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13 Personality Traits of an Extrovert

13 Personality Traits of an Extrovert

Extroverts are outgoing individuals who many picture as the life and soul of a party. They are usually personable and social, and gain their energy from being around and interacting with others.

To an extrovert a big family get together can have the same recharging qualities as time alone with a good book can have for an introvert.

Being around an extrovert can be an amazing experience due to their expressive nature and energetic sense of fun.

It can also be a little exhausting, however, due to the introverts trying to keep up with them!

Many of an extrovert’s traits can be seen as a double-edged sword, but I like to think that the great things about an extrovert far outweigh the negatives.

How do you know if you’re an extrovert?

Well, as the signs of an extrovert tend to be more outwardly visible than those of an introvert, if you are one, you’ll probably already know.

Although, there are certainly some key and inherent personality traits of being an extrovert which makes you stand out from the crowd.

I’ve spent some time thinking back on my own experiences with extroverts (I’m more of an introvert myself), as well as speaking to some of my extroverted friends to compile a list which I think perfectly captures the essence of an extroverted individual.

Here they are…

13 Personality Traits Of An Extrovert

Trait #1: Social Butterfly

Extrovert trait is being social

Probably the first extrovert trait that everyone thinks of when asked is that extroverts are quite literally the life and soul of any party or social situation.

This is because, unlike introverts who get their energy from alone time, extroverts become energized when interacting socially.

This means they thrive off the energy found at events such as weddings, concerts, and parties.

Some extroverts like to be the center of attention which can be seen as either a negative or a positive trait, but other extroverts simply love to mingle and connect with as many people as possible.

They can be especially keen to make new friends and expand their social network.

Extroverts also aren’t afraid to step outside of their social comfort zone, and are often comfortable in the company of complete strangers, or on territory unfamiliar to them.

The motto ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained’ is certainly one which can apply to many extroverts.

Trait #2: Chatterbox

Extroverts love to interact socially, and this means they are also usually excellent conversationalists.

Extroverts can get overzealous sometimes and barrage a group with comments and questions, but that’s simply because they’re having a good time and thriving because they are in their element.

Getting to know new people is the caffeine that extroverts need to recharge their batteries, and reconnecting with old friends can create a power surge!

Extroverts have also had the chance to hone their conversational craft over the years, meaning that they are able to guide conversations and navigate discussions with many voices as easily as any one-on-one conversation.

You’ll often find that when interacting with an extrovert, instead of not being able to get a word in edgeways, you’ll actually never be short of something to say.

Interaction is what extroverts do best, which can lead to a scintillating conversation that can make hours pass in what feels like mere minutes.

Trait #3: Not a Lone Wolf

While almost all extroverts are comfortable with some alone time, they typically need far less than the average person and a lot less than an introvert.

For an extrovert alone time can usually be reserved to sleeping, catching up on some TV, or the occasional lazy Sunday.

Too much time alone can be detrimental to extroverts, leaving them feeling isolated, frustrated, or itching to connect with others.

While social media is a great tool that extroverts enjoy, it really doesn’t compare to the buzz of a party or the pleasure they get from interacting face-to-face.

After a period of time alone many extroverts will need to actively seek company to recharge their batteries.

While extroverts are also usually found in large packs, they also aren’t afraid to splinter off into smaller more close-knit groups, and are usually the leader, or act as the glue that binds friends together.

Trait #4: Social Networker

social networker is a extrovert trait

As extroverts thrive on human interaction it’s not surprising that they typically have large friend groups or a network of individuals they can call upon for a chat.

Let’s be honest, we all remember that friend at school or work who just seemed to know anyone and everyone and always had a story to tell.

You know, these sunny, outgoing, and lovable people often form huge groups of friends and acquaintances.

While not always the case, extroverts often have a big social media presence, with large online friend groups or following.

Social media is a great tool for the modern extrovert, as it allows them to remain connected to others and keep their batteries charged even when physical meet-ups aren’t possible.

Many extroverts are also gifted at spotting someone new to a crowd, after all, many extroverts are used to operating in a large group, so they can spot a new face from a mile off!

Instead of feeling awkward as to how to approach the new individual, extroverts are often drawn to introduce themselves to the newbie and potentially add them into their existing friend group.

Trait #5: Magnetic Personality

Extroverts are often known to possess a magnetic personality, with their energy and exuberance often drawing people into their orbit.

This gift all comes back to the extroverts need to connect. Over the years, interacting with a variety of different personalities will give extroverts the conversational edge which makes them addictive to be around.

They’ll likely have learned the skills to become social chameleons and can simultaneously interact with different people from all walks of life in a way that feels relatable to each individual person.

Trait #6: Ball of Energy

woman showing Extrovert trait

Because extroverts are sustained by interacting with others, it can often seem like they never run out of energy, and are always keen to ask ‘what’s next’ at a social event or at the end of the workday.

While introverts will be looking to head home and kick off their shoes, an extrovert is usually more than happy to go for a coffee or, after a quick change of outfit, a meal or drinks after a full day of work.

This seemingly constant energy can be both a blessing and a curse for extroverts.

On the one hand, this extra energy can make them exciting and fun to be around, and can even infectiously reinvigorate others; on the other had it can make being around an extrovert an intense experience, and can be particularly wearing on already tired individuals.

Some people can even become jealous of extroverts, resenting them for their boundless energy.

