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Have An Overactive Crown Chakra? (7 Warning Signs)

Have An Overactive Crown Chakra? (7 Warning Signs)

Regardless of personal beliefs, spirituality has always been a part of human history.

Whether we want to admit it or not, we are all divine beings with souls.

Not only do we have a spiritual body (the soul) and a physical body, but we also have an energetic or subtle body.

The crown chakra is the seventh and highest chakra in the human system.

It is our bridge to the divine and the energy that connects us to all that is.

All of this information is rather exciting and can lead to over-activity in the crown chakra.

It’s crucial to watch out for these seven warning signs of an overactive crown chakra. 

What are the signs of an overactive crown chakra? Empathy, inability to connect, hypersomnia/insomnia, superiority complex, self-destructive, spiritually obsessed, and being overwhelmed by knowledge are signs of an overactive crown chakra. The more time you spend in your head and disconnected from the physical world, the worse it gets. 

Knowing the signs of an overactive crown chakra is important, but discovering the cause of the symptoms could point to the best method for rebalancing.  

Causes Of An Overactive Crown Chakra

Causes Of An Overactive Crown Chakra

The crown chakra is the holiness center within the physical and subtle bodies.

It physically resides at the crown of the head and is associated with the pituitary gland, pineal gland, and hypothalamus.

Not to be mistaken with the third-eye chakra that is embodied in the pineal gland as well. 

Rather, the crown chakra is associated with the physical aspects of the pineal and other hormonal glands in the body.

When this chakra is overactive, it can cause an imbalance in the hormonal levels in the body, which leads to aggressive and judgmental behavior. 

The mind is extremely powerful.

It creates your entire reality. 

It can be the single cause of an overactive crown chakra because the crown chakra resides in the brain. 

The most common time for the crown chakra to be overactive is immediately after it is activated.

The first time someone activates their crown chakra is what some people also consider to be their spiritual awakening. 

The first time you have a spiritual awakening is an extremely exciting time.

You receive an influx of downloads and knowledge about the world within you and without.

It easy to become addicted to the knowledge and feeling you receive from this chakra activation.

In turn, you could become “spiritually obsessed,” finding yourself always thinking about the subtle and religious parts of life. 

Other Potential Causes: 

Potential causes of overactive crown chakra

The mind very much so controls the regulation of the crown chakra.

When the mind is in chaos, it can disrupt the flow within the crown chakra as well.

Specific life events can throw the mind and hormonal body completely out of whack. 

Some of these events include: 

  • Stress 
  • Physical and mental illness
  • Trauma
  • Emotional upheaval 
  • Personal conflict

Life events that are particularly negative, like the passing of a loved one, can be detrimental to the health of the crown chakra.

It’s important to note that mastering the flow of the crown chakra can help you handle negative life events with a stable mental and emotional state, but no matter what, a slight imbalance is likely to occur.

Do not beat yourself up for this, as it is completely normal. 

The thing about the crown chakra is that it is very much connected to the mental and non-physical world, but it can manifest itself in the physical body just as much.

Everything in this life is connected.

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, even the chakra system. 

In fact, from the moment you first unblock your crown chakra, you are likely to get a whole slew of physical symptoms as well as mental, emotional, and spiritual.

The crown chakra has a way of taking the life you once knew and presenting it to you in a way you’ve yet to see it.

In other words, it has a way of turning your life upside down. 

Here is more information on what it feels like to have a blocked crown chakra, as well as information on what it feels like when the crown chakra is opening

Below is a list of the seven common signs and symptoms one might feel when they have an overactive crown chakra:

7 Signs & Symptoms Of An Overactive Crown Chakra

Signs & Symptoms Of An Overactive Crown Chakra

Over-activity in the crown chakra is completely normal.

It might be the chakra most closely connected to Divine Source Energy, but it can just as easily become off balance.

The causes, while they are usually mental, can also be quite physical.

You may even feel the effects of an overactive crown chakra simply because another chakra is underactive, like the sacral chakra, for instance.

Regardless of what causes the imbalance, what is important is to know how to recognize the imbalance early so you can take steps to regain that balance before the symptoms get worse!

Here are the seven most common symptoms felt from an overactive crown chakra: 

1. Inability To Balance Empathy

Those with over-activity will most likely have overwhelming empathy they can’t seem to control.

Maybe they even identify as an empath.

Still, that doesn’t mean the person has the ability to control this empathic nature. 

Balancing the crown chakra is the best way to learn how to manage this spiritual power.

Mind you, this is a spiritual power that anyone can obtain, but over-activity in the chakra could lead to you also receiving sporadic emotions from seemingly all directions. 

Take some time to ground yourself and recognize which emotions are organically your own and which ones you picked up from others. 

2. Inability To Connect 

Woman with an inability to connect with others

Those that are lost in their heads have a lot of trouble connecting with others.

Have you found yourself ever stumbling to have a surface-level conversation with someone?

Does it feel like pulling teeth to talk to someone about the weather? 

If you answered yes, you probably have an overactive crown chakra. 

The best thing you can do in this scenario is to force yourself back down.

Force yourself back into the physical world by talking about these very physical and materialistic things, at least for a little while! 

