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9 Overactive Root Chakra Warning Signs To Watch Out For

9 Overactive Root Chakra Warning Signs To Watch Out For

The root chakra is the first energetic center within our body that sets the tone for our experience of safety, security, and survival.

We incarnate onto earth as human beings with basic needs to be met in order to survive and thrive.

The root chakra in its most aligned state holds the energetic blueprint and primal knowledge that allows us to do so.

This chakra is the center that connects our physical and energy bodies to the earth.

When this chakra is in balance it allows us a secure and stable foundation to expand from.

A healthy root chakra allows us to trust and receive the care that is our birthright and to enjoy the menu of life experiences by honoring but also by moving beyond just the root chakra concerns of survival.

When this chakra is out of balance it can really impact your quality of life, within this article we shall focus on the overactive root chakra, we will discuss the causes of an overactive root chakra, the signs that can indicate your root chakra is overactive and a few powerful practices to rebalance this chakra.

When we can clearly identify an imbalance then we can learn more about it and find the appropriate practices to remedy this imbalance and enjoy the incredible potential expansive experiences life has to offer.

The Causes Of An Overactive Root Chakra

An Overactive Root Chakra

To understand the cause of an overactive root chakra we start with a basic understanding of what is an overactive chakra; this simply means that your chakra is out of balance in a way where there is an excess of energy and this excess energy is not aligned or vibrates at a non-harmonic frequency.

The vibration of an overactive root chakra does not resonate with the original aligned root chakra energy.

The cause of the root chakra overactivity can often be because of the overly materialistic values of the world that the majority of us grow up in.

This programming can take place from childhood within our families and from a variety of external factors that program our beliefs systems.

Many of us have been led to believe by mainstream cultural propaganda that the most important route to happiness and survival is through material gain and domination of the land and animals of the earth.

The elements of the earth can nourish us as we live with respect for our living planet and connected living bodies.

When we become disconnected from our original harmony with the earth and the intention for survival (which includes but also extends beyond just physical experience ).

When we are trained into driving all of our energy towards the material aspects of life and when we forget our subtle and vital interconnection with earth this can be a cause of root chakra imbalance.

Understanding this as a cause and learning about the signs of an overactive root chakra, it becomes evident that root chakra imbalance is quite a common experience in our present day.

9 Signs Of An Overactive Root Chakra

sign of an overactive root chakra

The following are some of the signs that indicate that you may be experiencing an overactive root chakra:

1. You make decisions from a state of fear

This may take some introspection to admit to yourself but operating with a predominantly fear-based mentality is often the case when we are in a state of root chakra overactivity.

When the root chakra is overactive we feel the need to overcompensate and expend a lot of energy on securing survival because we fear that we will not survive if we don’t do certain things.

This is somewhat true, but when we are truly balanced within this energy center then any action or task is approached from a state of flow and intuition rather than compelled by the fear of not having enough or not surviving.

2. You struggle with depression

Depression is a really dense energy state that is associated with hopelessness and sadness.

When we take on the extremely linear and material view of life that is characterized by an overactive root chakra this can contribute to feelings of depression as we can limit ourselves by internalizing the belief that the physical aspect is the only important element.

We can also become really frustrated trying to find happiness through only material objects and material outward success, we can feel really lost when we are trying to survive on just the surface level, disconnected from the ecology of the earth and from a physical life that includes broader perspectives.

When the root chakra is balanced we can live with instinctive trust that includes awareness of spiritual energy that gives life to everything in the physical.

Without this perspective, we are less able to take graceful responsibility and trust in ourselves to survive and thrive.

These are just some of the ways that an overactive root chakra state can contribute to depression.

3. You feel heavy in your body

woman with a root chakra that's overactive

This sign is linked to the point above in many aspects; an overactive root chakra can also leave you feeling really physically heavy and sluggish because the excess of dense energy is stored within your first chakra.

The habits associated with this chakra imbalance include overindulgence and hoarding of physical items which also contributes to this feeling of heaviness as you are constantly overfilling or surrounding yourself with unessential items.

The heaviness you may experience as a symptom of root chakra overactivity may be because your state of awareness is lacking a deeper or holistic view of the body.

Extreme focus on just the surface level needs and not balanced with the energetic considerations for survival can lead to a heavy and even unhealthy physical body.

4. You may experience tunnel vision or limited focus

Being able to focus is really important for survival and the health of your root chakra has an impact on this ability.

When this chakra is overactive this ability can become exaggerated and you may experience that you become very limited in focus where you are not able to hold more multidimensional perspectives.

