No Bounds

Image of generosity as a weird Soulmates Sign

We are all guilty of giving things, time, etc to others and expect to receive something in return.

At the same time, there are also times when we don't want to share anything with others.

This will never be the case when you are with your true soulmate.

There is nothing you won't want to do for this person or give to them. Money will be no object, and nothing is too good for your soulmate.

You will never feel as if this person owes you anything for all that you do for them.

You will just want to do it automatically because you know it will make them happy, which in turn will make you happy as well.

8. You Don't Need to Entertain One Another All the Time

Sure, it's fun to go out with your partner and do cool things together.

But, if you are truly soulmates, you won't have any problem just sitting around and doing nothing together.

You can sit together in total darkness and silence, and not be the least bit uncomfortable. You don't feel that you are wasting time, because you are together, and that's all that really matters.

In fact, there may even be times when just being together is more exciting than going on any wild adventures together.

You are comfortable with this person no matter what you are doing, and you don't feel the need to entertain each other constantly.

9. You had an Amicable Breakup

Soulmates couple breaking up

Maybe you and your soulmate have already been in a relationship, but things didn't work out the first time around.

You didn't part ways in anger, and you don't hate each other. In fact, you may even still be friends.

In most cases, once a relationship is over, it's over, and it is time to move on. But, when it comes to a soulmate relationship, this generally isn't the case.

Sure, there are going to be some hurdles to get over, but if you are truly soulmates, nothing is going to keep you apart forever.

It may be that you both just need some time apart to realize what you really want, which is each other.

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10. Being Apart was Sheer Hell

If you were already in a relationship with your soulmate and you broke up, the time you were apart was pure hell for both of you. You didn't break up because you don't love each other.

It could be that you had to break up in order to be able to continue moving forward.

We all have things that we need to do in our lives, and there are times when we need to accomplish these things on our own.

The time apart gave you both room to grow, and this could be just the thing that your relationship needed.

On the other hand, if you keep breaking up and getting back together, chances are this person is not your soulmate.

11. It's Easy to Apologize

Next on this list of weird soulmate signs is it's easy to apologize.

It may be that you are a very proud person, and apologizing is not something that comes easily to you.

But, when it comes to your soulmate, you don't seem to have this problem.

Even when you know something is not your fault, you will still be able to apologize anyway.

This is because when they hurt, you hurt, and you don't want this person to feel sad about anything.

Even if the problem is a big one, you will find ways to not blame your Soulmate, even if the problems are their fault.

At the same time, you are not about to be a doormat for anyone, and there is only so much that you will let them get away with before you feel the need to say something.

12. It's Easy to Forgive

weird Soulmate Signs that show they are the one

In the past, you have likely been in relationships where something happens that is truly unforgivable, at least in your mind.

This won't be the case when you are with your soulmate, because you have such a deep love for this person.

You will likely find that in most cases, you are easily able to forgive most of their transgressions.

In fact, there are plenty of things you will likely overlook altogether.

Just remember that even though this person likely is your soulmate, you can't let them treat you badly.

There is a limit to forgiveness, no matter how much you love someone, and there will be times when you need to call them out on their behavior.

13. You can Talk about Anything, even if You are Not a Chatty Person

It may be that you are not the chatty type, and you don't tend to talk a lot. But, when you are with your soulmate, it's almost like you can't shut up.

In the past, it may have felt as though people just didn't understand you, so, over time, you developed a need to keep quiet about the things you are into.

A weird soulmate sign is when you are able to open up to them about things no one else seems to understand.

You don't worry about this person judging you for your thoughts and words.

In fact, it may even be that they think much along the same lines as you on most subjects, and the conversations will flow freely all the time.

14. You are Best Friends

Being best friends with your Soulmate

You can be romantically involved with someone without actually being friends. While this is okay for temporary relationships, a true soulmate will also be your best friend.

In the past, you may have only been interested in one thing with a partner.

Outside of the bedroom, you had nothing in common, and you didn't want to be around them.

When you are in a soulmate relationship, you will have a deep respect for this person, and you will love everything about them.

You will want to learn more about what makes them tick, and you will be best friends.

In fact, it may even be that you are not in a romantic relationship with this person.

Soulmates aren't always necessarily romantic partners. It could be that this person is simply your best friend, and you wouldn't have it any other way.

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15. There is a Familiar Connection

Another weird soulmate sign is when you feel an immediate connection to someone.

You don't know anything about this person because you have only just met them, but for some reason, you feel that connection with them.

It may feel as if you have known this person forever. You instantly connect on a deeper level, and you vibe with one another.

This is not a sign to dismiss just because it seems weird.

If you feel this type of instant connection with someone, chances are this person is your soulmate and you need to pursue the relationship, even if it only amounts to friendship.

16. Comfort in Natural Habits

It's very normal to be self-conscious about certain habits or bodily functions around a new romantic partner.

You'll probably feel more at peace in these circumstances if you've discovered your soul partner, though.

You won't feel the need to hold in wind or hide when you need to use the bathroom, and your partner's natural habits won't bother you either.

This degree of ease and acceptance with one another is an indication of a strong, genuine relationship with a soulmate.

17. Even the Mundane is Fun

Girls having fun

We all have romantic fantasies of being swept off our feet by the prince or princess charming. But, when you are in a soulmate relationship, you don't feel the need to have constant romance or excitement when you are together.

Sure, it is great to have amazing moments together, but if you are truly soulmates, all moments will be amazing, even if you are doing absolutely nothing.

You won't mind just sitting around watching television, or even sitting in total silence and darkness, as long as you are together.

You are just as happy to be doing nothing as you are when having adventures together.

18. You Don't Need to Speak to Communicate

Many people don't realize that verbal language is only a very small part of the way we communicate.

In fact, verbal language only makes up about 7% of how we communicate with others.

There are two things that are much more important than the words we use: the tone in which we use those words, and our body language.

These two things actually account for the other 93% of communication.

When two people are soulmates, they tend to have a non-verbal language that only they can understand.

They understand each other's energy, and they know how each other is feeling without needing to actually talk about it.

19. You Have Your Own Non-Verbal Language

When two people are soulmates, they often tend to create their own non-verbal language. They have many signs that only they know.

For instance, it may be that you are able to read each other's facial expressions or body language.

You have inside jokes that no one else seems to understand, or you can read each other's signs easily, even when others can't.

Basically, there is a secret code between the two of you.

This is something very special, and a very good albeit strange sign that you are soulmates.

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20. Your Differences are Staggering

Weird soulmate differences

Most people think that soulmates are 100% compatible in every possible way.

Actually, this is often not the case at all.

Quite often, soulmates aren't always totally compatible. But, this is not something you need to be overly concerned about, because it isn't necessarily a bad thing.

In fact, these differences can be a good thing for relationships.

Having differences will give both of you an opportunity to learn from one another and grow, as well as individuals and as a couple.

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21. You Don't Mind if They Snore

I'm ending this list of weird soulmate signs with another light-hearted one.

Whether they snore, drool in their sleep, or take up the entire bed, you don't care. You are just happy to be sleeping next to your soulmate.

You are easily able to sleep together without being disturbed by each other's sleep habits. This is because you have a deep love for one another.

It won't matter if their snoring keeps you awake. If it gets too bad, you will simply take a nap during the day to make up for the loss of sleep the night before.

To Sum it All Up

Finding your soulmate is one of the greatest things that will ever happen in your life.

If you notice any of the 21 weird soulmate signs in your relationship, chances are you are in for the ride of your life with the person you are truly meant to be with.

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