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What Does a Red Aura Mean? 10 Meanings & Traits (All Shades)

What Does a Red Aura Mean? 10 Meanings & Traits (All Shades)

As I recently started to talk about different aura colors and their meanings in my articles, in this one I am going to talk about the meaning of the red aura and the personality traits that come with a red aura.

If you’re reading this, you probably already know a bit about auras and their meanings, so I am just briefly going to mention that the aura is made of seven layers, also known as the biofields, which together form the auric field. 

Each of these layers is linked to one of the main chakras, and the degree to which your chakras are functioning determines the state of your auric field (how clean it is, how well it’s functioning), and also the main energies from it. 

For example, if your auric field is mainly red, it means that your most active and dominant chakra is the Root Chakra, which is represented by the color red. 

The Root Chakra is responsible for grounding, stability, the material side of life, and instincts and impulses. 

Thus, I am going to explain how this is linked to your aura and what it means to have a red aura. 

What Does a Red Aura Mean?

Red aura meaning

As mentioned before, if your aura color is red, your most active chakra is your Root Chakra, also known as the first chakra of the seven main chakras. 

This chakra is located between the anus and the genitalia, and, from a physical point of view, it governs all the organs from that area, including your genital organs, anus, legs, adrenal glands, skeleton, colon, muscles, and arterial blood. 

From a spiritual point of view, the Root Chakra governs the survival instincts (reproduction, flight or fight responses, the need to belong somewhere, grounding, and basic impulses), as well as the feeling of safety and security. 

Thus, the Root Chakra is responsible for the most basic processes and needs of an organism.  

It's deeply connected to the desire to belong, to have a family and stability (as a family is a primary condition for our development), and to the need to have material security. 

People who have the Root Chakra as their dominant chakra could be driven by impulses, the need to feel safe and connected, and quite attached to the material side of life. 

The Root Chakra also represents our connection to Mother Earth (nature), and our relationship with our roots (family).

 This is why a balanced Root Chakra shows that the person is grounded and mentally stable.

If your aura color is red, it means that your dominant chakra is the Root chakra. 

Some of the red aura meanings which can be viewed as positive aspects I've listed below:

Red Aura Meanings Which Can Be Viewed As Positive

1. Stability and safety

A person with a red aura usually has managed to build a stable environment for themselves and those dear to them, such as a stable home and environment. 

They are stable and dependable and can offer safety and security to those around them.

This stability applies to all areas of life – emotional stability, financial stability and psychological stability.

They are usually the people who look for safe jobs and don’t mind getting bored as long as they know that they are safe there for many, many years and won’t find themselves unable to pay their bills.

2. Financially successful 

As the Root Chakra is responsible for the material side of life, if a person’s Root Chakra is working well, it usually means that they are well-grounded and thus, financially stable. 

Sometimes, if the Root Chakra is too active and there is too much red in the aura, it usually means that the person could be too focused on making money, neglecting other areas of life. 

3. Well-grounded

a trait of a red aura

A person with a red aura is most likely well-grounded, as the Root Chakra is responsible for grounding. 

If they are well-grounded it usually means that they are the type of “down-to-earth” person, who is practical and good at finding creative solutions to problems. 

They could be a pragmatic person, who likes to create things with their hands and is oriented toward the practical side of life. 

4. Familist 

As the relationship with one’s family determines how grounded and successful they will be in life, if someone has healed any family wounds they have and have a good relationship with their family of origin, they will also be able to create and sustain a healthy family of their own.

They are able to sustain a family from all points of view – financial, emotional, and psychological. 

A person with a dominant Root Chakra (or with a Red Aura), will be someone who is very attached to the idea of family and eager to start their own family.

5. Active and powerful 

Someone with a red aura usually is a physically active person, who doesn’t get tired easily and can perform well in many tasks. 

This usually makes them good at sports and successful in their career, because they have a lot of energy and thus, can do a lot of things without complaining.

Also, they are powerful people who can handle anything life throws at them and can easily find solutions to any problems.

6. Passionate and loving

As the Root Chakra governs primary instincts and impulses, a person with a red aura will be very passionate when they love. 

Their love can be a bit hard to bear for some people, as it’s a type of instinctual, passionate, powerful, and occasionally possessive love.

In contrast, I am also going to present a few red aura traits that are considered mostly negative: 

Red Aura Traits That Are Considered Mostly Negative

1. Too materialistic 

A person whose Root Chakra is overly active could be too oriented toward the material side of life.

This means that they could be too focused on making money, neglecting other areas of life, such as personal and spiritual development, or even love. 

Also, they could occasionally be selfish, and they can neglect their relationship with the Divine, ceasing to evolve spiritually.

2. Too impulsive 

A person with a red aura can sometimes be too impulsive, given the fact that the Root Chakra is responsible for primary instincts and impulses. 

If their dominant chakra is the Root one then this person is actually very dominated by their instincts and impulses. 

They can make snap decisions, or they can act to satisfy certain instincts they have without taking other people’s needs into account. 

3. Occasional rage outbursts

Rage and the red aura

Sometimes, a person’s root chakra can be overly active or imbalanced.

In this case, the person can become angry and will have occasional rage outbursts. 

