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How To Get Answers From Your Subconscious Mind In 5 Steps

How To Get Answers From Your Subconscious Mind In 5 Steps

In this post, I’m going to show you how to get answers from your subconscious mind.

My Experiences

I do a lot of writing. Obviously. Sometimes, I find I have hit the dreaded writer’s block. Here’s one thing I can tell you, that I’ve learned about writer’s block.

It’s not a thing – unless you make it a thing.

Usually, when I want to come up with new topics for my blogs, if I start to feel what everyone calls “writer’s block,” I don’t sit at my computer wondering what the heck I should write about.

I don’t panic. I either walk away and go do something else, or I sleep on it.

Sleep On It

You’ve heard that before, haven’t you?

Before I stumbled on the Law of Attraction, and the power of the subconscious mind, I’d always done this, unwittingly.

I’d have a paper to turn in, or a problem to solve that was proving difficult, every time I’d just give it a rest, take a nap, then come back at it.

The inspiration would flow easily. I’d get the answers.

I remember one time in university. I was supposed to register a course, but I waited till the last possible minute – when registration was already over.

I know, I was a shameless procrastinator back in the day.

Anyway, everyone told me I had no option than to retake the course, the next semester. I didn’t want to do that.

Somehow, I was inspired to just go to sleep on it. I released the matter and decided not to think about it.

Then one morning, I woke up, and this thought was crystal clear in my head – go and register this course today.

It made no sense, logically. Registration was done!

But I had a deep conviction that I should obey this thought. I went to the lecturer – the same one everyone had told me had a nasty attitude.

I registered the course, and we had a nice chat as well. Now I know what happened.

The Power Of The Subconscious Mind

Releasing problems and questions to the subconscious mind, is the best thing you could possibly do.

I’ve had solutions and answers come to me, not just from within as a thought.

Sometimes it’s a dream, other times, it’s a conversation I hear in passing, or I tune to a radio station at the right moment and hear the answer from the presenter or the song playing on the radio.

How cool is that?

The subconscious is far beyond what we think it is. It is consciousness itself!

And since consciousness is EVERYTHING, it’s not far-fetched to see how we can get answers and solutions just like that, through any channel.

Without further ado, I’m going to give you the exact mindset I have, that allows me to get answers to questions, and solutions to problems.

Let’s dive in!

How To Get Answers From Your Subconscious Mind

1. Identify Your Question/Problem

What is it you’re trying to achieve? What do you need to know? Need inspiration for your next project? Or maybe you have an issue you’d like to resolve with someone.

What is it? Jot it down. Got it? Good.

2. Relax

This is key. We’re not going to approach our subconscious from our normal, everyday state of mind.

We want to be as relaxed as possible. So, a meditative state would be best.

Equally productive is the state you’re in, just before you fall asleep, or just before you wake up fully.

To get in the meditative state, sit in a comfy chair, wearing loose, comfy clothing. Shut your eyes. Breathe in deep, through your nose, expanding your lungs to the max.

Breathe out slowly, through your slightly parted lips. The out-breath is usually longer, so don’t worry about this.

Keep your attention on your breath, and just relax into it. Do this for 5-10mins.

3. Feel

Allow yourself to feel what it would be like to have the answer to your question.

What would it feel like, after the problems are solved?

It would feel like a relief. It would feel like ease, like flow. It would feel great, like you’re always supported, and loved.

And you know what? You are!

4. Thank

If you knew something was already handled, you’d have no trouble feeling thankful. So bask in the feeling of thankfulness. Of appreciation, for your powerful subconscious mind, and how it always works things out for you.

The vibration, or emotion of appreciation is powerful!

It is simply coming from the place of utter trust, utter knowing, that it’s done!

5. Let Go

You’re done now. You can let it go. Whatever happens from here on out, is not your job.

Go about whatever it is you want to do that excites you.

Let go, because you’ve done your bit. Now let the subconscious mind do its’ part.

If you did this while getting ready for bed, just bask in it as you lose consciousness.

If you did this before waking up fully, spend a few more moments, reveling in the feeling of being answered.

None Of This Is By Force!

If you’re thinking to yourself that you can get answers from your subconscious mind by sheer, brute force, think again!

There is no force involved.

When you carry out the 5 steps, do so lovingly, and with ease.

The subconscious mind cannot be “bent into submission.” Remember that.

It also goes without saying, you must have complete and utter trust in the subconscious mind, and in the process.

Have the audacity to believe there is not a single question your subconscious cannot handle. Not a single problem it cannot solve easily and just at the right time. Trust it.

Intuition Is Key!

You’ll probably get a hunch to go here, do this, call this person, leave now.

Whatever it is, follow it. Follow your intuition. Keeping in mind that your subconscious is running the show.

Feel the thrill of watching it all click together. Sometimes the answer will hit you out of nowhere, like a bolt of lightning. While you’re relaxed, or having fun.

Other times it’s a series of really fun coincidences – or better put, synchronicities.

I have used this method to resolve conflicts between myself and others, get inspiration for my blogs, figure out what a client wants, and so much more.

It works, if you put in the work… and it’s easy. Let it be easy!

Also, before you go…

I thought I'd share this great video by Joe Dispenza.

It's really good for reprogramming your mind for success in just 7 days. 


Bonus Video By Joe Dispenza 

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Thanks I hope you enjoyed this post and that video. 

If you have any questions or what to say anything please comment below and I'd be happy to get back to you 🙂