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The Raven Shifting Method – 9 Steps to Shifting Your Reality

The Raven Shifting Method – 9 Steps to Shifting Your Reality

Reality shifting methods are more and more popular online, as many people use them to escape reality or to try and manifest the reality they desire.

The Raven Shifting method is one of the most popular reality shifting methods because it’s very easy to do, yet very effective. 

In this article, I will explain in greater detail what the Raven Shifting Method is and the steps you need to follow to try it out, and I will also talk about the misconception that the Raven method is dangerous. 

What is the Raven Shifting Method?

the Raven Shifting Method

The Raven Shifting Method is a very popular reality-shifting method that can be used to mentally visit the reality you desire and as well to manifest the reality that you want. 

Reality shifting methods are methods used to mentally travel from your Current Reality (CR) to your Desired/Dream Reality (DR).

From my point of view, even if you are just using the Raven Shifting Method to mentally visit the desired reality, in time this could become your current reality – as long as it’s a reality compatible with this 3D world we live in. 

If you’re mentally visiting Hogwarts, as many Harry Potter fans do, you may not end up manifesting that very soon, because it’s not possible. 

However, you can mentally enjoy your occasional trips to Hogwarts if they bring you joy and satisfaction.

Just make sure you don’t start confusing your realities.

Why I think that everything you visualize can become your reality pretty soon is because I know the type of power that the human mind has.

A person can attract into their life whatever they are visualizing if they visualize it with faith and intent

If you want to switch to an alternate reality, one in which you are healthy and abundant for example, you can use your power of intent combined with a Reality-Shifting Method to manifest your Dream Reality into your current one.

To achieve this, you could also try doing these Reality Shifting Visualizations when it’s a New Moon, as the energies of the New Moon can help you manifest anything faster and sooner.

 How to Shift Realities with the Raven Shifting Method?

To shift your reality using the Raven Shifting Method, try the following steps: 

1. Make sure you are tired 

The Raven Shifting Method requires that you fall asleep.

Thus, If you’re not the type of person that can fall asleep anytime, anywhere, you must make sure that you are tired before. 

This may require that you wake up early on the day when you plan to try out the Raven Shifting Method, or that you do some physical exercise before it. 

The idea is to be a bit tired so that you can fall asleep from meditation, and to be in the right mindset for shifting your reality.

2. Lay somewhere peaceful and quiet

Shifting realities with the Raven method

To try out a Reality-Shifting Method, you need a suitable place for it.

This means a place where you can lay down and relax, meditate and fall asleep without being interrupted. 

Thus, you need a private and comfortable place.

Make sure no one walks in on you, and also that the room where you do it is comfortable – it has a comfy bed, is silent, is warm or cold enough, you can light incense if you need to, etc.

It’s important to know that for the Raven Method you should be laying on your bed in a starfish position – limbs spread wide apart, not touching your body.

This way, you can relax better and get into a deeper meditative state.

3. Play some meditation or subliminal music

One thing that helps when you’re trying a Reality Shifting Method for the first time, is playing some meditation or subliminal music. 

You can find plenty of such music on Youtube.

Meditation music helps your brain get into the Theta State, the state from which you can both visualize and manifest. 

Subliminal music or sounds are words and affirmations that are picked up by your subconscious mind (the most powerful part of your mind and that are meant to help you manifest by boosting your self-confidence. 

Subliminal messages can be positive or negative (like the ones used in commercials to manipulate you to buy something).

On Youtube, you will find subliminals with a positive impact, such as affirmations that “manipulate” your brain to believe it can do anything.

Thus, listening to these subliminals can speed up your Reality-Shifting process and can make it more effective.

4. Relax your muscles

After turning the meditation music or subliminal messages on, and getting in the starfish position, you need to start relaxing your muscles one by one – just like you do before every meditation. 

Start relaxing your muscles beginning with the muscles from the tip of your head, then your face, shoulders, and all the way down to the tip of your toes. 

Visualize and feel as each muscle relaxes, and allow your body to become soft and relaxed. 

Focus on your breath and allow all negativity to leave your body.

Empty your mind off any thoughts that you may have, and focus all your attention on your Reality-Shifting process.

5. Start counting while repeating affirmations

Doing affirmations with the Raven shifting method

The next step of the Raven Shifting Method is also the most important one.

You have to start counting up to 100, and in between each number repeat shifting affirmations. 

I suggest that you take your time with counting, feel each number and each affirmation and that you start with the most simple affirmations, letting the longer ones for the end. 

An example of a simple affirmation could be “I am shifting”, and a more complicated affirmation would be “I am opening the doors of my Desired Reality”. 