You could experience tunnel vision where you become so focused only on survival even when you have found a state of security and belonging.

You don’t fully realize this and your limited focus keeps you from expanding and moving with the flow of life; experiencing the more nuanced perspectives of life and the higher chakras.

5. Perpetually in state of wanting and feeling unsatisfied

Another sign of an overactive root chakra is when you realize that you are constantly wanting and never satisfied.

Wanting is a natural human expression that allows us to get clear on what we want to manifest.

We can be in a state of wanting and excitement to receive and can experience amazing creations this way.

When the root chakra is imbalanced we can end up in a state of wanting and a feeling of dissatisfaction which keeps us wanting and never really receiving what we need.

If you are stuck in this misaligned state it can be a sign that your root chakra is overactive.

6. You are only focused on material objects and outer appearance

The aspects of physical appearance and the material objects are to be cared for and treated with sacredness.

A balanced focus surrounding these aspects is also necessary in order to open your mind and heart to a variety of activating experiences in life.

The tendency to obsess negatively about outer physical appearance can be a sign of an overactive root chakra.

If you realize that you are defining your success and the success of others through the measure of the collection of material objects secured then this is a symptom that this energy center is overactive.

7. You may tend to overindulge or have a habit of hoarding

When your root chakra is overactive you may become fixated on material security, doing everything you can to ensure you are safe, this can turn into habits such as overindulgence.

You may consume way more than you really need and on a physical level, this can manifest as overeating, shopping and storage obsessions, etc.

When this chakra is blocked you will probably be inclined to hoard what you have to yourself.

8. You may be forgetting to appreciate what is

Another common sign of root chakra overactivity is that you become so preoccupied with achieving material security that you forget to appreciate the very real blessings that you already have.

You can forget that what you need will present itself in each moment.

This sign is linked to the sign about limited focus; becoming so occupied with survival mode you miss the nuances and beauty of the journey.

9. You take from the earth without conscious consideration

A key sign of an overactive root chakra is a symptom that could take some introspection and honesty to identify within yourself, living in a manner that is disrespectful or harmful to the earth.

If we are honest, almost every modern human could do or not do something more to live a life in alignment with our natural world.

When the root chakra is overactive we can disregard the deepest truth that we are primarily dependant upon the earth for our survival.

If you consume in a manner that harms this planet instead of acknowledging your interconnectedness as essential for true survival this can be a sign that your root chakra is overactive.

How To Rebalance An Overactive Root Chakra

a woman rebalancing her root chakra

Conscious Movement

Take the time daily for any form of consciously focused movement including yoga, dancing, hiking, and intuitive movement.

These movement practices can help you to get deeply in touch with your physical body.

Movement practices can help you to release excess energy and intentionally enter into and harness a flow state within the physical body.

The balancing, grounding, flowing, and intuitively activating effects of movement practices can help you to heal an overactive root chakra imbalance.

Meditation and breathwork

Meditation and breathwork are always amazingly powerful and easily accessible practices that can assist you with healing any energetic imbalance.

You can source many guided meditations online that are specifically created for balancing the root chakra.

You can use techniques such as visualization, affirmations, sound frequencies, and crystals during your personalized meditation practice.

You can also simply be in a silent meditative state which allows the body to enter a state of deep relaxation and healing potential.

For healing an overactive root chakra the balancing yogic breath known as pranayama or alternate nostril breathing can be really helpful.


Crystals are a really enjoyable and easy energy tool that you can make use of to heal chakra imbalances.

The overactive root chakra imbalance can be realigned by working with smokey quartz, hematite, basalt, and red jasper stones.

Read more about root chakra stones here.

You can intentionally meditate with these crystals, wear them within activating jewelry, charge your water or spaces with them or even experience them during an energetic crystal healing session.

If you have discovered that the energy flowing through your root chakra is too much and significantly disharmonic or even if you just want to maintain balance within this chakra you can use the above-mentioned practices as well as practices such as reiki, positive affirmations, color therapy, and plant medicines to heal.


If you feel like you have an imbalance within your root chakra but you don’t think it’s due to overactive energy you can learn more in our article on the signs of an underactive root chakra.

It may be helpful to remember that any imbalance which you conscientize and actively heal is an opportunity for deeper understanding, awareness, embodiment, and integrity.

Bringing this chakra back into harmony with its original function is essential for experiencing a stable yet consciously expanding life.

When this chakra is in balance you can move into the awareness of the higher chakras from a state of alignment.

A healthy root chakra can allow us to stay rooted in truth; with a deep knowing, belonging, grace and clarity.