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7 Remarkable Signs Of The Twin Flame Runner Chaser Dynamic

7 Remarkable Signs Of The Twin Flame Runner Chaser Dynamic

Meeting your twin flame will change your life.

The connection is deeply spiritual, and the love felt can be extremely intense.

But, did you know that there are eight different stages of being reunited with your soul’s other half?

One of these stages is the Twin Flame Runner Chaser and in this article, we will look at what this is and how you might know that this is the stage you and your twin flame are at. 

What Is A Twin Flame?

When reincarnation happens, it splits the soul in half.

Two halves are then put in two different bodies, and there will be a feeling of something missing until the two halves are reunited. 

You may have already met your twin flame and know who they are, or you may still be searching. 

When you meet your twin flame, there is an overwhelming sense of longing and love.

You will be drawn to this person, and this might be confusing and scary!

This intense connection can be weird at first, especially if you are the kind of person who keeps people at arm’s length. However, it is important to let your twin flame in. 

Your relationship with this person will teach you a lot of things.

You will go on a spiritual journey with them and you will learn and grow together. 

What Is The Twin Flame Runner Chaser Dynamic?

The Twin Flame Runner Chaser Dynamic

There are eight stages to reuniting with your twin flame.

The chasing stage is the sixth stage, after your initial meeting, relationship, and fallout.

The fifth stage is of crisis where the relationship is put to the test and you ultimately fall out. 

This is because of the intensity of the relationship and because your twin flame is a mirror of you.

It means that they make you see yourself for who you really are, and this can be overwhelming. 

This stage can last years, but sooner or later you and your twin flame will go onto the sixth stage, which is the chasing stage. 

The chasing stage is when either you or your twin flame realize the importance of the relationship and pursue the other person.

The chase can also last a long time and this depends on the maturity of the souls involved. 

The Twin Flame Chaser Explained 

The twin flame chaser is the person of the relationship who realizes that they need the other person in their life.

They will get into contact with their twin flame and pursue a relationship, 

The time apart from their twin flame has made them grow personally and dealt with the issues that caused the fall out in the first place.

They will be at a deeper understanding of themselves, their soul, and their twin flame relationship. 

The Twin Flame Runner Explained

The twin flame runner in the dynamic is the person who rejects the olive branch and friendship that the chaser is attempting to give them.

They run away and hide from the relationship and this is because they are scared of the intensity of the connection. 

The runner might turn to other people or ways to distract themselves such as alcohol and partying. 

Sometimes the runner needs to run. They also need time to themselves to develop spiritually and work on any personal problems that might get in the way of the relationship.

Their soul needs to also grow separately until they are ready to reconnect. 

It is extremely important to know that this dynamic is intense and overwhelming, but cheating, abuse, or harassment is never a part of the twin flame runner characteristics.

If a person behaves badly and without respect towards you, they are not your twin flame. 

7 Signs Of The Twin Flame Runner Chaser Stage

Man and woman experiencing the runner chaser stage

This stage can be extremely exhausting for both of the people involved.

There are a lot of different ways in which this stage manifests, however, I will discuss seven common signs of being in the twin flame runner chaser stage. 

1. Bad Habits 

If you are in the twin flame runner chaser stage, you might succumb to taking up bad habits as a way of distracting yourself from the relationship.

Both the runner and the chaser might experience this as being separated from each other is too overwhelming. 

Drinking, smoking, partying, or eating junk food are all ways in which a runner or a chaser might distract themselves. 

Being apart from your twin flame can feel horrific, with intense feelings of regret and disappointment.

This pushes both the runner and the chaser to find comfort where they can, however brief or unhealthy this comfort might be. 

2. Returning To An Ex

When you are in a twin flame runner chaser dynamic, this wish to seek comfort does not just stop at bad habits.

Many people who are going through this stage might return to an ex-partner, attempting to be okay with what came before the twin flame relationship. 

Of course, when you experience a twin flame relationship, whatever came before does not match up to the connection.

Going back to an old relationship may seem a good idea at the time, however, you soon realize that the connection is not there and you miss your twin flame. 

You may also attempt to find a new twin flame, or emulate the relationship you had with your twin flame with someone new.

This is common for the runner in the dynamic, as they feel that they need to move on from their twin flame and have a new intense partnership with someone else.

However, this relationship is never the same and people only get hurt. 

3. Losing Faith

Unfortunately, being in the twin flame runner chaser dynamic might also cause the individuals involved to lose faith. 

Because of the intensity and upset of the twin flame relationship, and the dramatic fallout, the runner might stop believing in twin flames and souls. If this is you, you will start to doubt the universe and the spiritual world, believing that there is no hope and no reason for existence. 

