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7 Ways To Manifest Good Grades With The Law Of Attraction

7 Ways To Manifest Good Grades With The Law Of Attraction

Using the Law of Attraction to manifest good grades can be as simple as training your brain to maintain an open and optimistic mindset.

Manifesting with the Law of Attraction is a skill anyone can acquire. It is not a superpower — the more specific the manifestation, the better. 

The below techniques are just that, techniques.

They are tools to help you along your manifestation journey. They are meant to be used in conjunction with your daily efforts to progress along your path.

It is not a one-size-fits-all kind of thing either. Take what feels right to you and leave what doesn’t. 

7 Ways To Help Manifest Good Grades With The Law Of Attraction

woman manifesting good grades with the law of attraction

1. Manifest Good Grades With the 369 Method

The 369 Method uses the power of Numerology to manifest good grades. Created by Karin Yee, the 369 Manifestation Method was inspired by scientist Nikola Tesla, who believed the numbers three, six, and nine were divine numbers. 

Essentially, here’s how it works: 

  • Devote a sacred notebook or space to begin the manifestation process. It is always more powerful to have it all in one, organized space. 
  • Once you have this in place, you can begin. 
  • First thing when you wake up each morning, write down your manifestation three times. 
  • Then, you’ll write it six times in the afternoon.
  • You’ll write it nine more times before going to bed at night.

Not only does this method get you in the mindset of keeping your manifestation at the forefront of your mind, but it also helps establish some clarity in what it is you’re trying to manifest.

In this case, manifesting good grades is pretty straightforward, so you should be able to embody the manifestation more easily. 

The idea is that you will continue this method until your manifestation comes to fruition. i.e., you receive your grade for the exam, project, etc. 

2. Affirmations For Manifesting Good Grades

Affirmations are always a great tool to have handy, whether you are actively manifesting or not! Anytime you can speak positively to and about yourself, do it.

Affirmations not only help aid in the manifestation process, but they have numerous other benefits, including improving your mood and overall mental health. 

Repeat affirmations – either aloud or written – daily and watch your perception of reality changed for the better. 

Where good grades are concerned, here are a few affirmations to help you manifest good grades: 

  • I am willing to believe that I can remove all subconscious blocks to manifest good grades.
  • I make good grades easily. 
  • Good grades love me.
  • I am open to receiving good grades.
  • My friends, family, and everyone around me is astonished at my ability to easily manifest good grades.
  • Good grades are for everyone.
  • I trust myself and my academic abilities to manifest good grades. 
  • Good grades are attracted to me like a magnet.

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3. Scripting For Good Grades

woman scripting for good grades

Scripting for good grades is a lot like visualization (which I will talk about more below), but you write it down. This type of manifestation method can be tiresome on the wrist but is extremely beneficial. 

Here are a few key things to remember when scripting to manifest good grades: 

  • Always write in the present tense
  • Be extremely detailed
  • Always go back later and revisit your scripts to check in with yourself

The detail is often the most important part.

Although the scene hasn’t happened yet, you essentially want to describe the scene as if you are explaining it to a friend.

Paint a picture for them with your words. Describe how it makes you feel. 

When you are finished, you want it to feel almost like you are reading a short story written by someone else. 

Scripting not only forces you to brainstorm, visualize, and put yourself in that situation, but it forces you to get specific. If you can’t easily put your manifestation into words, you probably aren’t being specific enough. 

All of this, combined with the power of writing the words down on the physical plane, helps to keep all levels of your being focused on the same goal. 

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4. Mind Movies For Manifesting Good Grades

For those that don’t yet know, Mind Movies is an actual website, but you can create your own mind movie with another software if you feel you don’t need help from their website.

The goal of Mind Movies is to create a digital video vision board that appeals to more than just sight. It grabs hold of emotions as well and allows you to even incorporate music. 

This particular manifestation method is great for someone that is already into creating videos and editing via different software.

Of course, anyone wanting to learn something new should definitely give this a go!

You never know. You could end up with a new hobby when it’s all said and done. 

The act of creating the mind movie gets the manifestation ball rolling because you are actively thinking of your manifestation while creating something physical about it.

Then, the idea is that you watch the mind movie as often as you feel necessary until your manifestation comes to fruition. 

You could even combine this method with The 369 Method and watch the movie three times in the morning, six times in the afternoon, and nine times before bed until you see it form into your reality. 

You can get 6 free mind movies here.

Plus, you'll get an interview between the Mind Movies creator Natalie Ledwell, and Bob Proctor if that's something you're interested in.

5. Visualization to Manifest Good Grades

woman visualizing for good grades with the law of attraction

Visualization is one of the oldest manifestation techniques in the book, but it is tried and true.

To manifest good grades with visualization, many people will recommend you do so while meditating. 

Meditation and visualization go hand-in-hand because when your mind is quiet, and you are at your natural center, you can more clearly see your manifestation without any other subconscious blocks getting in the way. 

Visualization is also great in complement with affirmations.

When I use this method, I typically meditate and visualize. Then, I’ll finish up by writing and repeating aloud a few affirmations. 

6. Manifest Good Grades With Crystals

Any crystals that have anything to do with abundance are going to be great crystals to use when manifesting good grades.

In tandem with abundance crystals, you can also use any crystals that will help you maintain peace, a clear mind, and protection from negative energy. 

