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How To Manifest a Boyfriend (10 Powerful & VITAL Steps)

How To Manifest a Boyfriend (10 Powerful & VITAL Steps)

The manifestation process is a powerful tool that you can use when you manifest anything you desire, from love, money, a career, a place to live, a better life, etc. 

As I notice many women struggle with finding love, in this article, I am going to focus on how to manifest a boyfriend.

I strongly believe that people should be able to have whatever their hearts truly desire. Living unfulfilled in one aspect of your life, such as love or career, can bring tremendous suffering.

People are meant to live together and to share the love with one another, however, there are moments in life when something in ourselves prevents us from experiencing love and enjoying it. 

This is why I am going to show you how to manifest a boyfriend and remove any blockages that prevent you from attracting the love you wish to experience as soon as possible. 

What is the key to manifesting a boyfriend?

key to manifesting a boyfriend

The key to manifesting a boyfriend is aligning yourself with the vibrational frequency which matches the type of partner or relationship you desire. 

Whether you want to attract a specific person or just a certain type of partner, the same law applies. You need to be an energetic and vibrational match to the person you want to be in a relationship with. 

As you may already know, you manifest every second of your life anyway, whether you do it consciously or unconsciously.

The Law of Attraction is one of the Laws that keep the Universe functioning, therefore, it will work with or without your specific intent.

Thus, you need to ask yourself the following question: do you still want to create your life subconsciously and on auto-pilot, or do you want to become a powerful creator that manifests an amazing life?

Whatever you give energy, focus, and attention to, will end up coming to you, because the Universe receives the message “ I am focusing on this, therefore I want it”. 

The Universe does not distinguish between good and bad, but the law of vibration and attraction work by default and they make sure that similar energies end up in the same place. 

In other words, you attract what you are, and what you give focus and attention to.

Therefore, to attract a specific type of partner or relationship, you must become a vibrational match for them or for that relationship, by removing any internal blockages against love, as well as by healing and raising your vibration.

How long does it take to manifest a boyfriend?

how long to manifest a boyfriend

I don’t believe that I or anyone else can give a general timeframe for learning how to manifest a boyfriend because the process is different from person to person. 

Instead, what I would say is that it depends on how you get through the manifestation process – how consistent you are, how much faith you have, and how true you are to yourself.

As mentioned before, you can learn how to manifest a boyfriend when you're in alignment with the love, relationship, and type of person you want in your life.

Thus, you need to go through a process of healing old wounds, removing any soul blockages that you have built against love, and then maintain the manifestation going on with consistency. 

Below you can find the main 7 steps you need to follow in order to learn how to manifest a boyfriend: 

How to manifest a boyfriend in 10 steps

steps to manifest a boyfriend

#1. Heal your family wounds & karma

Manifesting a relationship could be easy, but don't you want to learn how to manifest a boyfriend and a relationship that actually lasts? 

In that case, you need to heal your family wounds and bad karma, such as generational curses or any sort of emotional wounds that have been transmitted from generation to generation. 

This can be done in multiple ways, but some of the most important ways to do it are by sending Reiki and energy healing on your family karma and by taking part in family constellations. 

In case you wonder why you need to heal family wounds and karma before learning how to manifest a boyfriend and a lasting relationship, I am going to explain. 

Family wounds and karma are something that we take with us everywhere we go, and until they are healed, they manifest in all aspects of our lives. 

This means that until they are dealt with, they will also show up in your relationships, nudging you towards traumatic bonds and dysfunctional patterns.

These sorts of relationships have low chances of surviving, therefore, if your aim is a long-term relationship or a happily-ever-after, I encourage you to start with this step.

#2. Forgive your parents

Parents are pivotal figures in any child’s inner world and overall development. 

They shape the way in which you view the world, people, and relationships. 

While you were growing up, your subconscious mind was storing up the images of your mother and father and making them the reference point about how men and women should be. 

Psychology says that are that if you are a man, you internalized your father’s image as a reference point for “how I should be as a man”, and your mother’s way of being as a model for “how my partner/ a woman should be”. 

If you are a woman, the vice-versa happened. You identified with your mom and turned your dad into the image of your ideal partner.

Of course, all these are subconscious processes and it may sound crazy when you first hear about this.

However, if you do some inner work, you will come to realize this is probably true. 

The problem is if your parents turned out to be toxic parental figures and created a tendency for traumatic bonding within yourself because that’s when you can either be the dysfunctional partner in a relationship or unconsciously look for toxic partners.

Forgiving your parents for their mistakes and dysfunctional ways of being is only the first step. The next one is to start changing these patterns consciously and creating healthier ones.

#3. Heal all past relationship wounds 

manifest a boyfriend by healing all past relationship wounds

Past relationships also have a tremendous influence on us and on how we perceive love and relationships.

if you have been hurt in a past relationship, like most of us have, you may be subconsciously afraid of new relationships, therefore selecting the toxic partners with whom you subconsciously know the relationship is not going to work. 

Past relationship wounds could also cause you to be too cautious, or to mess it up when you meet the right person. 

Working in therapy on your past relationship wounds before you actually start learning how to manifest a boyfriend, would ensure that you actually attract an emotionally healthy, high vibrational person with whom your relationship can last.

#4. Raise your personal vibration

Raising your vibration can ensure that you only attract what is better for you. 

Being in high vibration can help you attract healthy and happy relationships, meanwhile being in lower vibration, can help you attract toxic, unhealthy relationships.