This losing of faith can make the twin flame runner chaser dynamic even harder.

The sadness that comes with losing faith is really overwhelming and can cause great pain.

However, if you are experiencing this, know that soon you will realize that the universe has a plan for you and your twin flame is there for you, and will always be. 

4. Seeing Signs

Seeing Signs Twin Flame Runner

As the chaser begins the pursuit, and the running rejects, both people might start seeing signs from the universe

These signs are the universe reminding you of your deep connection with your twin flame. 

Perhaps you are the runner and you are trying to forget the relationship you had with your twin flame, and are attempting to move on.

You might be back with an ex-partner or have a new romantic interest. 

However, the universe will be sending you signs that remind you of your twin flame.

Perhaps every time you turn the radio on, they are playing their favorite song. Or maybe you are always getting emails from your twin flames favorite restaurant about offers. 

Do not ignore these signs.

You will know that they are meaningful.

These signs can help you reconnect with your faith if you are struggling with this during the twin flame runner chaser dynamic. 

5. Thinking About Them 

Perhaps you are not seeing many signs, but you are still thinking about your twin flame.

They might be constantly in your head, perhaps even giving you advice or supporting you.

Twin flames have a telepathic connection. Your soul is the same as your twin flame’s soul and therefore you have a deep mental connection.

This means that you can sometimes think what they are thinking and vice versa. 

If you are in the twin flame runner chaser dynamic and seem to get messages from your twin flame, listen to them!

You may be miles apart, even on different continents.

You might not have spoken to your twin flame for ages!

But, they are thinking of you right now and you must listen to their thoughts and feelings to further your connection.

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6. Maturity

During the course of the runner chaser stage, there will be growth both personally and spiritually. 

The chaser in the dynamic will normally be a bit maturer than the runner. They might also develop their maturity during the stage, with the time apart from their twin flame helping them learn and grow. 

Being mature means understanding the world a bit more clearer.

Perhaps you are the chaser and you have come to realize what is important to life and what you need to work on in order for peace and happiness both within yourself and within your twin flame relationship. 

The runner will also become more mature during the course of the runner chaser stage.

They will have to come to their out realizations about the world before letting the chaser in and reconnecting with their twin flame. 

Being mature means giving up bad habits and coming to an understanding of the power of the twin flame relationship. 

7. Spiritual Growth

Woman experiencing spiritual growth as a twin flame runner

The pain of the twin flame runner chaser dynamic may seem as if it could be avoided.

It is an intense and turbulent time for both parties.

However, this stage provides both people in the relationship to go on their own personal spiritual journey. 

A relationship will not work unless both people involved are at peace with their spirituality.

During the chasing stage, there might be a loss of faith, however, it is really important that this is worked on and both individuals grow spiritually. 

Because of this spiritual growth, the issues that caused the crisis stage will be resolved.

If you are at this stage, work on your psychic abilities and your spirituality.

If you are an empath, concentrate on developing your abilities. Perhaps now is the time to balance your chakras and practice crystal healing

How you grow spiritually is up to you, but it is really important for you to get to the stage of reuniting with your twin flame. 

Why Does The Runner Run?

If you are the chaser in the relationship, you may be finding this stage extremely hard.

Rejection and distance from your twin flame can be upsetting.

Therefore, it is helpful to understand the twin flame runner behavior and why they run.

They run because they are scared.

The twin flame relationship is extremely intense, and to have this deep connection with someone can be truly overwhelming.

They know they love their twin flame, but they are finding it difficult.  

Because their feelings are so intense, they worry about being hurt.

This means that they try to protect themselves by running rather than accepting the love.

They might not be able to truly understand why they are loved. 

They also might not be ready for the relationship. The twin flame relationship is really heavy and complicated, and you need to be mature enough to handle it.

If you are not mature enough, you need to work on yourself before you commit. This is one reason why runners will run. 

Hold On. You Will Get Through It!

Twin Flame Runner You Will Get Through It

If You Are Going Through The Twin Flame Runner Chaser Dynamic, Hold on.

You will get though it.

Do you find yourself relating to the signs of the runner chaser dynamic?

Perhaps you are finding it really hard, and do not see the end to this stage!

But do not worry, you will reconnect when you are both ready and able to.

You soon will work together to learn and grow, building a positive and healthy relationship.

If you are the chaser, remember not to push too much.

Give the runner space and time, but make sure that they know that they are there when they are ready.

Never, ever behave in a way that you know will upset your twin flame. 

If you are the runner, do not feel shame.

You need to go through this stage to be the best version of yourself and to make sure your twin flame relationship will be solid and successful.

Do not rush yourself to open up to your twin flame.

Only do so when you are ready. 

Good luck, and I truly hope the next two stages are amazing for you!  

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