3. Hypersomnia/Insomnia

The two go hand-in-hand here because over-activity in the crown chakra may present in both manners.

Maybe you sleep all day and stay up all night.

Maybe you just sleep all the time or don’t sleep at all.

Regardless, over-activity leads to irregular sleep patterns.

You will likely have trouble remembering your dreams as well because you aren’t getting sound sleep. 

Regular and healthy sleep patterns are crucial to the health and balance of the crown chakra. 

As humans, when we compromise our sleep schedule, it has a ripple effect on the rest of our lives, including our spiritual Self. 

4. Superiority

Woman feeling superior over someone

This is one of the more prominent symptoms of an overactive crown chakra.

The thing about humans is that when we learn how to do something, we love to teach it to other people.

This has helped us in so many areas of life to collectively progress and evolve.

However, in the spiritual community, this type of mentality isn’t necessarily a good thing. 

What I mean is, it is easy to begin your spiritual journey and then feel as though you have all the right answers to everything and simply dismiss others’ opinions and such.

Sometimes we can do this without even trying to sound superior.

That’s the thing about spirituality, though. When the secrets of the universe begin to unlock in your mind, that sort of information is hard to chew on without speaking some of that information back out into the world. 

That said, sharing what you’ve learned is never a bad thing.

The key is to find the balance, just like in any other area of life.

You’ll want to find the balance between helping someone and gaslighting or gatekeeping. 

It is one thing to help someone on their journey, but when you overstep that boundary and make someone feel as though you have the answers to their problems, that is where the sense of superiority comes into play.  

You have all the power you need already inside you.

There is no outside force that can realize this for you. 

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5. Tendency To Be Self-Destructive

Those that have an overactive crown chakra tend to think only about their spiritual body.

In turn, their physical body suffers, and their actions can become self-destructive in nature. 

If you believe you have transcended your need for a physical body, well, you probably have an overactive crown chakra. 

At the end of the day, regardless of how powerful your psychic powers are, you still have a human experience.

You will continue to have that human experience until the day you die and move on from Here.

Taking care of your physical body is one of the best things you can do to maintain a balanced crown chakra. 

For every non-physical thing you do, try one physical act. 

6. Spiritually Obsessed or Addicted 

Becoming spiritually obsessed when you have an overactive crown chakra

This is by far the most commonly recognized symptom of an overactive crown chakra.

Typically, by the time someone notices this symptom, they are already experiencing a number of others as well. 

When someone activates their crown chakra, they usually feel one of two emotions: 

  • Excitement
  • Fear 

You might even feel a mixture of both emotions.

However, it is those that are excited and trudge forward without fear that ends up with overactive crown chakras.

It is easy for this type of person to get wrapped up in all the new and exciting spiritual connections and become obsessed or addicted to this feeling. 

At a certain point, it almost resembles escapism because you could start to feel trapped in your physical body or world.

Maybe you find yourself escaping reality to play with the spiritual activity in your mind. 

7. Overwhelmed By the Influx of Knowledge

Going off the above-mentioned symptom, fear is another emotion one might feel when they activate their crown chakra.

The moment of initial activation is usually accompanied by an influx of spiritual knowledge. 

It is common for this influx to overwhelm or scare you.

Maybe it invokes change in your life that you aren’t yet ready for. 

It is also common for this person to completely shut down the influx, which leads to an underactive crown chakra.

Any fears that pop-up during this time are simply things that your higher self wants you to heal from.

As you take the time to heal from the inside out, learning this new knowledge that the crown chakra provides won’t seem so overwhelming.  

How To Balance An Overactive Crown Chakra

Balancing an over active crown chakra

At the end of the day, the crown chakra is a very personal center in the subtle and physical bodies.

This means that the avenues one takes to heal and restore balance within the crown chakra can look quite different from one person to the next. 

That said, there are a few things that people commonly find will work to restore this balance.

Sometimes it takes a couple of things if the balance is too far off.

However, the best thing to remember is to find a few self-care acts to do every single day that work to restore the balance of all seven chakras. 

Here are a few methods that help the crown chakra:


Meditation is great for healing, especially when you set an intention beforehand.

Chanting mantras and visualizing a violet light specifically help the crown chakra

Remember To Let Go:

Meditation helps with this, but try not to fixate on the negative things that happen in your life.

It is one thing to sit with them and feel through the pain, but it’s another to wallow in the sorrow. 

Get Moving: 

Contrarily, you may also benefit from getting active and building those endorphins within the physical body.

This is especially true for those with very active or sporadic thoughts.

Essential Oils:

Essential oils for overactive crown chakra






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Rose Quartz

Black Obsidian


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Sleep Regulation & Diet: 

You may benefit from removing all stimulants and processed foods from your diet and regulating your sleep cycle.

Essentially, detoxing your mind via sleep and diet is a great way to restore balance within every chakra center. 

The crown chakra is the highest chakra in the human chakra system and closest to Divine Source Energy.

It is one of the more sensitive chakras, and maintaining balance within it can seem impossible at times.

Remember to be patient with yourself and to trust the process. 

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and you weren’t meant to master your chakras overnight either.

You are an energetic expression of the universe having a human experience, and that alone is beautiful.

The more you can remain in the Here and Now, the easier you will find it is to remain balanced and in alignment. 

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