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How The Law Of Attraction Can Be Used To Help Depression

How The Law Of Attraction Can Be Used To Help Depression

Many people have successfully used the Law of Attraction to bring greater abundance, happiness, love, and wealth into their lives.  But can it also be used to help treat depression?

Perhaps surprisingly, the answer is YES!  And perhaps more surprisingly, many people may have been using the law to heal their depression without even realizing it!

Things like journaling, positive thinking, and affirmations work perfectly with the Law of Attraction.

We sometimes forget it, but our own minds are one of the most powerful forms of medicine.  And when that power is used in association with the infinite energy of the Universe, miracles can happen.

There are many different therapies that can be used to treat depression.  It goes without saying that you should always consult with a health professional if you have any concerns about your mental health and well-being. 

But you should also be aware of all the options open to you, and choose the solutions that best suit you.

There is no doubt that the Law of Attraction has helped people to treat their depression, especially as part of an overall treatment plan.  But before looking at how it might help you, first we need a clear understanding of the law itself.

The Law Of Attraction: Like Attracts Like

The fundamental principle behind the Law of Attraction is the concept that like attracts like.  Rather than focussing on what is wrong in our lives, the law encourages us to concentrate on what we want: more money, a better job, a new relationship, greater happiness, and so on.

For the Law of Attraction to work, first, we need to tap into the incredible power of our minds.  We then use that focus to connect with the universal consciousness, asking the higher source to manifest what we truly desire. 

Sometimes the mere act of thinking about what we truly want, writing it down, and focussing on it, is enough to make it happen.

The Law of Attraction says that what you give out, you get back.  If you are negative, unhappy, and grouchy, you can expect to attract more negativity, unhappiness, and grouchiness into your life. 

But if you radiate happiness, positivity, and good vibrations, the universe will respond to you with more of the same.

It sounds so simple, doesn’t it?  And yet like anything worthwhile, the Law of Attraction does require a degree of effort to make it work. 

It’s not hard work, but it does demand some commitment on your part.  That said, many people find the whole process hugely enjoyable, plus there are wonderful potential benefits with no side effects.

Positive Thoughts, Positive Words

law of attraction positive words help depression

When you are using the Law of Attraction, it is of the utmost importance to use positive thoughts and positive words. 

If you take one thing away from this article, it should be an understanding of the amazing potential and power of positive words and thoughts.    

If I say to you “Don’t think of an ice-cream” immediately the first thing that comes into your mind is ice cream!  So when you are looking for words and phrases to express where you want to get to, make sure you use positive terms. 

Absolutely avoid any negative words like depression, sadness, or feeling down.  There is enough negativity in your life without encouraging any more.  So replace anything negative with positive expressions.

When you chose a phrase like “I want to bring to an end of my depression,” immediately the focus is on the word depression. 

In addition, the words “I want” indicate a hoped-for desire, not something that already exists.

Here’s an example of a more positive expression: “I live happily and contentedly at all times, and accept who I am with grace and ease.” 

This phrase expresses intention in the here and now and is full of positive connotations and good vibrations.

The Law Of Attraction: Making It Work For You

Once you have thought about your thoughts, there are a number of techniques you can use to benefit from the power of the Law of Attraction.

Many people find it useful to start with a vision board.  Buy yourself a blank canvas, and fill it up with happy photos of yourself, positive phrases, and pictures of people and places that make you feel good. 

The vision board acts as a reminder of what you have achieved in the past, and also of what you can achieve in the future.

Affirmations are another way of invoking the Law of Attraction.  Every day, repeat to yourself what it is you want to achieve. 

If you can say it out loud, all the better, but say it to yourself in your head if you have to.

Try to ensure you are in a good space when you practice your affirmations, as saying them with a good heart will increase the power of their vibration. 

And as already mentioned, take care to ensure that you only use positive words.

Affirmations and vision boards are both very effective tools in their own right, but they become even more powerful if you use them alongside scripting and journaling.

Law Of Attraction Exercises Scripting And Journaling To Help With Depression

A close family member of mine with depression used to keep a daily journal.  She used it to record all the good things that had happened to her each day, and reasons to be grateful. 

Her own words helped to uplift her when she was feeling down, and the process of writing them reminded her of the positive aspects of her life.

Scripting with the Law of Attraction works in a similar way.  It signals to yourself and the Universe where you want to be. 

Choose a phrase like “I feel safe, confident, and secure. I feel joyful about my future” and write it down at least ten times a day.  Make an occasion of doing so: buy a nice journal and pen to record your precious words.

It is vitally important that you buy into what you are doing.  With the Law of Attraction, it’s a case of “believe it, feel it, receive it.” 

Write with a good heart and clear intention, and trust that the Universe will respond.  Don’t listen to that little inner voice that tells you things won’t work out.

In most situations, the Law of Attraction takes time to work.  You need to persevere and persist. 

Often there will be knock backs, but know that you have the ability to bounce back. Be gentle with yourself, and focus on what you have achieved, not on any setbacks.

Get In Touch With Your Feelings

using the law of attraction to help depression

We are all feeling human beings, and our thoughts feed and represent how we feel. We call our feelings emotions.  An emotion can be defined as energy in motion, and it can be either positive or negative.

