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7 Manifestation Methods For Love (With Step By Step Guides)

7 Manifestation Methods For Love (With Step By Step Guides)

Have you been trying to find a beautiful, fulfilling relationship for ages, and all that seems to happen is that you're losing hope and getting increasingly frustrated? 

It will probably help to know that you are not alone in this situation- many people struggle to find love nowadays – thus, I've decided to put together this step-by-step guide to the best Manifestation Methods for Love. 

Experiencing love blockages seems to be a common problem in our generation. 

It can be that most of us haven't witnessed the happiest love relationships at home during childhood, and we've developed a deep, subconscious fear of love. 

Or it could be that since society has changed its ways regarding marriage and love and everyone has a lot more freedom, many people are just confused about what they truly want or how to get it. 

It is scientifically proven that the more options people have, the more confusion that can cause. 

However, I want to tell you that you don't have to be stuck in a loop of failed relationships. 

You can choose to start creating the life of your dreams and the relationship you desire!

All you need to do for that is to understand that everything in the Universe is energy – and then start using that to your advantage. 

The Laws of the Universe are simple – energy attracts more similar energy. 

Thus, when you want to attract a certain type of energy (relationship, person, as they both embody energy), you need to align yourself to the vibrational frequency of that relationship or person. 

You can do that by using manifestation and the Law of Attraction effectively. 

To learn exactly how to manifest love using the Law of Attraction, have a look at the following love manifestation methods outlined below:

7 Manifestation Methods For Love

Manifestation methods for love

#1. Embody Love

The first Manifestation Method for love I will discuss is the embodiment of love. 

As you may already know, manifestation means aligning yourself to the vibrational frequency of that which you want to attract. 

Also, you may have heard about the Law of Karma – one of the most well-known Spiritual Laws. 

The Law of Karma says that whatever you give – put out there in the Universe, will be returned to you, but maybe threefold. 

That means physical, mental, or emotional.

Because yes, even the emotions you feel towards other people will eventually be “returned to you” – they may also feel it towards you. 

Thus, hate a lot, and you will receive hate, but love a lot, and you will receive love. 

If you put together the Law of Attraction and the Law of karma,  it becomes clear that in order to manifest love – or to receive love from the Universe, you must feel it, give it and embody it.

The steps to embodying love

Love yourself: The most important relationship you have is the relationship with yourself; you will also attract what you give to yourself.

Thus, the first step to manifesting love is to develop self-love and everything that comes with it – self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-respect. 

Show yourself that you love yourself by treating yourself – spoil yourself, look after your body, mind, and soul properly, etc. 

Love all the beings around you: The second step of this method of manifesting love is to start feeling and expressing love towards all beings around you. 

Don't stop at showing your loved ones that you love them, but rather try to achieve the impossible such as loving your enemies. 

Also, practice love for people you don't know, animals, plants, earth, the Universe, etc. The more you love, the more love you will get in return.      

Forgive: The last step of the love embodiment manifestation method is to forgive those who have wronged you. 

Forgiveness is the ultimate act of love and will put you on the same frequency as real love.        

#2. Work On Your Emotional Healing

Woman working on emotional healing

Another important method for manifesting love is actively working on your emotional healing. 

This method does not require too many steps, as, to be fair, you can choose from many types of emotional healing methods.

What matters is that you research properly before choosing an emotional healing method and choosing the one that resonates with you the most.

And even if you realize this method is not for you at any point, you can always choose something else – but at least you've gained experience and learned something about yourself. 

Emotional healing methods can vary from counseling, psychotherapy (here you can choose from various types), Reiki and other forms of energy healing, ThetaHealing, and so on. 

The connection between emotional healing and manifesting love may not be that obvious, but emotional healing helps you remove any blockages that can keep your love life stuck. 

Some forms of emotional healing, such as psychotherapy, can help you identify what dysfunctional patterns you are repeating in your love life. 

That in itself is very powerful and can help you align to the frequency of love ten times faster than usual.

#3. Law Of Attraction Visualization 

Maybe one of the most powerful methods for manifesting love in your life is to use the Law of Attraction Visualizations. 

Visualizations can be very powerful, especially if your Third Eye Chakra is open. Human beings have the power to manifest through visualization, so let's just have a look at the steps you need to take: 

Step 1 – Raise your vibration

We attract and manifest faster when our vibrations are high, so use the following methods to raise your vibration: 

  • Raw Salt baths 
  • Burning incense, myrrh, sage, Palo Santo 
  • Meditation and forgiveness 
  • Reiki and energy cleanses 
  • Praying and connecting to the Divine Source

Step 2- Meditate 

The second step is to get into a meditative state, relaxing all your muscles in a quiet and silent spot where you will not be disturbed. 

You can even play subliminals or high vibrational music, which helps you get into a deeper meditative state. 

Burning Frankincense, sage or myrrh, or certain essential oils can also help you relax deeper. 

Then, you should start visualizing the thing you want to manifest – love, money, or a vacation- in as much detail as possible. 

