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7 Most Powerful Root Chakra Stones For Balance & Harmony

7 Most Powerful Root Chakra Stones For Balance & Harmony

We all have chakras that run through our bodies and look after specific parts of us. They are wheels of energy and are really important in keeping us happy and healthy.

They work together and need to be open, balanced, and in harmony. 

One of these chakras is the root chakra, which is located at the base of the spine. It is the first chakra and is important in keeping us grounded and secure. It links us to the earth and allows us to be safe, wherever we are. 

The root chakra is associated with our basic needs and our animalistic side. It provides us with the support we need to be free to follow our dreams. 

Why Use Root Chakra Stones?

Root Chakra Stones

As the root chakra provides us with an important foundation of safety and security, we need to make sure that it is balanced and open.

One way of doing this is through root chakra stones.

To survive and thrive in the physical world, we need to take care of our root chakra. A part of doing this is using stones to balance and open the chakra. 

When our root chakra is not balanced, it might become either overactive or underactive. These both can cause serious issues in regards to our health, peace, and happiness.

A lot of things can cause an imbalance in your chakras, and is mainly caused by emotional stress. 

However, sometimes an imbalance just happens and we might not be able to discover the cause of it! 

When a chakra is overactive, there is too much energy flowing through it and therefore causing an imbalance within your chakras. When a chakra is underactive, it means that there is a lack of energy flowing through it and it is blocked.

Both can really affect your mental and physical health and spiritual wellbeing, so it is important to know the signs!

When your root chakra is overactive there will be disharmony in regards to your place in the world. You may feel disconnected from what you normally see as important to you, and turn to new things to gain a connection. 

This means you might be overly attached and clingy to people around you or become materialistic. 

An overactive root chakra might also affect your temperament. You might feel angry and impatient with the world. You might have a short temper that affects your relationships with people close to you. 

Similarly, an underactive root chakra can also seriously affect your wellbeing. 

This can also lead to a disconnection from the world and a lack of care towards the people and places around you. You may stop having a focus on your career or hobby, and feel as if you are merely floating through life but not experiencing it.

An underactive root chakra can also lead to feelings of fear or anxiety.

Because of the issues that disharmony and imbalance in your root chakra can cause, it is really important to know how to heal and open the first chakra. 

The best way to balance your chakras is through crystals.

Crystals and chakras have been inextricably linked for centuries, as the energies from the crystals vibrate through your body and your chakras, connecting them together. 

Root chakra stones are perfect for realigning and relighting your root chakra. 

7 Best Stones For The Root Chakra

Now we know how important the root chakra is, let’s look at the seven best root chakra stones for opening and balancing your root chakra!

The color of the root chakra is red so stones of this color are useful. Darker stones with links to the earth are also great in connecting with your root chakra.

1. Bloodstone


The bloodstone is an extremely powerful crystal. It is a form of chalcedony with specks jasper and both aspects bring strong, grounding vibrations that connect with the root chakra. 

This stone is perfect for those suffering from a disconnect from the world, which an imbalance in the root chakra can cause. 

Bloodstone protects from unwanted environmental influences, such as electromagnetic vibrations. It allows you to find your place on the earth and become rooted there.

This brings stability and peace. 

It is also a perfect stone to give you a boost of energy if you are feeling drained!

If you are suffering from anger issues and have a short temper, this stone is perfect for calming you and allowing you to see the situation more clearly. 

2. Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is an incredible root chakra stone that everyone should have in their home.

This stone purifies, cleanses, and protects.

It transforms negative energy and protects you from the stresses of the world that might cause an imbalance in your root chakra. 

If you are feeling anger or anxiety because of an imbalance in your root chakra, this is the perfect stone for you, and its strong vibrations will open and heal your root chakra, relieving the strain.

Black tourmaline has been used for protection for centuries and can be found all over the world. 

It is perfect for those of us who might be feeling a disconnect from mother nature. Its grounding qualities allows us to deepen the connection between our soul and the soul of the earth.

If you are needing healing and protection, this is the root chakra stone for you! 

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3. Red Jasper 

Red Jasper

This beautiful stone is perfect for times when you are feeling lost and confused. When your root chakra is underactive, you may feel that you are drifting through life without a real purpose. 

This can be super stressful, so it is important to reignite your root chakra and let that energy flow! 

The red jasper is the perfect crystal for this.

It stimulates and reignites a feeling of wonder and excitement and brings courage to those wearing it. 

