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Is Your Manifestation Coming? 11 Signs to Look For

Is Your Manifestation Coming? 11 Signs to Look For

If you’ve been working with the law of attraction successfully long enough, you’d already be familiar with some of the signs your manifestation is coming. 

However, if you’re new to all this and are looking for some reassurance that it’s going to happen, you’ve come to the right place! But before we get into that, I’m going to make something very clear:

Don’t look for signs to believe in your manifestation.

​Seeking guidance on this journey is natural, but remember that true belief doesn't require constant reassurance.

You get it? If you look for signs that your manifestation is coming, you’re going to give yourself more than a few unnecessary problems and experience delay.

Seeking reassurance from signs implies you don’t really believe it’s done.

Seeking signs that your manifestation is coming also implies – in the best case scenario – that you believe it is coming (but not here). Whip out that highlighter because this is important:

There is a huge, huge difference between “it is coming” and “it’s already done.”

Well then, why did I title this the way I did? To get your attention and help set you on the right path.

Without further ado:

11 Signs That Your Manifestation Is Coming

Manifestation Sign #1: You Feel at Ease About it

When it occurs to you, you don’t sweat it much. There’s an inexplicable knowing that it’s done. You’re very much relaxed.

In fact, you might even find that you don’t feel like doing any visualization about it anymore, because at this point it’s like turning a hose on yourself under the rain. So you relax and let it go.

Manifestation Sign #2: You Start to Notice More of What You Want

Let’s say it’s a new car. You start to notice the make and model you prefer, more and more. It seems to just be everywhere.

Don’t dismiss that as just coincidence.

It’s also so much more than your brain selectively focusing on the car because you’ve thought about it. It’s so much more. It’s a sign, from your Self, to you!

Manifestation Sign #3: The Dark Before the Dawn

Image representing the signs your manifestation is coming

Unfortunately, this can be one of the signs your manifestation is close.

Sometimes, you’ll find it gets worse before it gets better.

You want to manifest more money, and all of a sudden, there are emergencies or new financial obligations, and it’s almost like you just can’t catch a break!

What is going on? Think of it as a gift!

You’ve set an intention to experience something different than your usual.

Those horrible things that suddenly swarm into your experience are kind of like the universe or your Self asking you,

“Okay, are you still firm in your intention? Regardless of what you’re experiencing?”

If you remain calm and remind yourself gently your imagination is more real than what is, you will find these things will be resolved, and your desire will manifest!

Manifestation Sign #4: Messages Through Other People

The universe begins to send you messages through people around you!

Maybe you’ve been thinking about starting a new business, say with whole foods.

Then you’re having a conversation with a friend or family, and they suddenly say something like,

“I bet you’d do really great if you had a whole foods store. You know so much about proper food and nutrition!”

That’s a sign.

Manifestation Sign #5: Synchronicity

What most people want to dismiss as coincidence. But not you, because you’re a manifesting Jedi! Synchronicity happens every day, in so many ways.

When your manifestation is about to pop up in 3D, you begin to get more and more. You may see a certain sequence of repeating numbers all the time (known as angel numbers) – 11:1112:34, 111, 222, 333, 666 (yes, that can be a good number, contrary to popular opinion.) It could be a certain event happening several times in a row.

If you want to understand the energy and influence of YOUR unique numerology numbers based on your name and date of birth, then get a personalized (and free) video numerology report here. This reading is NOT one of those generic horoscope-style readings that apply to everyone. Every prediction and explanation you’ll see is based on YOUR personal numbers.

So anyway, just the other day I was on a really long trip. Took about a couple of hours. I heard sirens 5 times. That hardly ever happens.

I took that as a sign that my desires were announcing their entrance into my life and asking me to be ready. Some sweet things have happened since then!

Manifestation Sign #6: Hearing About Your Desire 

This is one of those unexpected signs of manifestation. But it’s one’s a good one.

In the realm of manifestation, anything you overhear might not be mere coincidence but a significant clue to your desires materializing.

You can overhear a conversation about your desire.

You might decide to turn on the radio, and then bam, they’re talking about the very thing you desire!

It can catch you off guard when you randomly hear about your desire from an unexpected source. But it will be cool because now you’ll know why.

Manifestation Sign #7: Dreams

Dreams are awesome, and if you don’t already do this, then I’d suggest you start keeping a dream journal.

When your manifestation is close (physically speaking, since we know it’s really already done), you begin to have dreams that show you you have it already.

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Manifestation Sign #8: Moments of Deja Vu

You begin to get a sense of having been where you are before. This is one of the ways that your Self shows you what you want is done.

It feels like you’re merely an actor playing your part in a script that is already written. A script that ends with you receiving your desires!

Manifestation Sign #9: A sense of excitement

You could say that this is one of the physical signs your manifestation is coming.

You feel some sense of expectation and joy because you know it’s coming. You can get excited, and not really have a tangible reason for why you feel that way.

You have a sense inside that “Something awesome is coming. I can just feel it.”

You can trust that! It’s a message from your soul to you. Feeling is the soul’s language. Learn to trust it if you don’t already.

Manifestation Sign #10: People Dropping Out of Your life

This is one of the weird signs your manifestation is coming.

Since everything is vibration, and the law of attraction brings like vibrations together, anyone who is not in alignment with the new desire you have created for yourself drops out.

They might move out of town, no longer keep in touch, or whatever.

You can find logical reasons to explain why they’re gone, but everything is vibrational. You start vibing at a frequency. If they cannot match you, they fade away.

Have you ever heard the saying, “Misery loves company?” It really does! If you’re vibing low, you’ll have low vibrational people and experiences in your life.