Trait #7: Emotionally Vocal

This trait can be a double-edged sword for many extroverts, and can sometimes leave them in hot water, whereas at other times it can leave them empowered and in charge.

Extroverts tend to always speak what’s on their mind.

It’s not because extroverts lack a mental filter, but rather because they believe any grievance should be aired and cleared up immediately, instead of being allowed to fester.

This can result in amazing friendships in which both parties learn from each other and always truthful with one another, but can also lead to some explosive confrontations.

Once resolved however, these explosive arguments, however, can often lead to great friendships.

Within a group of friends, this can often be helped when introverts are there to add a more introspective view, helping people realize how to grow.

Often, these explosions air problems that would otherwise fester and ruin friendships.

Extroverts also aren’t afraid to let their opinions known, meaning they can become powerful leaders in group settings and are never left unnoticed in a discussion.

This openness can be inspiring to others, and extroverts can often find themselves building up those around them.

Trait #8: Optimist

woman who is a optimist

Because extroverts are at their best when they’re around people, they can often seem, at least externally, to be optimists, and in fact many extroverts are.

As I am not an extrovert myself I cannot comment on a personal level as to why this is so.

After some pondering I think it might be because extroverts feel so energetic and revitalized when making contact with others, it’s simply impossible to be anything other than optimistic!

It could also simply be down to the characteristic confidence of an extrovert, but really whatever the true reason is, the fact still stands that infallible optimism is an incredible trait that many extroverts seem to have.

Trait #9: Confidence

Another winning trait that many extroverts have is a sense of confidence that helps them to seamlessly navigate social challenges.

While for some extroverts this sense of confidence may be little more than a front, many extroverts have forged this trait through years of social interaction.

Confidence also leads into one of the rarest gifts of the extrovert that few others possess; the ability to truly laugh at one’s self and brush off mistakes.

Where many of us would want the ground to swallow us whole when making a faux pas at a social event, extroverts are simply able to laugh the mistake off using their confidence and social skills to swiftly move the conversation along to less embarrassing ground.

The same can be said for mistakes.

Extroverts are able to spot their mistakes and vocally own up to them before moving on.

Safe to say, extroverts don’t tend to dwell on the past!

Trait #10: Enthusiasm

Extroverts are known to be incredibly enthusiastic.

When faced with a task, they’re likely to jump straight in and get stuck in as they prefer learning through experience to taking a passive role.

While this can sometimes lead to failure, extroverts usually dust themselves off and jump straight back into the fray, making them a great person to have onboard within a company or project.

Put simply, extroverts are indomitable!

This eagerness to get stuck in can be a negative trait as well as a positive trait however, it depends on the circumstance.

For example, when tackling a long-term or larger sale project, getting up close and personal to the topic can prevent extroverts from seeing the bigger picture, inhibiting their potential.

However, this ability to roll with the punches can also be invaluable when stuck in a tricky situation or faced with an unexpected change of plans.

Extroverts can often think on their feet and come up with workable solutions while others are still left unsure what to do.

Trait #11: Daredevil

Because they know they can roll with the punches and adapt to adverse situations, extroverts typically aren’t afraid of taking risks.

For many extroverts, their personal motto is ‘no risk no reward’.

This can make extroverts very successful in fields such as business, where sometimes a risk is needed to take the next step in the future of a fledgling company.

This risk-taking attitude can also become prevalent in an extrovert’s personal life.

They may be found enjoying fast-paced sports or maybe a natural thrill seeker or adrenaline junkie.

Either way, extroverts enjoy living life to the full and aren’t afraid to take some risks to get there.

Trait #12: Flexibility

Several times in this article I’ve mentioned the extroverts amazing ability to adapt both in social and workplace situations.

Did you know however extroverts are also known to be incredibly flexible? (I’m not talking about yoga here!).

As extroverts tend to exhibit confidence, a lust for life, and the ability to quickly get back in the saddle, they’re really not afraid of going with the flow and seeing where the day or event takes them.

If you’re like me, an introvert, you’d probably panic if you had to go about your day without a to-do list, but extroverts are happy to let the chips fall where they may and deal with any resulting issues should the need arise.

On a similar vein, extroverts can also embrace spontaneity, and are happy to change or alter set plans at short notice.

In fact, some extroverts actually quite enjoy the sudden unexpected change as it offers a new opportunity to be embraced as well as keeping them on their toes.

Trait #13: An Open Book

woman extrovert smiling

People tend to find extroverts highly approachable and friendly individuals.

This partly because of their magnetic personality, but also because they tend to be such open books.

If an extrovert has a problem will you, they’ll tend to tell you about it.

They are also not afraid to talk about or share previous failures which helps build up others. This makes extroverts ideal group leaders within a workplace setting.

While getting to know an introvert can be quite hard work (though worth it I promise!), getting to know an extrovert is usually pretty easy.

You’ll often find you have a good impression of them, including their likes, dislikes, and world view from your first conversation.

If sharing is caring then extroverts are most certainly the caregivers of any social group.

I think this willingness to be open and at times exposed is at the core of every extrovert, and may well be the heart of what makes an extrovert so joyful to be around.

Willing to take risks, and learn from their mistakes, being flexible and enthusiastic, and spread themselves easily over a large group of people, there are so many reasons why extroverts truly are the life and soul of the party.