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Soulmate Married To Someone Else? These 15 Tips Will Help

Soulmate Married To Someone Else? These 15 Tips Will Help

You’re not alone in the situation of having a soulmate who is taken. 

It's very common to have a soulmate when they are in a relationship with someone else. 

This usually happens subconsciously, without much control over your feelings. 

While it can be painful to have a married soulmate when you want them for yourself, there are ways of coping that don't involve losing your humanity or sabotaging their marriage entirely. 

Here’s what to do when your soulmate is married to someone else. 

What To Do When Your Soulmate Is Married To Someone Else?

1. Stay positive

While it may be difficult to remain positive during this time, it’s important to remember that you have a lot of power in this situation. 

You can choose how you feel and act. 

This might be the most challenging thing for many people when they find out that their soulmate is married to someone else because it feels like an ultimate betrayal. 

However, if you want to make yourself happy and avoid becoming bitter yourself, then the best thing that you can do is support them as much as possible until such time comes when they are ready (if that day does come).

2. Get a gifted advisor confirmation

Soulmate married to someone else

A gifted advisor confirmation is a great way to get some answers. 

They will be able to tell you whether your soulmate is really committed, or if there are any red flags in their marriage. 

If they are truly committed and happy with their current marriage, then it’s time for you to move on with your life and find someone else who can give you what you need.

But if there is any doubt about whether or not your soulmate is committed, it’s important that you take action right away!

This could mean many things depending on the situation. 

For example, maybe your soulmate was cheated on by his wife last year — this would be a clear sign that something isn't working out between them. 

3. Do some research

You need to do some research. Talk to your soulmate's friends and family. 

Find out how long they have been together and what their relationship is like. 

If your soulmate is married, ask them if they are happy in their marriage or if they are miserable and have been looking for an escape route for years.

If they seem unhappy, then there may be an opportunity for you!

Talk to your soulmate's partner as well and get an idea of what kind of person they are by talking about their goals, dreams, and aspirations in life. 

Do they want children? Are there any specific things that will make them happy (e.g., traveling around the world)? 

What do they love doing on weekends?

Your next step should be speaking with your potential new partner’s partner. 

This will give valuable insight into how good of a match this person could potentially be for you both from both sides of the table!

4. Be respectful

You should be respectful of the other person's situation. 

Your soulmate has a marriage, and that is to be respected. 

They are married, and you cannot expect them to leave their family behind just so they can be with you. 

You must honor their choice, and even though it may feel like you'll never recover from this loss, being respectful means recognizing your role in the game of love.

Be respectful of the marriage and partnership between two people who have chosen each other over time, shared experiences together, or even raised children together—and yet still found happiness within themselves as individuals outside of marriage (if they cared about themselves enough).

This isn't just about respect for their relationship; it's also about respect for yourself!

5. Be kind and supportive

Hands together

You want to be the best person you can be for your soulmate. 

You must also be kind and supportive of the other person, as well as their family, friends, and co-workers.

You must never criticize or judge them. You must never complain about them to others.

Instead, talk about how great they are!

If your soulmate has problems with their partner or spouse, don't get involved in any arguments between them. 

Just stay out of it completely!

6. Don’t feel guilty

Don't feel guilty. You're not doing anything wrong by wanting to be with your soulmate, twin flame, or other half. 

It's not wrong to want someone – it's human nature.

It's okay to desire a relationship with someone else—even if they are married.

Your soulmate isn't going to suddenly wither away because you've been thinking about them too much. 

The Universe will recognize the connection between two people who are meant for each other and it will bring them together when the time is right.

7. Focus on yourself

While it may be tempting to focus on the life of your soulmate, especially if they are happily married and you’re still single, it’s important that you don't do this. 

Instead, focus on yourself and your own needs, goals, dreams, and desires. 

This doesn’t just increase your vibrational frequency, but it also helps you to keep your world turning even when your soulmate is taken. 

8. Talk to your twin flame about it

If you and your twin flame are close, you can ask them how they feel about your soulmate and all the details about your relationship with them. 

This might help guide you in making a decision about what to do next.

If not, then you should probably take some time to reflect on things on your own.

9. Move on

You can't control your soulmate's actions.  You can only control your own. 

And if you continue to be obsessed with the situation, it will only make things worse for you in the long run.

So instead of focusing on what could have been or how someone else is stopping you from being happy, focus on what makes you happy right now and let go of any negativity that may be holding onto you.

You are worthy of love and happiness—and so is your soulmate! 

They might be married to someone else right now, but that doesn't mean they'll always be married to them (and vice versa). 

Whether it takes a few months or several years for them to end their current relationship, there's no reason why things won't work out between the two of you eventually.

Focus on moving forward with your life instead of dwelling in the past or worrying about an uncertain future.

10. Let go of the need for control

When soulmate is married to someone else it's time to let go

This is a tough one, but it's also the most important step in moving forward. 

