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9 Amazing Metaphysical Properties Of Orange Calcite

9 Amazing Metaphysical Properties Of Orange Calcite

Harvest moons sometimes show off their color when they sit just above the horizon, as this stone does.

As we discuss nine of the metaphysical properties of Orange Calcite today, we'll also see how it can transform the mind, body, and spirit. 

Orange Calcite is a common but complex crystal.

The mineral is a carbonate that has several different shades. Aside from being clear or white, calcite can also be brown, red, orange, blue, green, yellow, and golden (among other colors).

Calcites are said to symbolize the spirit's strength and energy.

Orange Calcite warms your body and your spirit and prepares you for the coming of the winter months.

Discover orange calcite's metaphysical properties in the following paragraphs. 

9 Metaphysical Properties Of Orange Calcite

the metaphysical properties of orange calcite

Metaphysical Property #1: Helps You Embrace Change 

Change is a hard thing to accept and is something most of us are scared to do. Orange Calcite can help you through this challenging transition. 

Your eyes will be opened to the fact that everything changes with time.

Every change will also result in certain practices and beliefs that are no longer relevant. Orange Calcite will assist you in coping with such changes.

Life changes, relationship changes, and professional changes will come your way as well.

This stone will help you come to terms with all the changes in your life. It can help you see that change is not as difficult as you might think and aid in your acceptance journey. 

The use of this stone will enable you to create room for fresh ideas, new ways of living, and other centers of inspiration. 

Metaphysical Property #2: Helps Balance Lower Chakras

One of the most iconic names for orange calcite is the “stone of creativity.”.

Orange calcite is strongly associated with the lower chakras, especially the Sacral chakra, associated with joy, creativity, and pleasure.

Say you have an imbalanced, blocked, or overactive Sacral chakra. This imbalance would most likely manifest physically as lower back pain, problems with your reproductive organs, urinary infections, and bladder problems. 

When the Sacral chakra does not function correctly, we might experience feelings of guilt and shame related to our sexuality, lack of interest in life, depression, or lethargy.

When you use the metaphysical properties of orange calcite you can align all of your energies within this chakra, letting you feel happier, inspired to have new relationships, and reconnected with your activities. 

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Metaphysical Property #3: Aids In Channeling and Astral Travel

In addition to channeling and astral travel, it is often used for out-of-body experiences.

Orange Calcite is believed to help open your mind to an out-of-body experience by allowing you to keep an open mind. 

The journey can be very uplifting and beneficial when done correctly. The stone can allow your soul to remember experiences when it returns to the physical body after such trance work.

Metaphysical Property #4: Integrates Spiritual and Physical Beings

Traditionally, Orange Calcite is also considered a stone of pure energy, which means it can help clear out the negative energies and junk that have been stashed away in your mental closet. 

As a spiritual stone, Orange Calcite understands that in order to be prepared for higher levels of thinking and finding your purpose, your mind needs to be cleansed of the muddiest of emotions. 

Our very center soul can be connected to with the aid of calcite, and we can even tap into hidden psychic abilities.

Metaphysical Property #5: Aids In Meditation

meditation with orange calcite

When it comes to personal cleansing, Orange Calcite is an important stone. Orange Calcite increases the strength of your natural gifts and cleanses your body from negative energies.

As you meditate with Orange Calcite, the positive energies of the universe are drawn toward you, where they make room for you to entertain positive thoughts instead of hurtful ones.

Its implications go beyond your inner self when you use Orange Calcite with its metaphysical properties.

This stone also encompasses the energies of the space and people around you since it brings harmony and positivity to them.

Peace is brought by the stone, which helps the user let go of past behaviors and break bad habits.

Meditation on Orange Calcite provides a profound insight into some of the most fundamental notions that make life possible.

Metaphysical Property #6: Helps Release Past Trauma

Increase the balance of positive energies in your body with this orange gemstone. You will be able to dispel negative energies with it. 

Likewise, the place where you live, the things you use, and the people you interact with will all be affected. Calcite from orange helps you to break old patterns of behavior and thinking.

Trauma is a complicated event that happens in your life.

Forgetting or letting go of it is difficult. Orange Calcite can help you on your spiritual journey of awakening, allowing you to let go of the trauma and start healing and moving forward. 

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Metaphysical Property #7: Powerful Energy Amplifier and Cleanser 

The vibrant orange-colored calcite of Orange Calcite will fill your life with zest and vigor as it boosts your energy and inspires you.

When you feel that you need total rejuvenation, Orange Calcite will help you flush out ingrained habits you don't want, unhook the anchors, and give you a lighter spirit as a result.

Metaphysical Property #8: Emotional Wellbeing

emotional wellbeing in a metaphysical property of orange calcite

Stones like orange calcite are excellent for improving emotional intelligence.

It will assist in combining your head and your heart so that you can be wise and discerned enough to make the best decisions for everyone concerned.

A crystal of this type is thought to have a powerful effect on sex-related emotions.

Having the right balance between male and female energy is essential to being able to approach sexual encounters confidently and empowered.

This allows you to feel free of unnecessary guilt and shame and feel the natural pleasures of your body.

In addition to balancing emotions, Orange Calcite also is suitable for removing depression, anxiety, and fear.

By resolving problems and maximizing potential, Orange Calcite can also promote personal growth.

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Metaphysical Property #9: Confidence Booster

As you move through life experiencing highs and lows, feeling your feelings without getting stuck in one way of thinking, the shimmering stone helps you begin building emotional intelligence.

Orange Calcite's bright energy helps you feel more motivated so that you can accomplish more.

While it keeps you balanced and centered, it also sharpens your mind.

Orange Calcite is a stone of stability and insight, works to connect you to your inner wisdom and help you focus your attention on what's important right now.

Once you are more aware of what it is that you want, you feel motivated to go out and get it. Once you are motivated, you can see that you can achieve your goals, thus resulting in a boost of self-confidence. 

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Final Thoughts 

Calcite is a tremendous all-around crystal, but Orange Calcite is an excellent stone for anyone who wishes to clean out their emotional closets, clear the way for higher learning and creativity, or wants to learn how to tap into deeper levels of spirituality. 

These things are accomplished without you feeling heavy or severe. Instead, it leans on the light of joy.

Now that you know nine of the metaphysical properties of Orange Calcite, you can add this stone to your collection. 

Adding this stone will help give you a complete crystal journey that is rejuvenating, enlightening, and overall healing.

It is something that you might be feeling is left out of your journey at the moment, but with this knowledge now, you are able to bring yourself closer to complete fulfillment. 

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