The shifting affirmations are the affirmations that bring you closer to shifting your reality.

Also, try to feel the whole process as if you’re climbing a staircase – with each step you are closer to the top of the staircase.

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6. Start visualizing your Desired Reality

Once you’ve counted all the way to 100, start visualizing your Desired Reality in as much detail as you can.

Visualize how the surroundings look, who is there with you, how you look, how you are dressed, how you’re feeling, and so on.

Try to visualize all these things while also feeling the happiness and joy of experiencing them, which can help bring them to fruition.

7. Use your intent

Another important step in using the Raven Manifestation Method is to add a strong intent of making the Desired Reality true

Of course, this is only possible if your Desired Reality is compatible with the reality we live in.

If you’re trying to manifest something unusual as living in the realm of Harry Potter or traveling back in time to the 5th century, the only thing that can happen is that, in time, elements of that era will somehow appear in your life, but you will never fully manifest it. 

However, if your Desired Reality is something palpable and achievable, like you owning a car or being happily married, then using the Raven Reality Shifting Method will definitely help you achieve your DR faster.

8. Fall asleep

After visualizing your Dream Reality for a while, you will have the feeling that you have “shifted”. 

This feeling is hard to explain, but you will know when you’ve “reached” your Desired Reality. 

It will be like a gut feeling telling you that you’ve achieved your goal. 

When you have this feeling, allow yourself to fall asleep with this feeling.

This way, you will experience your Desired Reality in your dream, and you could even wake up in a completely different reality, in which the thing you were trying to manifest is already happening or will happen very soon. 

This way, you’ll have the Raven Method work for you just like the Reality Transurfing Methods of Vadim Zealand. 

9. Synchronize it with the New Moon

This last step is not mandatory but is very useful if you want to use the Raven Method to turn your Desired Reality into your Current Reality.

That is, to shift from one reality to another, but completely. 

Remember what I said in the beginning, about the Raven Shifting Method being used in two ways – to just mentally explore an alternate reality, or to turn it into your reality. 

To turn it into your reality you’ll have to use intent while visualizing, and you can try the meditation for New Moon when the energies are very strong and they can help you manifest any reality you want. 

You can take this as an extra tip – a secret from White Magic that was well guarded for centuries.

If you choose to put it into practice, you should also know that there could be some actions you need to take after the manifestation, also known as the spiritual price. 

The spiritual price depends on o what you’re trying to manifest.

For example, if you want to reconnect with an old friend, the spiritual price can be to be vulnerable and tell them you miss them.

If you’re trying to manifest more money, one possible spiritual price would be to put in a few extra hours of work.

After the manifestation, pay attention to your intuition – it will tell you what to do to pay the spiritual price. 

Is the Raven Method Safe?

Showing if the Raven method is safe

Many people have been asking on the internet if there are some dangers to using the Raven Method. 

I’ve been talking about two purposes of using the Raven Shifting Method – to mentally escape your reality and visit your dream reality in your imagination, and the second purpose is to manifest something into your reality. 

Thus, I am going to talk about both ways of using the Raven Method separately. 

First, I want to mention that if you’re using the Raven Method correctly, there are no dangers.

The only dangers could appear for example if you’re using it to escape your reality, but you lose contact with your Current Reality and start to think that you live in a reality that does not exist.

However, this should not happen if you’re not experiencing any serious mental and emotional illnesses, such as schizophrenia or depression.

If you have suffered from any mental illnesses based on delusions (such as schizophrenia) and you need medication, I advise you to not try any Reality Shifting Methods, as your brain could be a bit more sensitive to images and start mixing up realities. 

If you have suffered from severe depression in the last 6 months, I advise you to not try any Reality Shifting Method for now, just wait until you heal completely and feel emotionally well. 

If you’re using the Raven Shifting Method to try and manifest something into your life, the only “danger” that could occur is that you don’t pay your spiritual price and don’t take the path that your intuition is showing you, and end up not having your Dream Reality manifested – maybe even end up a bit further from it and have to work more to achieve it in the future. 

The Raven Shifting Method is not dangerous, but rather is something very beneficial that can give you the life that you want or can help you relax and develop your imagination. 

However, as with any spiritual method, you just have to make sure that you understand it and apply it well. 

Also, just as any other spiritual method, the Raven Shifting Method is not suitable for everyone, and if you suffer from mental illness based on delusions that require heavy medication, is probably best not to use it. 

If you’ve tried the Raven Shifting Method at home, leave us a comment in the comment section below and share your experience with us. 

Also, if you’ve enjoyed this article and feel that it has offered you important spiritual knowledge, drop us a comment as well, as we care about your opinion and we do want to know how you feel after reading an article!