When your soulmate is married to someone else, it can feel like you're being controlled by outside forces. 

But no matter how much you want to change things around, there are some things that simply can't be controlled. 

You can only control what happens inside yourself — so focus on yourself!

Your best bet here is to accept where things stand without judgment or criticism (even when those feelings come up).

If you're mad at your soulmate for choosing someone else over you, let it go! 

By accepting these truths without blaming anyone else for them or getting angry about them, we have an opportunity to move forward with more peace than anger could ever give us. 

Focus on what matters most right now.

11. Consult with a psychic

If you feel the need to talk to someone about the situation, find a psychic. 

Not only can they help you see the bigger picture and understand what's going on in your soulmates life, but they can also help you understand them better.

A psychic will be able to tell you what your soulmate is thinking and feeling, which may help strengthen your bond with them. 

If it turns out that they have no interest in being with anyone right now, then maybe it's time for you both to move on with your lives.

12. Use the Law of Attraction

The law of attraction is all about energy. 

It's about what we think, how we feel, and what we focus on the most. 

When these things are aligned with our soulmate being married to someone else, then it's possible for us to summon them into our life. 

This is why we recommend that you use the law of attraction when dealing with this situation because it will help you align your thoughts with what you want in life.

It's important that you don't think too much or dwell on negative thoughts and feelings because they'll only bring more negativity into your life and prevent happiness from coming your way. 

You have an opportunity right now to change everything by taking action towards attracting love into your life without worrying if it's going to happen tomorrow or next year!

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13. The Universe works in mysterious ways

Soulmate with hands up in air

The Universe is a mysterious place. 

It has its own plan and doesn’t always work according to your idea of time and space. 

Your soulmate may be married to someone else, but that doesn't mean the Universe isn't going to give you what you want. 

The Universe is patient and it works in mysterious ways.

The first thing that you need to do is put down all your expectations about how life should go for you in this situation. 

Expectations are toxic because they make us feel powerless over our own lives, so let go of any ideas about how life “should be” or how things “should happen” if they don't fit into our preconceived ideas about how things should be happening!

This can be hard for many people because we all want quick results—and why shouldn't we? We deserve them! 

However, when we set up a goal for ourselves and then get frustrated when it doesn't happen right away (or even as soon as we'd like), it puts us at odds with ourselves which only makes matters worse.

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14. Allow the situation some time and space

When a soulmate comes into your life, it's natural to want to be together right away. 

After all, you've been waiting for them your whole life—why wait?

But when they're already married, they need some time and space to work through their feelings. 

Don't rush into anything; instead, give yourself some time and space too. 

You can't control other people's emotions or actions; you can only control yours.

15. Don’t sabotage their marriage

We know how much you love and adore your soulmate, and how you believe you were destined to be together.

Don’t sabotage your marriage to be with them, as this will only cause a lot of complications down the line.

Trust in the Universe’s process in bringing your paths together again.

Maybe not now, but eventually it may happen.

My Soulmate Is Marrying Someone Else, What Should I Do?

Soulmate is marrying someone else

If your soulmate is married to someone else, you may feel a sense of betrayal. 

You may want to confront the fiance, but if you do that, you'll lose your soulmate forever. Don't try to break up their wedding.

Don't try to make your soulmate leave their finance for you. If they are in love with their fiance, they will never be able to leave them for you.

If they do leave their fiance for you, it's likely that they will eventually regret it and return to them.

If your soulmate is engaged to someone else and doesn't want anything to do with you, then there's nothing more that you can do except move on with your life and find someone else who will love you back.

We know that a soulmate is a divine connection, but maybe your soulmate isn’t ready to see the truth of your relationship just yet.

When you’re dealing with soulmates separated by marriage, you have to trust in the divine timing and path of the Universe. 

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Your Soulmate Is Married, But So Are YOU

The notion that if you're meant to be with someone, they will leave their wife or husband for you is a dangerous one. 

It sets up a situation where you're placing all of your hopes and dreams on someone else making changes in their life that they may not want to make.

If both of you are married, there's really nothing else you can do. 

The fact that both of you have said your vows means you must commit to them. 

Unless one of you or both of you are unhappy with your marriage and the Universe finds a way for your souls to reunite once again, that’s the only time you can be together. 

But until then, you both have to respect your marriage and vows first. 

In Conclusion

At the end of the day, there’s no easy button for a situation when your soulmate is married to someone else. 

You can’t make your soulmate be with you just because you want them to, and they can’t force themselves to stop loving someone else if they really do. 

The best advice we have is to take care of yourself first and foremost, hold onto your hope that things will work out someday soon if they’re meant to, and keep doing everything in your power to manifest that outcome. 

It’s not going to be easy, but it will be worth it. 

And even if it doesn’t turn out the way you wanted in this lifetime, maybe everything has just been leading up until now so that when you see each other again next time around, neither of you will ever have any doubt about whether or not this is meant for real.