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Septarian Meaning, Healing Properties & Powers (Full Guide)

Septarian Meaning, Healing Properties & Powers (Full Guide)

Septarian Nodule, also known as Dragon Stone, is a three-color gemstone made up of Aragonite which is the brown, Calcite which is the yellow, and Limestone which is the white or the grey. 

The name Septarian is derived from the word “Septaria,” which refers to any structure that has internal cavities or fissures.

In this article, we will be looking at the Septarian meaning, healing properties as well as some other Spetarian properties that will benefit you in your daily life. 

What Is Septarian?

Septarian fossils are thought to have originated when sea levels were significantly higher during the Cretaceous epoch.

Small sea life died as a result of volcanic eruptions and other events and eventually sank to the seafloor.

Sediments accumulated as the gemstone disintegrated, forming a nodule or mudball.

When the oceans withdrew, the mud balls were exposed to the air and dried up, and shrinkage and cracking occurred.

This cracking creates the lovely patterns you see inside septarian nodules.

What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of Septarian?

Spiritual Meaning Of Septarian

Septarian gets its name from the Latin word “septum,” which means “partition,” due to the fissures or cavities that are common in this stone, and Septarian crystals are commonly referred to as nodules due to their unusual shape.

If we take a look at the spiritual meaning of Septarian, the gemstone invites you to attain inner peace and connect with the spiritual realm.

Septarian also promotes collaboration and understanding by assisting you in making connections with others.

It is a stone that promotes physical and mental well-being.

Septarian is supposed to be beneficial to persons in recovery or who are suffering from addiction.

Septarian is an excellent meditation stone that can assist you in connecting with your higher self.

The Septarian Nodule meaning motivates you to examine yourself and discover your own realities.

Septarian is also a good stone for emotional healing because it helps you expel bad energy and emotions.

Why Would You Use Septarian?

Septarian has a significant and varied impact on the lives of those who use it.

The minerals found in the stones have their own unique effects on you, which might change depending on the situation.

Let’s take a look at why you would use Septarian and how the healing properties can help you better your life. 

Metaphysical Healing Properties

Septarian is a connecting stone, both with others and with the spiritual realm.

It is supposed to be beneficial to persons in recovery or battling addiction. Septarian is also thought to help in emotional healing.

Septarian can assist you in returning to the path of spiritual growth if you are feeling lost or alienated.

Septarian is a stone signifying unity, oneness, and totality. It encourages you to connect with the spiritual realm and find harmony within yourself.

It also promotes cooperation and understanding by allowing you to interact with others.

Septarian & Emotional Healing

Septarian can cleanse negative energy from your environment and all residual sentiments of sadness, hurt, or hatred when it comes to emotional recovery.

Its healing energies can relax your mind and teach you how to make better decisions in life.

It helps to balance the energy in your body, heart, mind, and spirit by providing a channel for thought transmissions.

The concretion stone is the Septarian. Physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, it grounds and protects you.

When you wish to manage your physical, emotional, cerebral, and spiritual abilities, Septarian is the stone to employ.

On an emotional level, the stone's emotional healing powers will encourage both calm and understanding.

It will improve your emotions and well-being by allowing you to combine and increase your own energies.

Septarian's emotional healing powers can also help you figure out the path you want to take.

Because it emits a loving, peaceful, and kind energy pattern, this stone enjoys being handled.

If you'll be in front of a large crowd, it's also a lovely stone to wear or carry.

Its energies will fill you with self-assurance and strength, allowing you to command attention.

As a grounding stone, septarian will help you to be more tolerant, patient, and emotionally adaptable.

If you employ this stone in your meditation, it will be able to detect what is wrong and assist you in healing yourself.

Septarian will take your energy and transform it into what you require in order to become a stronger, healthier, and happier person.

It's a powerful grounding stone that will keep you strong and stable no matter what's going on around you.

When you're under a lot of stress or have a lot of anger in your heart, Septarian is the perfect partner stone.

This stone's emotional healing powers will provide you with the emotional stability you require, as well as the support and strength you require to keep going.

Septarian For Luck & Wealth

Septarian Egg

Septarian is an excellent stone for protection against litigation.

It's a fantastic stone to have while you're in a crisis since it helps you remain cool and collected.

