by Alan Young

Want motivation? Want to manifest a better life? What to learn from spiritual masters? Whatever you want, there’s a book for that.

You can access life-changing information on any topic in the form of a book.

Since starting this blog in 2018 I have read lots of books. Some life changing and some not so life changing.

The positive effect of reading those books has had a profound effect on my life. Some books contain such powerful nuggets of wisdom that they can literally change your life.

On this page, I’ve added a small selection of great books that I recommend, but there are so many more great books on all topics from manifesting, spirituality, empaths, motivation, and more on Audible.

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There’s no contract so you can cancel anytime.

If you listen to a book and decide it’s not for you then you can cancel your audible account within 30 days and you’ll not be charged. Membership is still cheap anyway so it’s defo worth keeping as you can listen to some fantastic books.

Have a look at the recommended books on this page or click the link below and search for a book you’d like to listen to for free.

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Law Of Attraction / Life Creation

Spiritual Books

Productivity Books