It is a wonderful root chakra stone to ground you and center you. The stone allows you to see things more clearly and therefore helps you discover what your purpose in life is. 

The red jasper is also known as a great healer and calmer of emotions, releasing your stress and anxiety, and providing you with a more stable feeling. 

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4. Obsidian


If your soul feels scattered and you are unable to find peace and grounding in your life, this root chakra stone will be incredibly invaluable to you. 

This stone allows you to see yourself for who you truly are, without the labels and pressure of society.

It helps you look at your life and discover what is holding you back, and helps you release any bad behavior or attitudes you might be holding onto. 

Obsidian is a stone for transformation.

It allows you to reject things that are not helpful and be who you truly need to be in life.

It alleviates emotional blockage, letting your energy flow through your chakras, allowing them all to help you. 

A great stone for connection and balance! 

5. Carnelian


This is a warm stone that stimulates creativity and motivation. As these are things that an imbalance in the root chakra may affect, carnelian is a perfect stone to open up your root chakra and provide it the boost you need! 

Carnelian allows you to make bold decisions and big changes in your life.

It is a stone for success, and allows you to make new and exciting plans in order to get to this success!

Carnelian allows you to truly connect to the power you have within yourself and your chakras. It helps you to see your brilliance and know that you can achieve great things in your life! 

For those suffering from a lack of vision and low self-esteem, this root chakra stone can unleash and promote a new, positive, and courageous you!

6. Ruby


This fiery crystal has an intense vibration which stimulates the root chakra.

If you have an underactive root chakra, the ruby will help open and activate the energy and help you heal from the stress. 

Rubies provide a strong energy boost, and also gives you focus on your strengths and achievements.

If you are feeling down about yourself and anxious about your place in the world, the ruby is the perfect root chakra stone for you.

Wearing a ruby gives you a boost of confidence and allows you to connect with your senses.

This means that when you wear this stone, you are able to enjoy experiences and sensations more, helping you learn new things about yourself and the world around you. 

It helps you be close to the people around you but in a healthy and sustainable way.

It promotes a respectful and faithful romance and love. Because of this, it is great if you are lacking a connection with those around you because of an imbalance in your root chakra. 

7. Agate


Agate is an amazing crystal that has so many great uses.

It has strong vibrations that assist in the rebalance of the mind and body, allowing us to exist in harmony within ourselves. 

When our root chakra is unbalanced, we might find it hard to be at peace. The connection between our mind, body, and soul is really important as it allows us to be truly ourselves.

Agate is known to help this connection and harmonizes these aspects of us. 

It is also a great stone for eliminating negative energy and cleanses the aura.

Perfect if we are feeling stressed or angry! 

How To Use Root Chakra Stones

There are so many great stones and crystals out there that we can use to open and balance our root chakra. 

There are loads of different ways you can use root chakra stones, and it is all down to what you prefer!

A lot of people like wearing stones as jewelry as this means that our chakras are constantly receiving vibrations from the stones. This allows the crystals to heal and rebalance our chakra at their own pace, creating a strong connection between the root chakra and themselves. 

Sleeping with the root chakra stones under your pillow or on your bedside table is also a great way of healing.

Having them around your home, such as in the office, also means that their vibrations are near and available to you at all times. 

It is also advisable to incorporate root chakra stones into your meditation routine if you are finding yourself with an overactive or underactive root chakra. 

Placing the stone at your lower back or pelvic bone means that the stone is nearest to the root chakra and therefore the connection is stronger.

Whilst the stone is there, clear your mind and start to meditate. Allow yourself to feel the vibrations of the stone enter you and flow through your chakras. 

Whilst meditating, focus on the flow of energy between the chakras and allow yourself to open them up and become balanced and in harmony with each other.

The root chakra stone will assist in this. 

When you are meditating, you may also wish to repeat these root chakra affirmations. This allows you to focus the energy from the stone and your mind onto your root chakra, making sure that the healing is happening. 

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The Importance Of The Root Chakra

The Root Chakra

The root chakra is so important for our stability and happiness, and therefore we must be aware of if there are any issues that might suggest there is an imbalance. 

If we have an imbalance in our root chakra, we feel a disconnect from the world and our place in society.

If this isn’t treated, we can develop a negative outlook towards life and can suffer from depression. 

But thankfully, there are so many powerful root chakra stones that are perfect for harmonizing and healing the root chakra!

I hope you enjoyed this article on Root Chakra Stones. If you want to know more about chakras then check out all of the chakra posts here.

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