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How To Deal With Being An Empath And THRIVE In Life!

How To Deal With Being An Empath And THRIVE In Life!

Some consider being an empath to be their superpower, and when you think about it, it kind of is a superpower.

Technically, being an empath means you are sensitive to the energies of the world.

These energies allow you to feel, hear and see the thoughts and emotions of all the different beings here on Earth.

Learning how to deal with being an empath might seem like one of the hardest things you’ll ever do, but with a little help, it doesn’t have to be all that bad!

How to deal with being an empath? 

Believe it or not, learning to thrive as an empath is a lot easier than it seems! All of the thoughts, feelings, and energy swirling around you all day doesn’t have to be absorbed if you learn how to protect yourself. And if it does get absorbed, there are a few energy release tips you can try too! Learning how to harness your superpower has never been easier. 

In order to thrive as an empath, you have to do more than simply deal with it.

You must learn how to protect yourself from negative energy, releasing the absorbed energy, and even how to choose a career best suited for your needs.

All of these things will help you thrive as an empath in today’s world.

Continue reading below for more information!

How to Deal With Being An Empath

person realising they are an empath

Once you stumble upon the term “empath,” things may start to click in your life.

You are likely to experience a significant timespan where you finally understand yourself and feel like you have a place in the world. 

After this feeling wears off, however, you are left with this extreme sensitivity to the thoughts, feelings, and energies of the living beings and environment surrounding you.

This type of sensitivity can be a hard one to bear, especially if you don’t know how to harness your ability or protect yourself from harmful people or environments. 

Before you can learn any of that, though, it might first help you to discover which type of empath you are.

Maybe you are a mixture of a few different types of empaths, but for some people, it helps them to put a name to how they navigate through the world. 

Below are some of the common types of empaths on Earth: 

  • The Intuitive Empath: This type senses, absorbs, and comprehends energy through their gut feeling deep within them. 
  • The Emotional Empath: This type mainly picks up on the emotions of others.
  • The Physical Empath: This type senses the energy radiating off the body of those around them. 
  • The Geomantic Empath: This type picks up on the general energy of the environment they are in. This can be processed using any one of the methods listed here. 
  • The Animal Empath: This type works well with animals and knowing what they need. They make great veterinarians. 
  • The Plant Empath: This type knows how to care for and listen to the needs of plants. Many say they have a “green thumb.”
  • The Old Soul Empath: This type is usually just looking to spread love in the world and leaves the trivial obstacles of daily life at rest. They like to help fix people too. 

Of course, there are also the empaths reading this article right now that have no idea what type of empath they are.

People in this situation are known as The Unaware Empath.

Trust me when I tell you, your empathic nature because a lot easier to deal with when you can identify how you receive and comprehend the energy that is flowing through you. 

It is said that with enough self-discovery and introspection, we can all develop empathic skills.

It is simply energy simmering within us all, just waiting to be activated. 

That said, once the energy is unlocked, it can become too much at times.

Sometimes, there are just days when you wish you could turn it all off.

On days like this, it is crucial that you revert back to your self-care and self-love regimens.

If you do not have one, what better time to create one than right now? 

The only true way to live a healthy life as an empath is to have both regimens that you stick to.

3 Great Ways to Help You Deal With AND Thrive as an Empath

things to do when you're an empath

1. Give The Feeling a Name

If you are experiencing a feeling and you are trying to figure out if it is your own or something you picked up from someone one, this is a great tactic to use.

Allow yourself to locate the feeling and figure out what kind of feeling it is.

This exercise encourages critical thinking over your emotions, which in turn helps you maintain a certain level of control over which emotions actually enter your world and affect your mood. 

2. Learn How To Ground Yourself 

As an empath, one of the most important things you can do for yourself is to find time each day to ground yourself.

You can do this by sitting in nature, practicing yoga or other forms of movement, or even meditation.

Practicing Guerilla Meditation is specifically good for empaths because it is something you can easily do in any environment. 

Whether you are seated or standing, you first become aware of your foot placement.

The balls of your feet should be firmly placed on the ground.

Feel the energy of the earth cycle the negative energy out of your right foot as it cycles renewed energy in through your left foot.

If you have five minutes, this can help with any form of agitation, anxiety, or intense stress.

Even if you don’t have five minutes, just taking the time to find your breath and slow down can be enough to bring you back to center. 

3. Remember To Remain Self-Aware

As an empath, the more you are aware of yourself, the easier it is to notice when someone else’s energy is encroaching on yours.

The quicker you can identify the foreign energy, the easier it is to deal with and release. 

Below is a more specific list of things many empaths find to bring them joy and peace of mind: 

  • Scheduling a lot of alone time into your life
  • Remembering to do mindfulness practices daily
  • Limit your time with energy vampires (those that take without giving)
  • Try to have more meaningful conversations
  • Spend time in nature regularly
  • Retreat to quiet spaces regularly
  • Learn how to receive help and positive energy from others
  • Maintain a trustworthy support group
  • A relationship with another empath tends to make love easier
  • Free yourself from carrying the burdens of others
  • Work to obtain an emotional release from all of your past traumas
  • Strive to create a comfortable work environment for your needs
  • Don’t forget to spend time on fun hobbies and passions
  • Remember to always have compassion for yourself first and foremost

Everyone is different.

We all have our corks and kinks that make us unique.

The same goes for empaths. Maybe one practice works wonders for you but does little for a friend of yours.

The important thing is that you never stop searching for the balance within your center.

Those that stray far from their inner world tend to experience the most turmoil and stress from the outside world. 

Why Do Empaths Suffer So Much?

a person tired from being a sensitive empath

Life as an empath is an exhausting one, especially the time you spend harnessing your craft.