It will keep you from making any more mistakes.

Septarian stones will provide you with strength when you are weak.

They'll ground you when it feels like everything you've fought so hard for is crumbling.

They have the ability to address problems effectively.

They will promote workplace cooperation and can help to reduce the tendency to brag or act as if you know everything.

These magnificent stones will boost your self-esteem and provide relaxing energy.

You will make fewer blunders if you remain cool and collected.

When it comes time for a promotion, proving yourself trustworthy, as septarian will help you do, means you'll be significantly more likely to get noticed by your co-workers and bosses– or the respect of your customers and clients, if you're in business for yourself.

Septarian will help you keep calm and using a pragmatic attitude when dealing with the challenges ahead of you will also benefit you, as it will boost your confidence and prevent you from giving up on your aspirations when things get tough.

Septarian For Love & Relationships

Septarian will remind you of the significance of seclusion when it comes to love.

Even if you are in a serious relationship, it will enhance your desire to maintain your solitude.

Just because you live in the same house, share the same bed, and have the same children doesn't mean your feeling of privacy should be compromised.

Your privacy is still vital since it will help you feel like the same person you were before, especially when combined with the March Birthstone.

It will make you feel as if you still have something inside of you that you haven't revealed to anyone.

It does not have to be something negative.

It's completely fine if it's something nice that you alone want to appreciate for yourself.

The stone's energies will assist you in removing unwanted attention or a person's negative opinion of you.

It will allow you to maintain your identity and avoid being watched, scrutinized, or interrogated about your personal matters.

It will enable you to communicate effectively with your partner, speaking plainly and respectfully while sharing your true thoughts and feelings.

Septarian will dispel negative energies that distort your judgment and cause you to cling to undesirable feelings.

Your aura becomes thicker and darker the longer you hold on to these feelings.

An aura that is dark and heavy will never attract positive energy!

Septarian is a significant stone since it can help you relax. Patience and tolerance will both be improved by it.

It can help with sadness and other negative feelings.

It can especially help with emotional stress. It should not be emotionally, physically, or mentally toxic to be in love or in a relationship.

You can always channel the energies of the magnificent septarian if you're in a relationship that's more stressful than fantastic!

What Are The Healing Properties Of Septarian?

Healing Properties Of Septarian

Septarian Nodules assist people in reaching deeper levels of thought and self-awareness.

They stimulate the desire to solve problems and rid the mind of irrelevant thoughts, making them an excellent meditation stone.

Because Septarian is made up of various stones, it has the metaphysical properties of each, but it also has its own set of abilities.

Let’s take a look at a few Septarian healing properties and benefits. 


Our first metaphysical healing property of Septarian is grounding. 

Septarian is a grounding stone that assists you in firmly planting your feet in order to be totally present.

This stone promotes patience and tolerance, as well as the capacity to smoothly transition between emotions.

Septarian has the ability to absorb and change the forces that threaten to overwhelm you.

Helps You Durning Public Speaking  

Our next healing property of Septarian is the ability it has to help you with public speaking. 

Septarian is wonderful to have on hand to calm your nerves and eliminate any indications of anxiousness.

When you're about to speak in front of a large group or audience, for example.

It will cause you to speak naturally and eloquently, and every word you say will command the attention of everyone in the room.

Keep this in mind if you are wearing a Septarian stone or otherwise having it on your person before giving a speech or trying to negotiate a difficult subject.

Releases Emotional Stress 

Septarian metaphysical healing properties will help you let go of your mental stress, negative ideas, and tumultuous emotions.

It will motivate you to overcome your depression and avoid being overly influenced by your negative nightmares.

Septarian is a beautiful stone with a lot of vitality.

It will assist you in releasing and regulating your energy, allowing you to avoid dealing with blocked energies!

Mental Strengthener 

Septarian Stone is a mental tonic that can assist you in overcoming any damaging or uncomfortable situations that sap your mental vitality due to its healing properties.

It will help you locate your mental toggle, allowing your mind to chime in with the good condition's rhythm even more.

The healing properties of the Septarian Stone will also assist your body in magical detoxification.

Septarian will also emphasize the significance of self-care.

It's commendable that you prioritize the happiness of others.