Step 3 – Add faith and emotion

Another important step is to have deep faith in your manifestation while doing it and to maintain the faith after you've done it. 

Also, create the emotion within yourself that you would feel if you already had it – happiness, fulfillment, and so on. 

Try to feel within yourself that you already have what you desire. 

Human beings have the power to bring into creation whatever they feel.

Thus, feeling that you already have your desired thing will bring it to you faster. 

Step 4 – Be grateful

The last step of the visualization method for manifesting love is to have gratitude for what you are about to receive. 

Gratitude is the ultimate proof that you have faith- as you are grateful for something you haven't received, but you know you will receive it. 

Thus, you are expressing gratitude for something you haven't yet received yet; you are speeding up the chances of getting it. 

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#4. Create a Vision Board 

Girl creating a vision board

Another powerful method of manifesting love is creating a Vision Board. 

To learn more about creating a good Vision Board, look at my article “The Vision Boards Checklist for manifesting your dream life.” I explain all about creating and using a Vision Board.

A Vision Board is a powerful manifestation method in which you create a visual representation of what you want to attract – either with images cut from magazines – or the easier way of printing images from the internet. 

To use a Vision Board to manifest love, you need to follow all the steps mentioned in the “Law of Attraction Visualization Method” section with a simple twist. 

The twist is to look at your vision board before starting the meditation or to meditate upon it – if you can meditate with your eyes open. 

The Vision Board is very helpful if you want to attract something specific.

By helping you see clearly what you really want, it is increasing your chances of attracting that. 

#5. Write a Letter To Yourself 

Another powerful method to manifest love into your life is to write yourself a letter as if the letter would come from your future self.

Again, you need to follow the abovementioned steps for relaxation and raise your vibration. 

However, instead of closing your eyes and getting into a deep meditative state, just reach a half-meditative state. 

This half-meditative state will help you access your manifestation powers while not losing your consciousness – as you need to be awake and write a letter. 

Then, you need to do an imagination exercise – that you are your future self, and the future is incredibly bright and beautiful, and you've achieved everything you really desire. 

From this state of being your future self who is very happy and accomplished, you are now writing a letter to your present self. 

In this letter, you are sharing in great detail what this bright future looks like, sharing all the wonderful emotions you feel knowing where you're at in your life. 

Make sure to include everything you are currently trying to manifest in this letter – in this instance, your beautiful relationship. 

“Ingredients” that can help make this method work even better are, of course, faith and emotion. 

Another thing that can be added to aid the process is to synchronize this method with the Moon Phases – New Moon or Full Moon. 

I will write about the Moon Phases and how they can aid manifestation in general later in the article.

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#6. Make Space in Your life

Woman arms out making space in her life

An important thing to do if you're trying to manifest something into your life is to make space for it in your life. 

If you are trying to manifest love, making space for love would require the following steps: 

Step1: Make mental space 

Making mental space would mean getting rid of any limiting beliefs you may have about love and mentally letting go of memories about exes.

Making mental space also requires adjusting to the idea that someone is already in your life, even if they're not already there.

Remember, it's all about having faith!

Step2: Make emotional space

Now the wording “emotional space” can seem unusual to you, but in the same way, you can make mental or physical space and create emotional space.

Creating emotional space for someone means literally making room for them in your heart. 

This means cleansing yourself emotionally from the residues of former relationships, letting go of unfulfilled dreams and desires, as well as of negative emotions caused by these. 

Creating emotional space for a relationship means letting go of all the past hurt and disappointment caused by past relationships so that you can start your new one fresh – with joy and excitement! 

Step3: Make physical space

Last but not least, you also need physical space for when your desired half will come into your life. 

Making physical space for a person you don't yet know is another undeniable act of faith and bravery. 

Making space for the person you're trying to manifest can look like buying a two-person bed instead of a one-person bed, making room for their clothes in your closet, or simply cleaning and decluttering your house so it looks nice for them. 

If you usually enjoy romantic moments with your partner, you can create a sensual room or decorate your bedroom in a romantic style – just to be ready for when they arrive!

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#7. Manifest Love With The New Moon

Manifesting love with the new moon

New Moon is great for manifesting love, as its energy facilitates all new beginnings – new beginnings in love, career, education, and so on. 

However, when working with the Moon, you need to be careful about how you're doing it and how much energy you put into it because you can easily slip into doing magic. 

Not saying it's something wrong with doing magic, but it's not advised to practice it if you don't know what you're doing. 

To manifest love with New Moon, you must follow the steps for the visualization method mentioned before, but just do it on the New Moon night. 

Also, a twist you can add to the visualization technique is that once you've reached the stage of seeing the image you want to manifest, you can visualize the energy of the Moon going into what you want to manifest, making it come true. 

If you do all this and synchronize it with the New Moon's night, your love manifestation should come to fruition in about a month or two. 

As you can see, plenty of manifestation methods can help you achieve the relationship you're dreaming about or your ideal life. 

You don't need to be stuck in toxic relationships anymore, you have the chance to create something else now! 

If you've tried any of these manifestation methods for love, let us know how they went for you!