But once you master your protection and releasing methods, thriving as an empath becomes a lot easier. 

Empaths are sensitive humans.

They are sensitive to all forms of energy, whether it is on television or something they are reading.

At any moment, an empath has to be prepared for the occasional energetic field that won’t leave him/her alone. 

As mentioned previously, all empaths are unique in their own way.

So, the things that cause empaths to suffer will be different.

That said, there is a common list of things that could help provide you some peace in the beginning stages of your self-discovery if you are mindful of their existence.

Once you have mastered your craft, you will experience far fewer days of suffering.

Some common things that cause suffering in empaths are: 

  • Violent, abrasive, and stressful television shows
  • Politics
  • Many have a hard time saying “no.”
  • Higher risk of mental illness
  • Higher risk of addiction 
  • Maintaining a job is difficult.
  • A lack of solitude in their life
  • Empaths suffer from constant fatigue due to energetic overload.
  • Can get taken advantage of if they aren’t paying attention
  • Can suffer from boredom easily. 

Sometimes it is even difficult for empaths to leave home because they simply don’t have the energy to face another day of uninvited emotional, mental, and spiritual baggage.

Not only that but making friends is hard for them as well because it is so easy for them to tell when someone is lying. 

The thing about being friends with an empath is you have the opportunity to have one of the most profound connections of your lifetime.

But if you are caught lying, your empathic friend might have to take an energetic vacation from you for a while.

Trust and honesty are vital to empaths, so when those close to them tell a lie, it can lead to days of energetic turmoil to sift through. 

Things to Avoid As An Empath

Being an empath is hard enough, clearly.

Allow yourself to enjoy as much peace of mind as possible by also avoiding this common list of nuances that cause empaths the most grief, especially in the beginning:

  • Steer clear of negative television and news
  • Leave intense entertainment for another day
  • Remove your connections with chronic complainers
  • Stay away from highly critical people
  • Remove narcissists from your life
  • Avoid using and being around sarcasm
  • Avoid large groups of people, especially for long periods of time

How to Protect Yourself As An Empath

protecting as an empath through meditation

It isn’t enough just to deal with being an empath.

Use your craft to your advantage and thrive as an empath!

The above-stated tips are great recommendations for positive living as an empath.

Essentially, the more self-aware you are and conscious of your living, the better your chances of a happy life are. 

That said, there are still times when you will need to be protected from things like psychic attack, energetic vampires, and emotional dump trucks.

If you aren’t sure where to begin, as far as protection practices go, here are a few ideas to help get you started: 

Define Your Empathic Needs and Honor Them

First and foremost, take what you have learned about yourself from the information stated above and honor that by never purposefully putting yourself in an uncomfortable situation energetically. 

Maintain Strong Boundaries 

When it comes down to it, no one knows you like you know yourself.

You have specific boundaries set for a reason, don’t talk yourself out of them regardless of what is being thrown at you.

Your boundaries keep you safe and healthy. 

Practice Sleeping Alone

Most empaths become extremely vulnerable to energetic attack while sleeping because most empaths haven’t done the years of mastering work to protect themselves while they sleep.

Instead of smudging yourself every morning, see how much better you feel after spending the night with yourself. 

Visualize the Protection

Dealing with life as an empath

Visualization is one of the most effective techniques for manifesting anything you want in this life, including protection.

If you want a strong protective barrier, visualize a glass wall or a shield of protection sealed around your entire being.

This type of energetic force can become strong enough to attack any negative vibration trying to penetrate the barrier. 

Find and Surrender to Your Breath

If you are a regular practitioner of yoga, you have most likely mastered the art of finding your breath.

As empaths, it is extremely easy to get caught up and forget to take deep cleansing breaths every now and then.

When you surrender to your breath, you also surrender to the moment.

When you fall back into the here-and-now that is the present moment, you will inevitably feel more relaxed and protected as you enter any environment throughout your day. 

Try Physically Moving

If you are in a situation where it is easy for you to remove yourself in order to maintain your energy, do so.

Above all else, your health and safety should be your first priority. 

How to Release Negative Energy

You can try to protect yourself at every moment throughout the day, but there will inevitably be times when you’ve unintentionally or even intentionally absorbed energy that is not your own.

In times like this, it is important to know how to properly release said energy so you can continue your path of thriving as an empath. 

Proper release techniques are just another notch in the empath’s toolbelt that is essential to always have wrapped around your waist.

As you develop and become one with your empathic abilities, you will create your own methods for release, but until then, here are a few pointers to help get you started: 

Crystal and stone work

Selenite is a great stone for empaths, especially when paired with tourmaline or obsidian.

The selenite helps act as a natural cleanser or energetic detoxifier.

It relentlessly absorbs negative energy and transmutes it into digestible neutral energy. 


Smudging is another great way to physically move energy out of and away from the body.

It allows for any stagnation to be released as well. 

Movement release

Try practicing yoga, dancing, walking, or even boxing to get the lead out. 

Simply, write

Sometimes writing out your thoughts until there is nothing left to write, is the best way to release negative energy. 

A perspective flip

Try to stay conscious of your words and how you phrase your sentences.

Instead of saying something like, “ I can’t believe my boyfriend cheated on me again! Every boyfriend always cheats on me.” try saying, “I am grateful for the lesson and what it is teaching me this time.”

Practicing this kind of speak will help you alleviate the stresses of the negative energy so you can transmute it within yourself and use it for something positive. 

Whether you see your empathic nature as a blessing or a curse, there are tools every empath should carry with them on their journey throughout life.

If you learn how to properly harness your abilities and protect yourself from those that only seem to suck the energy from you, the fog will begin to lift, and your ability to navigate your emotions will increase.

With these helpful tips you don’t have to just deal with being an empath, you can thrive!

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