With depression, a person may be out of touch with their emotions or overwhelmed by them.  There are various techniques that can help to put such emotions back into balance. 

The Law of Attraction is one such way, and another is meditation.  Looking inwards with meditation helps you to engage or re-engage with your true feelings, passions, and fears.

In meditation, the ego goes silent.  You can listen to the authentic power of your soul, and your core being and own originality may come to the surface.  Open your heart and just be, without expectation and without judgment.

When you become aware of your true, beautiful, inner self, it becomes far easier to connect to the Universal consciousness.  And this is where the real power of the Law of Attraction lies.

Alternatives to Anti-Depressants

One problem with modern medicine seems that it only treats the symptoms of a condition, rather than addressing the root cause. 

Whilst getting rid of unwanted symptoms is definitely welcome, treating them in isolation can end up being damaging and counter-productive.

Anti-depressants can help people to cope in the short term, but in the longer term, they may suppress all emotions and even become addictive.  It is for that reason that many people with depression have looked to alternatives to prescription drugs.

Some lucky individuals may be able to treat their depression by using the Law of Attraction on its own.  But for most people, it’s best to use it in conjunction with an overall plan to treat your condition. 

Use all the resources you have at your disposal: your medication, your therapist, your counselor, the Law of Attraction, positive thinking, journaling for self-love, and so on.

Allow Healing To Happen

Most of us are creatures of habit and tend to favor things with which we are familiar.  We are most comfortable with the routines we know, and sometimes that can include the pain of depression. 

It is almost like our bodies have become addicted to that pain. Because your mind and body have become so used to the pain, they may not want to let it go. 

A strong part of the ego might be telling you to hold on to that which does not serve you.  It’s here that you need to learn to let go and let healing happen.

Don’t do resistance, and don’t obstruct yourself.  An intrinsic part of the Law of Attraction is the art of allowing. 

Consciously feel connected to the Universe and other people who are going to help you meet your goals.  And remember, however dark the tempest, every storm eventually runs out of the rain.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

The road away from depression can be a lonely path at times, but never forget that there are other people around you who can help. 

Professional therapists like doctors, psychotherapists, and counselors can help you along that road, as can the range of different support groups.

Family and friends are also there to support you.  It can be hard to believe it sometimes, but remember that you are never alone.

If you are using the Law of Attraction for the first time, it’s hugely beneficial to speak to someone who has already worked with it.  Another worthwhile consideration is to ask a friend or family member to try it out alongside you. 

In both scenarios, you can compare notes, encourage one another, and learn from the other person’s experiences.

Take A Holistic Approach

As already stated, the Law of Attraction works best in conjunction with a wider, holistic treatment plan for depression.  Consider making the law part of your daily life, and incorporate it with other aspects of your therapy. 

Tell the health professionals you are working with too, as they will be interested to learn about what you are doing.

The Law of Attraction may appear to be hard work at times, but the potential rewards more than justify your efforts – plus once you develop your own routine, you will find the whole process becomes second nature and is much easier to follow.

You may well experience setbacks, delays, or obstructions on your journey, but that’s OK.  It’s really important that you pick yourself up and don’t give in.

Gently forgive yourself and go again, and know that you are worth it.

Help Depression By Doing These 10 Things

1. Be Kind to Yourself

It’s all too easy to be hard on yourself and set up a vicious circle that makes you feel even worse.  So say to yourself: “I love myself, I am kind to myself, and I am doing my best.  And remember that it’s OK not to be OK some of the time.

2. Think Positively

If you find your thoughts are slipping into the negative, consciously move them to the recycle bin and delete them, just like you would with unwanted files on a computer.  Replace any negative thoughts with positive ones.

3. Do What You Love

Singing, dancing, walking in nature, swimming, playing a musical instrument, playing sport: doing the things you love helps to improve your mood, so make sure you make time for your favorite pastimes.

4. Exercise

The old adage healthy body, healthy mind has more than a kernel of truth to it.  Many people find exercise, walking or a good workout is a great way to distract their mind from negative thoughts.  Movement gets positive energy flowing.

5. Eat Well 

A good diet is an essential element of good health for everyone.  Failing to eat or eating junk are both sure ways of making you feel worse.    

6. Take Your Medication

Remember to take your medication. Always consult with a professional if you are intending to cut back on or stop your medication.

7. Meditate And Breathe

Learn how to meditate and how to breathe properly. Meditation helps to calm a racing mind, whilst deep breathing techniques can have an amazingly beneficial effect on your mood.

8. Talk, Talk

A problem shared is a problem halved.  You may find talking to a friend, family member, colleague, support group or professional therapist is of great benefit.  Don’t bottle things up inside!

9. Know Your Triggers

If you know what things trigger your depression, then actively and consciously try to avoid those situations.  At the very least have pre-planned strategies for dealing with your triggers: deep breathing, walking away, thought distraction, meditating, calling someone, and so on.

10. Think Complementary

Alongside the Law of Attraction, there are many other complementary therapies and alternative approaches that can help with depression.  If you feel you are not making any progress with traditional treatments, it’s well worth looking at other options such as homeopathy, herbal medicine, nutritional therapy, acupuncture, and shamanism.