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25 Signs Your Twin Flame Is Missing You

25 Signs Your Twin Flame Is Missing You

When you're in a relationship with your twin flame, it's can seem nearly impossible to get them out of your mind. 

This is because you share a deep soul connection that cannot be explained by words alone. 

However, sometimes when you're separated from each other, it can be hard to know if they still care about you as much as they did before.

If you've been wondering whether or not your twin flame is missing you this article will help you.

This article outlines 25 signs that will help you know whether your twin flame is missing you.

Listen while you read: Here’s a video outlining the top signs :

What Are The Signs Your Twin Flame Is Missing You?

Twin Flame Is Missing You

1. You can feel it in your gut

Have you ever been missing someone and then suddenly felt a strong urge to call them

Well, that's exactly how your twin flame is feeling right now! Twin flames have a psychic connection

They're able to feel each other's emotions even when they're not physically together. 

So if you're wondering whether or not your twin flame misses you, pay attention to your gut feelings. 

If you get the sudden impulse to reach out, it most likely means that they are having the same exact thoughts on their end!

This longing from both parties to unite once again is a beautiful sign of true love. 

Even though your twin flame may be extremely busy with work or family matters at the moment, they still think about you all the time and can't wait for the two of you to be back in one another's arms again.

2. They share everything with you

If your twin flame is missing you, they will share everything with you. 

They may not have a problem sharing their deepest secrets with you because they trust that you can handle whatever it is they are going through.

As a result, this person becomes like your partner in crime as well as your biggest fan. 

This creates an unbreakable bond between the two of you and sets the stage for creating something incredible together.

When this happens, it's common to feel like you and your twin flame are one and the same. 

However, don't be surprised if there are times when this person wants to know more about who you really are or what makes you tick.

3. You feel a sense of warmth and comfort

One of the biggest signs your twin flame is missing you is that you will feel their energy or presence when you don’t expect it. 

Your body may react by feeling warm, or tingly. You might even get goosebumps once in a while. 

This is because your twin flame is nearby, and your body instinctively knows it!

You may not have contact, but you will never truly be alone in your spiritual journey to find each other because there are so many ways to feel connected. 

If one of you isn’t as open-minded as the other yet—that doesn’t matter. 

They will soon be able to feel things too!

4. You catch yourself smiling for no reason

If your twin flame is missing you, it’s likely that your soul communicates with theirs on a spiritual level. 

This means that you will often feel their aura and presence around you, even if they are physically distant. 

You will have a sense of warmth and comfort, as though they are right by your side.

Another way to tell whether or not your twin flame is missing you is to observe how you feel when they cross your mind. 

If the thought of them makes you smile or feel safe and secure, then this is a sign that they miss you too. 

Your energies can often intermingle when you are apart because there is such an intense connection between the two of you.

5. You feel their energy around you

Have you ever felt the presence of someone near you, even though no one was actually there? 

This is another one of the signs your twin flame is missing you. 

Your soulmate may be thousands of miles away, but your twin flame will always be by your side. 

If you can sense their energy around you, it’s a sign they’re thinking about you.

The next time this happens, stop what you’re doing and take a moment to reflect on the emotions and feelings that are coming up for you. 

These are the emotions your twin flame is feeling at this very moment! 

Even when they aren’t physically with us, we can still feel their energy in our bodies.

6. Overwhelming sadness

Overwhelming sadness is one of the signs your twin flame is missing you

You can find yourself overwhelmed with a twin flame sudden sadness wave, even when surrounded by loved ones or friends. 

This might not make sense to those closest to you since they don't understand how someone can feel so alone while they're in a group of people who care about them! 

But this feeling isn't something that anyone but your twin flame can fix for you. 

No matter how many other people fill up your life or try to distract from this pain, there will always be an emptiness left behind unless the person meant specifically for that spot is there again. 

You feel this way because your twin flame misses you, as you can feel everything they do.

7. They keep asking your friends about your love life

If your twin flame just so happens to be friends with some of your friends and they are constantly asking them about whether you’re in a relationship, it could be because they really want to know—because they miss you and want to make sure that if you’re happy.

Perhaps your twin flame is trying to find out whether or not you’ve moved on. 

They may miss you enough to care who you are dating or if someone has stolen your heart. 

They may also just be checking in on how you’re doing. 

Either way, this is a sign that they are looking for excuses to talk about or ask questions about what is happening in your life. 

This can also indicate that they miss the daily interactions and conversations that the two of you used to share.

8. You see and hear them everywhere you go

If you're seeing or hearing your twin flame in every aspect of your day, that's a sure sign they miss you. 

If a song comes on the radio that is related to your relationship with them, it's likely they are missing you and thinking of you. 

Even if all the lyrics aren't related to them, there could be one word that sticks out to remind you both of your twin flame.