However, your emotions will eventually catch up with you, and you may begin to feel resentment for all the opportunities you've missed.

It will urge you to not just care for others, but also for your own well-being.

Septarian will bring acceptance, patience, kindness, and understanding to your partnership.

It will improve your emotional flexibility and your ability to control your wrath and hatred.


As a protective amulet, soldiers were given Septarian Stone.

When it came to healing wounded and halting clotting, it was supposed to give troops the bravery of a dragon and the biological regeneration repair of a reptile.

It will give someone the inner strength to dive deep within themselves and confront their deepest realities and repressed pasts.

Accepting the truths with compassion and awareness helps to develop a personality.

The first step in realizing one's inherent strength is to embrace oneself.

The Varieties Of Septarian

Different varieties of septarian

There are several different Septarian stone types that are important for us to go through. 

Calcite-Aragonite Septarian is a stone made up of two separate Calcite, Aragonite, and Limestone varieties.

This Septarian is regarded to be very good for those who are battling addiction or recovering from it.

It is also supposed to aid with emotional recovery.

Septarian nodules are small, smooth-surfaced, spherical stones. They're usually the size of a tennis ball or a golf ball.

Septarian Concretions are bigger stones with a diameter of many feet.

How to Use Septarian For The Best Results?

There are several different ways in which you can use Septarian for the best results.

Let’s take a look at some of the common ways to incorporate Septarian into your daily life. 

Septarian Pendant 

Wearing this gorgeous Septarian stone serves to provide the wearer with enormous vitality, keeping them active and robust.

It's a brave gemstone that aids in the release of all concerns, timidity, and ego.

It helps people gain a deep understanding of themselves by supporting them in rediscovering and tapping into aspects of themselves that they may have overlooked.

It's a powerful traveling crystal since it awakens the soul to healing from others as well as from within.

Only through forgiving oneself can one adore and accept everyone, resulting in a powerful interaction of Heart and Root forces.


This talisman is also an excellent tool for accessing past life energies and memories.

Repeatedly meditating with this stone on your third eye will help you see visions from your past lives and have a better understanding of your current life.

In Your Bedroom 

Septarian will also aid to enhance one's dreams and give them a new level of vividness.

To get the most out of this stone, place it next to your nightstand or inside your pillowcase.

Feng Shui

Septarian is an excellent Feng Shui stone. It can be utilized to produce balance and harmony in the Center area.

Septarian can also be utilized to promote collaboration and understanding in the Relationships section.

Septarian is a fantastic pick for the Meditation section.

It can assist you in reaching out to your higher self and discovering your own truths.

Septarian Chakra Compatibility

Septarian chakra connection

The Heart Chakra is strengthened and expressed by Dragon Stone. To struggle for equality and change.

It reconciles the system by balancing masculinity and femininity elements, as well as cognitive, social, physiological, and auric factors.

This gemstone aids in soul expansion and anxiety release. It also protects the Heart Chakra by creating an energy barrier around it.

As you engage your Heart Chakra, you may feel a surge of positive vitality, allowing you to be more motivated to embrace change and attempt new things.

The Septarian Stone activates the Root Chakra, which is located at the base of the spine.

It draws pleasant, caring energies from Humanity's flaming center because it delivers vitality further into Root Chakra.

Different energy output, enthusiasm, heightened raw prowess, and stamina are all sensed when the Root Chakra is aroused.

It encourages self-acceptance and feelings of security.

It has a strong ability to ignite the energy field, resulting in magnificent long periods of awareness.

Kundalini rising sends life shooting up into the brain and around the temples, culminating in a profound spiritual connection.

Kundalini energy is also known as Dragon or Serpent energy.

As a result, the most powerful symbol is a dragon which is why Septarian is known as the Dragon stone as well. 

The Best Crystals To Combine And Use With Septarian

Septarian works well with other combination crystals to increase the healing properties and minerals in your aura.

Septarian and Novaculite might help you relax and relieve tension and anxiety.

It's a terrific soothing stone, which makes it an excellent meditation tool.

