10 Distinct Traits Of People Who Like To Be Alone

by Alan Young

Do you or someone you know like to spend most of the time alone? It can seem to others that people who like to stay at home are unsociable and boring but that’s definitely not the case.

If you are someone who likes’s to have more alone time than the average person then I bet you have some of these really unique and great personality traits that I will share with you in this article.

I’ve listed ten of the most distinct personality traits of people who like to spend time alone.

Whether it’s you or someone you know who likes to spend time in solitude, have fun looking at this list and seeing the traits you recognize.

Here we go:

10 Personality Traits Of People Who Like To Be Alone

1. Deep Thinkers

People Who Like To Be Alone

People who like to spend time alone tend to be deep thinkers.

They don’t like small talk as much as like they like to be alone thinking about the things they are curious about.

People who are deep thinkers tend to understand themselves more than the average person and this can lead to them enjoying their time alone as they can focus more on the things that interest them.

If this is you, you may have been called a daydreamer once or twice in your time as your head is in the clouds thinking about things that most people would not.

2. Introverted

I’m not sure if this should come as much of a surprise to you but people who like to be alone are more than likely going to be an introvert.

Extroverts are usually outspoken, outgoing and love to be around other people.

Introverts on the other hand prefer to be with their thoughts and get their energy mostly when in solitude.

Being an introvert will be a common personality trait of someone who prefers to spend their time on their own.

3. Open Minded

Just because you like to stay alone doesn’t mean your mind is closed.

When you spend the bulk of your time alone you need to keep yourself occupied, so having that open mind helps you see new things to try.

Being alone also means you are in your head more so you think more which is a sign of someone with an open mind.

Closed-minded people are only interested in proving themselves right. They don’t ask questions which means their mind will be closed to all the possibilities.

This is definitely not you. You are a thinker who likes to ask questions which means you have an open inquisitive mind.

4. Like To Do What They Want

You like to do the things you like. There’s no question about that.

When you are with other people there has to be compromise as to make sure you are all happy.

But being alone afords you the free time to do what YOU want.

It’s not that your selfish, it’s just your passionate about the things you enjoy which is why you like to be alone so you can spend more time doing them.

This ties into the next personality trait of someone who likes to be alone.

5. Value Their Time

People who like to be alone value their time

If you like to be alone you definitely value your time.

You don’t waste to much time doing things that you don’t want to be doing. Instead you put as much of your time into the things that make you happy.

People who value their time are much more likely to pursue things that they love. That can be in their career, the things they do for health, fitness, and also hobbies etc.

Spending more time doing what you love feels like the only way to live your life.

6. Are Guided By Intuition

As you spend a lot of time by yourself you will also be “in” yourself. Someone who understands their inner world has a strong sense of self-awareness and intuition.

Your are much more sensitive to your inner guidance as you move through life.

You feel those inner nudges to do something or even those feelings that somethings not quite right and you should be careful.

At key moments in your life you will have instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasonings.

Being alone helps you sharped your intuition.

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7. Don’t Like Small Talk

I hate those awkward conversations that are usually about the weather, work, or what’s going on in politics.

Small talk is not for people who like to be alone.

This is something you will love to avoid and suits you perfectly that you don’t have to engage in it often as you spend most of your time alone.

To be fair, because you spend more time with yourself your small talk skills prob isn’t that great anyway, making for some really awkward conversations.

8. Not Codependent

You are not someone who needs excessive emotional or psychological dependence on anyone else.

Whilst it is ok to get emotional or psychological support from others, you feel you don’t need it.

Even if you are in a relationship you are your own person and don’t feel as if you need to depend on someone else.

As someone who is not codependent, you feel comfortable with yourself and are happy in or out of a relationship.

You know life can be good regardless.

9. Very Empathetic

People who like to be on their own usually want to be on their own because they pick up on the problems and worries of others which makes them feel tired and drained.

People who are empathetic are very sensitive to other people’s emotions and unless you are with positive people you are likely to get burned out emotionally.

You may not even know you are an empath, you may just think your feel tired easily when you spend too much time with others and that’s why you choose to spend more time alone.

Your strong empathetic abilities could be the reason you feel this way when you are out with people and why you like to spend more time by yourself.

Checkout this article to know if you’re a TRUE empath.

10. Don’t Partake In Gossip

When you’re with people you never engage in gossip.

It’s not your style.

You know it’s of none of your business about what he said or she said or what this person is doing or that person is doing.

You know that talking about others is just plain toxic behaviour.

People who gossip are usually not self-aware and talk about others without even thinking (or realizing) why they are doing it.

Because you are empathetic, you feel it’s not good to be talking about people behind their back.

You know there’s no good that comes from gossiping so you usually steer the conversation to other things altogether.

Because you don’t like gossipers, your friends are usually similar meaning you know you have good friends.

There you go.

10 personality traits of people who like to be alone. Did you recognise any in yourself? Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts.

Thanks 🙏

10 Distinct Traits Of People Who Like To Be Alone10 Distinct Traits Of People Who Like To Be Alone10 Distinct Traits Of People Who Like To Be Alone10 Distinct Traits Of People Who Like To Be Alone

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