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How To Learn The Law Of Attraction (Step By Step Guide)

How To Learn The Law Of Attraction (Step By Step Guide)

Are you curious about the Law Of Attraction?

Have you heard your friends or other people tell of their successful experience with LOA?

Well, if you want to know how this seemingly magical system works, read on and learn how to do it.

But first…

Let Me Explain What The Law Of Attraction Is

It is the ability to attract what you FOCUS your MIND on.

And also what you attach EMOTION to.  

It is the belief that, your thoughts govern your experiences.

By having positive thoughts, you draw positive experiences,

And by having negative thoughts, you bring negatives experiences.

It is believed that the law of attraction is one of the laws that govern the universe.

It translates our thoughts into reality.

In your day-to-day activities, know that the law of attraction has an impact on your life.

Your THOUGHTS and FEELINGS act as a magnet; attracting back what you put out.

With that said,

It is essential for you to learn how to use the law of attraction in your everyday life and create a bright and magical life for yourself.

Here are 6 Steps To Learning The Law of Attraction

1. Let your mind relax

This step is crucial to the whole process.

Meditate for 10-15 minutes imagining your life.

It will make you calm, and mind will begin to clear.

Also, meditating will quiet the negative voices in your head.

It helps you to be in control of your mind.

Having a calm mind will help you think clearly of the things you want.

This will fire up your body to go in the direction of your imagination.

2. Decide what you want

Now that your mind is relaxed, it’s time to make a decision.

The law of attraction is only limited by your imagination.

It is crucial for you to be sure about what you want.

Focus on an amazing and beautiful life.

Where are you and who do you want to be?

Really think about it.

What are your desires?

Create that clear vision, whether it’s something huge or minor.

Don’t send mixed signals,

Be sure and clear of the things you want and as this helps the universe give you the desired results.

3. Clear the doubts and the negativity

Address the doubts, fears, and those negative thoughts in your head.

Look back at your life.

Can you see a situation that happened to you because of your fear and doubt?

This only shows that the Law of Attraction responded to your signals.

However, I’m sure there are also positive things that resulted from your confidence.

Don’t beat yourself because of the bad experiences but instead, let it be an affirmation that…

Having positive thoughts about your dreams and desires will attract positive experiences in your life.


It also shows you that, you have already experienced the Law of Attraction in your life.

Open up your mind to the possibilities of achieving your desires.

4. Make your request to the universe with feelings

You have cleared your mind, got clear on what you want, cleared the doubts…

And now it's time to make that request to the universe.

The way to do that is to visualize with “FEELING”.

Without the feeling, the universe won't respond. 

The universe will always respond by giving more back to you that which you are “BEING”

In other words,

What emotions you are feeling.

See yourself being and having what you want with strong emotion is the SIGNAL to the universe of your request.

Don't miss this step as it's one of the most important that most people miss.

5. Live the reality of your wishes

After doing all the above, it’s time to live it out.

Don’t just visualize, live it as much as you can.

If it’s that free extra time you seek, live as you have it.

Practice that life.

If there is a specific house you want to buy, get in your car and drive to that location expecting to find an “on sale” signpost.

If it's for sale go and take a tour and imagine you might buy it if you like it.

Just go out there with the full expectation you will get that what you want.

Act as if you have it.

6. Have gratitude and trust the Universe

Have trust that the Law of Attraction will work for you.

Be patient.

Don’t get annoyed when things don’t work out immediately.

Let the universe worry about the “how”.

Have faith everything will be alright.

And lastly, don’t forget to have gratitude as it sets you up for success.

Gratitude is a state of receivership, 

Think when you normally feel grateful?

It's when someone gives you something. You say thank you after you have received it.

So by giving thanks,

You will draw back to you more to be thankful for,

Because the universe always gives you more of what you are “BEING”

If you feel thankful BEFORE you receive what you want then you have put yourself in that state of receivership to get that what you desire.

Check out Joe Dispenza talking about gratitude.

There you go!

Follow the steps above and enjoy the Law of Attraction in your life.