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How to Manifest Winning Lottery Numbers In 6 Steps

How to Manifest Winning Lottery Numbers In 6 Steps

Who wouldn’t want to win the lottery, am I right? Does the thought of an effortless windfall of money coming your way appeal to you?

Then you’re in the right place!

In this piece, you’re going to learn how to manifest winning lottery numbers.


  • You are the creator of your reality. Every time. All situations are created by you. Without exception. There is nothing extraneous. If it seems that way, you simply created sloppily, without paying attention.
  • Forget about odds. If you’re thinking, “There are hundreds of thousands of people playing the same lottery. But it doesn’t matter, I’m gonna manifest the odds in my favor…” Stop. You have no business with odds. Once you know what you want, imagine it done, it is done. Upping the odds is not your business. Creating your reality is.
  • Know you winning the lottery is done. It really is. We live in a multiverse. As in, there are multiple universes. In more than a few of them, you have already won the lottery. You’re going to need to tune into that. How?
  • Feel it already done. This is how the law of attraction works – you have a desire. Using your imagination, you see it as done, so it becomes done. The law works to fill in the vacuum you’ve created (in this case, in your bank account) to restore balance.
  • Pure desire, unhindered by doubts, fears, or logic, will always yield that which is desired. Everytime. So you need to set your fears aside, and have that divine nonchalance, because you know it’s a done deal. You need to set aside logic, because the power that you are, and the power that you operate, are far above and beyond the confines of regular human thought.


You’re going to have to do a little, honest check with yourself.

  • Are you comfortable with that amount of money suddenly showing up in your reality? Everyone wants to win the lottery, but not everyone truly believes they can hit the jackpot and get millions. Are you comfortable with being a millionaire? Be honest. If that six-zeroes is too high, adjust it to something you’re comfortable with. Try double of the highest amount you’ve ever received. Your subconscious mind won’t find that too much of a stretch.
  • Are you ready for the implications of having that kind of money? You might need to get someone to manage your accounts. There’s taxes. There might be sudden obligations from family and friends who beg for favors now that you’re rolling in money. Are you ready for that? Can you find a way to be comfortable with it?
  • Do you harbor secret doubts about your ability to win? Do you have hidden beliefs, like “nothing good ever happens to me?” You’re going to have to choose a different belief, if you want to manifest winning lottery numbers. Because otherwise, it’s all moot.

If you are unsure about your money comfortability then you should take the free money vibration quiz. It's by Stephanie Mulac who created a very powerful manifesting technique called the Vibration Jump Method which I love.

You can take the free money vibration quiz here.

Now here’s a bit of a shocker for you. You ready?


I know what you’re thinking. “Duh! That is the whole point of me reading this article to begin with! I want nothing more than that! I want it more than the air I’m breathing right now!”

Okay, okay, you can take it easy. Here’s what I really mean:

The absolute last thing you want to do is to manifest picking the winning lottery numbers. Instead, what you really want to do, is to manifest a situation where your numbers are the winning numbers.

I know, the title was a bit misleading, but I had to get your attention somehow. So I could steer you down the right path. You’re welcome!

There is a seemingly slight, yet huge (yuge!) difference between wanting to know how to manifest winning lottery numbers, and manifesting a situation where YOUR numbers are the winning numbers.

The first one focuses on the desire as being not yet done. The second scenario focuses on your desire as being already done!

So, if you want to know how to manifest winning lottery numbers, choose instead, to manifest a situation where your numbers are the winning ones.


Woman who knows how to manifest winning lottery numbers

When manifesting anything, in all your imaginings, in all your visualizations, place your desire in the past!

Want a new phone? Imagine yourself looking to get rid of the phone, because you have an even newer model!

Want a new home? See yourself talking with family about how you’ve enjoyed living in the home for the past couple of years or more!

Want to win the lottery?Create a scenario that would imply you already did!

You could be talking with a business partner five years later, talking about how great business is, and how it was nice to have won the lottery money you used to kick it off.

Are you getting this? Cool.

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By now you already know I’m not going to ask you to see yourself correctly guessing which numbers will win. No. You need to be impudent about this.

After you do the exercises recommended, you have to don an attitude of nonchalance. It’s done. Entertain no other thoughts on the matter, other than that IT IS DONE.

Walk about feeling like a million bucks. Talk, speak, act like you do.

You might not necessarily talk about the money itself, but I’m talking about your attitude.

Notice how some people can be dressed so plainly, yet they exude wealth? And how others can dress in the most expensive designers, and yet not exude wealth?

The difference is in attitude! So here’s how to win the lottery.

1. Create a Scene Implying It’s Already Done.

It could be a congratulatory conversation with a friend. It could be you overhearing someone talk about how jealous they are of you.

You could be reminiscing with your favorite person, like, “Remember when I won the lottery?” Pick a scene that feels natural.

2. Get Comfy.

You want to put yourself as close to a state of sleep as possible, without falling asleep.

A trick is to get relaxed, keep telling yourself you’re getting super sleepy.

To keep yourself right on the cusp of sleep and wakefulness, you can hold up a hand. That way, if your hand goes down, you’re alerted to falling asleep.

3. Repeat Your Scene in Imagination.

Over and over, repeat your short scene.  It has to be short, so your mind doesn’t wander.

Repeat it till it starts to feel real. Make the future now. For indeed, it is now. It is always now.

The only language your subconscious understands is that of the now. When you replay your scene, at a point you’ll find it feels more real.

4. Infuse feeling.

Use all the senses you can in your imagination, and also feel the emotions that would come with having your desires come true.

5. Feel thankful.

You can silently repeat “Thank you” to yourself after you’re done looping the scenes in your mind.

Then you can either fall asleep in that thankfulness (powerful stuff, by the way!) or get up and go about your business.

6. Let it go.

This is detachment, because you know it’s done. So you’re detached from the outcome.

👉 Recommended for you: The Prosperity Game – A Powerful Way To Feel Abundant

Now, here’s a cool thing I have not mentioned before. When you do your imagining in this sleepy, drowsy state, if you fall asleep feeling your desire is done, you might find yourself in a dream where what you had envisioned is what you are dreaming about!

If that doesn’t happen, it doesn’t mean your exercise in imagination didn’t work. It’s just a cool thing that has happened to me more than a few times.

Enjoy your winnings!

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