If you’re giving high vibes, you’re going to attract people and experiences of that frequency too.

It’s that simple.

It’s the same with money; if you aren’t vibrating a positive money vibe, then you won’t have a lot of money in your life. And if you are, you’ll have an abundance of money in your life.

If you are unsure about your money vibration, then you should take the free money vibration quiz. It’s by Stephanie Mulac, who created a very powerful manifesting technique called the “Vibration Jump Method”, which I love. You can take the free money vibration quiz here.

Manifestation Sign #11: Messages Around You

I remember I had always seen a friend’s curtain. It was for a soccer club called Liverpool and the curtain had its slogan on it.

I was desiring a change in my life at the time and had done my bit to set that change in motion on a vibratory level. One day I looked at the slogan, and it hit me on a deeper level than ever.

It said, “You’ll never walk alone.”

Imagine that! I’d read that day after day and not given it much thought. But once I began deliberately creating my desire, it clicked!

This can happen in any way. You might find a sentence in a book. You might see an ad on a billboard. I’ve had this happen while watching Deadpool 2 – where Domino says, “Everything usually works out for me.”

So there you have it; these signs should have shown you how to know your manifestation is coming.

Remember, signs follow your imagination. They do not come before. And, when they do come, it doesn’t mean your manifestation is coming. No. It’s already done.

You get to enjoy yourself along the way as it crystallizes into something physical.

Common Questions About Manifestation Signs

What Does it Mean if I am Feeling a Sense of Ease About my Manifestation?

Feeling a sense of ease about your manifestation is a positive indicator of your belief and faith in the process. It signifies that you have a deep intuition and trust that what you desire is already in progress.

This feeling of relaxation and confidence reflects your inner alignment with your thoughts and goals, reinforcing the power of gratitude and patience in the manifestation journey.

Is There a Significance to Seeing Signs Related to my Manifestation?

Yes, seeing signs related to your manifestation often holds significant importance. These signs, or synchronicities, are not mere coincidences but are believed to be the universe's way of showing you are on the right path.

For example, encountering specific symbols or messages that resonate with your goals can be a powerful affirmation of your belief and faith in the manifestation process. 

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What Does Seeing Repeating Numbers Mean in the Manifestation Process?

Seeing repeating numbers is considered one of the synchronicities in the manifestation process. It's often interpreted as a message from the universe, your subconscious mind, or spirit guides guiding and reassuring you about your path.

How can I differentiate between coincidences and genuine signs of manifestation?

Differentiating between coincidences and genuine signs of manifestation often comes down to intuition and the context of your thoughts and experiences.

A genuine sign typically resonates deeply and aligns with your current intentions or desires. It feels meaningful and often appears repeatedly in various forms.

For example, if you’re focusing on manifesting a new opportunity, and you repeatedly encounter references to that opportunity in unexpected ways, this could be considered a genuine sign. On the other hand, a mere coincidence might not evoke the same sense of relevance or connection to your current manifestation efforts. 


Saturday 17th of July 2021

I had been with the same guy on and off for 10 years, he’s the father of my children so leaving made it hard. Well when I finally made the decision to break up with him and realized I deserved better I was seeing 11:11 every where everyday. Weeks later I decided to see if we could work it out. After a week or so, I stopped seeing 11:11. Two weeks ago I came to my final decision that I just won’t ever be happy with him, the love is gone, and I started seeing 11:11 again. It’s amazing how the universe tells you, you’re on the right path and it’s up to you to listen.


Thursday 15th of July 2021

Wow bro, it was just great reading what you share. It is so real of you! And your humility is inspiring and liberating. Good things and may the universe guide and bless us.


Sunday 21st of February 2021

Hi, so I have been trying to manifest a certain thing for a little bit now. Probably a couple of weeks. I’m not gonna go into detail about what it is. Within the past week I have been seeing some really strange things and I just want to ask if they were signs. First, I asked for 1 sign that was really obvious my manifestation was coming. A couple of hours later my friend sent me a video titled “This is a sign.” I was like wow this is insane. Also, there are certain numbers that have to do with this manifestation that I am constantly seeing everywhere. They are 22, 39, 51 and 81. I see the number 22 the most. For some reason I keep seeing those numbers. When I look at the clock or pause a video. Yesterday I was going on a half an hour drive and I ask to see those number on at least 5 license plates. Not all at once of course. The crazy thing is that I saw the numbers twice in the first minute of the drive. But the even crazier part is that I counted every time I saw one of those numbers. I saw them a total of 22 times. I was going nuts because I can feel this manifestation coming soon and that just got me more excited. I also just have a feeling that I can’t explain that I know it is coming soon. Does this mean anything?

Alan Young

Tuesday 2nd of March 2021

Wow that's an amazing story. You get sent a video called "This is a sign" after you wanted a sign, I would take that as a sign. Even the numbers as you said are to do with your manifestation so I would take that as a sign as well. Now you've seen your signs it's time to stop looking for signs and allow the manifestation to unfold. Take any actions you feel inspired to take but apart from that allow the universe to unfold in a way it needs to. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment 🙏


Friday 8th of January 2021

Hey! i've been manifesting a lot lately and i manifested my ex back. we had a really good relationship before but broke up because of family problem. Lately the angel's number keep appearing and i had dreams about him for 4 days straightt.... and other signs kinda showing too! i hope it's really close and gonna happen! I am ready....

Alan Young

Tuesday 12th of January 2021

Thanks for your comment Tania, I hope all manifests as you want. 🙏

Gwendolyn Aldridge

Sunday 20th of December 2020

Everything I've read is happening 100%.. Thank you my Spirit guides light & love ...

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