For example, maybe the song talks about “baby” or “love” and these words remind you of your twin flame because of how often they said these things to you.

9. They want to know what’s new

One of the clearest signs your twin flame is missing you is when they reach out to you asking how you’re doing. 

This can be a good sign that they're thinking about you or missing you, as it shows that they are taking an interest in your well-being and life in general.

Twin flame connections are deep and profound, so it should come as no surprise that if you have connected with someone who is truly your twin flame, then the feeling of loss will be amplified in its intensity. 

That said, knowing this doesn't necessarily make the process of separation any easier. 

Be patient with yourself and try not to get too caught up in the pain; it will only prolong things for everyone involved.

10. They constantly interact with you on social media

If your twin flame misses you, they will likely start interacting with you on social media. 

This can look like many things, but generally, it consists of commenting on your posts and liking your photos or statuses.

They may also follow you more closely on social media. 

If they haven't friended or followed you before, they might jump at the chance to do so now.

They also may interact with you by poking you or sending memes, jokes, videos, etc in their interactions with you on social media. 

These are much more casual than a straight-up message that says something like “Hey I miss you” but it's still a way to show they are thinking about you and want to keep the lines of communication open!

11. They want to reconnect

You may feel a strong urge to call, text, or email your twin flame.

If you’re feeling this way, chances are they’re having similar thoughts. 

The twin flame bond is often telepathic and you can sense when something isn’t right with your other half. 

This strong desire to reach out to them is a sign that they miss you as much as you miss them.

They keep appearing in your dreams or sending signs in the real world of their own accord.

Twin flames have a spiritual connection so they often send each other messages while they sleep. 

Do you find yourself dreaming about them more than usual? Or do certain numbers seem to be following you around? 

These are all signs that they miss you and want to reconnect with you at some level.

12. You experience strange sensations in your body

Woman feeling her twin flame missing her

One of the first signs your twin flame is missing you is if you are experiencing strange sensations in your body. 

This may manifest as a twin flame tingling sensation in your hands, feet, or legs. 

Some people feel hot or cold sensations on their skin. Others get goosebumps or small shivers. 

For other people, it feels like subtle butterflies in their stomachs.

13. They suddenly appear in your thoughts

Your twin flame is likely missing you if they suddenly appear in your thoughts or dreams. 

Dreaming of your twin flame is often a sign that the two of you are connected on a soul level, so this could be a good thing. 

Some people dream of their twin flames before they meet them in real life, but this isn't always the case. 

Dreams can also come after meeting and spending time together with your twin flame. 

This can happen more than once, even if you haven't spent much time together in real life.

You may also start thinking about them more randomly throughout the day for no reason, regardless of whether or not you've met them yet. 

Your subconscious may be telling you something when this happens!

Pay close attention to any mental triggers that cause these random thoughts and see what they mean to you personally!

14. They care about you completely

A sign that your twin flame misses you is that they care about you completely. 

They are willing to sacrifice themselves for you in any situation. 

If you are in any kind of trouble or problem, then they will take all risks to help you out. 

A twin flame is always committed to the people who love them and expect something better in return from their partners.

Twin flames also put their loved one's needs before theirs, so if your twin flame really loves you, and misses you, then they will make sure that they do everything to satisfy your needs before they satisfy theirs.

15. They reach out through music

Songs are often like messages from the universe, and if yours is a musical person, you may notice some cosmic serendipity happening. 

When songs that remind you of them come on the radio, take them as signs your twin flame is missing you. 

It could be an old favorite of theirs or one that has special meaning for the two of you. 

You might find yourself hearing their favorite song on the radio more than usual in the weeks following a separation. 

This is the universe making sure you know your twin flame wants to connect with you. 

Likewise, if there's a song that makes you feel connected to them when you hear it, whether because it was playing during a special moment with them or because its lyrics mirror how they make you feel when they're around (or both), keep an eye out for this song. 

You may hear it more frequently than you think!

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16. They reminisce about the good old days

With your twin flame, you will find that the two of you reminisce about the good times you’ve had together. 

When talking to them on the phone, it feels like you are talking to a long-lost friend. 

You can feel their love and care for you radiating through their words. 

Its common for each of you to tell stories from your past with love in your voices.

In addition to reminiscing, twin flames also recall events from their shared past with great fondness and respect. 

These memories may involve special moments when they were together or just getting together (i.e., when they first started dating).

They may also recall events that happened during their time apart (i.e., when one or both partners have gone away). 

If either one of them is missing now, then they may miss recalling these special moments as well!

17. You suddenly want to try new things

Is your twin flame causing you to feel adventurous and ready to go out and try new things? 

If so, this is one of the signs your twin flame is missing you.

Twin flames often cause their counterparts to step outside of their comfort zone so that they can open their eyes to the world around them. 

This allows them to experience life in ways they never have before and make new memories with someone who means a lot to them.