This is due to the fact that the Root Chakra stores vital energy, which needs to be consumed in healthy ways for the individual to feel good and balanced. 

If this energy is not consumed in healthy ways (sports, sexual activity, work), then, it builds up in the energetic body and is expressed as rage. 

Thus, a person who has a red aura can end up having occasional rage outbursts

4. Aggressiveness

When the Root Chakra is imbalanced and the person is not using their vital energy in positive ways, they can become aggressive and difficult to deal with.

This can vary from verbal and emotional aggression to physical aggression. 

For this reason, it’s very important for a person to learn to balance their root chakra and not allow themselves to build up too much energy in that area.

Different Shades of Red Aura and Their Meaning

The meaning of a red aura also depends on the type of shade it has. The most common shades of the red aura are light red, bright red, and dark red. 

1. Bright Red Aura Meaning

If someone has a bright red aura, it usually means that the person is manifesting the positive qualities that come with a red aura. 

In general, someone with a bright red aura is a person who is financially stable and very creative. They manage to make a lot of money using their creativity and genius ideas. 

A bright red aura also shows a practical side, which allows them to bring their amazing ideas to life. 

A bright red aura represents success, abundance, creativity, and pragmatism. 

2. Light Red Aura

A person with a light red aura is usually someone very stable and secure, both financially and emotionally.

They have a lot of passionate love to give and like to use their stability and their gifts to nurture and protect others. 

They are very family-oriented, and also blessed with very down-to-earth thinking that allows them to make the best choices at all times. 

The primary red aura meanings are love, passion, stability, security, and safety. 

3. Dark Red Aura

If someone’s red aura has a darker shade, this person’s root chakra could be too active or slightly imbalanced.

This means that they could be at a point in their lives where they are being selfish, materialistic, and even impulsive or aggressive. 

If a red aura becomes darker, it means that the person is exhibiting the darker traits that come with a red aura, and could soon attract negative energies into their fields which will make their aura even darker. 

Personality Traits of Someone With a Red Aura

As mentioned before, the personality traits that someone with a red aura can have, depending upon the shade of their aura.

To sum it up, the most common personality traits that you can find in someone with a red aura are:

  • Stability
  • Pragmatism 
  • Materialism
  • Money oriented 
  • Family-oriented
  • Passion
  • Impulsivity
  • Aggressiveness
  • Anger 

Of course, if their aura is bright or light red, they are probably exhibiting the positive traits, whereas if their aura is dark red, they are dominated by the negative traits. 

Red Aura with Other Color Meanings

Red aura mixed with other color

I think that is quite rare for a person to have a single color in their aura.

We usually have multiple types of energies around us and inside us, and some people have more dominant chakras. 

In the following section, I will explain what it means if your aura is a mix of the color red and another color. 

1. Red aura with orange

Red is the color of the Root Chakra and Orange is the color of the Sacral Chakra. 

The Sacral Chakra is the second chakra of the main seven chakras and is situated right under the navel.

It governs the sexual organs and other organs around, and from a spiritual point of view, it’s responsible for sexual energy, creativity, and abundance.

Thus, the sacral chakra is also involved in someone’s ability to make money and live abundantly. 

If a person has a red and orange aura it means that are highly creative and passionate, perhaps with loads of sexual energy which they should transmute into abundance. 

This person can also be someone who easily makes money, and is very eager to enjoy all pleasures that life has to offer. 

They can also be someone ruled by their instincts, who first act, then thinks. 

2. Red aura with black

If someone has black in their aura, it’s an indication that there are dark energies around them. 

They could be someone who is naturally attracted to darkness or someone who’s done something bad and now they are attracting these energies. 

A red and black aura usually shows that the person will exhibit,  the darker traits that come with a red aura. 

The person will be selfish, very much focused on their own needs, will act impulsively most of the time, and will be angry and potentially aggressive. 

3. Red Aura with blue

Blue is the color of the throat chakra, which is the third chakra and represents communication. 

Blue is a positive color to have in your aura, as it shows good communication, openness, harmony, and even psychic abilities.

A person with a red and blue aura is, first of all, a very good communicator, someone who can offer safety, healing, and stability with their words.

Someone who has a red and blue aura is someone who is meant to be a leader, as they have the necessary abilities. 

They could be someone who can successfully use creativity and communication to achieve financial abundance, and also someone who developed both their logical, pragmatic side and their spiritual, intuitive side. 

4. Red aura with purple

Purple is the color of the Crown Chakra, which is situated 2 centimeters above the head and represents our connection to the Divine. 

A red and purple aura signifies true balance. It means that the person is both connected to Mother Earth and thus well-grounded, and connected to the Divine, constantly in touch with their higher purpose. 

This aura colors show that the person is learning to nourish their practical, logical side, as well as their spiritual, intuitive side, and it looks like they are managing that quite well. 

I would say that red and purple are a great combination of colors to have in your aura. 

If you enjoyed this article about the meanings of a red aura, and what type of personality you will have if your aura is red, let us know in the comment section below! 

Also, if you are someone with a red aura, we would love to hear what spiritual journey you are experiencing and what challenges you have been through! 

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