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How To Cleanse Crystals With Water – Step By Step Guide

How To Cleanse Crystals With Water – Step By Step Guide

Cleansing protective crystals of the negative energy they have absorbed and enhancing your connection with them are the two main goals of cleansing crystals.

You can cleanse your crystals in a number of different methods.

Below we will be looking at how to cleanse crystals with water (tap water) and salt water, plus answer some of your frequently asked questions. 

Cleansing Crystals With Salt Water

Throughout history, salt has been used for absorbing negative energy and cleansing objects, spaces, and even an entire house.

Below are three steps on how to cleanse your crystals with salt water. 

#1. Step One: Get Your Salt

It is possible to soak suitable crystals in seawater or water that has been salted with sea salt.

If sea salt or saltwater is unavailable, you can alternatively use cooking salt such as Himalayan Salt

You want to mix enough salt into the water so that the water tastes as salty as seawater.

Make sure that the salt is dissolved completely before you submerge your crystals. 

#2.Step Two: Fill Your Glass Bowl With Salt Water

How to cleanse crystals with salt water

Your crystals should be thoroughly submerged in salt water.

You need to ensure that there is enough water in the bowl to cover the crystals completely.

You can place a crystal in the water to make sure there is enough. 

Keep in mind that the bowl has to be made of glass. You cannot use a bowl that is made of plastic or metal. 

#3. Step Three: Let Your Crystals Soak In Salt Water  

However, a crystal that requires a much deeper and complete washing can be kept in salt water for up to one week.

After soaking your crystals in salt water for some time, you should properly rinse them in cool running water to get rid of any salt that may have remained.

The saltwater must be washed away after use and should never be used again because it will have absorbed undesired and bad energies.

Something To Keep In Mind

One of the best and most comprehensive ways to clean crystals is with salt water, but be aware that some crystals must not be cleaned with this method as it may harm them and even alter their qualities and appearance!

Crystals that are porous contain metal or have a water component, such as Opal, and shouldn't be submerged in salt water.

Minerals and stones such as Pyrite, Lapis Lazuli, Opal, and Hematite should not be exposed to salt.

Cleansing Crystals With Tap Water

Cleansing Crystals with tap water

If you do not have access to saltwater, you are able to cleanse your crystals in ordinary tap water.

Below are two steps to help you cleanse your crystals with tap water. 

#1. Step One: Get Your Cup/Bowl Ready

Fill a glass or glass bowl with room temperature water.

Make sure to leave enough space as the crystals will raise the water level. 

#2. Step Two: Allow Your Crystals To Soak

For approximately 10-20 minutes, let your crystals soak in cool running tap water in a bowl or drinking glass.

You can place your crystals in an open mesh bag and submerge briefly in naturally flowing water if you are close to a river.

Something Else To Keep In Mind

The stones can be both cleaned and energized at the same time by running water.

Please make sure your crystal can be securely submerged in water before using it.

Due to potential negative effects, some should not be left to soak in water.

Specifically, porous or heavily metal-containing stones.

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Crystals That Are Safe To Cleanse In Water

Safe ways to cleanse crystals

These crystals all have high Mohs hardness ratings and don't have any additional characteristics that would make them water-sensitive.

You can cleanse these gems in water, soak them in the tub for a goddess soak, or even leave them in a glass of water to create a magical crystal elixir.

Feel free to do any of these things with them.

  • Amethyst
  • Amber
  • Aventurine
  • Agate
  • Bloodstone
  • Clear Quartz
  • Clear Calcite
  • Carnelian (only safe for tap or natural running water, cannot be placed in salt water)
  • Citrine
  • Rose Quartz
  • Obsidian (be aware that Obsidian can break or crack in water that is too hot)
  • Super Seven

Crystals That Are Not Safe To Cleanse In Water

We now reach the softer end of the scale and the stones that, in order to keep their gentle nature, shouldn't be washed in water.

When handling your jewels, you can improve your relationship with your crystal collection by using care, compassion, and intention.

You can utilize secure, non-intrusive methods like smudging, other crystals that naturally cleanse, and the no contact water method to cleanse these stones in place of using water (setting stones next to water without letting them get wet).

The following gems should avoid soaking or even spritzing:

Frequently Asked Questions About Cleansing Crystals With Water

Beautiful crystal on the water

#1. What Happens If You Do Not Cleanse Your Crystals?

If you don't frequently cleanse your crystals, they start to radiate and return the bad energy you have acquired.

This is because crystals can get overloaded with the energies that they have absorbed from us.

#2. Can You Place Crystals Into A Crystal-infused Bottle?

Although there is no medical justification for using a crystal water bottle, it is probably safe, provided you take a few safety measures.

Do your research to discover a reliable brand with crystals in a chamber apart from the water if you want to use a crystal water bottle.

The ideal brand to choose is one that holds the crystal in place without the use of adhesive, glue, or metal wire.

Never immediately add crystals to water. Some crystals can be toxic in water, while others are harmless.

#3. Can You Put Crystals In Your Bathtub?

People are noticing that the energy from your crystals is being absorbed by the water itself.

Once you have cleansed your crystals, you can place them in your bathtub so that you can benefit from the healing properties of the crystals. 

Before bringing warm water to the tub, arrange the crystals on the floor. After that, you should aim to soak for a complete 30 minutes.

During your therapeutic bath, the crystals' positive energy will make you feel upbeat and in a “state of ecstasy.”

How To Charge Your Crystals Once You Have Cleansed Them In Water

Charge Your Crystals Water

After cleansing your crystals in water, you can charge them by setting them on a piece of Clear Quartz or Carnelian.

The light from the sun can be extremely invigorating. Just set your crystals outside to receive a sun-cleansing.

Be aware that some gemstones, like Amethyst, will lose their color from exposure to sunshine over time.

If the sun is too strong, you can alternatively use the moonlight for stones with softer energies.

Final Thoughts On How To Cleanse Crystals With Water

Owning and using these powerful crystals require regular cleaning of the crystals.

Your crystals can resume operating at their peak efficiency by expelling the negative energy they have absorbed.

The act of purifying your stones also helps to strengthen your bond with them, which is perhaps the most significant.

This simple practice of cleansing crystals with water can help you find serenity, healing, and spiritual fulfillment in your life.

There are a variety of stunning crystals around the globe, and each one is completely unique in terms of its composition and method of healing.

This is why it's crucial to comprehend your gem collection's special qualities and naturally understand how to care for them so that they may care for you.

Water should be avoided by soft crystals and gems containing copper or iron, but harder gems with a sturdy surface can unquestionably benefit from cleansing and discharge in water and can be utilized to make bathtime and bottled water even more loving in life.

Thank you, I hope you enjoyed this article on how to cleanse crystals with water.

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