If you want to attract a relationship that is based on unconditional love, for example, then you need to give off the vibe of unconditional love, which is quite high.

If your aim is a relationship that is based on mutual respect and support, the same applies. 

When you are in low vibrations and surrounded by dark energies, not many good things can come your way. 

In contrast, when you are in high vibrations and surrounded by positive energies, you will attract more positive energies in all areas of your life – including relationships.

#5. Decide what you want 

After going through all the abovementioned steps, we have finally reached the stage where you can decide what type of relationship or partner you want. 

With this step, I encourage you to be as specific as possible. I suggest that you sit down with a pen and paper, and write a description of the partner/ relationship you desire to have. 

Make sure you include the most important things to you, as you want to attract something that is suitable for you and also healthy for you. 

The more specific you are, the higher the chances that you end up in the right relationship.

However, try not to be shallow and just focus on their looks or material situation, as that could have you end up in a relationship that is built on a fragile foundation.

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#6. Visualize it

visualize manifesting a boyfriend

Visualization is perhaps the most well-known part of the manifestation process. 

Visualization is known to have the power to bring things into reality and to help us create the future we want.

To use visualization in your process of learning how to manifest a boyfriend, try meditations based on visualizing your ideal partner/relationship. 

The way to do this is by getting into a comfortable position, relaxing, lighting a candle, bringing your brain in the theta state, and then, from that mental state, start visualizing your ideal relationship. 

Visualize how your relationship has already started, and the ideal person is next to you, and just watch the action unfolding as if you would watch a movie. 

Emphasize the things most important to you. For example, if you would love a soulmate to go for walks in nature with, visualize that happening. 

If you would love to travel the world with your partner, visualize that.

The most important thing is to add the emotion and the intent to your visualization process – feel the emotions you would feel if all this was real, and add the intent to actually make it happen. 

#7. Feel how the relationship is on its way 

One thing that helps speed up your manifestation process is feeling how the relationship is already on its way to you. 

Try adding this feeling to your visualizations, but also, when you’re going on with your day and doing other things, start thinking that your ideal relationship is on its way. 

For example, when you’re going for a walk and your mind is wandering, try thinking about your ideal partner and relationship and create that feeling inside yourself that you are just about to meet them. 

Emotion is a very powerful tool in manifestation, so I advise you to use it to speed up your manifestation process. 

#8. Embody the relationship

Embodying the relationship means to feel, think and act as if you already have the relationship. 

Embodying the relationship also means looking after yourself the way you would if you had a partner, maintaining the house as you would if you were two, feeling the feelings of love and joy which you would feel if you had someone, and so on. 

Embodying the relationship is a very intimate act and it’s a bit hard to describe in words.

 If I was to try and describe it, I would say that it means to become one with the idea that you have a relationship and let it rule your being and actions from the depths of your soul, causing you to eventually manifest a relationship.

To help you embody the relationship better and faster, you could try using affirmations of love.

Affirmations are very powerful when they are done from a meditative state, which is the theta state of your brain.

Humans have the power to create from this theta state, which is why is recommended that affirmations and visualizations are done in this mental state. 

Affirmations of love should always be done using the present tense, for example mentally saying things like “ I am loved”, “I am in the perfect relationship”, “I experience profound and unconditional love with my partner”, and so on. 

Once you think or speak these affirmations using the present tense, you will start to feel like you’ve already gotten your ideal relationship, therefore you will manage to embody the relationship.

There are many great love affirmations on Google and Youtube, but I personally recommend the affirmations of author Louise L. Hay, who has been a pioneer of this field.

#9. Surrender

surrender and manifest a boyfriend

After doing all the work necessary to be able to learn how to manifest a boyfriend, you need to surrender to the Universe and pay attention to what it brings your way.

When you ask for a certain type of partner and relationship, you need to have faith that you will receive it. 

Faith is a necessary ingredient of attracting what you want – there is no manifestation without faith. 

If you’ve followed all the abovementioned steps and you are in high vibration, pay attention to all things and circumstances that are coming your way, and have faith that what you desire it’s on its way to you. 

Don’t worry about when and how, just let the Universe do its job, and follow your intuition whenever it’s nudging you in a certain direction.

Worrying about details and overthinking about when and how it's going to cause you to feel anxious and it’s going to put you in a lower vibrational state, therefore, it is going to make you lose what you want to achieve. 

Having faith in the Universe, believing that the Universe loves you enough to give you what you want and deserve. 

#10. Expect to receive

A great step above surrendering is expecting to receive what you’ve asked for, knowing that you will. 

There is no greater act of faith than knowing that the Universe will provide what you wished for, expecting that certain something to arrive and making room in your life for it. 

Expecting to receive what you asked for should be done with humility, gratitude, and love, knowing that it is the Universe who provides, and it’s you who receives. 

Humility is a good ingredient for learning how to manifest a boyfriend, as it shows that you know that blessings come from the Universe. 

This does not mean to depreciate yourself, but rather to keep yourself away from ego and arrogance.

Gratitude is also an important element of manifestation, as it shows that you value what you get and that you have faith that the universe will deliver. 

If you’ve followed the abovementioned steps, share the results with us, as we’d love to hear your unique story!

As for love… well, I don’t think this needs to be explained, but I can only say that giving off love to the Universe will make the Universe reciprocate by sending more love towards you!

If you liked this article on how to manifest a boyfriend, tell us your opinion in the comment section below. 

If you’ve followed the abovementioned steps, share the results with us, as we’d love to hear your unique story!