Other crystal combinations for specific Chakras include:

  • Root Chakra: Red Jasper, Smoky Quartz, Hematite
  • Sacral Chakra: Carnelian, Orange Calcite, Sunstone
  • Solar Plexus Chakra: Yellow Jasper, Golden Topaz, Citrine
  • Heart Chakra: Epidote, Peridot, Rose Quartz
  • Throat Chakra: Aquamarine, Blue Lace Agate, Sodalite
  • Third Eye Chakra: Purple Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, and Clear Quartz
  • Crown Chakra: Diamond, White Howlite, Selenite

Tips On Cleansing And Charging Septarian

A multitude of methods can be used to cleanse and charge Septarian.

The following are some of the most common techniques to cleanse and charge Septarian:

  • Sunshine: To wash and recharge your stone, place it in direct sunlight for a few hours. Place your stone in the moonlight to cleanse and energize it overnight.
  • Running water: To cleanse your stone, run it under running water for a few minutes.

You can also use a Selenite crystal to charge your stone. Selenite is a stone that is recognized for cleansing and charging other stones.

How To Clean And Care For Your Septarian

Cleaning Septarian

Rinse the Septarian with warm water to clean it. Make sure your Septarian jewelry is completely dry before you wear or store it.

This geode should not be cleaned with aggressive chemicals, ultrasonic machines, or steam cleaners.

Keep Septarian geodes away from harder materials when storing them, preferably in a soft pouch or a separate bead tray.

Septarian Zodiac

Septarian is a stone connected with the Virgo astrological sign.

Virgos are analytical, perfectionists, and continuously looking for ways to improve themselves.

Septarian can assist you in developing these qualities and becoming your greatest self.

It can also assist you in reaching out to your intuition and spiritual realm.

Septarian can be a great partner on your quest if you were born under the sign of Virgo.

Septarian As A Birthstone

Although septarian is not a conventional birthstone, it can be worn as a substitute for people who do not have one that they feel connected to.

As we mentioned before, this stone does resonate with people who are born in March 

It might assist in supporting and promoting the attributes connected with your zodiac sign.

Septarian Nodule Legend & History

Septarian nodules are mud bubbles that developed between 50 and 70 million years ago and have been preserved.

They're made of Calcite and Aragonite, and they're covered in limestone.

Septarian nodules are crystal pockets formed by air bubbles.

The combination of minerals creates an intriguing texture and color contrast, making it a popular stone for home decor.

Septarian is a stone that has been utilized for healing purposes throughout history.

Septarian was utilized by the ancient Egyptians for healing and protection.

Native Americans employed it for its mystical effects as well.

Septarian is a stone of Mother Earth, and it is frequently utilized in earth healing rituals.

Septarian FAQ

Now that we know more about Septarian, let’s take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions. 

How Much Does Septarian Cost?

Septarian can cost anywhere from $5 to $200 depending on its size and quality.

In comparison to some of the more expensive crystals, it is a reasonably inexpensive stone

How To Know If A Septarian Is Real Or Fake

One method is to examine the color. Real Septarian is a rainbow of colors, whereas fraudulent Septarian is usually a single color.

Feeling the stone's texture is another way to tell.

Real Septarian has a rough texture, but fraudulent Septarian has a smooth feel.

You can also look for bubbles and inclusions. Inclusions and bubbles are present in real Septarian, but not in phony Septarian.

If you are doubtful, it is usually advisable to get advice from a knowledgeable crystal expert.

Where is Septarian Stone Found?

The majority of Septarian Nodules come from Utah and Madagascar, where the Gulf of Mexico originally stretched.

You can find this gemstone in some parts of South Africa and Australia as well. This stone is hard to mine so it can be quiet rare. 

Final Thoughts

Septarian spiritual meaning has a powerful effect on your mind, body, and soul.

Septarian healing properties aid you in bettering your life. 

Septarian is a grounding and protective stone that can protect your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.

The Septarian stone, commonly known as the Crystal of Strength, is a valuable and ancient stone.

It will aid you in devising new ways to stay energized, involved, and focused during your journey.

It will make you feel more fulfilled, which will inspire you to achieve your goals.

Your chakra system will also provide you with psychic strength.

It can help you relax on particularly stressful days and offer you a greater grasp of things on an emotional level.

It will improve your mood and increase your emotional stimulation. It will boost positive energies while removing negative energy.

It will also assist you in deciding the path you wish to take.