And as always, clear quartz or selenite are amazing crystals to have on hand because they cleanse and replenish the energetic field. 

Here are a few crystals you might want to have with you when manifesting good grades: 

  • Citrine: 

·   Helps to improve concentration and motivation 

  • Honey Calcite: 

·   Encourages a positive mindset and relieves stress/tension

  • Obsidian: 

·   A natural protector on many levels but works great to protect against mental stress. 

  • Fluorite: 

·   Improves focus and memory 

  • Green Jade: 

·   Helps to attract abundance 

How you choose to use the crystals in your manifestation practice is entirely up to you.

You can have them on your person while in the class or taking the exam. You can also place them around your home, in your backpack, wear them as jewelry, meditate with them, and so much more. 

Check out this article on the 10 best crystals for focus when studying if you want to use crystals to help manifest good grades.

7. Quantum Jumping to Manifest Good Grades

Quantum jumping (or leaping) is known as the most intense visualization technique on earth and is now even backed by science.

However, quantum jumping takes it a step further than the classic visualization. 

Quantum physics states that atoms have discrete energy levels. The electrons within an atom can jump from one energy level to the next.

The idea with quantum jumping is that a human can do the same with their reality and the power of their mind.

Many people today will suggest you do it while in the shower because it gives you the act of stepping out of the shower to initiate the leap.

However, you don’t necessarily need to physically step into the new reality. This is just something people find helpful. 

For quantum jumping to work, you must completely embody your manifestation in your mind.

Essentially, you want to combine scripting and mind movies with visualization.

Rather than writing or creating something physically, you want to physically alter your atomic make-up that will then create the reality you seek. 

One keynote to help you successfully quantum jump is to say aloud, “when I step out of the shower, I will step into this reality I created for myself.” 

You must be extremely specific with this manifestation method.

Anything left up in the air could result in a dissatisfactory outcome. It will also take some practice and is best practiced with other manifestation methods. 

Can You Manifest Good Grades Without Studying?

woman studying

It is very important to remember that manifestation and the Law of Attraction are not magical superpowers. They are tools and techniques you can use to help execute your dreams and desires.

They are not the vehicle that drives you to your destination. They are simply the gas and seatbelt to help get you there safely and efficiently.

You must still have the motivation, discipline, and work ethic to do the actual driving that gets you there. 

With that said, relying solely on manifestation to get you good grades without studying will set you up for failure.

You may or may not have been told in the past that if your manifesting energy is strong enough, you could accomplish a feat of this nature. 

At the risk of sounding bold, that is gaslighting spirituality and, quite frankly, illogical.

Sure, maybe people have actually manifested good grades in the past without studying, but there are too many variables at play to say it had everything to do with their manifesting ‘powers.’

Someone having a natural skill in a particular class could enable them to get good grades without studying, for example. 

I will always highly encourage you to play your part in your manifestation abilities.

Life is about the give and take, after all!

You can’t expect to take from your well of manifestation without replenishing it with a little reassurance that you have the motivation and discipline to put in the work.

Manifesting From the Perception of Spirit

Spirit knows you because you are Spirit. That’s the bottom line. So, one could argue that you shouldn’t have to “prove yourself” to Spirit in order to efficiently manifest good grades without studying. 

However, Spirit also knows that humans are subject to take the gift for granted if they didn’t have to first show some effort before receiving it. 

You aren’t proving yourself to Spirit because you have nothing to prove.

You are proving something to yourself that you actually deserve what it is you want to manifest.

If you don’t think you deserve it or you believe you didn’t have to work very hard to receive it, then when you do manifest good grades without studying, it will be meaningless.  

Do yourself a solid and combine your manifesting abilities with studying to see how well you can do. 

Can You Manifest Good Grades After An Exam?

Talk about Procrastination Station!

Trying to manifest good grades after taking an exam is like playing in fire. It can go one of two ways, but you’ll likely pee the bed in the process. 

As emphasized above, most of your manifestation ability relies on your willingness to succeed.

Setting yourself up for failure by not studying will make it nearly impossible to manifest good grades after taking an exam. 

Contrarily, if you put the physical time in to study and learn the material, but you didn’t do your manifestations until after taking the exam, you are more likely to still manifest those good grades. 

The order of the process doesn’t necessarily matter. Regardless of your manifestation method of choice, the process consists of two major steps: 

  • The physical effort
  • The manifestation method

You may choose to normally do the manifesting first or alongside your physical efforts. You may also find that postponing your manifesting until after you’ve already completed the physical effort works better for you. 

Either way works!

But let’s say that you normally manifest first, and this time you forgot to manifest until after the exam.

The only way it will still work is if you let go of that mental block that it won’t work because you “messed up” your normal process.

Nothing is messed up. Remember that. 

You fell into the natural flow of your alignment, which led to you changing up your routine a little.

That is okay and maybe is what Spirit intended.

Let go of the fear that your manifestations won’t work because you did them later than usual. Remain open and centered, and you should have no problem still manifesting good grades after taking an exam. 

It’s also important to note that your favored way to manifest good grades using the Law of Attraction might not be written in this article.

That doesn’t mean your method is ineffective.

Manifesting is a subjective thing that can’t and shouldn’t be confined into a box. These are just helpful ideas to try and spark some inspiration! 

Let us know your favorite/most effective way to manifest in the comments below!