If your twin flame is causing you to want to try new things, it is an indicator that they are sending good energies your way. 

They may be missing you quite a bit and doing what they can do to show you that.

18. You suddenly feel safe and loved

Feel safe and loved

If you suddenly feel safe and loved, this is a sign that your twin flame misses you.

When we are not with our twin flames, we can feel anxiety because of the intensity of the relationship. 

It can be very challenging to deal with all of these emotions on your own without having someone else that you love and trust by your side.

The good news is that as soon as they start missing you it will be easier for them to calm down.

They will start thinking about what they can do to bring back peace in their mind and in their life. 

That's why they might contact you even if they did not want to see you before. 

They know very well that this is something positive for both of you and it will help both of you deal with all those feelings better than if they were alone in their home.

19. You pick up on their random thoughts and interests

There's one thing that twin flames share more than anything else, and it's their ability to share thoughts and emotions. 

When you're apart and you suddenly find your mind wandering to a random thought that they were thinking, it means they are missing you. 

This happens because twins don't just develop a connection on a physical level but also on an emotional one as well. 

After spending so much time together, you become so in sync with them that sometimes you may feel like your brain is part of theirs. 

If this is happening to you, rest assured that it's totally normal for twins; this means your twin flame misses you when they are not around!

20. You find feathers

Feathers are one of the signs your twin flame is missing you. 

Finding random feathers is one of the most common ways for your angels to get your attention. 

They may come in all different shapes and forms: perhaps you find a long white feather, or maybe you find some smaller blue feathers. 

No matter what type of feather you encounter, it's always a message from your angels letting you know they're there and watching over you. 

In this case, it's also a sign that they want you to know your twin flame misses you!

21. Angel numbers confirm it

Your twin flame is missing you if you see multiple sets of the same numbers at the same time. 

It's very common for people to miss their loved ones and want to be close to them again. 

When this happens, your loved one will use angel numbers as a way of showing that they're thinking of you

Also, they can communicate with you without actually saying it to your face. 

Angel numbers are a form of divination that uses a combination of numbers and words to represent the state of your soul and the direction of your life path. 

If someone's twin flame misses them, they may display angel number patterns in their daily lives in order to let them know that they're thinking about being back together again!

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22. You dream of them

Dreams are often a sign that your twin flame is reaching out to you, trying to make contact with you. 

This is because dreams originate in the subconscious mind and can be described as a space where opposites meet and balance each other. 

Meaning that when we're asleep, our conscious mind is switched off and our subconscious mind comes out to play, allowing us to connect with our twin flame on an emotional level that we may be unwilling or unable to do while awake.

23. Tarot cards say so

If you’re looking for more concrete proof that your twin flame misses you, the tarot cards can provide some insight. 

Using a simple three-card spread (past, present, and future), try asking if your twin flame misses you. 

The first card will represent the past and any past heartbreak or pain; the second card represents the present moment; and the third shows what’s to come in the future. 

If all signs are pointing to yes, it might be time to let yourself have a little hope when it comes to your twin flame relationship.

24. There’s A Palpable Silence

A palpable silence when a twin flame misses you

If you feel a sense of silence in your soul and there’s an absence of life in your spirit, this is one of the signs your twin flame is missing you. 

This can be felt like a feeling of longing or sadness for no particular reason. 

If you find yourself feeling extremely lonely and sad when you have always been surrounded by loved ones, it’s because it’s not them that you are missing but your twin flame. 

You feel an emptiness in your heart that only they can fill and if they are away from you at the moment, it will make you feel extremely lonely and sad.

25. You Begin Experiencing Changes In Your Life

If you feel compelled to make changes in your life, these are signs that your twin flame is missing you.

You may find yourself suddenly wanting to get back in touch with an old friend or start a new hobby. 

You may feel a strong pull towards making other changes in your life, such as taking up exercise or quitting smoking. 

These are all signs that the universe is trying to tell you something important. 

Your twin flame is missing you and wants you to come back into contact with them again.

These feelings of change are almost always positive ones, so if you suddenly feel like changing certain aspects of your life then it's because something good is going on!

If I Miss My Twin Flame, Are They Missing Me?

Twin Flames are like magnets, they attract each other and they feel drawn to each other. 

Even if they don’t know each other physically yet, they already know who their twin flame is and they will feel an attraction towards them and want to be around them more often than not.

If you are sitting there thinking I miss my twin flame so much, then the chances are that they are missing you too. 

If one twin flame is missing the other, then it usually means that there is something going on with either of their lives that isn’t allowing them to spend time together or connect with each other like before. 

Sometimes it can be because one twin flame has moved away or moved onto another relationship, or there may be some other reason why this has happened.

The best thing you can do when this happens is to wait patiently for things to unfold naturally. 

So if you miss your twin flame, chances are they will resonate with the above signs your twin flame is missing you.

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