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Scrying Mirror Dangers – Will You Be Truly Safe?

Scrying Mirror Dangers – Will You Be Truly Safe?

Scrying is a powerful divination method that has been used since ancient times by people who wanted to glimpse into their past lives, or to obtain any information about themselves from their past, present, future, or from a parallel dimension.

It is said that even Nostradamus resorted to scying in order to make his now famous predictions.

The word “to scry” itself means “to reveal” and it comes from old English.

Scrying can be done using almost any object that can act as a portal between the practitioner and the spirit world, but the most common objects for this method are scrying mirrors (also known as black mirrors or magic mirrors), crystal balls and the reflection of water.

How does scrying work?

Scrying requires the practitioner to enter an altered consciousness state, also known as the Alpha state.

This state is achieved by using a simple meditation technique, in which the conscious mind is silenced and the person declares their intention to receive messages from the spiritual realm.

In this altered consciousness state, the practitioner receives information from the unseen world about the chosen topic in the form of visual flashes.

The black mirror (or any other object used) does not actually provide the information for them, but simply acts as a focal point, a portal between them and the spiritual realm.

The information is brought to them by their spirit guides and guardian angels, that’s why it’s important to ask for divine guidance and help before commencing this rite.

Are there any possible dangers or side-effects to using a scrying mirror?

As scrying is a magical rite, this is a normal question to ask yourself before you decide that you want to try it.

For everyone who has an interest in the paranormal or metaphysical my advice is to never try any rite or method without doing proper research on how to do it and what setbacks it could have.

Unfortunately, just like any other magical rite, scrying has its dangers and the practitioner may have to deal with the consequences if they don’t use it wisely.

But scrying itself is not dangerous, nor is the black mirror or the crystal ball.

Scrying is simply a divination method, and the mirror and the crystal ball are mere objects that gain magical properties due to the user’s intention.

Because scrying connects the practitioner to the spiritual realm in order to bring them information that they requested, the dangers that can appear are not related to the practice itself nor to the object of choice.

The dangers that can you can face by using a scrying mirror are more related to you as a person, to your intentions and level of vibration.

Here is a list of the most common mistakes people when using scrying mirror that can make this process dangerous for them:

5 Possible Dangers Of Using Scrying Mirrors

1. Manifesting fear during the rite.

Fear is a low-vibration emotion, that connects you directly to the lower planes of existence and entities residing there.

If you manifest fear during a magic rite, it means that you do not trust yourself enough, your guardian angels, spirit guides and the divine source to believe that you will be safely guarded.

Your lack of trust will be seen as a weakness by the entities from the lower planes of existence, and they might decide to take advantage of you.

Because during scrying you open the portal between you and the spiritual realm, it will be very easy for them to pass through it and remain in this plane of existence, making themselves comfortable in your house and into your life.

From there on, consequences will not cease to appear. In order to prevent this from happening, do a very powerful prayer before scrying, invoking the help of your guides, angels and the most powerful entities that you usually work with.

If for any reason you still feel scared or unprepared, refrain from scrying and try to see where the fear is coming from.

2. Unethical intentions

If your intentions for scrying are maleficent even the slightest bit, this again will connect you directly to the lower planes of existence, attracting the entities that match your thoughts and emotions in terms of vibration.

A very important thing to remember, trying to use any sort of magic in order to harm someone, or to find out something that will help you in any malevolent action, you will pay the karmic price or your deed, and it will be a lot worse than you can imagine.

For example, don’t use scrying in order to connect to a demon that will help you inherit all of your family’s fortune when you only rightfully deserve half.

You may get the fortune, but the cost for that will way too high to be worth it.

Scrying should only be used with the intention of receiving information that is beneficial to you and helps you advance on your spiritual path.

If you have any other intention for scrying, it’s better to just refrain from doing it, unless you wish to deal with the disastrous consequences that will appear.

3. Asking for information that you are not ready to receive

If you intend to ask questions about any topic that you are sensitive to, you might think twice before doing it.

For example, don’t try to connect to another plane of existence to see a deceased relative or to ask about their death if this could emotionally impact you in a negative way.

Many people have found out things they were not ready to know using scrying, and the emotional pain that came with it was enough to make them resort to alcohol and drugs in order to numb it.

Entities from lower planes might have helped with that as well.

Therefore, be very cautious when you are asking to receive any sort of visual information through scrying.

I just can’t say this enough: It’s best to just play safe and only ask information that is meant to help you grow and understand your path better.

4. Scrying while using alcohol and drugs

If fear connects you to lower planes of existence, just wait to see what alcohol and drugs can do.

Alcohol and drug are toxic substances that have a very low vibration and they attract maleficent entities even when not used in spiritual practices. Yet, some people resort to them when they perform certain rituals in order to relax better and obtain a trance-like state.

While they might help you with that, the setbacks are lot worse: they can prevent you from accurately concentrating on your task, they can make you forget bits of important information you are receiving, and the worst part – they connect you straight to the lowest spiritual planes possible.

Even if you are an experienced practitioner, able to recognize and banish maleficent entities, you will not be able to do it because drugs and alcohol affect your power of will and imped you from thinking straight.

Also, with your vibration being lowered by these toxic substances, you may become too weak to reject or fight those entities.

5. Scrying with the intention of connecting to dark entities

Any spiritual worker is free to choose the entities they want to work with and the level of vibration they want to maintain in their life.

If you want to work with darkness, it’s up to you, but make sure you research properly and understand the consequences of doing that.

Scrying can be used to connect to other planes of existence in order to contact entities – dark or light ones, but this can also enable those entities or others to pay you a visit afterwards and decide that they want to stay.

Any entity comes with a certain energy that then alters your vibration, if that entity is attached to you or your house.

When your vibration is altered in a negative way, the people and situations you attract into your life may not be pleasant ones.

Therefore, it is wise to understand the consequences of connecting to lower plane entities before deciding that you want to do so.

To summarise, the dangers that come with using a scrying mirror are not brought on by the mirror itself, but by the practitioner’s thoughts, actions and level of vibration.

In its nature scrying it’s not good or bad, it is simply a divination method or a magical rite.

Just like any spiritual practice, it becomes beneficial or harmful, depending on the intentions of the person using it.

Keep your intentions pure and beneficial, and you will have amazing results with scrying and spiritual practices in general. If you give in to dark temptations, expect this to come with a cost.